Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Have you done your Eve Vegas Survey?

I did attend Eve Vegas to the shock of many. I'd already paid for it and allotted the time. It seemed that I should go.

I went to the Grand Canyon and Hoover as well. This is not the space to discuss those amazing places or my new Camera.

Eve Vegas was a bit harder for me to go to then I expected. I've detached from Eve for the most part these past months. It is very easy to be angry, frustrated, and bitter about the past that I lived on. The game, its development, and the players move on while I find myself emotionally stuck. That emotional stickiness does not need to be given to everyone else. Part of experiencing it was shielding people from it. But, as I accepted my items and stared down the poor gentleman that tried to put a wristband around my wrist, I realized that I wasn't in as good of a place as I had hoped to be.

That is where the Survey comes in. There are a few things that I could say and did say. A few of the questions made me want to say a bit more.

One was about the location. Planet Hollywood has hosted Eve Vegas for the last three years. It is not my favorite hotel by any means but it is an excellent venue. I spend a lot of time walking through the various hotels. It is fun to see what they stick in the corners.

What Planet Hollywood offers a venue like Eve Vegas is dining options. There is a mall that wraps around Planet Hollywood's casino called the Miracle Mile shops. There are a ton of dining options in there as well as several casual dining options around the front of Planet Hollywood. 

This is more than many casinos. Most balance on a theme and have a limited amount of space due to the size. A larger casino, such as Caesars is more focused on high rollers and has higher dollar value. While the Rio, off the strip, has a very limited number of places to eat.

Planet Hollywood wins because of the food. It allows all budgets to easily get things between events and that is a crucial thing that the Eve Vegas would lose if it moved to the Linq. 

Food in Vegas is no longer cheap. You can find a decent priced meal but you won't just trip over it. I watched my buffet price double between Friday and Saturday. As in 24 dollars one day to 40 the next. The same buffet but different days. Vegas nickles and dimes you and we must be conscious of giving people a flexible solution to their budgetary needs.

Planet Hollywood is roughly in the center of the strip. The year that Eve Vegas was at the Rio, getting to the strip was a pain. This made entertainment and other dining options harder. Eve Vegas is a vacation for many people. They want to cram in as much as possible. Allowing easy access allows more people to have greater value from their time. That increased value rolls to higher chances of players coming to another Eve Vegas.

I managed to have a twenty minute conversation with the ladies from the company running the store. I also made some promises that I need to follow up to getting them information gathered from the players in the past about what they want to see in the Eve Store.

There was a key chain for example. I was both pleased and not. A key chain! Finally! It was an archon. I did not want it. But I did buy it. I purchased it to put my money where my mouth as been. I've wanted a key chain and I've wanted a mug. But what I wanted as a simple, rectangular key chain that said EVE on it. I purchased this second prize because I wanted to support the store. It became quite a passion of mine and I do believe in supporting what I want to see happen.

I also understand why they did the wrist bands. The previous years have had  large number of people that attend without paying. But the request to wear a shoddy paper wrist band for two days and the nasty, nasty staff from the hotel that checked them needs to be refined.

I attended exactly one talk and that was Keskora Yaari's Wormhole from Scratch. She was amazing. I attended no roundtable. While I felt strange without my notebook and pen I was too detached from events and caught in an emotional storm to do much more. For me, healing will take some time. For everyone else, fill out your survey and tell them what you want. I don't care for the Halloween weekend and tie ins. Others may have loved it and found ti a huge added value. No one knows if you don't say and when someone gives you a place to notify them, use it.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Blog Banter 77 - It is a sad thing, but one day the universe too will end

In this month's blog banter the question is basically, "Do all of these signs point to Eve dying?"

The simple answer is, "Yes."

But simple answers rarely do anything but make for quick reading.

Over the last four or so years, I've been very invested in Eve. I've pondered it personally and socially. I've flipped through the public's responses to it. There have been ups and downs but I was always positive that Eve would continue on forever.

That was the fan girl speaking. The rational is that it will not last forever. I don't think it will be some dramatic ending as someone bashed the server racks with a bat and CCP places the company logo on a boat and shoots and flaming arrow at it while it floats into the sunset. I think that it will be a gradual thing and as long as it continues to bring in money it will stay alive. CCP may stop developing it but there are many games that continue on with productive lives years after their development stops.

Eve's population is aging. We are proud of it but with aging comes problems. As I pondered this topic today, I realized that I know a lot of people in Eve that are like me. They don't have children. They don't have huge family connections. And I wonder, how many of us are there? Sure, we're a reasonable population but at the end of the day people have lives.

I once had a long discussion, in which I was looked at as if I am crazy, where I said that I believe one of the greatest reasons Eve does not have a large female population is because women are still most often the family caretakers. I was looked at funny for that does not go along with the narrative that Eve is full of woman hating evil and every female is chased away and there is no other reason but this.

Yet, time is so valuable. In January I got Intuition. He is eight months old this week.

I have so little time. I work 12 hour shifts. I've worked them for a decade now. In October, I got a lateral transfer with better hours. I work 1000-2200. I get home, tend the puppy, make dinner, play with the puppy, change and shower, walk the puppy, play with him some more, stop him from chasing the cats, harassing the other dogs, stealing tomatoes from the counter, and find I have no more time. 

Eve's greatest weakens is also one of its coolest features. Eve takes up a lot of time. I cannot sit down and dedicate four hours to the game. I have to get up. Make dinner. Prep dinner. Tend the puppy. Water the plants. Put clothing in the wash. Do dishes. Make more meals (I'm baffled by how much time keeping food on the table takes when you make all of it), tend the dogs, tend the cats, try to sleep 6 hours a night.

The list goes on and time in finite. I just don't have it to give except now and then. Only, Eve isn't a now and then game. It isn't a game you drop in and hop out of. It is a game that leads you down the rabbit hole and unearths you six hours later. I think that is wonderful and I also think that many people cannot commit to it.

There is not enough individual stuff to do in the game. PvE has been pushed aside for so long that I wonder if it can recover. The developers that have been handed the task are talented people. But, a decade of neglect must be overcome and as I watch plans shatter, and shatter, and shatter again I wonder if it can be done. People may kick and scream that Eve is a social game and it must be played with others but the simple reality is that people need to be able to dangle their feet in the water and enjoy a cool drink and the warm sun instead of committing to a triathlon every gaming session.

That is what makes it unappealing. That is when you decide if you want ti log in for the thirty minutes you have to spare just to get moved to a position to hopefully start an activity the next session. At some point, adulthood comes knocking and it demands its pound of flesh in sleep. Contrary to popular belief, many internet gamers have relationships and those people, tolerant they may be, want some time too.

And then there is the fact that the players are fanatics. Dedicated, obsessed, in love, Eve players defend their game. They obsess over CCP. There is a commitment that is loud and clear inside of the games community. It is a very loud sound, but new people are not being retained and older players drop off. Time, exhaustion, other commitments... they all take their toll. And toll fees do not spawn from thin air.

Sunday, May 22, 2016


It is quite unfortunate that I came out of the CSM a bit of a mess. That was never the goal. I had planned, way back, to brush my shoulders off and step back into my game life. The entire missing game life thing didn't really factor in. I still find that I'm at a loss with things having changes so much.

It is all rather dull. Life goes on. The world continues to spin about. Wars and ISK and words fly about in all directions. I'm stuck on the invisible edge of a collidable structure. Bouncing around, trying to free myself and go about with my day.

There are habits to unlearn. I have to stop answering questions on twitter. I get dragged into arguments and fights I don't want to fight anymore. It always starts with such innocence. "Oh, I know that answer. Let me be helpful." Then twenty tweets later I'm sighing as arguments rage around me.

It is quite tiring. I do not thrive off of argument. I realize I don't care about being right and having the loudest opinion. It is all exhausting stuff.

Still! Fallout 4 is quite good. I've been chewing away at it here and there. The puppy is exhausting. The last few weeks have been a trial. We're transitioning from baby puppy to young asshole dog. It is not always a smooth transition. I do miss sleeping in. Sadly, he has decided that he needs to eat things that will kill him and promptly attempted to get blocked with a large portion of his bed. This delightful new habit has delayed the chances of him doing things like sleeping on my bed. My bed is full of lovely fabrics that can be eaten in large, intestine blocking chunks. I do admit, this phase will be nice when its past.

And my husband has almost finished the build on my new machine.

As for figuring out Eve?

I am going to Eve Vegas. I got my ticket when they went on sale.

I expect the blog to not have much to say for a while.  I decided to do what works best and write it out. All the things I never said. The things that happened. The good and the bad. It helps quite a bit. Sometimes, to often in truth, it is very hard. I hope, with it, I can purge it from my mind and start to heal. The side effect will be a detailed recollection of the term.

Maybe people will want to read it. Maybe not. It is nice to get it out. Holding it in, being mature, not saying things for the fact that the release was not worth the damage became a surprising burden. There were many surprising things along the way. People, even when they are doing their best to harm you for having the gall to try to help them, are fascinating.

I hope to have something interesting to say again. I'm giving myself a break from trying for now. If I write I write. If I do not, that is okay as well. I'm still here but I think I am going to continue to indulge in still quiet for a time.

One thing the CSM did do is make me very interested in studies about introversion. Can trying to force yourself into things just make it worse? I never became comfortable with the public eye. I did not grow to enjoy it. I feel now like I feel when I've had to many social obligations in to short a time.


We shall see! With time this empty, withered husk that once contained my energy and passion should heal.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Five second rule

When did my skill queue turn yellow and get filled with yellow stuff? I'm pretty sure I looked at my alts skill queue a week ago. I'd have noticed this yellowness... wouldn't I?

The yellowness is confusing. Maybe it is my unallocated skill points? 

Update: It is. I am so fancy. 

I only noticed because my skill queue ran out.

I went almost thirty seconds with an empty queue! Oh well! And there I am finishing off T3 skills. I hate T3s and they are on my list of things I won't ever fly again.

89,921,079 skill points so far. Almost at ninety. A bit closer to 100,000. Why? I dunno. But it seems to be a thing.

Monday, May 2, 2016

Red and Yellow

"Sugar! Sugar! What are you going to do?"

"I don't know!"

That is my standard answer to things these days. I don't know. I don't have any goals. I'm floating along for now and seeing what happens.

I am enjoying not keeping up with things. It is lovely.

I am still fighting the good fight for all my haulers out there to get contracts increased to the max load for a Charon. No more wasted space!

And I undocked an alt and wandered off to get money. I just don't feel like doing anything with Sugar. She should be doing something productive and the thought of accessing and moving my stuff is just such a weight right now. The more mature approach is to just blow it all off and do something else.

And that is how I wound up doing the tutorial missions for money. The sucky thing is that skills have changed. My alt is old. She wasn't getting the starter skill books anymore which is why I wandered off to do the tutorial. It sucks because her skills are super dumb and useless.

But, do not fear. She now has two million ISK. That's right. Suck it! Enough to buy her some starter skill books and learn how to shoot a autocannon or two.

I'm hot shit. Hull upgrades here I come.

And I got a Venture! The world is amazingly simple when you have some veldspare in your hangar.

I may not know what I am or who I am anymore, but I do remember some of the basics. From here, we will see where things go. No rush. No worries. No responsibilities.

But maybe again... the adventure.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

To Cherish the Past

With my future in game swirling around in circles, I've let most of my accounts lapse until I know what I want to do again. I have plenty of skill points and skills. I can do the things that interest me as well as the stuff that does not but I have been told to learn.

I've been pretty comfortable that way. My stuff is safe in its stations. I'm saving cash every month. Things are good.

And then, six hours before down time and the Citadel launch I clicked on a link for carrier pilots.

It may have been because I was logged in. Whatever it was, I realized that Chella is a carrier pilot. I have a carrier. I have two carriers. Or maybe three? But at least two.

And one has a triage module.

I have given zero thought to the fact that my carrier would become a force auxiliary.

In six hours.

Did I want that? I didn't know.

Did I care? Why yes, yes I did.

With caring came my answer. Snowflake was purchased when I was six months old. I was ambitious. I would learn to do level 5 missions and be a useful member of the corporation. I never learned to do level five missions. I never became a useful carrier pilot for any group I joined. Perfect skills do not mean a thing when you don't have experience and when I might have reached that point, Thanatos were not the carrier of choice. He isn't even fit for anything but a move long ago. I could have remotely repackaged him but those sweet, sweet, large rigs to remind me of the past...

Snowflake, my flat ship with its weird little knobby head had been with me for years. Sure, he was stuck in low sec and would probably never move again. That didn't matter. He was mine. I'd miss his flat weirdness. I never found him to be an attractive ship but that never mattered. He was mine. A symbol of many things that never happened but I wish had.

I activated some game time, logged in Chella and set my course for Snowflake's place of rest.

Then I remembered gatecamps. Smart bombing ones. The things that make little shuttles go poof? Where they still a thing? Had culture shifted to some great extent of late? Could it be that... nope, gatecamps. I scanned zkillboard and saw that my most obvious path was barred.

I rerouted and made a deal. If I died, force auxiliary would I be. If I lived, Snowflake would remain in his birth state. The toss of a gate would decide.

One person... on to the next system.

Three people here... but I'm just passing through.

Twenty-five in system but no camp on the gate I used or the station.

Hello, Sujarento. It's been a while. I doubt I will ever see you again. Thank you for taking care of my carrier.

Intuition at Six Months

Inty is hitting that six month point soon. My husband and I have had disagreements. I say things like 'he is six months by weeks' and my husband tells me it doesn't work that way. I tried, "six months worth of weeks" and he still said no.

Intuition's birthday was November 13th, 2015. That makes him almost five and a half months old. But, if you count the weeks he has six months worth. It makes sense to me but my husband has assured me that I am wrong and making up calculations.

Whatever! He is growing up and I wanted to share.

Three Months

Six Months

He has finally gotten lean and lanky. He will fill back out around 12-18 months.

My yard is nice and patchy from heavy dog usage.I mowed and reseeded after this shot. We've finally convinced him that he can potty on walks. For those without dogs, dogs do not automatically go potty outside. They do not automatically go potty on walks. Dogs are institutional learners and not generalists. A few breeds are generalists such as German Shepherds, but most dogs are very situational. Inty learned to potty in the back yard. It was many, many trips downstairs. Once that was well and truly learned, we had to pretty much walk him when he was about to pop and praise him for going on the walk. Because he is smart he picked it up fast but we had many walks that ended in the back yard for him to go potty.

He is a smart, affectionate dog. He is also quite the bold, sure asshole. He harasses the cats just to get them to chase him. We have created the great wall of separation to save Sage and Autumn from him.

We gate him off from them because he has no off button. Sage is 11. Autumn 6. They get tired of playing. He does not. We are working on it and he is improving but he still dissolves into assholeness quickly.

Next week he starts puppy kindergarten.  His training schedule will be six months of puppy kindergarten. Then he will take six weeks off while we reinforce that learning. Then basic obedience for six weeks. After that, the holiday season will kick in and my work load will increase. In January I hope to move up to advanced obedience and by next summer get ready to try some trials to get his obedience titles. He is a dream dog to work with once he grows up a bit more and learns to focus and contain himself. The asshole pushy nothing bother's me personality is exactly what I wanted.

10 weeks on the way home for the first time.

Sixish months old and needing a nail trim.

He is a big boy and getting bigger. He isn't oversized but within the breed standard. Still, sometime a week or two ago he managed to morph from puppy to dog in his size. A few times in the last week, when I have changed his posts on his ears and left them down, he has been a shadow of Nyx. Right now he is the same size that she was. He will be a good bit larger and I'm thankful for that.

While he looks like he doesn't want to be up there, that is a lie. He is the one that climbs up us at every opportunity. My mother is 5'4 for reference. It used to be that I could lean back in my chair and escape him. Not anymore. He just climbs up and slaps me in the face. He also loves to sit in laps so I tip my chair all the way back and scoop him up. He will chill, sprawled across me from knee to head and go to sleep. It is terribly uncomfortable and I try to do it every day.

We celebrate the loss of our last puppy tooth with a blotch of blood on our new chew toy. The blood washed right off. I'm happy all teeth are out. Sometimes they need to be pulled.

In general, things are going great. I'm hoping that one day soon he can come take a nap on the bed with me. But hes still so puppy. It may be a while yet.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

That was a weird little ripple

It may be an interesting week. I've cheerfully run about scrubbing the CSM stuff off of most links. I'll leave it on my forum signature. I may respond to something one day and then someone will ask me who am I to comment. I kind of hope that I'll have someone sneer at me and tell me that I should try to run for the CSM if I am so opinionated or think I can do a better job. That is my secret dream.

It seems my ending will be weighing in on this weird name change thing that happened to Goonswarm. Love them, hate them, be indifferent to them, I don't think they should lose their corporation history and a CEO from ten years ago get control of the corp name.

Player names, corp names, alliance names those are all things of power in Eve. A book was just written about Eve's empires. A book that could only have been written if our history is allowed to be history. I'm one that is rather interested in Eve's history and preserving it going forward. I've felt a lot of loss has happened recently. CCP may be updating image and shedding costly resources but there is so much tangible history that we are losing and I wonder if it represents a cultural shift.

Beyond that, I reminded CCP Logibro to hand over the CSM in game channel to the new CSM. Sure, very few members of CSMX used it. No one in CSMXI may have any interest in public outreach or just hanging in a spot where people can reach them. That doesn't mean I think the channel is a bad idea. Someone may use it. A good thing may come from it.

The noncompetitive stat of my personality is to blame, I fear, for my lack of understanding in some things. The CSM has placed me in numerous situations where someone did not wish to put effort into something or make a risk because it was not guarantied. Do things have to be guarantied before they are even approached? Sometimes we have to walk to make the path even happen. Not everyone and everything can already be well used, well known, or the best option.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

All Done

Today was the last technical day of CSM10. Someone sent me a message to tell me that the election results have happened.

Off and on since January I have thought about what to write here. I've pondered bitterness and snark. My bitter explosion was ruined by a typo on twitter to become a butter explosion. I've debated the polite, social face where I bow and thank people and wish everyone good luck. And for a while I wondered if I'd even say anything and just fall off the map into silence.

The problem with giving into emotional responses sit hat a lot of people have the potential to be harmed by them. People who supported me and worked with me would get shat on. That is the side effect from just letting all of the pent up stuff go.

Its been two years. I'm sorry that I've flopped along these last few months and slowly died on you. After February, after everything that happened and was done and the choices that were made for good and for bad, I had nothing left. In a way that was good. I had tied up most things and finished most projects. All that was left was hobbling along to the end.

The CSM can be consumptive. It doesn't consume everyone. I'm regularly fascinated by how many people join it and never do a damn thing. They don't participate. They don't create. They barely speak up and then they put on a public face and get praised and sometimes reelected. I tried to avoid that myself by laying myself out to you all each week. I tried to be honest and clear about others. I don't know if I did a good enough job but I did make the effort.

The strangest thing about this election process is the fact that many people want us to be politicians. On one hand we are cursed for being politicians. As you learn to make neutral statements to not break the NDA (for those that don't just hide behind it and use it as Captain America's shield whenever someone tires to find out if they do anything) people curse you. They get mad. I think we're supposed to break the rules if it is convent tot he listener. On way or another, no matter how honest you are and transparent and how much you share, people will accuse you of being a politician.

But they want you to be one. We're treated like it. The shit storm of american politics this year has been eye opening in that regard. For reasons I do not fully comprehend, people want members of the CSM to be politicians. If for no other reason, that expectation is one of the things that destroys us. We don't have any actual power or agency but we are treated like we do. It is a remarkable burden to carry and try to overcome. It is one that we fail at doing year after year as the candidates flare and burn out.

Somewhere, in that, stuff has the potential to happen. I'm walking away, proud of a lot of things that I started, supported, or had a hand in. It may not be as spectacular as some people expect. But, again, we don't have that power or ability. We never will.

It isn't so bad. To speak for people is important. A lot of those conversations are not flashy. They are reminders that the players are people and not just business metrics. There is more involved then the developers and the fantastic gameplay that they make. There is also CCP's interaction with their clients in general across all levels. They have included us in these things and that is probably where the bulk of the head beating frustration happens.

Maybe we do to much. Maybe we don't do enough. To some we are just laughable for caring and trying in an unpaid position. I don't have a comeback about laughing last and how amazing I am despite it. To those that mock me and what I may do or try to do, be it as impotent as a student council or not, it mattered a lot to me.

The trust that was given to me these past two years mattered to me. It kept me motivated and it kept me going. That people would honor me with that belief and faith has been utterly humble. And I know that I have not been strong enough or capable enough to give back as much as I have been given. Still, I will stand here and say that I tried. Even as things imploded and I knew that my second CSM term would be met with ridicule and scorn, I tried to help the future that we could potentially have.

After all, trying is what I promised to do. Oh, I know it has not been enough. How often I have been told that. But I put myself out there. I tried to make happen what I believed in and I sacrificed myself to do it. That, I am proud of.

I am happy to be done. I do not regret the choice that I made. I am not sorry that I ran for the CSM. None of that stops the bittersweet longing for things as they were two years ago. I miss those times. I miss myself, then. I am tired and burned. I really never had the personality to do this job and do it well. I did not blossom in the public eye but instead steadily wilted. Its a disappointment but one that I expected. I do know myself reasonably well and I knew that the having the public's eye in this extent would leave me tattered at the end.

I do apologize that I don't have those pretty social platitudes to give. I don't have long winded stories about my love for the rest of the CSM and the special relationship that we never had. I don't even have drinking stories for you because I gave up on socializing at the end. It may be unfair to offer this exhausted truth but it is all I have to give. To try to spin light and the soft laughter of warm memories across the top feels to much a lie.

This has been an amazing journey. There has been joy and incredible pain. I have met amazing people at CCP. Some that I hope I will in contact with. I've met others in the Eve community I would have never known tucked into the sordid red spaces of Molden Heath. I'd have never known the beauty and terrible pain of flying to close to the sun and the long fall back down.

I regret none of it.

Thank you for having me.

P.S. - If you have questions, ask them. :)

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Missing Getting There

Around sixty million skill points I stopped paying attention to my skill points. I remember my joy at forty million. Forty was a big step for me. So was thirty. I had a skill set that sculpted Sugar into a capable combat pilot. I felt fluffy and real.

For a long time, I had placed a huge importance on skill points. I had used them as distant beacons. Points where I could stop and say, "I am here. This is me. I am this thing."

While skill points have lost their meaning, those emotions are still persistent. We will never see announcements made to celebrate the player that has reached the most skill points again. That era of Eve is gone and not what I speak about.

Skill points used to define me. Then, I stopped caring about them. It seems that happened when I was able to fly the things that I wanted to fly. My needs, it turned out, were rather light for a combat pilot. My foray into capitals has given me no love for the unwieldy monsters. My time in battleships has created a deep set distaste.  Somewhere between forty and sixty million skill points, I had enough.

Today, I opened my skill queue for the first time in a while. I have 292,914 unallocated skill points. My queue is down to twenty eight days. I think I last set it up to run somewhere around a hundred and fifty. And I complete Caldari Cruiser V before I wake in the morning.

I never wanted to learn Caldari Cruiser V. Caldari ships and I just don't fit together. Yet, here I am, learning it.

Here I am with eighty seven million skill points. I want to ask, "How did I get here?" but I kinda know how.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Oh Bounty System

[03:18:15] Kaliean Thorson > Sugar Kyle sets her own bounty on herself if i remember correctly

That was something I had to correct. I have never set my own bounty. I have never set a bounty on anyone else. I consider the bounty system in its current form to be a waste of ISK. How my feathers ruffled as I politely responded, "I do not set my own bounty." It is a good thing we can't see clearly through these screens.

Ever since the changes to the bounty system, it has been most frustrating that I can't rant about the bounty system. That is because to rant about it is to bring bounties onto oneself or to be accused of begging for bounties. It drives me bonkers.

I love the idea of a bounty system and a mercenary system. Sadly, those stalled out when the bounty system was changed. I never thought I'd somewhat wish for the old one but I do. In these days of gate camps to pod everything and everything, we'd be cleaning up. Of course the entire, "Use an alt get the money thing," we really bad.

Still, this incomplete system is bad.


HOWEVER! It is still enough to make me giggle to be accused of being a bad person in Eve Uni Chat for having a bounty.

It is fun to be the bad person again.

Monday, March 28, 2016

Hi there

I pondered going a bit longer without writing here. I've been thinking for the last few weeks. I've hopped on, checked mail, talked to people, but mostly, Eve's puttering along towards Fanfest.

In the background, I've been fleshing out my time on the CSM. My then and my now are so far apart from each other it is rather staggering. I have wistful thoughts about my pre-CSM life. Before I knew to much and flew to close to the sun.

I said before that I stopped writing out of anger. I felt that if I kept a positive face to the public while I was raging inside, I was being false. I tried for a more neutral and honest tone but without wild, emotional aspects. I still, in the end felt fake. I directed that energy to solving the problem and I feel that did happen.

However, along the way more problems cropped up. I realized then, around the end of February that I was to deeply disappointed in some decisions that were made to present any type of face.

One thing I have struggled with has been how much to share. Do I share the anger that I often feel? It isn't productive. Rages and rants and tantrums don't get work done.

Would people even care? A lot of the election process for CSM10 left me shaken when it came to how much people wanted to know about what was going on and what motivated me. Did people want to know that I could barely control my rage when interacting with someone or did they just want results? Did they want to know the 'drama' that was happening or would they just laugh at me again and write about how they think the CSM is ridiculous and a high school council.

I also realized that I was sometimes trapped by all that ridicule and scorn. It got harder and harder to read it and stay productive. I kept slogging along but it was always there. In many ways, I was ashamed that I was so weak to be bothered by it. How often have I been told to ignore people, not to listen, or tell other's that they were stupid and their opinions did not count? Instead, I was dragged down by those opinions until I couldn't move anymore.

Basically, I realized I was not confident to share why I was upset about things anymore. I was so very tired of being laughed at and mocked for caring and having emotions. I understand that it is a popular pastime on the internet but I still don't understand it. I often wonder what is so flawed about me that causes me to care?

I've been rather stuck on these questions. Around and around I've gone for weeks now. Am I strange? Is this normal? Is this what happens in these types of positions? As it is ending I very much want to understand my CSM term and the tattered pieces that are left over from it.

One of the interesting things that happened during the campaign season for CSM11 was the handful of candidates that I talked to all, except for one that I never synced up with for a coms chat, told me that the stuff I brought forward wasn't going to be a problem. I kept getting my concerns brushed off and I really wondered what I saw in this that other's didn't.

Maybe I've made more of it then I should have. Maybe I should have talked more. Ranted more. Called people out to the floor. Gotten into fights with them. Maybe I should have shared more, pushed the bonds of my relationship with CCP more. Maybe I wouldn't feel like this now if I hadn't tried to stay in balance so long.

Things changed a lot along the way. I don't know like I used to. I can't take back the things that changed everything.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Projects and Stuff

What have I been doing over here? I have lost the will to blog daily. But there are other things to do. In the week that I have been home things have been busy. It was my long week at work so I have had little time off as well as having to shove a training class in there. That time has been consumed by obnoxious little life problems, the start of my garden season, and the puppy.

However, I've also been plodding along doing some CSM stuff.

When I asked people about their ideal road map during the summit, I received a steady flow of responses. That made me warm and fuzzy. Then they made a blog banter (#73 Roadmap to...) and I squinted and squirmed a bit to get that much focus in the banter. However, my information loving soul did chortle a bit in pleasure. Ask and you shall receive and all that nonsense.

At no time do I think that the responses I receive are the sum total of everything in the game. In fact, the other day I was discussing with Dirk how little we know of the silent majority. How we struggle to understand what brings them to the game and that everything we do do has to be filtered through trying not to harm them. Still, my strength has always been from this blog and even if it falls into neglect as I struggle with choices and events of the last few months, I still reach out from here.

Feeling the tick of father time, I've been working on my homework projects. With all the blog banters in and a few

This is my summary of the road map question.

The Public Copy of my Player Road map Summary to the Producers. The reason it is a public copy is because someone sent me a google document with their roadmap and I have not cleared it with them if they wished that shared. So, I cut it out of the copy here.

There isn't anything secret. I asked if I could address the players with the question. It only seems fair to share what I've done with it. Documents are not fun or sexy but they are useful. A point raised on my blog was that the forums hold all of these ideas and more. I agree. I could say "just go check the forums." However, the benefit of a summary is the ease and speed of consumption. I could just fold my arms and glare. That wouldn't be productive and I've promised to try to be be productive.

In a more perfect world I would also take some weeks to sort the forums. Consider me lazy in deciding to work with the material here.

Originally I had thought to write it out as a bunch of mini-road maps. As I kept flipping through the responses I realized that would not work. The attempt to summarize it was made to condense the information into the obvious lines of repetition desires. I also stepped out of the idea of a road map and looked at how people responded to the question.

Over the last two years, I have spent an enormous amount of time not having my questions answered. Instead of being irritated, I learned to look at what people were saying. Or, what they were saying as I understood it. Often frustrating it is quite interesting. Under the irritation or bitterness or sometimes viciousness, what is being said? It is a bit of a puzzle really. An exhausting puzzle but an interesting one.

My interpretation isn't perfect. It is mine. Welcome toa  bit of how my mind works. Maybe I should have done more of this type of thing over the past two years. I dunno.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Careless Whispers

I am very bad at using song lyrics to emphasis a point. That has never stopped me from doing it anyway. Over the past two years my understanding and frame of reference for Eve has changed. I am prone to musing about topics that have little to do with game play. They are formed from nothing more than my own opinion and understandings.

Last week during the summit I said that the Producers had asked us to give them their ideal road maps. I took this outside of the summit room (with permission just saying) and brought that here to the blog. From there I got a heap of interesting responses and even a blog banter on the topic. My information sourcing mind is very happy and I expect that I will spend tomorrow and Friday starting a summerization of things.

Of course, as often happens with such topics, the responses developed a life of their own. In my ideal mind everyone would give me a nice little road map. I'd bundle that up, slap a bow on it, and hand it over. For some unknown reason, my ideal situation only partially happened. People took the topic and responded to it in many different ways.

What I started to see was not just an ideal road map, but an ideal image of things people wanted from Eve. Inside of that, I started to see something that at first made me squint in exhaustion before I reflected on what it meant.

People listed wants more than road maps. It is as if each person is an individual and interpreted the topic in their own way. But, this isn't about the interpretations so much as a steady pattern that I began to see. This all leads back to George Michael as well.

In the song, George Michael is apologizing for, I guess, cheating on whomever he is dancing with. Or something. Anyway, he fucked up and it got out and we're all really sad. While not quite the same, I've spent a good bit of time over the last two years coming to understand the cost of CCP's years of player interaction.

In the 13 years that Eve has been chugging along, CCP has made a lot of promises. They have not fulfilled all of those promises. That is understandable. Often times the promises were grand and reality snickered at their efforts. Other times new projects and problems came to light. Some things upon creation did not match their original inspiration. There are reasons why everything has happened. Lots of reasons. But those first made promises, many of them made for years, left a bad taste when they were not fulfilled.

Now CCP of 2013 who is not CCP of 2003 has to pay for those careless words whispered on the dance floor over the years. They are paying for words said by other people. It is a rather terrible situation that they are in. No matter what they do or bring to the table, those past promises bubble up to the surface again and again.

It is one of the larger wounds that never seems to heal between CCP and the player base. At first, I thought I could solve it by just explaining it. That makes sense to me. However, I've been knocked off of that bit of rational thought. It doesn't work because those careless promises were so provocative. Love at first sight or maybe lust. Whichever it was, it caught the imagination, set roots, and sprouted.

I don't think CCP wants to spray weed killer on everything.

The age of the community has worried me for a while now. How do we entertain people for over a decade? Can we expect that people can and will continue to be entertained? But then, I have to add onto it these cuts and hurts that makes things that much harder.

My belief is that they can be healed, somehow. I'm not sure how but I believe it anyway. When I look through the roadmaps I have been given I see a lot of frustration. It has adjusted how I plan to write my summary. Which is a good thing. We dig for gold and sometimes find platinum.

Friday, February 19, 2016

And into Tomorrow

I'm still on my tablet and trying to figure out why google's auto correct does not like my blue tooth keyboard. I am not trying overly hard. I need to finish packing but I figured that there were a few more things to finish off the day. But, little correction and many errors will probably follow this post too.

"We should stop focusing on what happened and look to the future."  That is a sentiment that I hate. We, as a race, already do not learn from our own history. We're past the time when education was reserved for an elite class in most countries. Knowledge of past mistakes are at our finger tips but we still ignore them. It seems to be to be an even greater error to pin, "Fixed" on something and brush ones hands of all that came to cause the break.

Acknowleging the past does not mean that we have to live in it. We have to acknowledge it. We have to break it down and understand why it happened. Then we have to learn from it. The past does not go away. We simply move forward and distance ourselves from it. But we cannot allow that time to be wasted.

There have been so many negitive words said. Emotions and angers have ruled the foreground. They are at risk of defining everything. While I have been here, as much as I have laid out the harsh reality of my view point I have been trying to see the other side of things. The how. The what. The why. And from that, I want to learn.

We've covered the fun and productive stuff this summit. Those are the giggle worthy bits that brighten the eyes and bring a smile to the lips that I do so enjoy about the summit. The future has a lot for us. I'm pretty pleased with it. I've not gotten my way in every area. That will leave a touch of disapointment.

As for the CSM one of the greatest things that we need from here on forward is a clear line to esclate concerns. We don't need to use that every day. But, if we find ourselves feeling locked down and unable to move or do anything, we can reach out and do some sanity checks. Not everything that happens is automatically malicious. That does not mean it is okay when communication breaks down. And this esclation path needs to exist for the CSM -> CCP and for Ccp -> the CSM.

I've talked a lot the last few days. What I want from all of this is to give CSM11 a clear path forward. One that does not have the baggage of CSMX's problems. Hurdles are being ripped down. Streets paved. I fully expect to hear how productive CSM11 is and I will be both pleased and bitter.

The other thing to address is the Air BnB thing. I can go on, at lenght, about how unhappy I was with it. But, I found out more information about why a hotel wasn't an option and I figured that I'd randomly share it with Fanfest coming up.

Iceland is floundering in a huge surge of tourisem. It's Febuary and their tourisem is up by 30%. There is an expectation that they will be understaffed for the upcoming summer by 15%. The increase in tourisem has led to a lack of hotels and rooms in the city. This has driven up rent, made finding a home hard, and spawned a new wave of opportunities for things like AirBnB.

I did check hotels when I learned about the AirBnB and the only options for a week were high end rooms at Hotels far from the city and CCP's office. I'm not willing to also rent a car to get around.

So, yes. Bookings were left too late but htat was only enhanced by the strange state of Iceland's tourist economey. I hope everyone going to Fanfest has already booked their rooms.

Two more months.

I'm leaving the summit with a few homework projects that I will share. Two of them I have already posted and received good discussion over the past week. I also want to write a summary for CSM11 going over a few of the topics we have had zero movement with. This way they can know and hopefully someone will pick them up. We have discussed having a solid overlap from CSMX into CSM11 where we can hopefully give them a smoother hand off considering, at the most, only two members of the next council will have expierence.

This is what I consider cautious hope. I am going to function as if things are changed. I am still going to allow my jaded eye a chance to review what is going on even as I work forward. But, I am not going to ever go, "Let's just move forward and let this vanish into the void." That is how we repeat history.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

So Ends the Summit

It has been my habit the previous trips to Iceland to walk through my day in this blog. I did it for the simple enjoyment of writing about my adventures and struggles in a strange land. But, I also did it for accountability.

The accusation that the CSM is a popularity contest so that the winners can take free trips rankles me. It pisses me off. But, I cannot figure out how to counter it. I could sit back and say that I have the money to travel. That makes me look an arrogant braggart. I could point out that I use up huge amounts of my yearly allotted vacation, but that makes me look the whining martyr. And then, those can be countered by telling me to remote in if it is such a burden. The insult and accusation is well done. It is a slippery trap that I firmly step into and as with many such traps, there isn’t an answer that will render it inert. Even my sad little point that, I’d already been to Iceland for Fanfest before i even ran didn’t make much of a dent.

Instead, I decided to fall back on honesty. Maybe if I pulled the curtain back, people would understand what was inside. The trip is very interesting. I do find it pleasurable to meet with CCP directly and discuss the game that I have been so passionate about. I’ve been as much of a fangirl as anyone else. But, the trip wasn’t why I ran and I don’t actually think anyone thinks that is the reason that I ran. It is an easy and piercing insult. In these days of causing as much harm to others as possible, why not use it?

For three summits and one Fanfest trip I religiously documented my time in an effort to bring transparency and open honesty to the process. Some of it was a suprise to me. I’d not expected the long days and short nights. The cold walks and quickly consumed meals. The mental gymnastics to talk, focus, take notes, and attempt to be a voice for as many people as I had the privilage to represent surprised me in its exhaustion.  But, I hoped that somewhere there was a hint of humor and passion and a bit of amusement and sharing in my day.

I entered this Summit in the darkest mood since my term started. In January, I was so deeply angry that the idea of picking up the CSM, throwing it away, deleting Eve and all my Eve related social media and walking away from it all had all but consumed me with its allure. I had nothing positive to say. Venom and anger and bitterness consumed most of my thoughts. I stopped writing. I stopped talking. I looked at the situation that had become the sum total of my existance and I dispaired.

I wondered why I had given everything up. I no longer had a corporation. I no longer had much of a game. I had convinced myself that it was okay if I did not play for now because the CSM was not forever. If I were to focus all of my time and energy into the CSM aspect of my Eve existance I’d be able to say that I had done everything that I could. In a way I could not justify my own gameplay. I felt negligant to my duties and the possibilities and potentuals if I were to turn someone down because I wanted to go do something that I could do at another time.

It is very much my own fault that I found myself in the place that I was at. In ignorance, I had stripped myself of much of my support and the solid foundation for my work. It left me screaming into the darkness and my energy spent fighting a battle that was going no where. In fact, it seemed as if I was slipping faster and faster into irrelevence and fettered uselessness.

I debated not going. I debated it strongly. I’d wander around the house and think about it as I went through my day. I read up on boycotts. I pondered the meaning. In the end, I decided that angry or not, disparing or not, unsure as to what the summit would bring or what I was there for, I should still go. I should go because to many would not understand why I didn’t go. I decided that I would betray everyone who didn’t care about problems between some parts of CCP and the CSm. They’d not care about the concerns and struggles about the CSM’s place in CCP. They’d just want me to do what I could and it’d more or less anger them that other, less fathomable things that we had quietly been struggling with for months had taken precidence over the duties that they wanted me to try to preform.

But, anger taints everything. The travel plans for the Summit came extreamly late. For me, an obsessive planner this detail put me on edge. I do not fly be the seat of my pants. I’d never pack up and just go someplace and let things work themselves out. Last minute things leave me taunt and unbalanced and worried for I have no time to make a back up plan.

Also, the logings were not booked as smoothly as I’d like. Due to a lack of room, we were not staying in a hotel. Instead, AirBnB was called upon. I found myself having to sign up for an unfamilar website to contact a young lady whos apartment I would be staying in for the week.

I’m a deeply personal person. I don’t stay at other peoples homes. I don’t invite people to my own. I am comfortable in hotels bcuase they are richly neutral. Like a resteraunt, it is clear that you are not infringing on them. Things are done in neat scheules with rules. Now, I was staying in a stranger's home. I’m writing on that stranger's kitchen table staring in horror at the ring my tea cup has made that I will shortly clean up.

Really, my inner turmoil made the entire thing harder. I’d have found it hard even if I was calm. But, I was not calm. I was on an emotional rollar coaster full of doubt, rightiousness, anger, and wistfulness.

Somewhere in the middle of everything, I just wanted everything to be better.

And that started to happen.

The week before the Summit, as we changed coordinators has been one of very mixed emotions. Suddenly, into my turomoil was thrown hope.

And hope is what I came to the summit with. Hope wrapped in caution but hope still.

The Summit has been productive. There is good and bad. There is a lot of good. The bad is not horrible. It is just the fustrations of having an agenda and having to fit that agenda into that of CCP’s. It doesn’t always work. While, I understand it, it is still fustrating. And I must walk the path of productively channeling that fustration while knowing that I am not going to finish everything that I want.

But, what the Summit gives is face time with CCP. It is easy, when there is only a screen and a blocked path of communication to lose track of the individual humanities that make up CCP. CCP is a company and as a company CCP has much responsibility. But, CCP is also individuals. And those individuals are not all CCP. As I have asked them to see me as a player and not the CSM so I must give to them their individuality and not just see them as CCP.

I consider myself comfortable with communicating over the internet. I met my husband online thirteen years ago. We communicate by chat client when we are not in the house together. But, sometimes I pick up the phone and call him so that I can hear his voice. So that I can hear him say hello to me and his puzzled worry that i am calling instead of sending a message. It isn’t often that I do this. some days i Just need that extra link to him.

It is something that needs to be rembered when it comes to interacting with CCP the company and CCP the people. And its a delicate balance. For, we come to them from the CSM as both company and person. And they come to us as both person and CSM. That awkward linkage can create such amazing things and spawn horrific fustration and anger.

The last four days have been productive. There has been a lot of honesty. I’ve clenched my fists and cried, “We can’t keep going in this circle.” And, we can’t. We can’t keep term after term having these barriers and problems. We can’t struggle with accountability and double standards. We can’t keep behaving in this limbo where we are a real thing but not real enough to earn all of the structures that we need to fufill our potentual, to be productive for the entire term, and to work on this game that we love enough that we’ve all been brought together in that room.

I’m not the person that I was two years ago. I regret that in some ways. I love some of the changes and expierences. It isn’t something I ever imagined. But, I hate many other expierences and I wish that standing in this place did not come with everything that it does. I don’t understand a lot of the whys to things that have happened. There is still so much to think and reflect on.

I do believe that I have tried. I’ve given you everything that I have and I have no left overs. And well do I now understand that even your all sometimes isn't enough. Such seems to be the inevitable nature of the thing.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Choke Points

Today's question to you from the summit, is about choke points.

This is a topic that has come up several times but one we had a very good discussion about today. The Phoebe changes to jump drives is a contentious one still. I like that we had changed but now, a bit over a year out, we need to look at what the changes did. Did they do what was wanted them to do? Is there room for change?

I have discussed the shape of space before. There are some part sof Eve that we want to be inaccessable. It makes terrain. However, the shape of space was not created around the idea of jumping ships. I am not the only one that felt that the shape of space needed to be addressed when the jump changes came.

I also asked, "What is a choke point?" How do we define this. By there being one route? Is two a choke point still? The answer may be as simple as add another route. It may be more complex then that.

So, I'm calling back in the feedback I've had about the shape of space. I need to dig through my documents a bit as well. I figured that I would freshly open the floor about this topic.

The shape of space fascinates me. What will happen in Great Wildlands if someone opens a freeport Citadel with a market? The shape of space is very much centered around the handful of stations out there just as Syndicate is station heavy.

I have no desire to make all space the same. Please do not walk over the depth of the question with such a shallow assumption.

Monday, February 15, 2016

Your ideal roadmap

To try to be a bit more interesting then blogging yet another daily list of summit meetings, how about a question?

In the producer session, as we try to figure out how to fix and improve our communication with teams and how we figure out who should be gone to for features and changes, we discussed the road map.

We discussed what 'our' ideal roadmap would be. This breaks down into the individual roadmaps for each member of the CSM. After all, we are individiuals and we have different dreams for Eve. We have different goals and features that we want to move forward or go back to.

How close are we to what CCP is looking at and planning? We discussed their safety mesures to weigh the value of features. What will this feature do for Eve? It is not enough to have an ideal road map of things you want. Those things have to have value and that value needs to be enough to dedicate the time to the feature.

Do you have an ideal roadmap? A path for Eve to head in the next year or two once we move past Citadel?

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Guest Post: Jinrai Tremaine and the search for Strontium Clathrates

Sugar Kyle has very generously allowed me to borrow her podium in order to talk to you about a proposed change for the Citadel release that I think is going to have very serious long-term consequences for all of New Eden.

Before I go into detail, a brief introduction. I imagine that most of you have no idea who I am, so: my main character in EVE is Jinrai Tremaine and my space-job is mining ice in hisec. I run one of the locust fleets you may occasionally hear solo miners complain about, as we strip ice anomalies bare before they get a chance to make much ISK. I’m actually not here to discuss my playstyle or why I do what I do, I only bring it up to establish my credentials - ice is a big deal for me and has been for several years, so I try and stay on top of upcoming changes that are likely to affect it, which in this case involves the upcoming Citadel release.

A few days ago, CCP published the long-awaited Structure Fitting Devblog which included, amongst other things, the reprocessing rates for the various sizes of Citadel in different areas of space. I’m actually not here to talk about those, either - the part I want to bring to your attention is actually near the end of that devblog, where Team Game of Drones mention adding in Strontium Clathrates (Stront for short) as an ingredient for regular fuel blocks, in order to ensure that there’s still demand for Stront in the distant future when Structures have wholly replaced POSes and there is no more stront timing for reinforced modes. They initially planned to require 400 Stront per 40 fuel blocks, which was later revised downwards to 200. Based on my knowledge of ice mining, that still seemed like an extremely high number, so I decided to look into the effects this new requirement would have on fuel production.

Fig 1: Refined ice products from each belt, assuming maximum local refining:

Nullsec (0.0 to -0.5)
Nullsec (-0.5 to -1.0)
Racial Isotopes
Heavy Water
Liquid Ozone
Strontium Clathrates

As you can see from the table above, regardless of where exactly one happens to be mining, any type of ice produces significantly less Stront than it does any other ice product. This is an issue, because the proposed changes to fuel blocks will make Stront the second most numerous ingredient.

As a brief digression, here is how ice/ice product/fuel block production balances out currently:
  • Highsec and Lowsec ice anomalies local production is limited by the available Liquid Ozone in their ice - they over-produce Racial Isotopes (Nitrogen, Helium, Hyrdogen and Oxygen) and Heavy Water
  • Both types of Nullsec ice anomalies are the opposite - their production is limited by available Racial Isotopes and they over-produce both Liquid Ozone and Heavy Water
  • Over-production fuels jump drives (isotopes), Jump Bridges and Beacons (Liquid Ozone) and Industrial Cores (Heavy Water) and is traded back and forth between highsec and nullsec to balance out supply.
  • Heavy Water has low value due to being over-produced everywhere and having little demand outside fuel blocks.

The addition of Stront to fuel blocks changes that entire relationship. Because there’s so little Stront produced in any belt compared to any of the other resources, Stront will become a bottleneck to fuel block production in all areas of space. Every other ice product will be over-produced compared to Stront, much as heavy water is today, which will drastically lower their value at the same time that Strontium values shoot through the ceiling. There’s also no way to avoid this by cherry-picking only stront-heavy ice where it’s available; the only way to cycle ice anomalies and respawn the stront-heavy ices is to completely clear out the entire anomaly and wait 4 hours, which means over-production of other ice products will be built into efficient stront production.

That’s obviously bad news for everyone who mines ice in either highsec, lowsec or nullsec with poor truesec, as they’ll get a lot less stront per anom and a lot more low-value over-production materials. However the real danger is simply that there is not enough Stront production across New Eden as a whole to maintain the current supply of fuel blocks, let alone meet additional demand from the construction and operation of Citadels and their rigs and modules.

Fig 2: Comparative local fuel block production caps per anomaly

Null (0.0 to -0.5)
Null (-0.5 to -1.0)
Without Stront
Liquid Ozone
Liquid Ozone
Racial Isotopes
Racial Isotopes
Fuel Blocks
With Stront
Fuel Blocks

Production change per anomaly

% Change

As you can see from this table, there’s going to be a massive reduction in fuel block production across the whole of New Eden as soon as the existing stockpiles of fuel blocks and strontium run out. If it helps to illustrate the extent of the difference: Currently, emptying a hisec anomaly would fuel a Large POS for 18 days. With the addition of a strontium requirement, that same anomaly would fuel a Large POS for 10 hours. Right now, emptying a deep nullsec anomaly would fuel that same POS for 5 months. With the stront requirement, that drops to a little over 1 month.

As it stands now, nullsec anomalies are likely significantly under-utilized, in contrast with hisec anomalies which tend to be heavily mined. However even assuming a significant shift to nullsec ice mining there’s still a very finite limit on how much can be produced per day - each anomaly takes time to be mined out and then requires 4 hours to respawn, making it effectively impossible to get more than 5 spawns per belt (some systems have multiple “belts” giving them 2 or 3 anomalies at a time) per day. With even the lowest truesec null systems facing nearly 80% less potential production than they currently have it doesn’t seem possible for them to pick up the slack that will be left by the almost complete removal of hisec ice as a viable fuel source.

This is going to hit closest to home for hisec-based ice miners like myself and those actively involved in running POSes, as well as everyone interested in setting up one of the new Citadels once they’ve launched, however it’s important to note that the knock-on effects will be felt by all of New Eden’s residents. Every unit of moongoo is extracted via POSes, large amounts of manufacturing in highsec and lowsec take place in POSes, ore compression and refining in high and lowsec take place in POSes, reactions that produce composites for tech 3 ships and turn gasses into boosters take place in POSes as do huge numbers of blueprint copy jobs. In all of these cases, the people running the POSes are going to look to pass on their increasing fuel costs to consumers further down the line, or else they’ll stop using POSes and pass on the costs that their POSes were saving them (NPC station 10% manufacturing taxes, for example) to their consumers. Either way, this will result in increased prices for most ships and items produced by players.

As a final note, all my figures for calculating the effects of these changes can be found in my Google Spreadsheet in case anyone wants to look at the numbers themselves, or double-check my calculations.