Thursday, October 30, 2014

An Undocked Adventure

With the minutes released, a weight was off of my shoulders and everything has become a bit easier to focus on. I was logged in and on coms when someone reported a Rhea jumping into Tama on what looked like a badly positioned cyno. Per the report the Rhea appeared to be a few kilometers off of the station and dithering between warping or going to dock.

Tama is a system with a station that can be a pain to dock at.

Not the worst station in the world but not the best. Now, when I light cynos at stations like this I do my best to hug the center of the station and work up or down. I'd probably light my cyno in between some of the poking out bits under them down by the spire.

That reminds me of a nifty guide I was shown. It comes from this forum thread where the poster took a guide on station docking ranges and added where he cynos in on stations. I don't agree with all of his cyno positions that is only because of my personal comfort level. It is useful if you have never cynoed into or even seen some of these stations.

Anyway, this Rhea came in and it was not a good position. The person who saw the jump could not bump. I flipped into a Cynabal. It seems I was not the only one to do so. Warp speed was the reason. A little Cynabal herd shot out of Sujarento and roared towards Tama with no actual belief that we'd land on the Rhea. Of course, the Rhea was still there.

Grarr landed the first bump. I managed to not warp to the nice corporate bookmark and just to the station meaning I had to burn 60k to assist. The nice part? Shield cynabal at full speed slammed into the Rhea next. Now we had multiple points and someone landed in a Machariel. That was that.

I think that this is one of my biggest nightmares. It seems whenever I cyno onto a station I am facing away from the station. I have a moment of panic. Sometimes, the station takes a moment to load and I find myself gasping a bit wondering if I made a mistake....

Killing haulers is not a glorious battle. It however, is an exciting event. Killing this hauler and seeing that it was full of stuff, we broke out haulers and looted the wreck as fast as we could. With everything dumped in the corporation hangers. I love loot. I've never ransomed people but I love looting wrecks.

That was my adventure. My last two kills have been freighters now. Weird habit that.

On a side note, thanks to the 10 day offer Holykittens has returned to the game. Kittens and I started at the same time and he joined my first corp. When I left, I dragged him along and we've had a close, comfortable relationship ever since. He has been unsubbed however and I am not in a position to bring him into my current corporation. He is corporation hunting and I have said I will help. He is social, likes fleets, wants to pewpew stuff, doesn't mind doing other things, and in general is somewhat silly and utterly wonderful.  If anyone has suggestions, let me know.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

CSM 9 Summer Summit Minutes are Released

Two days early, the CSM 9 Summer Summit Minutes have been released. You can download them here. It is a PDF of roughly 140 pages.

It is quite the weight off of my shoulders for the minutes to be out. To no longer sit on all of that information is quite the relief. Plus, I can discuss things in more details.

The minutes are a big deal simply because they are one of the actual 'tasks' that the CSM has to do and they are quite an important one. In the minutes you see the interaction of the CSM with CCP. A lot of information and detail about what is going on comes out.

There is also going to be a lot of different writing styles. Nine people contributed to the minutes out of the thirteen members of the CSM who attended. Gorski gets a pass because he was not given his CSM position until after the Summit and the submission of the minutes to CCP. At one point there was a question of more homogenization. It would be nice yes, but the minutes are a tremendously large task. I was more interested in people getting them written. To stop and try to force everyone into the same style would slow down and perhaps hinder the progress. I didn't want to add more to the people who were churning through the information for consumption. So, you get the interpretation and processing of each member.

I wrote nine sessions. There was a comment made before the Summit about people being 'all talk' when they said they would work on the minutes. Also, there was a comment about 'quality' of minutes written. The reason that I was able to do as many sessions as I was is simply a matter of familiarity with that type of information processing. I spent several years as a police dispatcher and one of the important parts of that job is not adding anything into what is being said and listening and properly repeating things. There is a game called Telephone played by school children. It can even be used by adults and it shows how information can be warped and distorted. One of my jobs has been to just listen and process the information as a conduit instead of a filter. That is how I approached the minutes. I cleared my schedule for the two weeks and they where my focus every evening. Mix that in with my love of writing and my typing speed and I chewed through sessions.

However, I'll let people decide on how they like my transcription and if they feel they are of reasonable quality. I picked transcription because I feel it is important to preserve the discussion. It is how you see the CSM members in action. I wanted you to see as much of me at the Summit as I could give. It will be how many people will judge me as a member of the CSM.

My sessions:

  • General Low Sec 
  • Corps and Alliances 
  • Content Tools 
  • Web Team 
  • Veteran Player Retention 
  • Nullsec 
  • Economy Overview 
  • Ships and Module Balancing 
  • Team Bananastand 
Low sec was the easiest session to write because I talked nonstop during it. Ships and Module Balancing was the hardest. Null sec took the longest. I twas originally Force Projection and Null sec in two back to back sessions that we turned into one two hour block. Veteran Player Retention was the weirdist because I took the things the vets said to me and and used htem for this session.On top of that there was so much detail and I didn't want to miss anything or misrepresent anyone.

The hardest part of being at the Summit was trying to represent many different view points. I don't have a single demographic that comes and talks to me. My Summit Document was composed of over forty questions and ideas from players all over the game. That does not include my own items. It means that I bring up topics that someone does not like because it matters to someone else. Then, I may bring up a conflicting opinion later, because that is another subject. It feels weird to argue against myself but sometimes that is what had to be done because there are more sides then Sugar's in these discussions.

I don't blindly take everything that is given to me. I will engage people in a discussion on a topic. Some things are easier then others. However, I can't only use my game and what affects me to build off of. I'd be ridiculously limited and everyone would run around low sec making markets full of Jaguar's.

I was going to write a thank you list of the names. I keep everyone's name so that I can properly credit them. Then, I worried that would be unwanted. Some people are very private. I think I'll just write a bunch of Eve Mail this weekend to people to direct them to the minutes to find their answered question and thank them for taking the time to interact with me. I've learned that interaction is not to be taken for granted and deeply appreciate when people come to me with things. There are a lot of people and a lot of things out there and I can't find them all on my own.

There are things that did not come up. Some of these items are just not on CCP's plate right now. I simply condensed them down and will take them to the Winter Summit.  Hopefully people like what they see. I'm happy to improve as I can. This was a first time event for me and I know I can do better. Maybe, not have such an irritating nervous laugh when I talk next time.

Being prepared was important.

My CSM organization efforts.

There is so much information flowing back and forth that having all of my questions written down let me express them. I didn't expect to have a solid block of time for the low sec session. When CCP Fozzie looked at me I was like, "Urp. Here I go. Let this be good," and I unloaded everything. You have to be able to think on your feet and react and comment. CCP Fozzie caught me in a neat trap by taking my goal of mobility in low sec and pointing out that it does not work with static DED sites. However neat that trap was, I could not not speak about static DED sites because there is still an unhappy community about their removal. Then things like the destroyer link ship came up. Okay, well, what do I think of that? Sure? What have people said? What have I read? All of that needs to come up now because I need to say something.

The hardest part is dropping the self in the conversation and presenting sides that may be detrimental to yourself and your game play. Catching supers in low sec is an important topic. Snuff Box is a corporation with supers. But, I can't ignore or side step that. 

And I may not always be right. I can't make everyone happy. Sometimes, people wonder why I didn't say their view. I can only ask, "Did you bring that view to me?" I'm happy to listen to why you think I'm wrong or what is a better idea. I believe it is what I have done and it is what I will continue to do.

Not much was snipped by NDA. CCP Seagull was very open and honest. I captured her talk at Eve Vegas because it was very much what she had said to us during the summit sessions she sat in on. I wanted people to hear what she said and how she said it. I've seen a lot of quotes from that session and that is good. It means people are listening. Many things have been said that answer questions or show where a person is heading in their concept of Eve. I find it a better experience then bitter assumptions.

So, these are the minutes and the most tangible report card I can give you. I'll be finishing up my halfway through post in the next few days. This may be a CSM heavy blog post week.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Puttering in Space

Let me talk about my tiny, industrial goals.

Niden recently interviewed me about industry and markets in low sec. He wrote it up here, on his column Low Life on Crossing Zebras. One thing I did say to him at the start was that he might wish to find someone who was more industry focused. For some reason he settled with me. I was super honest and said things like, "I don't know."

I compare myself to many of the industrialists I know, who make their living off of it and feel a bit shamed. If anyone remembers the skit by Eddie Murphy when he discusses how his friends have McDonalds and his mother makes him a burger, that is about how I feel. I don't let that stop me however. As unbeautiful as my burger may be, it is still mine and I can look to aspire to bigger and fancier industrial goals.

My last post was discussing my need to reevaluate how I am handling my marketing. This ties into my industrial goals. In some ways, I've had these plans in place for a while. I've been slowly slotting them in as I worked on other things. Deciding to take some of my wanted down time to be productive with these goals I consolidated and moved my blue print collection.

In a way I regret every blue print I have sold over the past few years. For a while, my blue prints where a side income. I had a POS. Putting things into research forever was fairly useful and a passive way to squeeze a bit more ISK out of my endeavors. Now however, all of those lovely perfect cruiser blueprints I research I'd like to have back. I don't think hunting people down and moaning at them will make them give them back.

My first round of frigate blueprints are coming out of the oven fully researched. I have some destroyer, cruiser, and battlecruiser blueprints. I also have some stacks of blue print copies obtained  in many various ways. The two things that excite me most in a wreck are shiny, shiny modules and blueprints. God I love blueprint drops. I'd get all excited every time wondering what wonders I had found. Rarely did anyone want them, except when we scored capital blueprints so I often got them. It was glorious.

Now I've set up my little nest egg. It will take a while to finish researching what I want to research. The general goal is to stop shipping hulls. They are bulky and clutter up my freighter. I am not sure if this idea or concept will actually work. I'm not sure if it will pay for itself or be profitable. I think it will be super fun.

Somewhere along the line I can start inventing things as well. That, however, will mean another POS and I'm not sure if I'm ready to have a POS again. However, my industry alt has been training her little heart out and she should be an amazing T2 manufacturer once I start.

My mineral hoard is moved. I also moved over some Procurers for evil, how dare I use that alt to idly mine in another window and I should be ashamed of myself according to someone, mining with that alt when I'm doing things like writing blogs. I'm rather pleased. I'm putting my life back together, resetting up my bases, and getting a grip on things again.

I also found a random Deimos I must have purchased because it was super cheap. That reminds me of my cheap Orca I have sitting in Rens that I should sell or use. I still have not done asset cleanup.

Monday, October 27, 2014

TCS: Selfishness and Adaptation

I was told that I could whine and throw myself a little pity party for a TCS post if just I'd write one. Armed with permissions I gleefully looked to write a long saga about the trials and tribulations of the CSM balancing with my market attempts.

That post didn't quite happen. I find that writing about how bad I feel for myself makes me feel a bit stupid. However, there was truth in the fact that the negatives and hardships that are part of running TCS should be shared. Not everyone who picks up markets in a vein similar to mine will join the CSM and find their time consumed. However, other types of game time consumption do and will happen to most of us.

I often bemoan that I don't feel as if I fit in with a lot of market bloggers. They make ISK by the billions, per month. Some months TCS makes a billion ISK in pure profit after everything else but that is not common. However, that is no ones fault but my own. I don't run TCS like a proper business so it should be no surprise that it does not respond like one.

One admission that I had to make over the summer is that I would not be able to continue TCS at my previous levels. It simply took to much time to maintain and groom a market of that size. Even with my tools and familiarity, nothing removes the simple time factor of entering market orders. When I gave up my Bosena office (150 mil ISK a month anyone?) that increased the speed that my market handling degraded.

Ever since I picked up the market as a part of my game play in Eve I have much lamented the unfulfilled potential of running a store in Eve. It is right there, out of my grasp. My perception is skewed towards what I do and what I discovered I enjoyed doing, but having a truly functional storefront ability seems like it would be interesting and immersive for those who want to ply their trade and wares.

But beyond that, one of my larger problems is simply the fact that I created TCS as a project to help other people. I did not create it as a way to fund my own gameplay. It is something that it can do. TCS does not lose ISK. But I still work around the idea of using that money to grow and expand TCS and to fund projects and other people. For a while, I would buy ship hulls for people who where low on ISK and high on PvP. I'd fund Rawrcat fleets and ship peoples items mixed into my own shipments.  I also used that ISK to expand TCS and to invest in the POCOpore. The POCOs give a low but steady return and the expansions into Battleships are somewhat paying off in the fact that the store has liquid ISK again.

This sounds great and wonderful. It is a problem however because I created TCS around the goal of giving the locals everything they'd want and need at reasonable prices. That means that instead of focusing on what sells and makes a good return I have instead focused on what needs to be available for the whims of the low sec PvPer.

It turns out that is a very hard goal to keep up with. As players improve their skills they broaden the selection of items available to them. It leads to flavor of the week or month habits among those I am used to flying with. Someone works up a fit and flies that for a while. Others often fly complimentary ships to it. For months shield rigs may not move as kiting armor is in vogue. Or missiles will stay stagnant for months until someone feels like blowing the dust off of their launchers.

An example of my most recent Eve Mentat update.

I am a bit sad. I also now realize how much time and energy I was throwing into keeping Bosena afloat. It was a lot. And because it was a personal project it was not considered to be anything other then my own personal project. Lacking the time, that project has also diminished. It is not dead. It is far from dead. But I don't have the time to put into it that I had to keep it at seven hundred orders. I'm a bit ashamed and a bit embarrassed of that fact but it is a reality that I have to accept.

Things have changed. I no longer live in Molden Heath. Shipping is harder then it was back in the spring. Between surcharges for ganking and my attempts to move items through other means and hte delays that they impose my entire market structure has changed.

To my amusement, I noticed a lack of boosters on the market. For months, while I kept them stocked, others pushed me out of that market. Now, months after I have stopped making them, the others have left. The greatest weakness of a low sec market, for I cannot speak for null or high, is that someone must be dedicated to it. Someone must love it and shape it and keep it maintained. There are to many factors fighting against he market for it to just grow and thrive as a living thing tended by dozens of people with various goals.

Perhaps, my biggest mistake was that I refused to raise prices. If I had raised prices I could have just forced the increased shipping costs onto others. I could have eaten the office bill and pushed that onto my customers. But they are also not mistakes. I was very interested in running the market as I wanted to run it. That meant doing things under the terms of how I wanted to. I do know that I have been extreme but I wanted to see what would happen.

That is why I've documented what I do. Sometimes it works out well. My entire concept of a low sec market works. Reasonable prices work. But some extremes stop working at a point. I've perhaps reached that point.

Bosena's diminishing, for I will not call it death for it is not dead and shall not die just yet, started when someone said to me that they were going to spend their money in another system where someone had everything they needed, unlike me. It was a bit after the elections and things where just kicking into full swing. I was hurt. It still stings. But, that was the moment when I learned that unless I gave everything I'd probably not be able to maintain Bosena as one person and do anything else in the game. I learned that what I had done did not matter for some peoples now.  And I also realized that I was not selfless enough to give up the rest of Eve to provide a market of often obscure needs so that I could watch other's go and have fun while I moved freighters and frantically compiled last minute shopping lists for fleets that I couldn't go on because I'd used my time shipping and stocking and my game time was done for the day. Sometimes, I to, just wanted to play.

I believe that I can continue to give the low sec community a valuable asset with creating markets while being a bit more selfish. A solidly stocked market is still valuable. I regret that I may not be able to keep it to the levels that make me preen with pride. But I have other duties. As long as I do the CSM thing my game time will always be divided. It is not something that I regret. It is a choice that I made and I will have to accept that it is not a good enough excuse for some.

I do not know if I will raise prices to compensate for shipping or just work with a smaller market that I can work into my time, easier. I suspect that it will be some hybrid of the two. It will be a new chapter into what I do as I take what I have learned and adapt them to what my game life is now. I've been clinging to what I had and that was my greatest mistake.

Lessons have been learned. Mistakes have been made. Eve is not static. I cannot be static nor can TCS always be the same. Eve environment has changed and TCS shall adapt to change with it.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

CSM9 - Day 176

Last week was perhaps my quickiest and dirtiest weekly post. I'll try to do a bit better this time.

We're down to nine days before Phoebe is launched. There have been stacks of dev blogs and several threads on the forums covering everything else.

Naming conventions have come up with Oceanus and now with Phoebe. We're really not agreeing with CCP on the direction names have taken. With Oceanus it was a blandness that made the eyes cross and took away from the sci-fi feel and theme. For Phoebe the 'blighted' names brings way to much of a fantasy feel to it. Also, blighted and uber powerful guns just don't work together.

It is amazing how much power there is in a name. I think that we see it in these last few weeks as items are renamed and new names introduced. I think a 'hyper velocity cannon' would sound great and be reasonable and easy to understand. Even a hyper special cannon or something along those lines sounds interesting and science fictionish.

There is also the fact that at current stats, the blighted weapons do not seem very good or at least not good enough for people to use them over other things. Options and choice and decisions are all very good words to use but the item has to fall into a category where it will be used. Being balanced by potential cost and availability is a hindrance for ganks perhaps but it is also a hindrance for usage. Plus, eventually, everything balances out. As long as they are expensive people will hunt down the pieces to sell them and push the cost down. I think they are a great idea but I don't think they are where they need to be to create something interesting to play with and try new things with.

Stealth Bombers: I've received a lot of good feedback. This was also a common topic at Eve Vegas. The usage of stealth bombers and ISBoxer is a very hot topic for the community and CCP Fozzie said that the use of ISBoxer is not why the changes made, were made. In fact he clearly posts in the thread the reason why. ISBoxer is tightly tied up into the concept of bombing fleets these days due to several prominent bombing ISBoxers. My personal stance in ISBoxer is the same. I'd prefer it was outright and clearly banned. However, the Stealth Bomber thread is not about ISBoxer. CCP Fozzie has also said that they are looking over the changes again after all the feedback for them. Keep up the good posting and solid ideas and counters.

Speaking of ship balancing, CCP Fozzie points out some of the design goals for various T2 ships based off of their ship yards in the Heavy Interdictor thread.

The starbase weapon rebalance is being pushed back to December.

The Multisell dev blog came out. I went onto the test server to try it out. Selling things is quite different. I think that the window will save a lot of time all together but I advise people to give it a try and get their suggestions for tweaks in, now. Some areas are moved around. There is a gear/sprocket that now contains the customization areas. When I tested it there was an irritating popup menu that said 'sold' on it. That, per the thread, seems to be a temporary thing.

And don't forget about the mission objective tracker along with a few other changes to give more clues about the status of missions.

Some other stuff:
Corbexx put together a nice little spreadsheet for POS usage information. He is pretty much wallowing in it from wormholes. However! Lots of people use POS and we're finding that people use them for every reason under the sun. I'm putting everything I've gathered into it. Then we'll bundle it together for the devs to read as they are looking towards the future of POS.

The minutes?
Due out by next week. I'm hoping things are still on schedule. We did discuss it some at Eve Vegas.

Making Noise:
Things in general have calmed a little bit. I have fewer new threadnoughts to read having caught up so I've been putting some time into the forums and posting on them. I'm not much of a poster on Eve's forums. That environment has never been my medium. I do read them however and when I have something to say, I try to speak. I don't really want to just make noise to make noise because I have the CSM ticker but sometimes people make that request of me.

I scheduled my open chat. As for the others, I will invade Eve Uni public mumble for the accessibility to everyone that wishes to join in. I'm going to go for November the 15th at 1500 and 2200. That's a Saturday. As always these talks have no set format. They are a sit down and talk, listen, and discuss things. I do these so that people can have casual voice time with me and whatever other CSM members I drag along. My native environment is this blog and in game channels but I don't wish for them to be the only way that people feel they can talk to me. I also want people to feel as if they are talking with me, not just listening to me talk or someone else talk to me. That is why I do an open chat.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Let Them Choose a Way

Let's talk about options.

CCP Rise discussed an idea he has been kicking around in his spare time of permanent death. He pointed out that it is an idea as old as Eve it is just one that has never been achieved. He also said that how it would be implemented is still a series of ideas or guesses. It, like many things that have been said and will be said, is an idea.

I like the idea of permanent death and I say that as someone who will never, ever use the option. The thing is that I like options. I have also pushed for players that start to have more options in how they start the game. To move back and use another game as an example, I shall use Skyrim. I love Skyrim with all of my heart and soul and when I finally started to use mods for Skyrim I picked mods that did not give me special bonuses but instead gave me more options to live in the game world.

I picked a mod that gave me an alternate start. It threw me out somewhere to the west. I was immediately chased by wolves and dragons. Did I mention that I added a 'more' dragon mod? It made them appear everywhere and try to kill me constantly. Then, I ran through a bandit camp and they chased me to. Off into a snow storm I ran, heading roughly towards my icon with nothing but a stick, a pack of wolves chasing me, and bandits shooting me with arrows.

I loved it. I eventually worked my way to the start of the normal game but it took a while for that to happen. During that time I tripped over all sorts of things in the game environment, I died a few times, and in general I had refreshed a game that I had already put hundreds of hours into.

The idea of things like permanent death or alternate starts in Eve are very much for the people who want to pick them as options. No one has suggested that they will be the only way to play Eve. They would just be another way to play. With new ways to play will come new cultures. What spurred me to write this was a comment that permanent death would make people more risk adverse. I don't agree. In fact, I think that if we opened up more and different pathways for people to enter the game on their own terms we might shed some of unwritten rules that we have now.

Perhaps we have to many bottlenecks for new players. My theory is that if people had more options in how they started the game they'd therefore enter the game with a different mindset. If someone chose to enter with a permanent death mode, they'd behave in a different manner from someone who entered and followed a tutorial string. If another decided to take a 'just start' mode where they were randomly dropped into space and had to figure things out for themselves, they'd develop their knowledge of the game based off of the fact that they started knowing they'd need to go out and learn.

Our current tutorial simply funnels too many people into one mindset. If Eve were a game like many others where there were directions and pathways that a player went on until they reached endgame, that would be fine. But Eve is a game where we need people to decide on their personal destiny rather quickly. Even if they don't know what that is, the fact that they are looking for one is a good start.

While I think the new player start that they are working on will give people a less structured box to learn in, I still believe that including other random methods to start with no goal of assisting the player is good. If someone selects these options they have already made a series of personal decisions. They are also prepared to seek knowledge because they just told the game, "naw, I don't want your starter stuff."

I'm a great believer in options.

Ramblings: Clearing My Mind

I was writing some very boring words about moving items for my market. They made sense but bored me into not being able to complete them. I was just saying the same thing that I've said before. I'm worn out enough that just stocking the market is about the full extent of my energy right now. It turns out I was sick by the time I got back home. My husband brought it with him when he flew in. Nice of him.

Then my fan died today which left me without a machine for much of my time. However, a trip to the store and some searching and things are back to normal. I'm still in an odd state where I feel as if I have things to say but not much is coming out.

My normal method for that is to write through it anyway even if I have no point and make little sense along the way. With Eve Vegas past us and the release of the minutes coming up I think I am rather wound up. I should just start writing my halfway through my term post because I think that is what is clogging up the writing.

Then there is also negativity. Eve Vegas is a very positive place and stepping outside of it is much like walking wet and naked into a blizzard. It is a bit surprising and not the most pleasant thing one can do. When compared to the positive energy I had just left, it was a bit disappointing. But then, no reality is always fun and pleasant just as no reality is only negativity.

Over the weekend I talked to a lot of people about a lot of different things. I talked about markets as much as I talked about low sec. There has been some follow up from that. Niden for instance asked me a bunch of questions about industry and trade. I often don't feel as if I'm the most qualified person to ask these things and I tend to say that. His questioning thou, about industry and markets and the coming of Phoebe fit neatly into what I was doing which was restocking Bosena and being frustrated at how life, the universe, and everything else can make something that seems simply so damn hard.

When I first started TCS, I did a lot of my own moving. I slowly started to split it due to the sheer number and value of items I was moving. Once I reached the CSM I turned it fully over to others. I was using Red Frog and spent a good bit of time venturing into private hauling. The reliability and speed of Red Frog kept me a stable customer. My use of independent hauling services has been very hit or miss. However, Red Frog has added a huge surcharge for shipping through Udema. I don't blame them but it has caused me yet another layer of difficulty when it comes to getting stuff moved.  CODE took over the haulers channel and they have since moved and are restarting under a new name.

Instead of one huge things it is a series of little things that causes me to struggle. It seems like such a simple thing, moving stuff around and selling things. Just press button and receive ISK. I just write a few contracts, buy a few items... but it never works quite that neatly.

I've tried PushX before and I am trying them again. For regular, vanilla contracts they tend to sit till they are close to expiration. This is still a bit better then public contracts which are hit or miss when not on regular routes. For regular routes public contracts are the best way to go.

But I'm not good at regular routes. I'm not good at sticking to the sure thing of selling at trade hubs and working the market there. Hell, I'm not even capable of doing the sensible thing when it comes to industry and instead follow my own fancy most of the time. That makes simple things in Eve absurdly frustrating at times.

But that frustration is what is so damn cool about the game. The fact that Phoebe is causing changes that are rippling in expected and unexpected ways amazes me. I absolutely love the life of the game. I hate being inconvenienced but at the same time the way changed slam into each other and make new and different pathways is amazing.

There has been a lot of change in this last six months for me. Some of it has been great and some of it exhausting. Phoebe will bring more then I think we assume and expect. It may just be my absolute lack of speculative ability kicking in. I think I'll work on my Sunday post and on my six month post and see if that clears things up for me. Life, in general is back to normal as well with no travel plans for a bit.