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CSMX - Post #21

It is a week without dev blogs. However, the CSM has been reviewing some that will hopefully make their way to you very soon.

We have also sat down with CCP on Thursday and discussed null sec and the current impacts the Aegis changes have brought and the game that players are currently playing. The floor is open to share your stories, thoughts, and opinions. As always, I suggest using explanations and descriptions instead of, "It sucks" or the term "cancer". Those are not productive complaints that I can use to argue for what you want.

Jump Clone changes are staying. This came up when the bug was noticed. The cause of the bug was found quickly and we had a lot of back and forth about the feature and if it should stay or not. I reached out for feedback here as well as receiving it from the game and such. I've made a lot of clones for people with my Rorqual but I don't think that that's the best reason to keep standings as they were. I think that it highlights the fact that there needs to be a better reward system created for high standings. At the same time, it also reestablishes the fact that standings need a serious sit down and rework as they become a weird, hollow shell of features. My concern is that this will be left dangling. I don't want that.

Over on Eve Now they have been posting some of the structure concept design. Our relationship with the structure team is very good. We're down there hashing out details. We don't always agree but we at least are having conversation. I'd like to bring back structure bonuses to faction warfare system ownership and spend a lot of time poking in that area.

We also have a very important soundboard/townhall we are planning for the end of next week. Look to the forums for the announcement, hopefully Monday.

And I've been spending a lot of time reading feedback, documents, and having discussions with various groups and topics inside of faction warfare as we gear up for the summit.

Not to address the recent round of CSM Drama

Friday, while I was at work, all hell seemed to break loose. I came home to discover that "The CSM" wished for Gorga to resign. Not having been spoken to about the subject, I spent a large amount of the evening finding out what happened even as people asked me what was going on. At the same time Corbexx released a meeting attendance list that he has been keeping. I will try to address both topics.

Meetings. I made one of the two scheduled this week. Each week that we have meetings I try to tell you if we did or did not have meetings this week and if I was able to attend them. That is my accountability to you as to what I am doing and what I am able to attend.

Meetings are mostly held during CCP's working hours. That is GMT. I am EST which places me at four to five hours (damn daylight savings) behind CCP. On work days, I work from 6am to 6pm. I have a two week cycle where I work opposing days. This means I am only off every other Friday. That is why I make half the weekly meetings with Leeloo. Unfortunately,  I did not make the type of job decisions that.allow me to attend meetings during my work day. If a meeting falls on a day I work  I cannot attend.  I gave CCP Leeloo my work calendar through the end of 2016 for this reason but meetings fall when they will. We have had a number of meetings with twenty four hour notice. I will also point out that this is the same schedule I had last term. However, more meetings were on my days off and our bimonthly meeting was always on a day off being every two weeks.

The case of the public call for Gorga to resign is an interesting  situation. I was at work and started getting people asking me what was going on and why did I want Gorga to resign. The topic of looking into his inactivity had cropped up. Is he okay? Is he busy? Has anyone heard from him? However, on Friday as I understand it there was the Friday meeting. I was not at because I was at work. Then there was a tweet. Then all hell broke loose. I have no problem with members of the CSM asking another member to resign and stating a reason for that. If people wish they can start to lobby for me to resign. That is personal choice. My natural tendency is to be very angry at being included in another decision instead of writing angry tweets or posts I decided to push back my knee jerk reaction. I could have added to the drama storm brewing and I decided not to and instead look at the situation.

Inactive members of the council seem to plague session after session. I'd like everyone to be active and I'd like those who find they don't have the time or that the CSM has not provided them the interest to resign. The amount of time that can go into this position can be unexpected. I think its a worthy project and I take the responsibility  that I volunteered for seriously. I hope if I found myself in a home or employment position that did not allow me to interact with the position as I believed I'd be able to interact with it, that I'd step down. That being said, I will not cover for an inactive member. I will express what activity I have seen and note that a member can be active outside of my view. But for the most part, even if we do not directly interact with each other we see things like conversations on slack, confluence interactions, and other signs that the member is around.

The problem is there is no way to officially  deal with inactive  members. It is something we started trying to have formally written up last year and something  we will  have to get done. That leaves an inactive member not violating the technical side of things but violating the spirit and reason of being here. The current white paper does call on a member to communicate with their constitutes. Two months of silence does not seem like communication.

It disappoints me that this failing happens session after session. People stand up and ask players to vote for them. They ask players to let them represent them. And then they walk away from it without even saying, "I'm going to go." I believe we should have something in place that is a bit more clear and coherent and the lack of that is what is causing these situations that appear to be sudden storms but that have been brewing slowly.

One concern brought to me on Friday night was worry that the CSM was not functional or productive when a situation like this is going on. The activity of the individual members are so important because of our time spent with developers. But, if a member calls out another member that does not mean they cannot work on useful improvements and responses to the game. If someone asks me about a member's activity, I will freely share their activity as I have seen. Internally, I will question if a member is active and I'd like to see that addressed. Six weeks is a release and six weeks of silence puts a member behind and valuable feedback is potentially lost.

Some members of the CSM have approached CCP Leeloo and addressed themselves in public or private as they may have. Now this ball is in play. As always, I'm curious about the voters reaction. Do they want members quickly stripped and removed or do they want people sitting in their positions forever? I figure there is a lot of middle ground there.

As to why should there be a process? CCP can just remove a member but the backlash that would cause between conspiracy theorists and the potential trust it might break would be mostly alleviated with a clear process. There are issues to address like a basic understanding of activity. Is a month inactive to long? When is it to late to add a new member? Is it ever? I'm not a big fan of ambiguity.

In the end, this rolls back to the white paper rewrite that started last year and has not yet produced a new white paper. That is an unfortunate situation and one that I'd like to have resolved by the end of this term. There is more to being on the CSM then being elected and that needs to be made clear. This is a volunteered for responsibility. No one made me run. I try to hold myself accountable to you and I hope that I have managed to do that.

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A Look at the History of Expansions - Part Twenty-Three

A Look at the History of Expansions

Previous Entry: Intro to Incarna

2011 is a year of change. Eve is nearing its second decade and as an eight year old game it has to change things up a bit to keep in the running. The development pace of the last two years has been a frantic ride of features and additions to the universe. They are moving fast. Very fast. Incursion has just finished being released in January of 2011 due to the new developmental schedule which allows point releases. There is cleanup to be done but in truth, the entire focus of development switches to Incarna. The long awaited future of Eve Online.

On Febuary 11th, 2011 CCP Zulu wraps up Incursion with a Producer's blog. He announces the introduction to Incarna with the first blog about the Captain's Quarters written by CCP Chiliad, from the Alanta office in the United States.

Eve Online has never had avatar gameplay. The player has always started in a ship or capsule. Their only interaction with their physical body was when they first created their pilot. After that, their world was defined by the spaceship that they slipped into. Incarna is going to change that. Players will be catapulted from their spaceships into reality with a set of rooms, interactive three dimensional tools, and a sweeping vista to look upon their ship from.

It is a missing piece of immersion. The place where the player becomes the pilot and the pilot becomes the ship. The Minmatar quarters are up for early looks into what will be available on the test server. Speaking of the test server, the usage rules have been updated in an attempt to make a smoother process. The test server is there to test upon and CCP wishes for the players to test things there. However, they do not want them trying to break the game just for the hell of it and rules such as no mass stacking and mass production are put in.

It is not all about avatar gameplay. Exploration DED Complexes are being added to the game. There have been static sites in the game for a long time. Many of these static sites have been stolen and used in other places. For instance, the 6 of 10 and higher sites were taken from the static spots and added to sovereignty as a PvE bonus. CCP will be filling in the missing sites and adding new modules that will only come from these dead space locations. One of the most interesting notes is that these are designed as group content but they are not as severe as incursion content.

Quietly, in the background the Eve Gate project is progressing. The forums are within its reach and an entirely new forum will be coming to Eve Online. The goal is for a better interactive experience. The old forums will be archived. At the same time, as they look at better ways to interact with customers in a more effective manner such as the changes to Singularity and improved forums, CCP has added Hours for PLEX.

PLEX (Pilots License EXtension) have done well. The demand is high and CCP received stacks of petitions every day asking for accounts to be activated so that players can access their PLEX to subscribe or buy one off of the market to reactivate their account. There has been no measure built into the system before this and requests were handled by hand. Hours for PLEX will create an automated four hour window for a PLEX to be purchased and used. It is one time per deactivated account. Unfortunately, the feature was disabled for a short period of time after some players used the activation of their accounts to vote for the Sixth Council of Stellar Management.

Incarna does show an uptick in development blogs. 2011 hosts 177 dev blogs compared to 2010's 104 and 2009's 99. It is an important time because several threads are being tied together. Game development is moving forward and introducing avatar gameplay. That means the back end has to be faster and the machines better. CCP has been fighting a war against lag and information storage and access. The database rework that started in 2010 is ongoing.

Duality, a public facing event server is launched. Unlike Serenity, the current test server, Duality is for scheduled events and will not be available on a day to day basis. CCP is also continuing the little things initiative, adding photos to things like conversation requests and trades, you can strip fittings off of ships you are not sitting in, way points are highlighted when selecting a route, along with a handful of other little changes in day to day convenience. There is also some flexibility added into the character customization that will allow players to change their portraits whenever they wish, something that will be important with the usage of Avatar's in more day to day gameplay.

CCP is also bringing a PvE change to null sec. The goal is to make space more desirable. One of the little things added was the status of a systems true sec. A system before showed as 0.0 security or null security giving rise to the name of null sec. However, those systems have a hidden security status that ranges down to -1.0. That hidden status was accessible by the game API and CCP went ahead and handed it to all players. Now, the anomalies in null sec will spawn based on the true sec of the system. This will make some places more lucrative to live in and thus give reason for conflict.

In April, the old Eve Forums close down and bring rise to the New Eve forums. This is right in time for the first tests of the Captain's Quarters to be released. Featuring the Minmatar racial style they also come with new tutorials. It will also be a debut event on Duality. What caught my attention most about this development blog was CCP's usage of the infamous learning cliff jpg in their dev blog.

This is all complimented by an update to the in game browser.
 Bear in mind though that our rule of thumb for IGB functionality is not to provide functions that cannot be performed manually in the game client itself.
Players have been creating tools for years that interact with their client through their game browser. These tools make it easier to buy things, list things, check things, and keep track of the ocean of information that Eve Online provides.

While things have been steaming ahead there have been unfortunate hiccups. The new forums came down for a bit due to security and access holes. This is a serious mistake and it is addressed by a development blog written by the security team to discuss what happened and what is being done to correct the situation.

A major change has come to the game. It is one that will change everything for any group that has ever tried to wage a major battle. It will become both a relief and an utterly hated addition. I find it interesting that it is not in Incarna's feature list. That may be because for all of its scope, it is a highly technical change that players will understand. CCP introduces Lag into Eve in the form of TiDi (Time Dilatation). It is a brilliantly horrible solution that will change the face of every major fight in the game.

Happy eighth birthday Eve. It is May 6th, 2011. CCP celebrates by giving every player a super chemical mixed soda by the Quafe Corporation. The feeling of togetherness is followed up with a new feature to the buddy invite program. Now, when someone subscribed you will have the chance to gain a PLEX as your reward for the invite.

For contentious changes, CCP has decided to change how jump bridges work. Jump bridges are an item only available to a group that holds sovereignty in null security space. Along with the earlier change to anomalies this is an enormous shakeup in how null sec alliances move around and what they invest in the space that they hold.

Changes keep flowing in. The little things inititive has grown a bit and is bringing forth a new wave of features. Things will be easier to use like probes and the fleet window. Some changes make sense, such as not showing anyone who walks by what your standings are to any group, player, or NPC. It also brings a huge change to PvE play. Agent quality has been removed and all agents are for the most part, similar. The divisions have also been cleaned up so that players who wish for combat missions will no longer be able to clear asteroid belts in a calming session of mining. Also for a moment, bookmarks were going to be added to the overview.

It is now May of 2011 and Incarna is only a month away. Things are going well with the captain's quarters. The tutorials are better, 3D holographic images of ships are available. Character movement has improved (the male characters are getting the fine details first) and there will be no more right click menus to interact with things. And with character's comes CCP's new virtual good store, the NEX Store. The Nobel Exchange will have every bit of personalization a player could want for their new avatars. Only, they will cost real money. However, they can also be sold on the market, so like PLEX players will still be able to use in game currency for these items. In the Dev Blog by CCP Zulu he explains:
So how will it work?
There will be a store, and it will have all kinds of stuff for sale: clothes and accessories for your character, custom paint jobs or logo placement on your ships or a fishtank/stripper pole for your Captain's Quarters. You'll browse through the list of items available and, when you're ready to make a purchase, you'll use a new currency called Aurum (AUR).
Eve Online: Incarna is arriving June 21st, 2011. It is no longer about dreams and concepts. It is now a thing of pure reality.

This video of Incarna features the rich depth and gorgeously illustrated graphics. Without some of the fine details. It is being supported by the CarbonUI that CCP has been working towards. This will give the UI greater customization and move away from the endless clicking and menus. It will also bring in better blueprint sorting and usage for both players and CCP. From little things like changing the color of blueprint copies to a lighter scuffed version to how the game processes the players endless stacks.

The new forums are back, again. This time they should be more secure but they are again in a testing stage. Preformance is a buzzword around players. With the changes to loading and starting that Incarna brings with the Captain's Quarters, players have asked what will they do when they are using multiple copies of the game at the same time. CCP Zulu addresses this by announcing the decision to allow players to not load the Incarna environment until they can figure out a way not to kill older graphics cards with the demands.

The last wave of development blogs are released on launch day. Incarna will include an all new agent finder that compliments the changes to the agent system. Players will be able to find agents without seeking help from a hermit atop a mountain. Also, everyone undocking and going into battle will find that they have received a turret upgrade. Not only are they cooler looking but they coincide with the high slot position they have been fit into. And as if Eve Online: Incarna is not a grand enough venture, CCP announces that Dust 514, their First Person Shooter will arrive in 2012 for the Play Station 3.

It is June 21st, 2011 and Eve Online: Incarna is launched. It brings with it a new game of Eve. One where the player can fully submerge themselves into the virtual world they have entered into.

Eve Online 2011  Dev Blogs
Eve Online Patch Notes

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Blog Banter #65 - What is Interesting?

Blog Banter #65 - Attributes and Skills
Does Eve need attributes? It's been discussed a lot recently. Unlike other MMO's your characters attributes don't make a difference in day-to-day gameplay. They simply set how fast you train a skill. Is it time to remove attributes from the game or totally revamp their purpose? Do they add a level of complexity to the game that is not needed? If you really need to use a 3rd party application to get the most from it should it be in the game? Should they be repurposed with each attribute adding a modifier to your ship? Are attributes a relic from the past or are they an important part of Eve - You make your decision and deal with the consequences? 
It is a worn out stick and a well beaten horse. Eve isn't a young game. Its twelve. That's a good thing. It is a fabulous thing. In a world where games barely make it into their third and fourth years it is a spectacular thing. Being unique is great. It keeps us in a game. It is fun being special. But it also comes with negatives.

One of Eve's best resources is the veteran player. Love, treasured, known, vets add a value to Eve that cannot be easily explained. They are the history of the game. You can sit and talk with them about game changing battles that happened ten years ago. Their knowledge and experience can easily accumulate into centuries. It is a rather intimidating thought.

But, there is a downside to veterans. That is the fact that they are veterans. Things are not new. That is fine. The fact that Eve can be played because it is interesting instead of bright and shiny is one of the aspects of the game that I love so much. However, familiarity breeds contempt. It is a natural process to forget our times of ignorance. Ignorance is not useful. Knowledge drives us forward. But, with it comes contempt and complacency. Those are dangerous things.

I may be in a somewhat rare position. A side effect of it is that I talk to a lot of people. I talk to people who would not normally interact with me. I meet and have discussions with people who would never know I exist or I they. And one thing that often rises to the surface is that aspects of the game are put onto the table for removal because they don't add any value.

But, I think what is often being said is that they don't add value anymore.

The old and the new can exist in the same place at the same time. It happens every day in the game. Eve has the unfortunate spot of trying to tie these two into a coexistence. But experience changes us and it changes what we do and how we respond. Today the topic is attributes. Remove them! I have heard. They have no value! They have no place.

But was not there a time when they did have value? A time when they did have a place? A time when sitting, figuring them out was new, exciting and thrilling. When it captured the imagination and plans spun on the exited dreams created because there was no experience to lean on? And then later, when experience comes and interests change, when knowledge has wrought its work upon our mind and changes upon our heart they had less value and less purpose. In fact, they seemed somewhat pointless and not something that was cared about any longer. It was not needed. It was known not to matter. So remove it.

I'm not sold yet on the idea of ripping things from the game because the absolute born of knowledge comes into play. When something is no longer needed it rapidly loses its value. The training wheels of a bicycle. The large, lined paper that I wrote my first letters upon. If someone where to give me training wheels for my motorcycle or large, lined letters for me to write my work reports on I'd find these objects useless to my needs, interest, and abilities.

But, there was a time when they had great value.

I'm torn on attributes in Eve. I think that attributes are a core part of creating a character. Customization has always appealed to me. There are few things that we customize in Eve. I've been playing for four years and Sugar sits over seventy million skill points. There is little that she needs and more that she can gain. Customization in Eve is simply how we approach something not what we are limited to doing. We can fly everything. We can do everything. It is just about how we decide to do it.

I like that part of the game. I'm not one for restrictions that we cannot overcome. I first made a Gallente character and it would be sad for me to learn that Minmatar was my home as a PvPer while trapped in a Gallente body.

I am also not good with my attributes. I have not remapped since sometime in 2013. Most of my characters do not have attribute implants in at the moment. I know, absolutely, that I am not optimized and I do not care. But, I do not care because that is an aspect of my personality. What keeps me on the line of this subject and not defending the small, unique qualities of attributes is those who are my polar opposites. Those who are so trapped by the need to maximize progression that they cannot exist in a state of comfort and relaxation without their attributes. They lock themselves into progression paths that last for months or years because of the gains they would not make if they approached the situation in a more casual manner.

I do wonder... would this topic be so fierce if we had more remaps? Remaps every quarter or six months instead of twelve? I wonder if we are approaching the wrong part of the topic? Do attributes bother us or does the specter of time lost drive this discussion?

Purse Strings

The problem with ISK in the wallet is that it does start to itch sometimes. I was looking at Eve Hermit's picture of his Astero and I could taste it a bit. Jealousy. Jealousy for his blue ship. I don't even like the Astero but turn a ship blue and my interest immediately changes. "Maybe the Astero isn't so bad," I found myself thinking. "Look how cute it is in blue. How can it be bad?"

It can be bad by half a billion ISK is how.  Well, three hundred and eighty million at the lowest. It is the Stratios skin that hovers just under half a billion ISK. A few years ago that would have been a PLEX. With PLEX hovering just under a billion ISK, I can't use that excuse anymore.

Still! My goodness. Cold water to my lust was that price check. I'm pretty sure my price is sub a hundred million and probably sub fifty million at that. I'm still a bit of an ISK miser.

No blue Sleipnirs as of yet. I don't think that I'll be tempted into the valley of 500 million ISK skins, but I can't say that for sure. I mean, blue makes a ship better. It makes a ship worth flying. I'm absolutely, 100% shallow and the look and name a of a ship can make me decide it is all that I want to fly.

I've probably never said that what drew me to Jaguar's was the name. The same for the Wolf. By then, I was well into a deep and passionate love for shield ships. The Wolf and its amazingly cool name fell by the wayside.

Looking at skins on the market also made me stop and ponder my set of Quafe skins. I have the Tristan, the Domi, the Mega, and the Vexor. I vaguely wish I had sold my Quafe Mega back when they were worth almost ten billion. I could have purchased another with the price down to two and made a profit. But, I always see that later. As for now, I'm still debating sell or keep on these four so the skin tokens sit in my hangar for now.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

CSMX - Post #20

Summer is here and CCP is very much out of the office. Sion made a good point in wondering why everyone leaves Iceland when it has its best weather. What it means is that all is mostly quiet on the dev blog front. There are some things happening but the dev blogs and news announcements have not yet happened. The skill points were delivered on Tuesday so yay for unallocated skill points.

Over in CSM chat, there has been a lot of back and forth about sov and measuring the impact and success of things so far. I can say that CCP and the CSM are watching it. The pros and cons are coming in pretty hot and heavy. Some are being looked at now. Some have to see how things are going and if and how the direction needs to be tweaked.

In my corner, I'm starting to gather things together. The summit is in seven or so weeks. In between then and now I need to gather up my question list and write down a few topics of discussion. I'm starting now because I have personal vacation at the end of August and my job has decided that I need to take half a dozen certification classes over the next month. It will make things a bit busy and the evenings full of typing.

On productivity reports, I've been gathering together faction warfare information and working on my list of pain points with CCP Affinity. All of this needs to be finished before the Summit to the best of my ability so that we can sort them and create the lists of what can be done, will hopefully be done, and won't be done in the development time allotted. It ties in neatly to my normal summit documentation which I've started work on.

Interesting things are starting to show up on the test server. Is the Dominex ever going to be updated? The first whispers of the redesign were in 2013. I swear it popped up at Eve Vegas that year. Then there were pictures at Fanfest in 2014. Now, finally, you can step into it.

If everything is online at home, I'll host at least one talk tomorrow evening GMT. I was also invited to talk to Signal Cartel in two weeks, but they want me for my market building.

Oh yes... have you tried Eve Gate on your cellphone recently?

Saturday, July 25, 2015

The Empress Speaks

The nice thing about being free rolling is that my alts are no longer set up in strategic locations that will allow me to fall back upon a support cushion of my own creation. So, when twitter reported that Empress Jaymal was undocking in Amarr I decided to go and look at what was happening.

I used Chella because I know she is set up in a cloaky ship. Quickly, I undocked her. She was only ten jumps from Amarr. Not a big deal for a blockade runner. I dropped into warp and flipped through my gates.

On the way through Niarja I passed through a cataylst gank squad. I knew they were not there for me. I was warping off as they decloaked for their fleet warp to their victim. Through the next gate I hurtled through space at a pleasant rate and made my way for Amarr's undock. But, due to paranoia mostly, I dropped out of warp 10k from the undock and cloaked up.

The side effect of this is that now I do have a use for a Dramiel. Warping through high sec to an event like this would be a nice little niche role for the ship. I hated being in a 'shoot me please' ship lick a blockade runner.

I was late getting into Sarum Prime. I had expected them to land on the gate but they didn't land. That confused me. I'm new to the live event thing so I missed the start. It then took me forever to realize where they were. But I caught up.

[19:58:03] Jamyl Sarum I > The Lord spoke, and blasted a hole so large in their racial memory that they will not dare again to tread foot on these hallowed grounds.

[19:58:21] Jamyl Sarum I > We continue to protect our borders from the unjustified aggression from the Republic, as their warmongering leader continues to beat the drums of war.

[19:58:51] Jamyl Sarum I > We continue to provide for our people, God’s chosen, as those who attempt to defy the Lord continue to fail in their attacks on our way of life.

[19:59:18] Dentric Crendraven > BOB IS THE ONLY TRUE GOD

[19:59:36] Jamyl Sarum I > Today however, we face a new threat. A threat far greater than the foolish aspirations of a lesser race who remain unwilling to accept their true place as servants of His will.

[20:00:04] Jamyl Sarum I > A threat not created of the Lord’s work. An abomination that reared its head as one of our oldest and most valued capsuleer loyalist organizations, Curatores Veritatis Alliance, celebrated while at ease from combat duty.

[20:00:38] Jamyl Sarum I > While we do not yet understand the motives of this force, their intentions, or their will, the Drifters must be regarded as a threat, and the Empire must ensure that her borders remain secure.

[20:01:59] Jamyl Sarum I > The presence of so many of our finest loyalists here is a sight to behold. A sight that fills the hearts and minds of the people of the Lord’s domain with hope.

[20:02:22] Jamyl Sarum I > For your support, the Empire remains eternally grateful.

[20:02:40] Jamyl Sarum I > Together we will show those who attempt to defy His will that the Wrath of God is immense. His Justice is swift and decisive. His tolerance is limited.

[20:02:57] Jamyl Sarum I > Through our hardship, through our struggle, and through the tests that the Lord places before us we will persevere, and we will find our salvation.

[20:03:16] Jamyl Sarum I > Together, we will face this threat as a solid wall. Unwavering. Unswaying. Resolute. Immovable and unshakable. Through our defense of our hallowed ground this threat will find no breach.

[20:03:36] Jamyl Sarum I > We will embrace this threat with faith as our fire. With our belief in the word of God we will consume it, burning away the evil until only we shall remain.

[20:03:46] Jamyl Sarum I > A god’s chosen our faith will be our weapon, for within it lies the path to salvation.

She then screamed "Amarr Victor" and people spammed it cheering off my screen.

[20:05:04] Jamyl Sarum I > Mentor Raish? What is your purpose here?

[20:05:55] Peviad Vamai > We are investigating potential existential threats under the terms of the ninth condicil to the Yulai Convention.


[20:06:27] Jamyl Sarum I > Under whose authority do you operate?

[20:06:29] Peviad Vamai > Our activities are lawful and essential.

[20:07:19] Peviad Vamai > I repeat the ninth codicil to the Yulai Convention authorizes investigation of potential existential threats.


[20:09:30] Jamyl Sarum I > Raish. Respond Immediately. WHAT ARE YOUR INTENTIONS?

[20:10:00] Peviad Vamai > Their communications have ceased, Empress.


[20:10:51] Matshi Raish > Empress Jamyl,I say in public that our presence and actions here are lawful under the terms of the ninth codicil to the Yulai Convention.



[20:13:37] Jamyl Sarum I > Mentor Raish, you leave me no choice.

[20:13:49] Jamyl Sarum I > Amarr Navy escort, engage at will.

So then one of the dudes goes flashy yellow and everyone attacked them. I guess you don't scan the empress.

[20:16:06] Akami Mieyli > We dealt with him, Empress.

[20:15:58] Renegade Heart > Kill: Matshi Raish (Capsule) oh yeah lol

[20:17:27] Jamyl Sarum I > Commander Vamai - Do you have full transcript and readout of comms from Mentor Raish?

[20:18:28] Renegade Heart > to all those who are disloyal to the empress we'll be comiung for you next!

[20:18:49] Peviad Vamai > Yes, my Empress, all relayed communications have been sent to Throne Worlds Fleet HQ for analysis.

[20:18:55] Jamyl Sarum I > Very well - Report to Grand Admiral Sundara on return to Safizon for full debriefing.

[20:19:11] Peviad Vamai > By your will.

[20:19:13] Jamyl Sarum I > I'd like to know his intentions.

[20:19:52] Gavriel M'el > Empress Jamyl Sarum I was merciful to allow him so many warnings... justice was served by his own choices.

[20:20:10] Jamyl Sarum I > The Empire will not tolerate threats to our security, and will continue to protect our borders to our full capability.

[20:23:12] Max Singularity > Jamyl Sarum I Was he under arrrest?   Was  he being detainted my web and scram?  What justice is this?

[20:24:57] Jni > People get ganked and killed nearly two jumps from this system, and some of you are up making such a big deal over one guy who repeatedly wouldn't obey a directo rder from the Empress herself? Geezz

[20:25:49] Max Singularity > Jamyl Sarum I There was no diplomacy.  This is rogue justice.  There are questions to answer?

She left with no answer to Max. Interesting.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Drifting Along

I have not been playing much. I have not been trying to play. By play, I mean log in and run around with Sugar or an alt doing something directly in the game world. I log in to chat but I've been very busy outside of Eve doing Eve stuff. In fact, with my vacation coming in a Month and the summit two weeks after, I will start buckling down and coalescing the information I've been receiving so that I have it on hand.

Today, however, is a day of computer stuff at home. We are starting the process of giving my husband the basement room as his work room. The first part is moving the server rack. It sounds easier then it is. He purchased a new rack a few months ago and we had to get that in the house. It is nice and tall with shelves and he is very happy with it. After that, hes had to drill a few holes in some walls and sit down and decide how he wants to rack all of the servers. We're also having a circuit run for the rack itself so that other house circuits don't trip it but that won't happen this weekend.

I get to help with the heavy lifting and the dusting and the room layout stuff. We're then moving our desks around upstairs since he won't need his work table anymore. Also, where my desk sits is over the front door/foyer and it gets cold in the winter. He is always warm so it makes sense for him to have the super cold floor. My bookshelves also have to move and in general its been a pretty productive day.

In a way it echos my slowly evolving self in game. I've been liquidating most of my life. As I get through each level I find it is easier to get rid of more and more stuff. I have more liquid ISK in my personal wallet then I ever have with a bit over twenty billion hanging out from all of the ships and modules I no longer needed or wanted. I haven't even touched TCS but I did get curious enough to run my value through JEveAssets. I'm worth about 130 billion which is nice considering I have a few inactive specialty accounts with assets not included. I've made it over that hundred billion point but I do wish it was in liquid ISK and not just my value across all of my accounts.

The only thing I want to do with my liquid ISK numbers is chortle and increase them. I don't have a project quite yet to use it on. Its nice to know its there but I want to feel quite selfish and hug it. I've been out of the ISK making business for quite some time now and it makes me feel very poor not to make ISK regularly. This is my pre-CSM life washing out. It is interesting to see what I earned.

I do want to shake off this oddly, unproductive lethargy that has fallen over me. Yet, I find that it won't be as easy to do as I think with my other game obligations bearing down on me. I do find NPC corp life to be strangely charming. Sometimes I answer questions but mostly I watch the ebb and flow of a very different game.