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Oh Bounty System

[03:18:15] Kaliean Thorson > Sugar Kyle sets her own bounty on herself if i remember correctly

That was something I had to correct. I have never set my own bounty. I have never set a bounty on anyone else. I consider the bounty system in its current form to be a waste of ISK. How my feathers ruffled as I politely responded, "I do not set my own bounty." It is a good thing we can't see clearly through these screens.

Ever since the changes to the bounty system, it has been most frustrating that I can't rant about the bounty system. That is because to rant about it is to bring bounties onto oneself or to be accused of begging for bounties. It drives me bonkers.

I love the idea of a bounty system and a mercenary system. Sadly, those stalled out when the bounty system was changed. I never thought I'd somewhat wish for the old one but I do. In these days of gate camps to pod everything and everything, we'd be cleaning up. Of course the entire, "Use an alt get the money thing," we really bad.

Still, this incomplete system is bad.


HOWEVER! It is still enough to make me giggle to be accused of being a bad person in Eve Uni Chat for having a bounty.

It is fun to be the bad person again.


  1. As I said somewhere else... Twitter I think... I put bounties on people I know just so I get a notification when then get blown up. So the system is good for that I suppose...

    1. Yeah. I forget that part. I've always been really terrible at being a space stalker.

    2. It's actually fucking broken. I put 100k bounty on a guy as a joke. Now I'm getting slammed non stop even though that and other bounties he had at the time ran out long ago

    3. Spammed* not slammed. And I did file a report years ago.

    4. I would personally love to see a contract stle system. That way you can set a bounty contract on someone's head, and they have to accept it and you see who is hunting them down. And like for every day they don't make a kill, the less of the bounty they will make (depending on the terms of the contract). And the bounty can be set to like "kill their pod this many times" or "kill enough ships to make them lose 60m isk worth to be eligible for this 80m reward" as an example. Something specific. And you can also ban people from taking the contract (alt spamming). Or you can have it set up so they are like Corp applications where they request for the honor of your contract and have to convince you they're worth it.

      Stuff like that would fix it I think.

    5. @Niko Lorenzio - That is actually a feature for my usage. I have bounties on all our FCs so I get a notification when they get blapped. I hadn't checked, but I put a bounty on Papusa about a year ago and still get notifications, so I guess you are correct on that front.

  2. Glad to hear from you again, Sugar!

    On the bounty system, I think that part of the issue is that bounties are redundant.

    Let me explain: a bounty is an incentive to make happen something that wouldn't be happening otherwise. Namely, killing a player ingame. Now, since "kiling players ingame" is the very core of EVE, or so is believed, incentivizing it is redundant.

    Players are regularly killed without bounties. So bounties are just a cherry on top of the cake. They will annoy players who don't want to be killed (and what does serve that? Losing customers?) and will just top the deal for players who feel rewarded by killing other players (fun AND ISKies! Woo-hoo!).

    It's nonsense from the start. Maybe now is less nonsense than before, but still is a mechanic without a real purpose nor reason to exist. It's... redundant.

    1. Onions,

      Are you playing again? I saw a character with your namesake flitting through Metropolis the other day.

      I understand what you mean when you say bounties are redundant because they do little to incentivize murderous behavior beyond what’s already the case. At the same time they can be used for other purposes like antagonizing and/or tickling recipients (you note this though, of course, only mention antagonizing as per usual), keeping an eye on associates and/or enemies (see Wilhelm above) or helping to identify someone as a gloriously space bad individual (see Sugar’s final sentence). Accordingly, when used as a piece of communication, bounties aren’t completely useless, they’re just poorly named. Sadly, I lack a good alternative name. Any ideas?

    2. Really? Well, I didn't knew there was some Angry Onions in EVE... but isn't me. I've been kinda inactive, since things EVE are very quiet in the fronts I care for. With the final push for Citadel and now this silly war, there hasn't been much worth discussing.

      As for bounties as a piece of communication, well, I don't know why did CCP put bounties in the game. We're talking the company who thinks that people's online status should be hidden unless they share it with a thousand individuals oen by one, rather than just let them hide their status if that's an inconvenience to them. So without knowing why bounties share information, it's difficult to figure whether that's intended or unintended.

      In my opinion, bounties should disocurage agression, and since that is opposite to EVE, then there is no point to a) have bounties or b) pretend that whatever unconsensual PvP system implemented is a "bounty" system. Let alone one where you can bounty yourself...

      If you look at this silly war going on now, you might see how there's no need for dedicated mechanics so someone with deep pockets buys himself a war.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. I'll answer you anyway.

      That path has been supported. Not just by the CSMs I have been on but by others. There have been proposals put in over and over again and the topic has come up many times.

      It wouldn't be a simple change from the current system to a contract merc style system and that is where our problem is. To do a real bounty system will be a major release. It will take the efforts of one or two of the teams to create the feature and write the code.

      This is the endless problem that comes up. There are a lot of things to be done and CCP has to pick what they want done. The Merc/Bounty/War Dec system is one we have been hoping over and over will be selected for a major overhaul.

    2. Oh I don't doubt it would be difficult. Maybe after Citadels are working for the most part and the structures are mostly released it can be re-approched?

  4. Hi Sugar - good to see you back and sounding happier.

    Thanks for your hard work - we all owe you a huge debt of gratitude for your seemingly tireless work on the CSM. Please take time to enjoy the game again!

  5. I May Be Bad, But I Feel, Good - Army of Darkness ...

    Regards, a Freelancer

  6. It has been years since I read this, so take it with a grain of salt. It's very possible I'm misremembering it. With that said.

    We got the bounty system we got because of Serenity. They're playing the same game we are minus a few small changes and an implementation lag of a month or two, the old bounty system had to be ripped out completely for them. The current bounty system is a hybrid of what would work, and what would pass the censors in China.

  7. I love the idea of the bounty system, but currently it's basically useless unfortunately. Under the old system as a pirate it was a matter of pride when I upset someone enough they put a bounty on me, it told me I was doing a good job as a villain.

    The only way I can think of fixing it that doesn't allow for rampant abuse is bounty contracts. A system where you put up a contract to kill a target and name your merc to do the job.(person or corp). Then the merc has x amount of time to complete the contract and get the isk. Since it is with a specific corp or person the target cannot take it and kill themselves to get the isk. Best they can do is pay off whomever accepted the contract to avoid being killed, but that also provides a punitive measure so works imo.


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