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And back again

My very slow wormhole adventure continues almost as slowly as I am terminating my island in Animal Crossing.  My class 3 wormhole was not where I wanted to be. I was looking for a class 1 or 2 wormhole. I dropped my probes and with much less confusion scanned another wormhole. I remembered to dscan and collect my probes as I warped to the wormhole. I even remembered to drop a bookmark, wormholes being such good bookmark locations later. My wormhole told me it was a route into low sec. I tilted my head. How circular do our adventures go. Today might be the day to die and that too is okay. That mantra dances in the back of my head these days. Even if someone mocks me, what does that matter? Fattening someone's killboard is their issue not mine. So I jumped through and found myself in Efa in Khanid, tucked on the edge of high sec and null sec. What an interesting little system.  Several connections to high sec. A connection to null sec. This must be quite the traffic system.    I am f

Mirror, mirror on the wormhole...

It is late and I've been adulating all weekend. I decided to log on and see what I can see about my wormhole adventure. My UI scaling complaint is still in force. Not being able to lock it to a larger size is annoying.  The first thing is that I am still alive. This is not much of an accomplishment but one should brag about the little things. Since there is little (if anything) unknown in Eve, I did the simple thing and talked to Google about the system that I was in. The web search and player made site is still an essential companion to the game. I feel bad for purists.  The new wormhole is black with a red sun and gray clouds in the distance. It is a class three and I found it for sale on some planet trading website. They sell you the planet and transfer the customs offices over. It reminds me of my complete failure at doing the PI game in the past. I can sit and crochet for hours but I lose interest in fidgeting with many of Eve's popular time sinks.  According to the forum

The leap

It is too bad for me that so many other players have explored Eve so well. Their beautiful write ups and in depth exploration of various systems makes me make little grumpy noises as I slowly navigate through Caldari high sec. This is just not a place I ever spent much of my time.  I'm remembering a bit about how to scan and found my first wormhole. I was never the best scanner. I never got into combat scanning. I could do it. I speced for it. But, I never did it and eventually the pressure of not being fast enough or not being good enough made me avoid doing it. There was always someone better and faster out there.  But today, I have found a wormhole and this may be the day that I die. But like Elsa, sometimes one must go into the unknown.

With a scan, scan here... and a scan scan there...

Look at what a good girl I am today! I remembered to save my Astero's fit so when I lose it I don't have to remember how to find my killmail for my fit. That led me to see that all of my fits were gone. I am kind of sad. Sure, most of them no longer work. They adulterated my Jaguar,  but they were mind and I feel oddly possessively annoyed. A pit stop back at a station to dump my daily redemption stuff (I'm sure that this made people super mad whenever it happened,) and I was off to find a series of systems to scan for wormholes in. I remember some of the basics. The lower the sec the higher quality/value the thingies I will find. Since I wanted to find tiny wormholes, I then promptly disconnected as I was docking because my computer rebooted. I wondered if I would come back in a pod but in fact, I did not. The last task I should do as I seek a system is move my home station. It is still down in low sec areas I no longer have interest in. Then I was like, can't I

All dressed up and ready to scan

"I noticed your killboard isn't active. Have you been gone for a bit?" Lol. Chats are funny. It is nice to see that my boys think so highly of my still. Poor things. I undocked and the Amarr station pooped me out like the slippery, golden turd nugget that my pod is and I started my journey.  ( When did they add this extra glitter and graphics to the gates?). I even saw one of the ship transport things sliding out of warp at the gate. I tried to do the right thing. I jumped into this clone but the only shuttle along my path was nine jumps away. Annoyed, I decided to go naked into the world. I remember that flying in your pod is bad. I just somewhat forgot why. I know implants are one reason. People sit on gates to pop pods hoping for a big kill.  I'm not worried about smartbombers. So.... I ran back to my ship with my butt hanging out and my UI too small. I don't recognize any system names but I never really hung out in this part of space. I made it back

Where on earth could she be?

Naomi moved out and after an exhaustive search I settle on inviting Whitney to the island. It is a snooty villager for a snooty villager trade which was not my goal. I quite like her however and should be able to make it work. That brings my wolf population to three... Ahh... okay so yeah, jump clones are the question for tonight.  I totally forgot how they worked. Something, something facility, jump, body, something? Ugh. I can leave myself one place and jump another I believe. And only some stations accept jump clones. Rather sad from the girl that used to run a Rorqual and provide clones for people. I had this idea to make another clone and some stuff, but it is way too late. I docked up my mighty orange Astero and jumped into a clone that I have somewhere else in the galaxy. Also, can I lock my UI into a scaled version? It is way to small on my monitors. Did I always have to pay to leave a jump clone somewhere? I really do not know. I only have three and I suspect I insta

Take three.... and action!

Uhh.... so... uhh... ( search: how to screenshot eve online )... okay back on line. It is time to be rebellious. In my Astero ( really... the freaking e... ) decision making I supped upon the devine spread of Jita. Sure, I can save ISK but I'm docked here having my logs fill with enough spam to eat my entire raid setup. My husband will wonder why I want yet larger hardrives... As always, I'm cautious. I stare at the prices. I check locations. I click the price tab to make sure I am sorting them properly. I am a good girl. Then, I notice that there are three sale orders put in almost at the same time. The one I was going to get is brand new and sitting at 89 days. But these three orders a further down for just a few hundred K ISK more and they are going to expire. Man, I remember that. Always having to adjust prices or just putting stuff on the market and seeing. But then you get under cut and under cut and your stuff expires. Not today, Satan. ( Satin is the silky s

Billion ISK unlocked (I think)

I turned off my sound. Well... first I had to turn on my computer's sound. I traded my husband the surround sound system I was not using properly for a sound bar. In our new place he has the entire basement and his office is in a long, rectangular room where half is for VR. Anyway, he can use the surround sound properly because he can mount it behind him. I also fixed my photo from yesterday. I am rusty. I am working on a crochet blanket. The yarn just came in today so I am quite excited to see how it looks. I am about to hit my work weekend and the nice part about no longer being on the CSM or running TCS is that I don't feel any pressure to log in before and after work. My work days are still 12 hours. My blue cow, Naomi has packed her house. I'm going to go hunting for a new villager tomorrow.  I really want a second horse for my island to compliment Sevannah. I messed up inviting Colton. I just got distracted and went to bed. Oh well, we will see who I find. A

What are all of these buttons for?

My snooty villager, Naomi, wants to move out. I picked her because she is a blue cow with some wild makeup but we have not really bonded like I have with Savannah and Mitzi... oh wait yeah wrong game. So, my clan is almost finished the second step of the Manhunt in Division 2. We just have one more zone to clear and then we can hunt down the secondary target to reveal the next... err wait, waaaaaiittt... Sorry about that. Resetting things. What do I want to do? That has been my problem for a while now. If I play Eve, what do I want to do in Eve? While I did PvP it was never my draw. The old PvE sucks. The new PvE may be okay but do I want to do it? Who am I? What am I? And do I need to be unique and interesting? I think that I may want to look in small wormholes and try a exciting, fragile life. With some of the ships that are available I can, perhaps, have an interesting life where I may or may not fall prey to someone but it does not have to define what

Jumping out of the past

There is some amusement to being out of touch. Many features are mysterious and new. Unfortunately, old habits still chase me around and nip at my heels. I forgot that I jumped out of my slave implants. I, at some point had a moment of practical sense and sent Sugar to her training clone. It is a +4. I never did get a +5. That was always to fancy for my lifestyle.  However, I forgot that I was practical and I logged in to jump out of them. I was actually thinking of jumping into an empty clone but I found I was sitting in a training one. Unexpected. Then, I looked for my salve to figure where I had left them. I never did much clone jumping. I only had the slaves for the rules of SnuffBox's fleet doctrine.  I had tended to stick to training clones or avoid implants all together. It was part of my defense mechanism about being someone elses killboard feast. And that is when I saw the 'amulet' implants. Detached I may be, but Amulet implants I never did see. As with

Hello Void

The idea of screaming into the void always appealed to me. I will admit, the screaming part is unnecessary. I was never prone to utterances of extreme volume.  But the void, a place to come and create was always appealing. Where have I been? In many ways I stopped blogging. Both here and my personal blog. I need to correct my day to day activities. I have a lot to write about. The dogs. The house. My hobbies. The stoppage was a mixture of exhaustion and the job position that I moved to during my second CSM term. I had more tasks to do which came with greater responsibilities.  I actually wrote so much at work that my other writing faded away through exhaustion. Add in the CSM burnout and I just walked away from some things. Now, I find that I am finally out past my NDA. It was not a point that I set as any type of personal goal. I just happened to realize that it was July and the last time I thought of Eve was when a CSM post from whispous crossed my reddit feed. I felt nosta