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Memoirs - Part Fourteen: Who you are

Virtual Realities: Memoirs of an internet spaceship politician by Sugar Kyle CSM9, CSMX Maybe I don't work well with others Over the course of the summer I discovered that I enjoyed the CSM. The communication and the potential productivity was fun. I'd grown more comfortable with slipping in the thoughts, ideas, and concerns brought to me. The unfortunate part was that I was not enjoying much of my fellow CSM members. I'd started to feel as if I had to defend my area of space from potential interlopers. There were a lot of different play styles on display. Some of the responses or ideas from other CSM members infringed or down right ignored low security space and high security space. And personalities. Time had not made things more familiar. I had the person that corrected my misspellings. I had a second member randomly correct peoples grammar or spelling or word choice and then go, "Sorry, habit." How I clenched my jaw and rolled my eyes at th

Memoirs - Part Thirteen: Disclosure

Virtual Realities: Memoirs of an internet spaceship politician by Sugar Kyle CSM9, CSMX Wasn't one player scandel enough for the year? It was Corbexx who caught the first murmurs and brought them to CCP's attention. It was a good catch on his part. There is often the assumption that CCP sees everything that catches players attention. They do but it has to be remembered that they are at work doing their duties. While browsing Eve media was a common habit, it was not what they did all day. He told me and then he mentioned it in our shared room with the community team.  When I heard it what ran through my mind was, "Why?" Why did this have to happen? Why did I have to deal with it? Somewhere, why was closely followed by, "How?" There was a part of my mind that wailed. What was I supposed to do with this situation? That was followed by another why. Summer wasn't even over! Over the years I have abstained from entering into some of the l


Hi there! I still haven't figured out what I am doing or want to do or will do or if I should do, but I wanted to say thank you to those who have said hi or sent me a compliment. I appreciate it and I'm not sure that I have shown that appreciation enough in the past. I'm not a commentor. I read a lot of things but it took me a long time to start to make comments. Often, they are only a few lines. I do it because I realized that I wanted more feedback. I wanted to engage my readers in what they read and why they read it. I just never figured how to do it without looking like I was greedy for attention. I wasn't. I was greedy for feedback. Some of what I do is a reaction from readers. Most of what I do is whatever comes into my head. Such as the fact that I have a Fenrir BPO researched to 7%. I have no idea where I got that from. Did I kill someone for it? I also missed the Gecko bubble. My Leopards are ridiculously valuable for a ship I love using and I have pirate

Memoirs - Part Twelve: Duel Realities

Virtual Realities: Memoirs of an internet spaceship politician by Sugar Kyle CSM9, CSMX My two worlds gave such different expierences Perhaps, the mistake that I threw myself into things. Once the firsts few weeks passed things started to pick up and slow down. It was summer in Iceland. Development teams would go on vacation. It seems that Iceland has an enormous number of bank holidays during the warmer season as well. But, I had started to gain some footing and develop my own style. The development style has changed. With the release of Eve Online: Rubicon, CCP had decided to move away from the expansion system. Instead of developing for six months and releasing set projects, they would do small releases every six weeks of what was ready. This gave teams more flexibility and the hoped for result would be features would come out complete instead of being unfinished or diminished due to time. Hopefully. The change was strange for all of us. Teams started to be

Memoirs - Part Eleven: Players are people

Virtual Realities: Memoirs of an internet spaceship politician by Sugar Kyle CSM9, CSMX People are really, really hard It turns out that the CSM campaign was opening a door. Winning was a walk through the door.  No one mentioned that the door would slam closed behind me. But, I could walk back out the door. It closed before anyone could see what was inside. It was a house that everyone knew I had purchased but no one could visit.  When I left the house I was the same me. The changes were only viable from the inside and I was left with the other members of the CSM to be visitors. It would seem an easy enough task to tell people you spend your time talking to CCP. There was a five hour difference between myself and CCP’s Iceland office. I would wake up on my days off of work around 0800 to 1000 hours. That put me in the early to mid afternoon in Iceland. The developers would be up and conversations would be going. Often, I could spend until 1200 to 1300 just talking