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Shewolf Awakens?

I've decided to become a pirate queen. Well, not really but kinda actually. If that back step and forward step blot of words makes sense. I've spent a lot of time recently thinking about what I am doing in game. A few days ago, I picked up my loot container and flipped through all the pretties I had collected in there. I'd collected around a billion isk in random things. Modules, ammo, anything that I found in wrecks or stolen from people was all shoved in one container named loot. I started the container when I first started to PvP. It was a tactile reminder for me that I was doing stuff. We have spent a lot of time talking about making money for the corporation. As individual members we are not poor (for the most part Razor). But our corporation is poor simply because it has never needed to do more than pay some basic bills. With ATX behind us and ATXI before us we want to do a better job next year. Not with just advancing further (winning) but with b

How to Accidently Haze your Newbies: A Guide

Linkin Park - New Divide Yesterday had been a good day if a bit strange. I ran incursions with ISN in the morning. Tired of the entire Incursion thing and all of its related drama I had my fill after two hours. The ISN fleets are pretty go, go, go and I was tired after staring at my screen nonstop. I idled about and eventually I logged in my scanning alt to check the systems. Around that time, our newest member logged on for the evening. With so many people scanning the same systems we have an unofficial habit of being polite to each other. He asked where I had scanned and I told him. We split the systems and went off to do our thing. First system that he scans he finds a 5/10. Chella's incursion system was only 16 jumps away. I ran her pod down to her low sec scimitar and we went to do the site. I forgot what a pain the 5/10s are for me still. I can do them but the last room with its webbing towers puts a hurting on me. But, we finished and our drop was

Lime or Strawberry? The Flavors of PvP

After deleting everything I've written for the last few days... I was having a discussion with someone who PvPs in a very different style then I do. A very different style. A few days I wrote about a disconnect with someone else and one of the reasons for the disconnect is the vastly different ways that we commit spaceship violence. For some, non-consensual spaceship touching is all the same. Violations happen. Spaceships cower in their hangers, pods are scorched from the energies that ejected them from the void, etc etc etc. The conversation was about how the two of us happened to find our PvP. The other person did high sec war decs . That developed from a third party who had recently dealt with high sec war decers and felt frustrated by the situation. The high sec war dec PvPr of course suggest that they undock and enjoy the fight. The person who was dealing with the war decs did not find the fight appealing. In this conversation you had three people with thre

A Matter of Opinion

(I deleted this yesterday, thought about it, and reposted it) Today was a lovely summer day. The weather was about eighty three degrees (28 Celsius). The sky was pale blue, populated by soft, lazy cumulous clouds that drifted from one edge of the horizon to another. A breeze cooled my skin from the heat of the sun and the air was sweet from recent rains. Thankfully, I was able to escape its clutches and retreat into my office to curl up in my office chair and log into Eve. Have no worries, I've not been corrupted by the 'outside' thing. I may have to grudgingly admit that it may not be as big of a myth as I once thought but regardless.. Eve is an interesting game to me. In some ways it is a very adult game. I don't mean breasts and naked bodies. There is plenty of butt shaking but its all the drake bait kind. It is slower in pace, involves strategy and thinking, your entire game can be market research and market gaming. Someone even complained that it feels

A Pause in Writing About PewPew to PewPew

Our corp chat goes: Razor: saw 22 neutrals in local and was like "HOLY SHIT" and pounded scans..... before i realized high sec Sugar: when Chella lands on a gate sometimes. I'm like SHIT SHIT SHIT. Gatecamp! It is amusing how foreign high security space can be to us sometimes. It took me forever to write up last night's roam. I don't know why. My day just kinda filtered away all relaxed and somewhat sleepy. I had a lot of chatting t do and some other stuff of interest. Dher harassed me that I wouldn't be able to shut up and write but I managed! Anyway, as I was trying to write a cyclone, cyclone, drake, drake fleet hopped into the system. LR was undocked and eyeballing them already. Razor and I undocked and Fried was somewhere nearby. We had several different types of neutrals in the system. Razor went off to the gate that he thought they were at. I aligned for the gate. Razor had landed and said they where there and agressed on him.

The Start and End Were the Interesting Parts

Brrrrinngggggggg! Brrrrinnngggggg! "Who brought the batphone on the roam?" asked the FC. We ignored him and answered. "Hullo?" " R1FTA has a Naglfar shooting a CONCORD POCO ." "We are down in geminate . Hold on," the fleet was updated. "R1FTA has a Naggy shooting a POCO." "Lets go!" came the cheerful response. "Its a bit far out..." "Were not you complaining about the lack of capital kills in Molden Heath of late?" I asked. "It's been a dry roam..." came another comment. "Okay. Best speed to the titan!" came the fleet orders. To R1FTA on the phone, "We're on the way." Let me go back to the start of our night, three hours before. I started out grumpy that night. I was in a mood and such things happened. The goal was a ratting roam through null sec. The Bot Execution from yesterday had sent many members of TEXN deep into the red. W

Bot Ganking: Executioner Style

I started reading the Nosy Gamer's Blog for botter tears . Team Security , Eve's Anti- botting and anti- RMT group had unleashed pain across New Eden's botting population. Entire alliances collapsed over night. In my special world of naivety, I had never realized that in game bots were a thing. The people that sold in game money puzzled me. Who would buy in game money? Who would have something automatically play a game for them instead of just play it? What was the point? Thankfully, I became educated in the seriousness of video games. I learned that some people did not play the game to play the game. As conceptually weird as I found it, I began to accept it. My first MMO was Hellgate:London and I played in a happy little world of just my best friend and I, ignoring the gold spam in the public channels. Later, when playing City of Heroes I saw the gold sellers. I assumed that they were all scams that ignorant people fell for. It was a lot longer, an

Somewhere I Belong

Linkin Park - Somewhere I belong ( Lyrics ) One of the forum trolls decided to have an untroll moment and make an idea thread for increasing the player base as a whole . One common theme that I read was ownership. It was not spoken as a concept on its own but it was applied to various things. I thought, maybe ownership as a whole is more important than the various things that we can own. People are invested because their stuff has value due to it being gone when it is lost. What you earn you can lose and the effort becomes all the more precious for the possibility of loss. I started writing this little thought blurb earlier in the week. I'm amused that a blog banter about it has also started. Home in space is as comfortable as slipping into your favorite ship. I adore the concept of sov null . Even thought I do not wish to live there ( bubbles ) I am intrigued by it. I look at the Sov Map daily and read the changes of ownership for systems. I have no idea who

A Fledgling's Pensive Brooding on Personal Change

Does one outgrow people in the game? Is outgrow the right word or is it just drifting apart due to time and change? I was watching two people doing a multi layered PvP activity. One is the PvPr and the other is a member of a noob corp. The member of the noob corp was feeding info to the PvPr who was using that to poke at the corp members and try to get them to can flip for agression. They staged several battles between each other in an attempt to lure the noob corp into fighting. "Why?" "They say they want to get into PvP." "Obviously they don't." "You don't know the whole story." One of those people I have known since very early in my game time. I looked up to them as a solo PvPer for a long time. They always seemed to be looking for fights or getting into fights and killing people. I was impressed. Later, I learned that it was a lot of can flipping frigate fights in high sec. I had assumed that it was low sec roaming

Backtracking About Proposed Gategun Changes

Today, oddly, turned out to be about the CSM . I was not expecting that. I was flipping through Poetic Stanziel 's blog and reading his argument of and with Ripard Teg about his opinion on if Ripard Teg was going to run for CSM next spring. It got me to thinking about how I wanted to pay more attention to it the next time elections came about. When the CSM was elected this time around I had only been in the game for a few months. I placed my vote with someone who gained a seat and has proven to do nothing with it. Then, to top it off, my actually in game interactions with him have been so full of bitter disappointment and horror at his egotistical behavior that I wish I could rescind my votes. It is not that I have a doe eyed opinion that the CSM is going to change Eve. It is that I want them to put the time and energy into what they wanted. The same complaints the public always has for its elected officials. Even if nothing gets accomplished I just appreciate the

Q&A with Sugar about THC2

I had a reverse interview today. When I told Ender about it later he said, "Reverse interview?" "Yes. They asked all of the questions and I answered." It was not an interview in the formal sense of, "This is your talk to get into corp." I'm the chatter so I was placed on the front lines to greet people and answer their questions. If this was a store, I'd be handing out the coupons and sale items while I was at it. "What are the requirements to join out of curiosity? And does Capital Punishment look down on people who are not intending on staying there permanently?" It was an unexpected starter question and I took a moment to debate my answer. My first thought was, "What?" but I stepped back from it and accepted that someone might want to join to learn and do our thing and then drift off. Or, they might be pulled in and stay. It is not necessarily a 'bad' thing. Not everyone is looking for an end game '


At what point, are people to blame for their own mistakes or decisions? Or, at what point will they blame themselves? I've seen two things happen recently and both make me wonder. One is while I was burning some time in incursions last week. As we where going through a site someone said, "Oh no." "What?" he was asked. "A thrasher just popped my alt." It turns out that he had gone to buy some after burner for one of his incursion fleets. It cost around 350 million. I noticed, because it was near the price for the one that I had for sale. He had sent his alt to buy the item in Jita and when he was about 7 jumps away from the incursion site he decided it was safe enough to autopilot. Two jumps later he was popped. The module did not drop but a thrasher is cheap. It was worth it for the ganker to try. His reaction was not anger or rage. He took it rather calmly. There was fustration there. He had spent the last of his isk on it. I'm

Station Games with Carriers and Co

Today was an interesting Sunday. I had someone send me 10mil ISK because they liked my blog. That was unexpected but sweet. I'll have to make a PvP fund for that type of thing and use it to buy stuff for PvP I managed to avoid a POS bash and then join up in a corporate roam afterwards. The goal was a small fleet in the hope to get people interested in fighting back. It is Sunday night and I'm done working for the weekend. Sundays are always interesting days. They seem to have extremes of boringness or interest. We headed out in a battlecruiser fleet with a huginn to see what we could find. First, Diz wanted to go visit his new friends that he has been playing with. The systems where clear for a bit. Then, the scout jumped through and noticed a flashy cyclone on the gate. We had a drake jump through and the cyclone aggressed the drake. Once he was aggressed the rest of the fleet jumped in. Hurricane x2, huginn and a drake vs the Cyclone. This is the same guy th