Friday, August 31, 2012

Shewolf Awakens?

I've decided to become a pirate queen.

Well, not really but kinda actually. If that back step and forward step blot of words makes sense.

I've spent a lot of time recently thinking about what I am doing in game. A few days ago, I picked up my loot container and flipped through all the pretties I had collected in there. I'd collected around a billion isk in random things. Modules, ammo, anything that I found in wrecks or stolen from people was all shoved in one container named loot. I started the container when I first started to PvP. It was a tactile reminder for me that I was doing stuff.

We have spent a lot of time talking about making money for the corporation. As individual members we are not poor (for the most part Razor). But our corporation is poor simply because it has never needed to do more than pay some basic bills.

With ATX behind us and ATXI before us we want to do a better job next year. Not with just advancing further (winning) but with being set up and prepared. I guess focused and more grounded. This has turned our attention to stocking our corporation wallet instead of individuals doing chunks here and there. We decided on some things to try and see how they went.

When we sat down and made that decision I realized that I was all in with THC2. That may sound odd to anyone that has read my blog which often is a long, complex, word soaked love letter to my corp and alliance. I realized that for now I didn't have time to create any subroutes. I had debated making an alt to be grunt in null sec just to see the big wars. I decided that path, while not closed to me, wouldn't be a viable one right now. Where I was now mattered to me. The people that I played with had all of my focus.

I picked up my loot container and dumped it into the corporate hangers. That is where most of our loot goes anyway. We recycle it to use for ourselves when we need something. I wasn't keeping my container for profit. I was keeping it as something of a trophy but more of a reminder that I really did do this PvP stuff.

Then I realized that I didn't need that reminder anymore.

So, I dumped it into the corp hanger and renamed the can to another use.

And then I undocked and went to shoot things. LR and Fried had managed to get into a mess about 6 jumps away. Diz and Dher and I ran to assist. We lost Dher's drake but we extracted LR and Fried. Dher was cheering because his insurance was almost up on the drake. Silly man.

I'm not shooting things confidently yet, but of late I feel a bit calmer. I blame Mac. Helping him and focusing on him has altered me more and faster then I have been able to do myself. If something were to happen to him I'd land on grid and sacrifice my ship for him to get away. I'd not go, "My cane is 70+mil and your Vexor is 10(?) 20(?) so you get to die." It would not be about ISK value it would be about defending my corpmate.

Maybe I have shewolf syndrome. There I am, thinking of defending my corpmate with more ferocity then I'd put into defending myself. With that little realization came some knowledge of personal change. Somewhere, my little in game mentality shifted a little bit and clicked into a different format.

Something else happened about the same time. My scanning alt is in the corp that I debated robbing. They have nothing and are pretty much dead but she hangs out there. One member is leaving due to some mild drama to a null sec corp with an 'assault wing'. That made me giggle. Anyway, he commented that I'd be hard to find and gank. I chuckled and told him that I'd be much harder to kill then he expected and it would be a much more negative event then he would think. And I meant it.

I originally started this post to comment on the fact that I need a better PvE boat. I never got to that. Maybe later. For now, I'm going to be amused at the fact that Eve is a game where self sacrifice and defense of your 'team' matter as much as they do. I'll have to debate writing about the weighty terms the game creates as well.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

How to Accidently Haze your Newbies: A Guide

Linkin Park - New Divide

Yesterday had been a good day if a bit strange. I ran incursions with ISN in the morning. Tired of the entire Incursion thing and all of its related drama I had my fill after two hours. The ISN fleets are pretty go, go, go and I was tired after staring at my screen nonstop.

I idled about and eventually I logged in my scanning alt to check the systems. Around that time, our newest member logged on for the evening. With so many people scanning the same systems we have an unofficial habit of being polite to each other. He asked where I had scanned and I told him. We split the systems and went off to do our thing.

First system that he scans he finds a 5/10. Chella's incursion system was only 16 jumps away. I ran her pod down to her low sec scimitar and we went to do the site. I forgot what a pain the 5/10s are for me still. I can do them but the last room with its webbing towers puts a hurting on me. But, we finished and our drop was worth about 30 million. Not what we were hoping for but ISK is ISK.

He went off to scan his next system while I scanned mine. There he finds a combat Ladar site. One of the things that I explained to him early is to not pass the ladar sites until he had checked to make sure they were not combat ladar sites. They are irritating as hell because they often do not drop anything. But their good drops are very good drops. He found it and asked me to come tank it for him.

Now, I have to stop for a moment and admit something. The boys were right. Sigh. I was told, numerous times, especially by Ender, that I'd eventually be in this position. Suddenly, today, I'm the one that someone is asking to come tank and pop the red crosses on a mission. It was unexpected and it felt weird.

But, remembering how unhappy I have been over not being able to get sites done due to lack of personal skills, I immediately ran over and helped out. Then, as if it was a repeat of the exact same situation when I found one of my first combat Ladar sites we popped nanite control. Nanite control is a rather rare skill book drop and thanks to my friendly market traders I got the Jita pricing on it at almost 300mil isk.

I offered two options.

A: I could take it up to Rens or Jita and sell it
B: Pay him based off of the current market value

He chose option B, so I split across the current lowest sell order. Some do it across the buy orders and others do it between the buy and sell order difference. I will be selling it as a sell order so that is how I paid him his half.

We scanned, I found a Radar site, he found a mag site. What we want is more DED complexes . Then an alliance mate comments that there are some combat ladars a few systems over. I send him off to see with a warning to be careful because that particular system is a null sec entry point and gets steady traffic.

I love Eve. "Go off and be careful people will try to kill you, k?" It is a wickedly truthful part of the in game life we have chosen. Off he went to find the sites and as we were told, two more combat ladar sites were produced. Nice. One of them is a very, very nasty site that chews me up. I commented on this an LR popped up and offered to go. Anything that increases his chance to kill others is always high on his to do list.

Just before I undocked Mac and LR were already where the Ladar was. As LR landed in system he cross jumped a fleet scout at the same time as Mac warned of a local spike. A roam of 18 entered the system. LR and Mac made it to safes and they group decided not to hang around with them. I hung back and waited. Sure enough, a few minutes later they swung through my system. To be a jerk, I planted myself on top of the station so that they would see me on scan and come look for me.

Of course they came looking. I sat there, cheerfully on top of the station as the scout landed at range. He sat there for a moment and warped to the out gate. I ignored him in case he was trying to get me to chase him. Then local spiked with the rest of the fleet. I let them pass and then headed to join Mac and LR.

So, LR has an itchy trigger finger and he is easily bored. If we sit to long he likes to start shooting his fleet mates. We cleared the room and sat waiting for Mac to pop the cans. I wasn't paying a lot of attention. We were the only ones in local. The ladar cans can be a pain to hack. There is nothing worse then getting the 'your hacking attempt failed' message over and over again.

Suddenly I see, "Oh shit I'm sorry!" in chat. I look closely and realize that Mac's ship icon is now a pod icon still moving towards the next can. LR is frantically apologizing in chat. Mac is laughing because he was so busy working cans and selecting things that he didn't notice he got popped because he was to scrolled out to see the explosion. I sigh and go to scoop his loot. Thankfully, the bulk of his expensive things dropped. His sisters launcher and his cloak both dropped as well as his combat probes. Those are the most expensive pieces of the ship. LR is dumping ISK into his account.

While Mac reshipped into his secondary scanning ship, LR decided to shoot me. I was expecting this and set Chella to keep a rep on me. My hurricane was slightly less squishy then Mac's Imicus.

Lord Reapier > Combat: Your group of 425mm AutoCannon II places an excellent hit on Sugar Kyle [THC2] (LYFT)(Hurricane), inflicting 2061.4 damage.

The poor can cracking site scanning Imicus took 934 damage upon death.

Nothing of interest was found in the sites. It was late and I was super tired. I still needed to make a Jita run. I wanted to sell the nanite control book and you see... I won this on Blink for their 300 Trillion Prize Giveaway.

Needless to say I was surprised when it appeared. My mind blanked and immediately thought "ISK!". However, my sense caught up with me and I decided to offer it up for sale on the corporation level first. Vigilants are pricey and run around 300mil ISK at the moment. One of the guys decided that they wanted it so I trekked up to Jita to pick it up. I also had the stuff to sell from the earlier successful day worth of exploration so it was worth it.

Jita is a thirty minute trip from Molden Heath. It is a pain in the butt and I try to avoid going whenever I can. I picked up the ship and rolled out to deliver it down to our jump freighter location. I contracted it up for 150mil to my corp mate.

The one thing I forgot to do was buy more medium barrage ammo. I'll have to get some later.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Lime or Strawberry? The Flavors of PvP

After deleting everything I've written for the last few days...

I was having a discussion with someone who PvPs in a very different style then I do. A very different style. A few days I wrote about a disconnect with someone else and one of the reasons for the disconnect is the vastly different ways that we commit spaceship violence.

For some, non-consensual spaceship touching is all the same. Violations happen. Spaceships cower in their hangers, pods are scorched from the energies that ejected them from the void, etc etc etc.

The conversation was about how the two of us happened to find our PvP. The other person did high sec war decs. That developed from a third party who had recently dealt with high sec war decers and felt frustrated by the situation. The high sec war dec PvPr of course suggest that they undock and enjoy the fight. The person who was dealing with the war decs did not find the fight appealing.

In this conversation you had three people with three different ideas about PvP. Each idea is valid. No idea was incorrect. Each person had their own interests. Yet, for all the similarities there was a lot of disconnect about why each person was PvPing as they were.

My question to the high sec wardecer was "If you are looking for a fight why are you looking for it with people who only wish to avoid you?" In my flavor of PvP some people want to fight and some do not but you go looking for it and try to make it happen. Sometimes the fight is about convincing people that it is safe enough to fight you with baiting or behaviors. However, finding people who do not want to fight at all rarely brings any pewpew and seems to be an ineffective way to find PvP.

For them, the imbalances of low sec were a harsh demotivator and they preferred the hunt and chase of the high sec person. Some might fight back some might try to run. It was more a predator and prey approach and one that gave them satisfaction.

It is hard at this point to separate personal preference and opinion from the situation. Everything is not neatly categorized and variations occur at each level and things overlap.

I've taken to asking people "How" do you want to PvP. I've learned that many people have ideas of what they want to do. They want to stop pirates or engage in null sec battles. Some people want to be the lone hunter in the darkness and others want to know if they can fund their game through blowing up other peoples spaceships. Some just want to learn to defend themselves and some just want to have fun. What one visualizes PvP may and probably will change with time and experience. However, how one enters PvP can be more successful and productive if what is wanted is focused upon.

What I personally attempt to do is not apply a value of right and wrong to how people decide to PvP. This includes myself. Do I shy away from types of PvP because I feel that they are wrong in some way?

Eve has 4 'zones' one could say (in my opinion at least)
High Security Space
Low Security Space
0.0 or Null Security Space
Wormhole Space

Approaching PewPew PvP in each is different. Due to the rules of the game how, when, where and why you PvP comes into play.

High Sec
----War Declarations
----Suicide Ganking
----Can Flipping
----Ninja Looting
----Ally System
----Corp Mate Killing

Low Sec
----Shoot errything
----War Decs
----NBSI (Not Blue Shoot It)
----NRDS (Not Read Don't Shoot)

Null Sec
----NPC Null (unclaimable nullsec)
----Sov Null (claimable nullsec)


And of course it gets more complex. Null Sec space has the big groups that make the big waves through the game. They form alliances and then the alliances form coalitions. The coalitions are pacts between the alliances without in game support such as enrolling in a corp and the corp enrolls in an alliance. The support is player made. Intelligence channels, alliance and corporation standings, and whatever diplomatic decisions are made such as moon resource usage.

You have CVA, a group that runs a Role Play version of null security space where anyone can come and play.

In Low Sec you have groups like my own. We are NBSI. Some groups never go blue with anyone so that they are shoot errything. There are several NRDS groups that abound. Many of them fly under the banner of anti-pirates. Then many never fly in low security space because we have to deal with gate guns, station guns, and security status drops for shooting other players. In null security space there are no gateguns, station guns, or security standing loses but there are things like warp bubbles to trap people.

Or, you have sov null, a place that many grumble is too safe. Cyno jammers are placed to stop things like hot drops. The systems have people watching and Intel moves faster than light to help people avoid the hunters. There are people there that only engage in battle to defend or support their space. They do not go hunting for PvP for fun, they have other things to do.

Wormholes are the badlands. With a delayed local channel you only know someone is there if you see them on dscan or they speak. This leads to a lot of paranoia and sudden incidents. They also have mass restrictions which stop super capitals from joining into the fray and don't allow a 5 thousand man fleet to jump in and assist.

Or you have high sec, the place where I believe PvP is the most turbulent. In low sec, wormholes and null sec there is a very basic understanding that you can shoot at everyone. There are consequences sure, but you can shoot at everyone and its okay. The various people may like their type of space more for whatever reason but all of them have that one thing in common.

Then there is high security space. I've mentioned before that I don't pewpew in High Sec. It is not because I have a problem with it it is a lack of interest in that type of fighting. I am sure that my curiosity will catch up to me and I will venture forth and find out what it is like to deal with high security space mechanics.

High security space, while it allows nonconcesnual spaceship violence carries many more rules and restrictions for the PvP pilot.

First, there is CONCORD. Concord comes and kills people who break the rules in high sec and shoot people they are not allowed to shoot. There are several people you may shoot in high sec.

----Corp mates
----War Targets
----Someone you have kill rights on
----Someone who has GCC (Global Criminal Countdown)
----Someone that has stolen from you
----Someone with a criminal (-5) security status

All of these things are much more complex then 'everyone' and it creates a vast list of ways people PvP.

Some people like to PvP under war declarations. It means that they are relatively safe from being shot except by the people that they chose to war dec. The people being war deced don't have a choice as to who issued the war dec. Sometimes it is a 2 person group and sometimes it is a 20 person group. This leads to one of the largest pools of tears in the game. War dec griefing. Many people use the war declaration system as a way to get targets in high sec. To assist the people who are war deced, CCP added an ally system where another corporation or alliance can come to your aid and also shoot the people who have declared the war dec on you. Think mercenaries.

And I can't forget the institute that is RvB. Red is at war with Blue. The entire point is casual PvP in high security space for lulz.

Let us not pass by the suicide gankers. I believe they have an almost even pool with the war dec people but ever so slightly smaller do to the resounding beatings with the nerf bat that they have received. Suicide gankers accept that their PvP will include ship loss. Many do it for profit, some do it for fun. Many people ask for it to be removed. But removing it will remove one of the best features in Eve. The ability to get back at someone for something they have done. It may be ganking botters or ganking that jerk you dealt with a few systems over. Eve has given its players the right to smack other players.

Criminals are shot by concord, chased by the faction police and shootable by players. There are a few people that sit on high sec to low/null gates and pop the criminal pods that enter high sec. A lot of people have bounties and its an interesting way to make ISK if you can catch them.

And the can flippers. Can flipping may be consensual in the case of 1v1s in the trade hubs or they may be non-consensual such as those that can flip miners or mission runners in an attempt to create an aggression flag in the favor.

Of course there are more. Also, you can mix and match to your heart's content. For instance, Faction Warfare people are at war with their opposing faction without them issuing a war dec due to the faction warfare side that they chose.

Then you take all of it and you shake it up with a healthy dose of ego, opinion and personal taste. One group looks down on another, a third things the fourth wastes time, someone is curled up in their wormhole ready to defend their system from anyone that enters. All of these things are different flavors of the very simple idea of PewPew Player vs Player.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A Matter of Opinion

(I deleted this yesterday, thought about it, and reposted it)

Today was a lovely summer day. The weather was about eighty three degrees (28 Celsius). The sky was pale blue, populated by soft, lazy cumulous clouds that drifted from one edge of the horizon to another. A breeze cooled my skin from the heat of the sun and the air was sweet from recent rains. Thankfully, I was able to escape its clutches and retreat into my office to curl up in my office chair and log into Eve.

Have no worries, I've not been corrupted by the 'outside' thing. I may have to grudgingly admit that it may not be as big of a myth as I once thought but regardless..

Eve is an interesting game to me. In some ways it is a very adult game. I don't mean breasts and naked bodies. There is plenty of butt shaking but its all the drake bait kind. It is slower in pace, involves strategy and thinking, your entire game can be market research and market gaming. Someone even complained that it feels too much like work. But, that is something that we can relate to even if we don't want to.

I still think it is a harsh game. I receive a lot of traffic from Gevlon's Greedy Goblin blog. I read his blog he reads mine. I appreciative the traffic. I hang out in his chat room and harass him and everyone else i find. He occasionally scolds me for being sillly. Then he logs off and we discuss cookies (soft oatmeal chocolate chip for the win).

I appreciate the traffic and I decided today that Gevlon gets some mentions. he has written that he feels eVe is not harsh and in fact it is easier then WoW. I've ignored a lot of his opinion on that even though I disagree because it is his opinion. But, he has been pulling people into Eve. This is a good thing because people are good. However, if they wander in thinking that EVE is a safe easier then WoW land we may not retain them.

I started playing Aion last week. I've always wanted to try it. It is a very pretty game. I barely pay attention, hit some gigantic pretty beetles and collect stuff. I have no idea about what I am doing. I am still leveling fine. I don't care when I die. I just respawn and run back over to kill more beetles. The only issue I have is that every time I see other players I spaz out and expect them to kill me.

That is the Eve effect. Few people come to Eve feeling that way. But you will leave Eve with that type of reaction. Did I mention that I have my Eve client up in the other window to chat and undock if something interesting goes down?

Gevlon is not an average new Eve player. Considering his work in WoW and World of Tanks, i a not surprised that he has been successful in his niche in Eve. Yet, even he is finding it tough to break out of that niche like he wants to because Eve is not an easy game. One of those reasons is because Eve's game play moves far beyond the mechanics of the game itself. But, that is not what i am going to talk about today.

The point is that Gevlon is well prepared for the harsh environment of Eve. he is willing to research and learn. he may not be willing to easily back down on his opinions but he can take criticism (even if he ignores it) and understands meta gaming.

Not every player does. I know Gevlon often lumps people into predefined categories but that is not my thing. Ignorance is sometimes simply a lack of knowledge. Lacking knowledge can come from not knowing where to find the knowledge or even knowing that the knowledge is out there. Education is a very powerful tool in Eve.

Because, Eve allows mean things to happen there is a continual parade of people on the forums who do not understand why they are dying. The lack of individual instances is very confusing to some as are the aggression mechanics. These things are not shoved into your face even with CCP's new force feeding methods.

In Aion, I ignore the 'local' chat channels. They are full of RMT (I originally wrote ISK there and laughed at myself) spammers and people looking for groups. I did a similar thing in City of Heroes but I'd chat on the city channels for the areas where everyone hung around. This is a habit that people need to break when coming to Eve where local is a rich source of information and communication. There are times when there are people waving their hands in local trying to get a new players attention so that they can help them.

Of course, not all the education in the world can sometimes save people. I don't think I can save the world or the game or everyone that enters it.

And speaking of education...

While I was writing this, I lost my train of thought because my random newbie logged in to say that he wasn't going to subscribe. Real life had come and kicked him in the teeth and he didn't have time for the game.

He is a cool guy and hopefully, if he is interested in gaming in the future he will come back and visit. But its kinda disappointing. You meet cool people online. You may or may not meet them IRL (who is coming to Eve Vegas again?) but people are still people.

I'm gonna leave this post wandering off without much of a focused ending for the night I think. Unhappy making news broke my post.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

A Pause in Writing About PewPew to PewPew

Our corp chat goes:

Razor: saw 22 neutrals in local and was like "HOLY SHIT" and pounded scans..... before i realized high sec
Sugar: when Chella lands on a gate sometimes. I'm like SHIT SHIT SHIT. Gatecamp!

It is amusing how foreign high security space can be to us sometimes.

It took me forever to write up last night's roam. I don't know why. My day just kinda filtered away all relaxed and somewhat sleepy. I had a lot of chatting t do and some other stuff of interest. Dher harassed me that I wouldn't be able to shut up and write but I managed!

Anyway, as I was trying to write a cyclone, cyclone, drake, drake fleet hopped into the system. LR was undocked and eyeballing them already. Razor and I undocked and Fried was somewhere nearby.

We had several different types of neutrals in the system. Razor went off to the gate that he thought they were at. I aligned for the gate. Razor had landed and said they where there and agressed on him. I hit warp when Fried said that an Eve Uni member had jumped in. Eve Uni tends to travel in very, very large packs so I was confused if it was a trap situation. I had a "Shit, I just jumped into a trap" moment.

By the time I landed on the gate. Razor had jumped through. The cyclones and drakes where all red and yellow. Defiantly not Eve Uni. I hopped through the gate as well. LR was reshipping into a mega. They had popped him it seems. I missed that as I was getting onto coms. They came after me through the gate but I burned off and hit a safe while they and Razor decided what they wanted to do at the gate.

Once they engaged Razor he pulled range on them. I bounced back to the gate and landed. The first cyclone we went after had an ASB on him. He was boosting like a beast and eating up our damage. I sent my ECM drones to the second cyclone to jam him and pointed one of the two drakes. LR came through with his Mega and started powering through the shield regen of the cyclone.

That is when they started to shoot at me. Eeek. Poor me! With a Talos, Mega and Drake on grid with me, I was the most likely target. Woe is me! I was pointed and neuted and someone was stealing my cap as well. Lovely. Range was a damn good idea at that moment. The first cyclone went down and we started on the second. With the first one down everyone started to deaggress. One drake jumped. We tried to bump the other off the gate as we burned through the second cyclone. He managed to jump as we started on him.

Two cyclones down and GCC. I scooped wrecks and then bounced back off to my safe in 5% shields. Gateguns. Sigh. Fried checked the system and Razor and LR went back through. Then Razor's headset broke. Nice timing.

I was floating in space for a while, letting GCC wear down when I realized that it was a stupid idea to just sit out there. I'd get bored and stop hitting dscan soon and get shot. I let my shields regenerate up to half and then hopped back through to my home system. There, I warped off the gate to a pounce to let my shields creep up some more before I went to dock.

"Myrm landing on the gate."

O' really? I was sitting over the gate at my pounce. LR landed on the gate as I landed. The Myrm jumped through and I pounced into the gate. LR lit up the Myrm but it ran back to the gate and jumped through. The problem was that Fried was on the other side. I followed him through and Fried tackled him as I uncloaked.

He went for the gate again but decided not to go back through. I don't blame him. He decided to aggress me. Ouch, drones. However, I did it right back to him and broke his jam on me. I bumped him to try to encourage him to move away from the gate. I also then ran away from him because blasters hurt really, really bad and I was right in his face.... however LR made it through the gate a moment to late...

Then I went to finish writing up last nights stuff.

The Start and End Were the Interesting Parts

Brrrrinngggggggg! Brrrrinnngggggg!

"Who brought the batphone on the roam?" asked the FC.
We ignored him and answered. "Hullo?"
"R1FTA has a Naglfar shooting a CONCORD POCO."
"We are down in geminate. Hold on," the fleet was updated. "R1FTA has a Naggy shooting a POCO."
"Lets go!" came the cheerful response.
"Its a bit far out..."
"Were not you complaining about the lack of capital kills in Molden Heath of late?" I asked.
"It's been a dry roam..." came another comment.
"Okay. Best speed to the titan!" came the fleet orders.
To R1FTA on the phone, "We're on the way."

Let me go back to the start of our night, three hours before.

I started out grumpy that night. I was in a mood and such things happened. The goal was a ratting roam through null sec. The Bot Execution from yesterday had sent many members of TEXN deep into the red. While THC2 is not so cautious of sec status, those of us who keep in the yellow were game.

What happened is right as the fleet was forming, another corporation came strolling through the system about 14 strong. They had passed through a little bit before. Falcon, Rook, Blackbird, Curse, and lots of cruisers and battle cruisers. At the time we only had five or six people on. While we are not lothe to throw five or six people into 14, with that much ECM on the field its a bit more iffy.

However, when they came back TEXN was almost fully together for their roam. A few words across alliance channels and they were making the hops towards us and we were chasing the fleet.

Did I mention I missed the fight? My entire coms sound went down and I had to reboot. When I got back, a few minutes later, the fight was over and everyone was going , "What just happened?"

What happened is that we engaged and the other fleet started to explode left and right while the rest bailed. The entire fight lasted a 1.5 minutes. They lost a Deimos, Curse, Falcon, Harbinger x2, Talos, Blackbird, Omen, Anathema, and a Hawk.

What the hell? I made it in as they were cleaning up the field and debaing what had happened and how it had happened so fast.

Then the Omen pilot started a conversation with Razor. It seems that the FC was new. Okay... perhaps I am strange but I'd think that if someone is learning to FC someone experienced would also be around.

Then they tried to get us to not post the Omen loss mail.

"heya, if you want to give the copies I forgot in my hold back that would be nice lol."
The copies in question were the 1 Amarr Control Tower Small BPC and the 4 Moon Harvesting Array BPCs that had dropped. 3 more small tower BPCs were destroyed and 1 moon harvesting array bpc was destroyed.
"p.s. if you post it on the killboard it will bug out and price them as originals, which means your board willb e permanently bugged out. it's only an omen, but if you post a bug you risk losing credibility"
A backhanded threat/suggestion. How amusing. The killboards have been posting the BPC values at 0 because of these problems. They where well known problems. I doubt anyone was going to look at our Omen kill and think that we had fudged the kill mail even if it had been bugged.

The Amarr Control Tower BPO is 125mil

Here is our killboards valuation of the BPCs. I use our eve kill board since it is a public board.

Look at us being all shifty and losing all credibility with our 0 valuation on the kill mail....

At which time Razor told them that there was no way the kill would not be posted to the killboard. However, they still wanted the BPCs back.

Razor said, "I didnt pick them up. So theres nothing i can do about giving them back."
"sure there is, you can say how much I need to pay you :)"
"make an offer"
"1 mill each? I own the originals, it's just annoying as hell to go all the way across the universe to get more copies"

He dropped the offer into fleet where it was mulled for a moment. "1mil each is acceptable. they will be contracted"

They were dropped off at a random system we passed and contracted back. We have zero use for small amarr towers and a stack of stolen ones back in the corps hanger. Piracy.

With that done, everyone rolled back and reshipped. For our trip to null we were switching into something a bit more flexable. Assault frigs, dictors, Intys, cruisers, and some battle cruisers for DPS.

A ratting roam is just that. We hop system to system, scatter through the belts, pick the highest valued battleship, kill it, improve our sec status and hope we find ships to kill along the way. Our nonratting fleet members did the scouting and shook their flashy pirate booties as bait.

It was a quiet night. We killed a hawk and a harby during the course of the evening. We missed a few things as well. The fleet is kinda scattered and we tried but it was not busy. The sec gains were not to bad. I went from -3.9 to -3.0. A lot of people lost their flashy status and in general it was a good and productive evening if a bit boring.

Then the batphone rang.

And we bolted for that dreadnought.

When we reached our home system, which was on the way to the titan, I reshipped from my Jag into my hurricane without missing a beat. We ran full tilt for the titan. The POCO was not dead. The guy had friends in the system but he was alone. We had a cyno burning for them and the R1FTA pilot was ready to hero point if it came to that.

As we are running we're hurriedly throwing information at our newest member. He has never seen the titan or done a hot drop before. He's been with us in a shield vexor, ratting and getting to know how to move with a fleet.

I think my first hot drop was in a rifter so he is doing better then I am. We got into system and figured out who we wanted him to warp to. The titan pilot is screaming, "DONT BUMP THE TITAN" and then BAM. Someone slams into the titan at full speed. This is what happens when you have drunk fleet members.

The titan spun around but its fine. It is such a stupid mechanic that a battle cruiser can cause that much movement to a titan. We're getting our newbie in place and explaining to him that he is going to "click and select the system name" when the titan pilot announces "bridge is up".

Everything got fast. The cyno landed on the dreadnought, the R1FTA pilot tried to point the dread but the dread is in siege. Fantastic! The cyno go up...

...and it's hot drop o'clock.

We landed and started shooting and neuting the dread. In chat, we are telling our noob to jump and he finally goes, "click what?" and I blinked. "Sorry! Click the titan!" Because the entire time no one had ever said click the titan, we just told him to right click for the jump.


No one else in system undocked...


What goodies are inside?

Then, because we where there we finished off the POCO. It was in half structure anyway.

It was a cute ending. R1FTA got the final blow. :) Then the fit got posted and a course of WTF went up in fleet chat.

Fitting is a complex thing and something that may not be easy to convey. But, on the simple side of things, many items scale up in size. Bigger ships need bigger items. You often try to shoe horn bigger items onto smaller ships for extra bonuses. What rarely (ever?) works when it comes to defensive modules is fitting smaller things onto bigger ships.

I avoid fit discussions like the plague. It is not an area that I am strong in or one where I feel I have any interesting or deep input. I do know however that when you have a capital ship you use a capital shield booster. A large and an X large a capital do not make. But his ship, his fit, his call. He decided to bash a POCO all by his lonesome.

We headed home, full and happy from the roam. My corps newest member now had his first hot drop and his first capital kill. Not bad for his first week in the Land of Yarr.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Bot Ganking: Executioner Style

I started reading the Nosy Gamer's Blog for botter tears. Team Security, Eve's Anti-botting and anti-RMT group had unleashed pain across New Eden's botting population. Entire alliances collapsed over night.

In my special world of naivety, I had never realized that in game bots were a thing. The people that sold in game money puzzled me. Who would buy in game money? Who would have something automatically play a game for them instead of just play it? What was the point?

Thankfully, I became educated in the seriousness of video games. I learned that some people did not play the game to play the game. As conceptually weird as I found it, I began to accept it. My first MMO was Hellgate:London and I played in a happy little world of just my best friend and I, ignoring the gold spam in the public channels.

Later, when playing City of Heroes I saw the gold sellers. I assumed that they were all scams that ignorant people fell for. It was a lot longer, and until after I started playing Eve Online that I realized people were really buying something they could acquire in game for real money.

Even when I started Eve, I used the 'Report ISK Spammer' function which also blocks the person. It was not until the first time that I visited an ice belt that I saw bots in action. There were two mackinaws (back when they were specalized to mine ice) that arrived at a warp in spot, mined enough cycles to fill, and warped off. Over and over on a perfect timer. "Wow, these are the bots I have read about," I thought. It was as if I had found something.

Mining with a bot seemed easy enough. It almost made sense to me. Once I had tried ice mining it made a lot of sense to me.

Something so pretty should not be so evil...

This brings me around to the more complex bots that are out in the game. Mission bots. Eve's missions are predictable and repetitive. The same things happen over and over. The same action creates an identical reaction each time and people have written automated programs for this.

Enter The Executioner's (TEXN)'s bot Gank Ops.

I have written about TEXNs gank ops. I went on one once as the salvager to see what it is like. They go after blinged out mission runners, probe them out, and suicide gank them. Some rage, some are calm, and some are bots. Last night they hunted down one of their favorite mission bots.

Six Vargurs, identically fit. All killed one after another. All from the same corporation. Each time they die, the pods warp to the sun and sit if no station was in system. If there was a station, they docked. During a four hour period, TEXN popped them one after another.

Catching them involved figuring out where they went, probing and getting to them before the missions were accomplished. Then GCC has to be waited out, ships have to be refit, and wash rinse and repeat.

Vargur One and Vargur Two and Vargur Three and Vargur Four and Vargur Five and Vargur Six

Tell me a person is sitting there, stupidly undocking ship after ship, losing their ships, warping to the sun and just staying there as one pod did for 4 hours until TEXN wandered along and popped it for good measure. Not saying anything. Not reacting. Just being ganked by the very people that just ganked you and are sitting outside of your station when you undocked looking all ganky.

And since some of the the pods were hanging out at the sun...

Pod One, Pod Two and Pod Three

Because really? Fuck sec status. Or as Mane said, "Doing the lords work."

20+ bil destroyed. I suspect someone came home and was very unhappy with what they found. This is one of the many reasons Eve is so great. These could have been players, sure, but as bots its sweet and savory.

The bots have been petititoned, repeatedly. A thread was even started on the forums refrence it. Today, they went back out and coutned five more under different names.

Everyone says take Eve into your own hands. Well thank you, we will.

Somewhere I Belong

Linkin Park - Somewhere I belong (Lyrics)

One of the forum trolls decided to have an untroll moment and make an idea thread for increasing the player base as a whole. One common theme that I read was ownership. It was not spoken as a concept on its own but it was applied to various things. I thought, maybe ownership as a whole is more important than the various things that we can own. People are invested because their stuff has value due to it being gone when it is lost. What you earn you can lose and the effort becomes all the more precious for the possibility of loss.

I started writing this little thought blurb earlier in the week. I'm amused that a blog banter about it has also started.

Home in space is as comfortable as slipping into your favorite ship.

I adore the concept of sov null. Even thought I do not wish to live there (bubbles) I am intrigued by it. I look at the Sov Map daily and read the changes of ownership for systems. I have no idea who most of the groups are. I’ve spent a lot of time listening to discussions about null sec and its politics and the way that it is run to have a rudimentary grasp of why space shifts hands as often as it does.

There are those that say that they don't care about their Sov, but I believe deep down people do. Even if loss is not the end of things there is no reason to hold it without wanting to hold it. Sure, systems can be groomed and nice things can be done but Sov is a lot of work. But the reward is having a 'house' that is all yours. It has your name, it has your things, it is laid out as you want.

But, the concept of ownership is not limited to Sov Null. Wormhole dwellers own their systems. They defend them. They fight for them. The do things to make them safe. They sometimes lose them. There are mercenary corps that waged war in wormhole space to clear out wormholes so that new residents can move in. Even though they live out of POSs and Orca and their systems have no static stations and they may lose everything, they have a home.

They may not have a name attached to them but they have a defined place that they live in.

In Low Sec Space we have home systems. Not often do two groups live out of the space piece of space. The Molden Heath Pirate war vs Eve University started when Eve University moved into the home system (and station) of one pirate corporation. This also put them next door to another and 4 jumps away from two more. There were many factors involved in that engagement but if they had moved into one of the empty stationed systems in Molden Heath the fires of war might not have swept across the groups as the Pirates combined and showed the focus and motivation that many think they lack.

In High Security space corporations have homes. They have POS to manage and belts to mine. They have worked to improve standings with various NPC corporations to perfect their refinement rates and allow them to secure their POS. Mission runners often have hubs that they work out of that are stocked with what items that they need dependent on how they work.

Even Traders have their home systems. Many may live in Jita but there are 4(5 if you include Hek) well known high sec trade hubs with a steady and stable population of traders. The hubs themselves are their homes.

Even though only Sov space holders 'own' their house, ownership and a sense of physical place is very important in Eve. One of the questions presented was should there be more layers of player ownership through the game beyond Sov Space.

I think the desire for a house to call your own is great but that it would devalue Sov Space if true, tangible ownership existed elsewhere. The composite ownership created by the natural desire to have a place to rest is great enough that players create their own homes without any support from the game mechanics.

"This is our system."
"They are outside of our station."
"Fleet is released, everyone best speed home."
"Oh we live in..."
"This is our home system."
"Red space is the best space."
"Back when we lived out of..."

From home   [hohm] Show IPA noun, adjective, adverb, verb, homed, hom•ing. noun

5. the place or region where something is native or most common.

Home is comfortable. Wars may rage and stuff may explode, but there is a place where a player can settle down. It may not be safe it may not be smart but it is satisfying all the same. It may change and it may move or for some there can only be once place that qualifies. But it will always be home or that place that you live.

Your docking request has been accepted. Your ship will be towed into station.

Friday, August 24, 2012

A Fledgling's Pensive Brooding on Personal Change

Does one outgrow people in the game? Is outgrow the right word or is it just drifting apart due to time and change?

I was watching two people doing a multi layered PvP activity. One is the PvPr and the other is a member of a noob corp. The member of the noob corp was feeding info to the PvPr who was using that to poke at the corp members and try to get them to can flip for agression. They staged several battles between each other in an attempt to lure the noob corp into fighting.

"They say they want to get into PvP."

"Obviously they don't."

"You don't know the whole story."

One of those people I have known since very early in my game time. I looked up to them as a solo PvPer for a long time. They always seemed to be looking for fights or getting into fights and killing people.

I was impressed.

Later, I learned that it was a lot of can flipping frigate fights in high sec. I had assumed that it was low sec roaming due to my early introduction to it. Still, it was PvP and PvP that I did not do or know how to do. I was impressed. Everyone was better than I was. I was staggering along behind my boys tripping as I ran to keep up. They'd pick me up and dust me off but I was far from being a functional member of the corp. At the time I wanted so badly to prove myself as having some type of potential at something to everyone.

"Come corp with me," I was asked, "Let me teach you PvP."

I looked at my corp chat and shook my head. I had been with the boys only a few weeks at that point. I spent time worried that they'd tire of me puttering around after them, flapping my flightless wings as I tried to keep up. I wanted desperately to learn what they knew and fly like they did. I did not want to leave what I had just found and I said, "No" as gently as I could.

I'd already been in one situation that had not worked out, leaving a group of solid people for an apprenticeship with a single person didn't seem to be the best idea.

My decision was a good one. He vanished for a few months and then reappeared. I still respected him. I had advanced and grown. I was so proud to show that I was out doing stuff and learning this pewpew thing. I still had a lot of respect for him. After all, he did Solo PvP something that seemed the smallest dream.

He wanted to fly with us. I arranged some fleet meet ups and had him fly with us. He seemed to like it but he always went back to high sec and the guarantied PvP there. I started to understand that PvP was not PvP but it was as diverse as anything else in the game. We all might look for fights and explosions but where and how we went after it varied.

And then he vanished again and reappeared. But each time I'd changed a little more and it seems as if our playing habits have parted at a fork in the road. Suddenly, the distance between us was not as great and I struggled with the changes in our positions. Suddenly, Solo PvP and honorable 1v1's were the flavor. The fleet fights, the sulking about low, the hit and runs, the hot drops... those where cheap. He would stay in high sec and find real fights. I felt as if my accomplishments had just been kicked over. I had expected to be petted and told that I was good and that he was proud of me. But, I had changed enough that I no longer automatically lowered my head and agreed. In fact, I disagreed a lot.

There the paths started to veer apart and it became harder and harder to hear what was said. Then, one day, I realized that I had done all of the changing. My perceptions had altered and my view was different. My tastes and interest had begun to develop with a focus. I was still lost and flightless but no longer casting around as much. I wasn't lost I was just inexperienced.

None of that precludes friendship. But rifts in interest can cause odd friction. Arguing with those that I used to be in awe of just makes things uncomfortable. I avoid the arguments but I can't avoid the disagreement. Today, I seriously wondered what the point the day's activity was.
"Why go harass them?"

"It is not harassment. It is to teach them a lesson. They do not listen. They argue."
"Then why stay with them? They don't know you are teaching them a lesson. They just know you come and kill them."

Maybe I no longer understand the mechanics of high sec corporations. The chances are high that I never did. And when every corp member is under 2 months old... the entire situation made little sense to me.

I disagree because I am growing? Changing? It is a new thing for me to be willing to argue about the game, but of late it has been happening. "I do not agree" or asking some people to explain to me "Why" something makes sense instead of assuming that they are right. Sometimes I even have an opinion...

It was pointed out to me that I struggle to stay humble. There is irony in that considering the corporation name, but beyond that to, I do. I have to prove things to myself before I can claim them. I've not proven very much to myself as of yet or at least not to the standards that I would like to reach. Yes, it is a game, but the interaction with people is still interaction with people. My opinion of myself is still my opinion of myself.

Maybe I need more testosterone. :) Or, at least, fewer pensive thoughts about social interactions in the serious world of internet spaceships late into the night.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Backtracking About Proposed Gategun Changes

Today, oddly, turned out to be about the CSM.

I was not expecting that. I was flipping through Poetic Stanziel's blog and reading his argument of and with Ripard Teg about his opinion on if Ripard Teg was going to run for CSM next spring.

It got me to thinking about how I wanted to pay more attention to it the next time elections came about. When the CSM was elected this time around I had only been in the game for a few months. I placed my vote with someone who gained a seat and has proven to do nothing with it. Then, to top it off, my actually in game interactions with him have been so full of bitter disappointment and horror at his egotistical behavior that I wish I could rescind my votes.

It is not that I have a doe eyed opinion that the CSM is going to change Eve. It is that I want them to put the time and energy into what they wanted. The same complaints the public always has for its elected officials. Even if nothing gets accomplished I just appreciate the effort as promised.

After I finished reading Poet spar with Ripard and was flipping through more tweets to occupy myself I saw a tweet from CSM Member Hans Jagerblitzen. So far I like Hans and his commentary on various threads in the Crime and Punishment Forum section have been good. I don't follow audio or visual information if I can avoid it so I've missed a lot of the information about the CSM since it seems that text is not their preferred method of communication.
"Attention all pirate and FW scumm - an update on "GateGunGate" … I know pitchforking is fun, but it'll have to wait."
This was exciting. Off to the forums I went to read. The gategun threads had not died. They had slowed a bit but the war about the entire issue was still going strong. Some of the members of Negative Ten had even spoken up.
Hans Jagerblitzen #782 Posted: 2012.08.22 12:55
o/ Hello again pod people.
Just wanted to stop by and give you a brief update, after speaking with CCP Greyscale about the gate gun changes in great detail, he's once again assured me and the CSM that this gate gun idea was just an idea he was toying with, and not something that is definitely in the pipeline for development. After the flood of player feedback as well as my own urging for him to reconsider this, its no longer an idea that is being pushed forward anyways. I'll be monitoring his work on GCC, sec status, and crimewatch in general as we move further into Winter, but as of right now the gate gun idea has stalled.
The minute that status changes - I'll let the community know as soon as possible so we can continue "the resistance". But in the meantime, there's not much to fight against because this doesn't appear to be moving past the idea stage, thanks to all who have spoken up.

I was happy. It is always nice to be heard. I had debated saying anything but silent suffering just lets you suffer silently. It is hard to remember that everyone does not know me or know the people that I know. They see the label (pirate) and the negatives that come with it. Just as my low sec status brings comments and some people that seem to know and like me sometimes make comments that tell me that my interest in PvP makes them uncomfortable.

 Of course, with the thread lounging in General Discussion, the trolling and confused comments came rolling in. It is frustrating for there to be so many words said and so many ideas shared and so little understanding resulting from it.
To repeat myself, because I like words, the major argument against changing gateguns was that it would not deter gatecamps and would instead destroy small fleet fights. Yet, endlessly, people keep repeating that we need not be 'lazy' and we need to go 'find' the fights.

My last two roams where very productive including a capital ship kill. I don't remember celebrating once about taking down a 2 day old player in an Ibis with civilian modules while my arm snapped from patting myself on the back. But, that fear of gate camps and that boogyman of low sec masks understanding from people. Its to easy to gibber in fear and debate how we all eat newbies and that is the only reason we have to be in low sec.

Not that new players do not get killed. The typhoon I killed a few weeks ago didn't belong where he was. But what is a noob? We would have scanned him down in a mission and killed him as well. But that falls into the argument that we should not shoot everyone. Sigh.
When Singoth of RvB(Blue) Said:
#791 Posted: 2012.08.22 15:33 Hello,
Gatecamping is wrong, annoying, prevents newbies from getting to low/null and make a living there. I think that's the main reason why.
If you want to fight, start an actual roam, instead of camping gates 23,5/7. And jump to an other gate from time to time.
This will not impede with normal fighting if you have some actual PvP experience. Gatecamping requires no experience, just patience, and we all know that waiting for something to happen without much risk involved is much like mining, which is carebearing, which is EVIL AND MUST BE EXTERMINATED AT ALL COSTS.

I ignored him. Normally I'd not quote such drivel or draw any public attention to it. I ignored him as I ignored most of the other rantings about how we are terrible people. Yet, ganking high sec miners, that's pro. Killing people in low sec under conditions he does not approve of? That's terrible. I would have rolled my eyes and ignored it if I didn't refresh to see this:

Then another CSM Member, Issler Dainze said:
#805 Posted: 2012.08.22 18:32
So sadly even though there seemed to be support for this change by some players and at a couple of CSM for some variation of the idea only one side of the feedback seems to have been heard. Sad.
The first I heard of Issler was a thread where she was called out for an alliance mail she sent. She spent a lot of time in that thread trying to do damage control and back stepping as she attempted to convince people that what she said was not what she meant.

And she was going to come and stomp all over this thread. She is one of the high security representatives and her representation is to try to crush low sec a bit more. After her hysterical rant all over her alliance eve mail I've had a hard time taking her seriously.

Just yesterday I said that snarkyness was not a habit of mine. I've learned that I have my limits.
My response:
#807 Posted: 2012.08.22 18:48
I will do everything in my power to support CSM reps with a clue. I am glad I did not vote for you. It is a shame you were elected with the attitudes you have shown over and over again. Hans stood up for our valid gamestyle to stop a change that would not fix the so called problem but increase it and nerf the fleet combat as a side dish.
Someone might actually respect you, Issler. Please, don't embarrassing them further.
So... I was a bitch.
I was then trolled for sounding like a carebear for saying 'valid gamestyle'. I responded that I carebear every day. They didn't care for that and tried to demean me a bit more. General Discussion on the forums is like that. Its putting yourself out to burn. I have no idea why I keep doing it. I don't enjoy having the attention of trolls and the vicious masses.

Sometimes I boggle myself on why I put myself out there. Of course, I comment on that in a blog I write that is open to the public. I do confuse myself at times.

But before I signed off on this blog post, I refreshed the forum to see her backtracking. This is such a habit that it makes me grit my teeth. I hate politics but there are times when one has to wade forward. Politics.... welp... sometimes stuff has to be done and efforts need to be made to not have people reelected.
Minmatar Citizen 160812 #821 Posted: 2012.08.22 23:32
I asked once before so I'll reword it and see if you have an answer this time.
Once past the gate what would carebears be able to do in space that wouldn't result in them being hunted down and killed? How would any change to sentries increase interest in low sec considering the answer to the first question is nothing?
(His name used to be the Gay Jesus or something like that. CCP changes 'offensive' names to things like the above)
Issler Dainze #822 Posted: 2012.08.23 00:02
Well, depends on the care bear. For example if they can get into low sec they can consider trade at stations, explore the belts, search for anomolies or even consider missions that require low sec. Don't get me wrong, this alone is not the "get the bear into low sec fix" but reducing gate camps will have to part of the solution once other carrots are put into low sec to make risk/reward make sense in this under utilized portion of space.
And to be fair I should have reworded my post. What I was really reacting to was that this issue is not "clear support against and none for", there was support for variations of the idea with players as well as those against. Not acknowledging that some folks liked the idea in general (including a few CSM) was what prompted me to post.
I don't think gate gun changes are as dead as some may have suggested. Also, the real discussion should be broader about how to improve low sec for everyone.

I'll end this post here before my words become much darker and more vicious.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Q&A with Sugar about THC2

I had a reverse interview today. When I told Ender about it later he said, "Reverse interview?"

"Yes. They asked all of the questions and I answered."

It was not an interview in the formal sense of, "This is your talk to get into corp." I'm the chatter so I was placed on the front lines to greet people and answer their questions. If this was a store, I'd be handing out the coupons and sale items while I was at it.

"What are the requirements to join out of curiosity? And does Capital Punishment look down on people who are not intending on staying there permanently?"
It was an unexpected starter question and I took a moment to debate my answer. My first thought was, "What?" but I stepped back from it and accepted that someone might want to join to learn and do our thing and then drift off. Or, they might be pulled in and stay. It is not necessarily a 'bad' thing. Not everyone is looking for an end game 'home'.

I told him that the requirements are person by person. It is vague but it is true. Not everyone is going to mix into the group. Personality is one of the most important traits followed by being able to listen and learn. So, the only requirement is that the group that decides on the new members accept the person applying.

As for the first part, I told him that most come looking for a place to stay for an extended period of time but people come and go. I couldn't answer much beyond that. We have one member who has just returned to us after an extended absence away with a group in null sec. He tired of that and wanted to come back home.

"There's a post about a willingness to take people with lower xp/less experience. Is this accurate?"
I was the one who wrote the post that he was referencing. It says that we are accepting a limited number of low skill point/new pilots. Snarkiness is never my answer for these situations. I leave everyone else to do that. I said that yes, we are taking in some on a case by case basis. I'm no longer the youngest member of the corporation having been usurped by our newest member.
"Do you guys fly with Logi? Specifically if I train into a Scimitar will I get brought?"
I told him that we do fly with logies but it is a fleet by fleet case. I explained that we do not always fly with logistic ships. Sometimes no one wants to fly them. Quiet often, it is easier to get into a fight without a logistic ship on the field. When a gang is only 3 or 4 people a logi is easily a scale tipping addition that can end a fight before it starts.

I also said that almost everyone can fly logistics. It is a valuable and important skill to have. We do not scorn it but it is not a situation where one only flies that type of ship.

"Are their opportunities for new pilots to FC roams?"
To quote my response, "Not really, no. Or not in so far as 'lets learn this'. Everyone eventually learns to FC but it's a gradual progression. Our fleets are cohesive but the pilots are expected to have individual intelligence and use that and eventually people start stepping up to FC, but our groups are very small and you have independent tasks to do regardless."

I was surprised by this question. For me, being the Fleet Commander (FC) is something far off in the future of I can't see it ever happening. I am worried enough about being responsible for myself. Having a large enough clue to lead a bunch of other people into success is at such a distant point I can't even see it.

When I stepped back a bit I realized that for some, becoming a Fleet Commander may be their goal and their dream to chase.

"Who calls primaries?"
"The FC normally unless he's forced off field for some reason. Our change over is kinda understood. We normally have several people in each fleet who are normal FCs and someone just tends to step up."
"What is the average fleet size and how often do you guys go out?"
"Probably 5-10 most of the time and whenever there are people around who want to go. We have some guys who tend to do smaller stuff 2-4 people cuz that's all that's on. People fleet with those that mesh well. Some are soloists."
"How does PvP training happen in practice?"
"Most of the practice is simply real life. If you want to go and spar or do random things we suggest the test server. Going out on roams is very much about learning as you do it. Asking questions and having them answered. And we live in low sec. Every day is real."

On reading back I am amused by my use of reality and life in my descriptions. But, it makes sense in comparison to a question about 'practice'.

"How much fighting do you guys do in Null?"
I was actually starting to feel a bit stupid because I didn't have neat clean answers for some of this stuff. My answer was "Some? When it is near? We don't avoid it but we don't always select it either." I don't think about it. We go where we go. Sometimes we keep going.
"How active are you guys on comms? Specifically are you active on comms when NOT forming for PvP?"
That was at least easy. TEXN hangs out on comms more then THC2 does. Getting Ender on coms is quite the task but that wasn't the topic and I didn't bring it up.
"Whats your guys policy on trash talk?"
"We don't have one. It is not normally our thing but to each his own. It is a pretty situational thing." I'm not into trash talk but I know some people adore it.

And he said thank you and logged out of TEXN and THC2s chatrooms.

Monday, August 20, 2012


At what point, are people to blame for their own mistakes or decisions? Or, at what point will they blame themselves?

I've seen two things happen recently and both make me wonder. One is while I was burning some time in incursions last week. As we where going through a site someone said, "Oh no."

"What?" he was asked.

"A thrasher just popped my alt."

It turns out that he had gone to buy some after burner for one of his incursion fleets. It cost around 350 million. I noticed, because it was near the price for the one that I had for sale. He had sent his alt to buy the item in Jita and when he was about 7 jumps away from the incursion site he decided it was safe enough to autopilot.

Two jumps later he was popped. The module did not drop but a thrasher is cheap. It was worth it for the ganker to try.

His reaction was not anger or rage. He took it rather calmly. There was fustration there. He had spent the last of his isk on it. I'm noticing the reinvestment rate for incursion ships is much greater then I expected. But, he will make the ISK again.

What caught my attetnion was the reaction from another fleet mate. "That jerk who popped you," this guy said. "At least he didn't get anything."

Is the thrasher pilot a jerk? The use of jerk, beyond being an insult, leads to feel as if the thrasher pilot did something wrong by the gank.

jerk noun \ˈjərk\

Definition of JERK

4. a : an annoyingly stupid or foolish person
b : an unlikable person; especially : one who is cruel, rude, or small-minded

What responsibility does the module owner bear for putting himself into a bad position? While there is an admission of, "should not have autopiloted with shiny in cargo hold" the ganker is still the 'bad' person. There is an under current of "it shouldn't have happened to him" that bothers me. This comes not from the victim, but from those around. This is where the dangerous ground lays and the first steps upon the path of 'greater safety' land.

If I were to jump into a system in low sec and be ganked, it'd be my bad luck or the luck of the draw. "What do you expect to happen?" I am sure someone would ask if I expressed my surprise.

Is it to much for me to hope that people will accept fault? I fear it may be. Yet, it needs to happen. To say, "I should not have created this situation for myself" is important. It helps to close the door of, "This shouldn't have happened to me," and open the door of, "What can I do to avoid this situation?"

Station Games with Carriers and Co

Today was an interesting Sunday.

I had someone send me 10mil ISK because they liked my blog. That was unexpected but sweet. I'll have to make a PvP fund for that type of thing and use it to buy stuff for PvP

I managed to avoid a POS bash and then join up in a corporate roam afterwards. The goal was a small fleet in the hope to get people interested in fighting back. It is Sunday night and I'm done working for the weekend. Sundays are always interesting days. They seem to have extremes of boringness or interest.

We headed out in a battlecruiser fleet with a huginn to see what we could find.

First, Diz wanted to go visit his new friends that he has been playing with. The systems where clear for a bit. Then, the scout jumped through and noticed a flashy cyclone on the gate. We had a drake jump through and the cyclone aggressed the drake.

Once he was aggressed the rest of the fleet jumped in. Hurricane x2, huginn and a drake vs the Cyclone. This is the same guy that Diz has fought a few times already over the last few days.

A cyclone is not a bad way to start a roam. We scooped everything. No one had taken GCC because of his sec status being below -5. We then went to visit the station. Last time we did that they undocked a carrier. There was a hope that with the five of us, we'd be able to bump a carrier off the undock of the station.

When we landed a Megathron and a Niddy undocked. The Niddy repped the Mega. We shot the Mega anyway. Drones went to the Niddy and we stayed out of the Mega's blaster range.

We managed to power through the reps that where landing and we took the Mega down.

s we hoped they undocked the carrier. With the Mega down they redocked it. But we decided to give something a try. We decided to dock at the station to repair and see what would happen. We undocked to find a Thanny and Niddy out on the undock. We bounced off of them and they began to lock us up and shoot us.

We undocked.

Excellent. They were willing to aggress in their carriers on the station. A market check located cynos and fuel a few jumps away. A chat into alliance located a stack of eager dreadnought pilots. The plan. Dreadnought drops and carrier dies.

We undocked again. This time we acted like complete flakes and let our drake and soon to be cyno ship warp off. The rest of us continued to undock, get battered, try to escape, fail and dock. We asked them to let us go in local. They ransomed us for 100 mil. I explained that 100 mil was a lot of money. They dropped the offer to 50 mil. I insisted that it was too much and they should just let us go for the good fights instead of camping us in the station.

As I talked, dreds gathered. We had a moment with buying the cyno. The once we noticed was priced at 1.8billion. Whoops. A few jumps away we found one for a reasonable price. Back at the station, we kept the pilots entertained with local chatter, conversation, and a few more attempts to slip away from them. We tried "very hard" to escape. I asked them to move their ships off the undock some. I appealed to their good nature.

Finally, the drake pilot was back in system. The dred pilots had all calculated hteir routes. One hurricane undocked and let the carriers rip into him. The drake warped to the cane. I undocked and pointed the Thanny. He was decided upon because he was in half shields. The drake landed. The first hurricane docked. They switched to me. The drake lit the cyno. I burned away from them everything. Space exploded with beautiful, red flares.

Moros, Moros, Naglfar, Naglfar, Phoenix, Archon on grid.

The dreds seiged. One Thanatos down. The niddy docked as did a typhoon they kept spitting out. The sad part is that the same pilot flew the cyclone, the mega and the thanny. He was pretty good natured about it. Or at least, he did the 'didn't want that anyway, got spares in the station' thing.

We looted his wreck like piranha. Fighters. Mmm. Delicious and expensive delicacies. The subcaps are too small to carry them so the poor caps had to keep docking and undocking to empty the wreck. The naglfars had bounced when they landed from the cyno.

Once we got everything sorted, we jumped the dreds back out, said thank you to TEXN for helping out, and headed back out on our roam.

We puttered around, zigzagging through space looking for a fight. Ren logged on and caught up with us. I managed to screw up my map settings and not realize it. That was how I wound up bolting through a .06 system in my hurricane because I was on 'take shorter' instead of 'take less secure. That is just a nasty, nasty feeling as the faction police start to chase and shoot you. I made it out. Then I had to go back in. This poor cheetah pilot thought I was chasing him down. I wound up starting a conversation with him to tell him that I was just lost not trying to kill him.

We made it up to Amamake and found that there was a little group sitting in the top belt waiting for fights. That sounded good.

We sent the drake into the system then me. The drake warped and as he was about to land I warped. He landed and got locked by a legion, and a hurricane, and some other assorted things. I landed behind him and our Huginn was right behind me. The legion burned out of the Drake's range. I grabbed the next point and started to keep up but he webbed me down. I sent my drones to break his lock and our Huginn webbed him. Then his point broke and I had him neuted out as well. Cap draining dry we took him down and scooped the loot while frantically hitting scan and making sure we were not about to be jumped.

I managed to burn my guns out again. I'm getting to excited in these fights and not paying attention to what I'm doing to start them repairing sooner. So I went to dock and realized that the loot gods had smiled upon my bullshitting the Thanatos pilot. A bright stack of bling was in my cargo hold for about 300 mil in shininess. I dropped it off for safe keeping.

The next system over, Razor was trying to catch up to us. He had taken a short cut through null and managed to kill a falcon right as three carriers cynoed out. The falcon was the cyno and he killed it as the carriers came back to try to save it. Then he ran off.

As he raced to catch up he wound up jumping into a fleet from a corp that is a true ancestral enemy to TEXN and THC2. They go after him and he is gate bouncing back and forth as we catch up. We manage to snag and kill their Talos and get Razor broken free. As we cooled our GCC we discussed the stuff I left in Amamake. It seems that someone likes to camp that station. So, we ran back in, grabbed it, and sent it to high sec to get taken care of. That type of drop is sold and split beween the people on the killmail. We looked for another fight but none appeared so we abandoned the belt and made our way home.

On the way back we curved through null but not much else was to be found. It was a good night thou. I'm tired but a nice way to start my weekend. Almost all my fights where with -5+ people, meaning my sec only dropped to -4.2 from -4.1 That playtime with the drake fleet the other day wrecked my sec status.

The moral of the story?