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CSMX - Post #37

It seems the week was not as calm as I thought it was. I do not watch streams and I have decided to step away from several areas of Eve media for a bit. Because of that, I've slowly acquired second hand knowledge of things that are coming. It seems that links are headed towards being on grid. This I learned second hand from a stream that CCP Fozzie was on. I don't know what stream or when. It is not surprising news. Changes to links were always dependent on Brain in a Box. With that deployed it looks like CCP has made their decision to change links. I have no knowledge of what their plans are. I have also seen some references to Rorqual sized mining drones. This, as far as I understand, was announced and shared at Eve Down Under. I did not know it was on the board nor do I have any further details about it. I will assume that it was during something CCP Larrikin discussed as that he is the lead on Capital changes. CCP Fozzie has also released the Logistic Frigate stats o

Familiarity and Rememberence

On April 7th, 2013 I wrote this blog post and never published it: Kittens was collecting corpses on a gate the other day and bantering with LR. LR pops corpses because they show up in his overview. Kittens collects corpses and feels that LR should scoop the corpses and deliver them to him instead of destroying them. It was a random discussion but it led to LR telling kittens that his job wasn't to collect corpses but to put kill on the killboard. That was his primary focus as a member of THC2. I interjected at that point. Often times, with conversations like that, I try not to say anything. Often, I fail. But if the primary purpose in THC2 is to put kills on the killboard I completely, and totally fail at that. LR was kind enough to give me an exception clause for the other things that I do and Diz stepped up to say that as long as people are having fun things are successful. However, I clung to that exception clause because I do not like it. I do not have a particular desir


My current lifestyle changes comes with the ability to exercise a lot more. I'm logging in serious hours on foot these days much to the hopeful happiness of my future booty and belly. As part of my monitoring, I decided to indulge in a FitBit. I chose one that checks my heart rate constantly and has cute features, one of which is being a watch. I really needed the watch. With the american shopping Holiday here, I decided to wait for a sale. The sale came and I picked up my expensive gadget at a little less expensive. Everything arrived today and I chortled to myself while I synced it to my phone, told it that I was indeed very fat. All set with my device, I've spent the day trying and failing to ignore my arm. I've not worn a watch in about ten years so having one has been very disorienting. However, its more then a watch and occasionally I look at the various stats and chortle while hoping I don't become a bad review on Amazon in a week or two. I'm coming into

Not an Eve Thanksgiving

I'm tired. My month of a weird, mixed schedule has come to a close. Because of it, I have the next four days off and I am quite looking forward to them. I'll probably be able to think about Eve again. While my new position makes work much more pleasant, nothing makes the hours shorter. Today was Thanksgiving. I worked it as I have for the bulk of Thanksgivings during my adult life. Please, don't pity me. I've never worked a normal office job where you get holidays off. I have no idea what that life is like and I don't miss what I've never had. Plus, I am a holiday Scrooge type as far as I can tell. While we don't do a Thanksgiving spread, we do like the traditional foods. Turkey is not something I often make. They are to big for a two person household. My husband also has no deep link to Thanksgiving. He is British after all. Instead, we order a Thanksgiving meal from Bob Evans. It's quite delicious and it is how we have had a sensible, easily mana

In Which I am Not Socially Acceptable for Public View

Who knew that having terrible reception at work for the last two weeks would be such a positive. I feel nice and clear headed. For those that attended Eve Vegas, CCP sent out a survey. I appreciate these things and I try to write honestly. I liked most of the events. I also have little else to compare the event to. Eve is the only game that I play that interests me enough to go to wider events. I did hate on the party. The music was horrifically loud and increase in volume during the night. I suspect as people consumed their alcoholic beverages and their voices rose, the music went up to compensate. All that meant was by 2200 it was unbearably loud and I was yelling at people standing directly beside me. The first year that I went to Eve Vegas, I skipped the party. The second year I went, but left after a bit of speaking to no one and watching people mingle. The view atop Rio was amazing and I drank that in for several hours. The third year, having been elected to the CSM, people

CSMX - Post #36

Tis the season if you are into holidays. Thanksgiving in the USA has been plowed over by the voracious market of Christmas. CCP Seagull released an update and inside of it is something called Operation Frostline. She suggests that you pay attention. Plus, we're getting new ships in December. A lot of new ships. Dev blogs teach us all sorts of new things. Team Tech Co is the team behind Brain in a Box. While releasing this major update to Eve's Eveness, they also slipped in a CREST update that allows players to save out of game fits directly to their characters. Consider me pleasantly surprised. It is a useful quality of life update. I have studied the killboard of those I admire and stolen a fit or two. With these uploads, saved fittings and multi-buy, putting a ship together is becoming a smoother process. Hopefully, some of us will not need to go back to the market half a dozen times in the future. I've been asked a few times if the skill point reimbursement is don

Enjoying the Nonfun

Having completed this build I pondered the slow drag of the last two months as I've worked on it. In the end, I did not enjoy building it. I am okay with that. I don't feel as if I wasted time. I'm not unhappy with my choice. There are no regrets. I tried something and after finishing it, I pondered my feelings for the situation. Fun has been an elusive term for me. I enjoy a lot of things. Sometimes that enjoyment is only discovered once the process is over. It reminds me of some books that I have read. Page for page they did not thrill me but whenever I put them down and the entire story merged together I was entranced by it. Trying things and the success and failures keep me going. I don't like to fail. I'd love to be perfect at everything that I do. I've yet to find the reality where I am always perfect. Instead, there is a base acceptance that I may or may not do well at something. Trying it what lets me figure it out. There is a safety to an interact

A long day and a million trit short

Gasping and panting I dragged myself across the line of this capital build, finally. I am only about two months behind where I planned to be with it. Holy hell. My ability to focus on things in game and be productive has taken an incredible, embarrassing, and somewhat horrific turn. In many ways I am still finding out how much doing something for someone else motivated me. Right now, I'm tired. The stress of hauling was to much so I paid to have a lot of stuff moved. That is burning through ISK that has no return because I have not made ISK in about six months. The project I am working on does not motivate me. Jump, move, dump, build, jump warp, dock, move, move, move, find out I didn't bring enough stuff again, get, move, dock, jump, warp... etc. I've been doing the same things for years and I enjoyed it. But alone, it is not fun. It is just something to be done. That left me staring at a less than one million ISK trit shortage with a resigned horror that made me wan


The difference in price for a Prorator between Hek and Jita turned out to be about fifty million ISK. Thank goodness I misread my asset list. The misread happened when I attempted to plug in a build and got an error on megacyte. Of course I did. I'm almost done the build and things have been going well. Something had to happen. I think I have enough of everything else. I think. These are the times that I wish I was a spreadsheet guru. I would have automatic tables built in that told me things. As it is, I stumble around and bump my head into the well until a ship is built or I pass out. I decided to go with Friction Nozzle Joints. Where I am going if I am caught I am dead. On the flip side, hopefully no one will be around when I jump in and my paranoia will make me chuckle a bit. Maybe. Being on my own, fitting ships is more about what I want to do with them. With no meta to worry about and no fleet doctrine to fit to, I have spent more time scrolling through modules to see w

CSMX - Post #35

I'd like to thank everyone that responded to my search for experience in capital warfare in low security space. Please know that I am also glaring at you for not signing up before I started begging. Once I did people fell out of the bushes all over the place. Unfortunately, this is not a topic that I want to address based off of only my personal experience and knowledge. Feedback has been coming in from Sisi about the changes to the camera . These changes where announced at Eve Vegas. For anyone willing to check out Sisi, please give the new camera  look. One of the major complaints I am hearing is that it does not have a 'classic' mode. It does cool things and detaches and such but the lack of 'normal' or 'classic' camera is bothering people, especially when it comes to manual piloting. I have also heard that it is lagging and sluggish. This, I expect will improve and I'll keep listening in. Also on Sisi is the first changes to grid size . This one

Walking Along

To my surprise, I woke up around 0830 this morning. I wasn't expecting that. These last two weeks I have manipulated my schedule to accommodate a co-workers needing to take leave at the last minute. With my new position this type of manipulation is easily approved. However, it has been exhausting as I've compressed my schedule. That's how I found myself awake early, wanting to try my new boots on. I think I would have slept in if it were not for the boots. Anyway, I tried them on and they look great. But! I remembered to do some Eve stuff. I have managed to drag most of the supplies for my project into low sec. I've been building away, much to my great glee. But, watching some of the comments on multi-buy from Vov as he was debating doing some runs on T2 ships. I realize that it is another feature that I've supported and cheered into the game but haven't gotten a chance to use. There is so much Eve to relearn and learn. I'm rather excited. I am sure th

For the Sake of Spite

I did it. I dove deep into the Fallout 4 void for the day. It was lovely. I've been working a modified schedule at work and my days off are out of wack. Plus, my husband has first dibs because unlike me, he does not care for spoilers I was skimming reddit on Tuesday and I saw people raging out about spoilers. Some where accidental. Different people have different enhancements for reddit and some show pictures. Other's where purposeful, planted by ether members of our community or other's who had decided to creep in and upset people. It is my great fortune that I am not spoilt by knowledge of the end of something or what will happen. Why this is, I am unsure. I'm prone to read the ending of a book that I find very enthralling if I catch myself reading to fast or skipping bits to get on with it. It does not ruin it for me. It lets me appreciate hte journey to get to the ending. That trip is what I enjoy. My husband also enjoys that trip. However, the first time he m

A Random Not Really Eve Conversation

This is not really an Eve related post but because I shared it on Twitter, it goes here for those wanting to see the entire story. On the Sunday at Eve Vegas, I got a text message from an unknown number. It said, "You back yet?" I left a "?" behind. I had given my number to a few people so I had no idea who was messaging me. They never responded. I didn't think much of it until I received a message this evening during a lull at work that said, "Hey faggot" from my unknown number. There are a lot of ways to respond to that. I decided to do the simple thing and say, "Good chance it is the wrong number" in response. They responded, "No its not." Now, I got mischievous. I will admit I was interested in what would happen if I talked to someone that greeted me with such energy as I felt in that hearty "Hey faggot" I received. I've seen amazing text message conversations before and I wondered how I would do. Yes

CSMX - Post #34

Remember, remember, the third of November... did I get that right? Eve online: Parallax was released successfully full of bugs. It is not as bad as it could be. Brain in a Box was released and while it has been running wild in wormhole space, giggling and harassing the residents, for the most part the defects have been swiftly attacked. Your skills might be broken. Your links may not work. Your wormhole life may be confusing now that you have eight high spots on your probing frigate. Duel training might not be what you'd like it to be. And if the POS or POCO that you shoot laughs at you, don't worry. Fires are being put out at good speed. The new scanning interface has been released as an opted in beta feature. This has made some people mad. They don't want to be testers for CCP. I've learned that testing is a touchy subject and people don't want to put their free time into testing and everything should be perfect when released. If you don't like it, p

For Want of Blue

Since the first, awkward implementation of the SKIN system, I've been a supporter. There is the fact that it has been a long requested feature in EVE Online. Many a player has fallen in love with a ship simply for its design. I've been one of them. I also fall in love with ships for their abilities and the joy of flying them. But sometimes, it is their design. With the approach of the skill packets, I decided to get more familiar with Aurum. It means gold. I walked by a jewelry store in Reykjavik named Arurum. I went, "Ah." That was for the most part my interaction with the word and the item. Shopping is not my strong point. At Vegas, I dithered over buying a mug because shopping. I've been the one screaming 'mugs' in the background constantly. Yet, no mug came home with me because I'm not an impulse buyer. I have to not only like it and want it, I need to like it and want it a few days later too. But, this isn't about my mug. Not really. It is

This being a person thing. I seem to have it. Sorry about that.

It has always been a habit on this blog for the author to write about whatever is on the authors mind. That would be me and my mind with this being my blog. I write about the good and I write about the bad. I sometimes regret that I do this. Not for actual personal regret, but because it always has unexpected side effects. Being someone who spends their time examining their personal motivation, I'm often left confused that other people do not. Basically, I mean what I say and it confuses me when and that other people do not. I'm a terrible lair. Not because I cannot lie but because I am interested in the truth and lies get in the way. Often times, when things are said to me, I try to do the water off a ducks back. Know that I am actually terrible at doing this. "Why did they say that? What caused them to mean that? Where? When? How? Can it be fixed? That was not the intent, how can greater clarity happen?" That's me and it seems that's wrong. It causes me a

Another Day

I had a lot to say today. And then a lot of things happened. At first I was happy. But then the day went on. I started to wonder if I will ever understand people. Or maybe it is me? And finally, I decided to shelve it for another day. Have a good evening, Everyone.

Most of the Musing Stuff

I had planned to write another fiction story after Vegas. I may not be able to do so. Since Vegas, I have been caught up in a whirlpool of thought and personal change. It is amazing how a small moment can change so many things. But, I had one of those moments at Vegas. It is small in comparison to the dozens of other amazing ones I got from the warmth and thanks of the community. It was small because I met someone I have known for years. We said hello and never spoke to each other again. It was the lack of communication that did it. I actually saw instead of just possessing the knowledge, of how much of myself I had wound around a certain set of memories and happenings. And its utter smallness finally showed itself to me. I was the only one that cared. My game identity has been a murky place for me for the past few months. I had always identified myself by my corporation. I prided myself on my loyalty and devotion. When I went solo a lot of things started to slip away from me bec

Little Moments

Testing... testing... ahh this thing still works! So much serious posting with stuff and information. I forgot that I could do this part of things. Did you know Sugar and Chella have almost eighty million skill points? I didn't. In my mind, I still have about forty million. I am going to have to do a lot of learning how to play. In that mixture, I have finally finished a battleship five to Sugar. Congratulations to me for finishing Gallente Battleship V. Minmatar is behind it and the reason I added them to my skill queue was to make my Machariel skills better. As I scroll through my skill list I notice that my biggest skill holes are in my ability to repair myself or others, with Sugar. I'm used to buffer tanks. I have maxed my resist skills. I seem to be a decent subcapital pilot and over the summer I learned a bunch of missile skills that I have never used. Things I will not be doing with my new, shiny battleship five. Flying a marauder. Getting a black ops battleship.

Eve Vegas 2015: Structure Round Table

The structure round table was good. I missed a good bit needing to discuss other things. Such as Faction Warfare. The first question was about granularity of access for players and corporations in a Citadel. You can set up different accesses for individuals. You will get a corporate office with the Citadel. There are modules (or rigs? I forget which) that will add more corporate offices. Q: Group Storage - Meaning can different corporations share storage access. Example: I have five alt corporations that use one structure. Can they take and put into the same hangars. A: No. This has been looked into and there are technical limitations that prevent this. However, we are looking at a way to drop items on another person. Something like a contract that they do not have to accept. Q: The amount of damage to hit the damage cap A: That number may change as the capitals change. We are working with the capital team Q: Can you change corporations in a Citadel? A: Yes Q: Can I kick

CSMX - Post #33

Halfway through the term. The November 3rd release, Parallax's patch notes are available . I am glad that I read them because there is some interesting stuff tucked away in there. The Jukebox v2 will opt you out of the current/new dynamic music system and play the old music that has been well mixed. It is not the same as the old Jukebox but it will make some people feel closer to what they once had. If you care about the new kill marks coming out, listen up. The kill mark counting is starting on your hulls. Once the rest of the code is applied, the marks will show up in all their glory on your hulls. So, prepare yourselves. There is also a fleet bonus skill change. This is a side effect of Brain in the Box . However, people will min/max so make yourself aware. You can finally scoop into fleet hangars. The new probe and dscanning interfaces are going on. They are default oi so try them before you opt out. Brain in the Box is being released . This is a major part of Eve