Sunday, November 29, 2015

CSMX - Post #37

It seems the week was not as calm as I thought it was. I do not watch streams and I have decided to step away from several areas of Eve media for a bit. Because of that, I've slowly acquired second hand knowledge of things that are coming.

It seems that links are headed towards being on grid. This I learned second hand from a stream that CCP Fozzie was on. I don't know what stream or when. It is not surprising news. Changes to links were always dependent on Brain in a Box. With that deployed it looks like CCP has made their decision to change links. I have no knowledge of what their plans are.

I have also seen some references to Rorqual sized mining drones. This, as far as I understand, was announced and shared at Eve Down Under. I did not know it was on the board nor do I have any further details about it. I will assume that it was during something CCP Larrikin discussed as that he is the lead on Capital changes.

CCP Fozzie has also released the Logistic Frigate stats on the forums. With that is the changes to remote repair modules, their tiericide and the fall off information. CCP Fozzie has included graphs in the forum post.

There have been some worries about Command Destroyers cropping up. We've reached out to CCP Rise and his team with questions about chaining jumps and are nullified ships exempt. Hopefully, we will hear some further details. There appears to be both excitement and apprehension in the air about their ability to move other ships and what that will do to the future of fights.

Outside of game design, the Art Team has released a dev blog discussing the future of filth. It seems we are dirty, dirty people. Your ship will get filthy being spun. Instead of looking into the fact that everyone has some quality control issues with their air scrubbers, we're going to wash the ships. I think its good we have clones because this station air must be damaging our lungs. It explains the captain quarters door?

You may see some new streams coming up on CCP's Twitch Channel. They are trying stuff out and seeing if it interests people. They've done things from playing Eve to showing concept art to baking. Poke your head in if you like to watch things and see how you do.

As is apparent, I'm woefully under informed this week as to what is going on in CCP development land. That has not escaped my notice. It is embarrassing to admit, but I'm not going to pretend I was in the know when I was not. As to what will happen? We will see. I am not overjoyed at having people ask me questions and opinions about changes I didn't know were happening. While the development teams are not obligated to the CSM our working relationship, is in my opinion, not where it should be. I'd like to believe that this disconnect will be cleared up. One way or another I'll keep you updated.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Familiarity and Rememberence

On April 7th, 2013 I wrote this blog post and never published it:
Kittens was collecting corpses on a gate the other day and bantering with LR. LR pops corpses because they show up in his overview. Kittens collects corpses and feels that LR should scoop the corpses and deliver them to him instead of destroying them. It was a random discussion but it led to LR telling kittens that his job wasn't to collect corpses but to put kill on the killboard. That was his primary focus as a member of THC2.
I interjected at that point. Often times, with conversations like that, I try not to say anything. Often, I fail. But if the primary purpose in THC2 is to put kills on the killboard I completely, and totally fail at that. LR was kind enough to give me an exception clause for the other things that I do and Diz stepped up to say that as long as people are having fun things are successful.
However, I clung to that exception clause because I do not like it. I do not have a particular desire to be a special snowflake that people make special rules to accommodate. Yet, THC2 has never been truely defined as I've understood it. It is a PvP corporation that lives in low sec with members that run around and do things. There is no greater focus but enjoying the game with people and good company.
Therefore, whenever someone tells me that it is defined in one way or another, I become uncomfortable. The closest I have ever come to leaving was when I was told that when I applied I agreed to a list of things that had never been discussed. It was unimportant things and the entire argument started over my not wanting to go to the test server to PvP practice against corporation mates. I was never asked my reason for not wanting to enter into that situation and I was pissed off enough that I never offered it up.
The simple reason I do not do 1v1s or spar with people that I know is because of the competitive aspect of it. It becomes about winning, and owning each other, and bragging. Even when it is one hundred percent good natured socialization , my distaste for competitive behavior makes it an unappealing situation for me. With Eve being my personal recreation I refuse to do something,just because I am told to do it. That causes me that much unpleasantness.
Thus, the entire, putting kills on the killboard thing left me with an unpleasant feeling. I'm a niche player. For whatever reason, I find random off the path things interesting. I like to salvage. I like building the random things I find exploring. I'm enjoying running a low sec market. I do a lot of things but I cannot say that any of the things I do puts kills on the killboard as a primary occupation.
I'm not a good PvPer. I doubt I ever will be. Any situation where my stats will be judged is a situation where I will fall short.
I stopped writing this post because it turned into one of my endless thoughts on my lack of PvP ability. I'd wander in circles about this, struggling with the same problems over and over until I was tired of myself. I still suffer from these feelings. It has led me to accept that I need to find where I fit in Eve as a future project.

Since then THC2 has gone silent. LR has quit the game. Diz has moved on to 7-2. I still chat with Ender and he plays on my Minecraft server. I picked this post because it was the last time I talked about Kittens. Shortly after, he unsubbed and I've missed him. Kittens was in my very first corp so I have known him since my second week of the game.

Yesterday, he logged back in and is giving Eve a bit of a try again. I don't have a home to offer him. However, his good nature and fun personality has always done well by him. I am overjoyed to see him again. There is a bubbling feeling of joy to see someone that I so enjoyed again.


My current lifestyle changes comes with the ability to exercise a lot more. I'm logging in serious hours on foot these days much to the hopeful happiness of my future booty and belly. As part of my monitoring, I decided to indulge in a FitBit. I chose one that checks my heart rate constantly and has cute features, one of which is being a watch. I really needed the watch.

With the american shopping Holiday here, I decided to wait for a sale. The sale came and I picked up my expensive gadget at a little less expensive. Everything arrived today and I chortled to myself while I synced it to my phone, told it that I was indeed very fat. All set with my device, I've spent the day trying and failing to ignore my arm. I've not worn a watch in about ten years so having one has been very disorienting. However, its more then a watch and occasionally I look at the various stats and chortle while hoping I don't become a bad review on Amazon in a week or two.

I'm coming into the Eve stuff, honest.

This evening, after the evening dog walk my wrist buzzed. I giggled a bit and checked it. To my amazement, my phone was congratulating me on my first 5k steps and gave me a reward badge for it. It then emailed me and told me I was an amazing person and to keep going, I was only halfway to the 10k steps.

I explained to my new toy that this was a day off and that I was not going to do another 5k steps. I was going to sit on my butt in my chair and vegetate in bliss. I also thought the entire badge thing was stupid and I went to seek a way to turn it off. After an hour, I started to come to the conclusion that in fact, I cannot turn off the badges. My device will continue to reward me for these things.

The interesting bit was along the way I found that everyone else was looking to make sure their rewards where turned on. There was a bug at some point and people couldn't delete accidental badges. There was much sadness about it.

That leaves me staring at my wrist and realizing that badges motivate people a lot. Arbitrary goals contain a value that I do not understand.

It makes me think of Eve. We've had the badge discussion many, many times. The new Opportunity system lays down bread crumbs in little feel good success completions. CCP says that they are more appealing to new players then the old drop into tutorial missions. When I spend time learning that I cannot turn off rewards and that everyone else around me is charting them, I understand that I may be the strange one here.

I don't find myself liking the idea of badges anymore. I also don't want a pink Stratios. Yet, Mynxee who I dearly love, would adore one. It makes us different and nether of us wrong. It is not that I will suddenly jump and advocate for badges in Eve (if one ignores that Opportunities already are).

But, as I look at my wrist and press the button again (because its blue!) I do find myself questioning motivation.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Not an Eve Thanksgiving

I'm tired.

My month of a weird, mixed schedule has come to a close. Because of it, I have the next four days off and I am quite looking forward to them. I'll probably be able to think about Eve again. While my new position makes work much more pleasant, nothing makes the hours shorter.

Today was Thanksgiving. I worked it as I have for the bulk of Thanksgivings during my adult life. Please, don't pity me. I've never worked a normal office job where you get holidays off. I have no idea what that life is like and I don't miss what I've never had. Plus, I am a holiday Scrooge type as far as I can tell.

While we don't do a Thanksgiving spread, we do like the traditional foods. Turkey is not something I often make. They are to big for a two person household. My husband also has no deep link to Thanksgiving. He is British after all. Instead, we order a Thanksgiving meal from Bob Evans. It's quite delicious and it is how we have had a sensible, easily managed and consumed Thanksgiving.

Thursday, being a work day was out for eating together. We did so on Wednesday instead. Our meals are not formal. Little in my life is. That left Thursday morning for me to prepare a container of food to go to work with me. I also made a salad and grabbed an apple. I've learned the hard way not to expect to find food during major Holidays.

It was around 1600 and I was hungry but my co-worker had no food. We'd have some dining options in a few more hours but we'd already been at work for six hours by then. Ready to dive into my lovely dinner, I didn't want to do that in front of him. How does one indulge in a luxurious dinner while their coworker still has a few hours to eat.

One shares. I'm a sharer. It is a curse really. It left me with two choices. Don't eat or offer half of my meal.

I offered. He accepted with true appreciation. I keep actual supplies in the office. I broke out the plates and silverware and divided everything up. I warmed it and served him his half. I warmed mine up and we settled down and ate. It was not a lavish meal. I had packed my favorite bits. Some turkey and dressing both slathered in gravy. Some corn and a heavy handed helping of cranberry sauce.

It wasn't the biggest meal I've ever had. It did not leave me stuffed to the gills. I'm quite hungry now, eight hours later now that I am home for the night. I wish that I had known what would have come. I would have packed more. Yet that whimsical thought is foolish, for it was not a preplanned thing.

But as I recounted the story to my husband he said, "You had a real Thanksgiving dinner, you know. The kind you complain about people not having."

"True," I said to him as we walked our evening walk with the dogs. "It is one of the better ones that I've had."

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

In Which I am Not Socially Acceptable for Public View

Who knew that having terrible reception at work for the last two weeks would be such a positive. I feel nice and clear headed.

For those that attended Eve Vegas, CCP sent out a survey. I appreciate these things and I try to write honestly. I liked most of the events. I also have little else to compare the event to. Eve is the only game that I play that interests me enough to go to wider events.

I did hate on the party. The music was horrifically loud and increase in volume during the night. I suspect as people consumed their alcoholic beverages and their voices rose, the music went up to compensate. All that meant was by 2200 it was unbearably loud and I was yelling at people standing directly beside me.

The first year that I went to Eve Vegas, I skipped the party. The second year I went, but left after a bit of speaking to no one and watching people mingle. The view atop Rio was amazing and I drank that in for several hours. The third year, having been elected to the CSM, people actually talked to me. It was such an amazing and wondrous thing that I was somewhat excited to arrive for the fourth year.

My suggestion was to have the dress code announced. People were surprised by it last time and did not come prepared. I don't carry dress clothing with me most of the time or dress shoes. As expected there was some ruckess over the dress code. I understood people who grumbled because they'd have to dress up. What I did not expect was the people who would sneer at those who did not or did not wish to dress up.

Insults. Names. Belittlement. Snobbery. It is a non-ending cascade of reactions. I have no social life and never do I think about fashion. It left me a bit surprised. Why do people care what others wear? It is a larger question and one that is not new. My perpetual infatuation with the game and the community blind me to the flaws at times and I found myself disgusted by the ugliness of behavior over fancy clothing. The chances are that I am going to ruin your evening dressed nicely or not if something as terrible as a pair of jeans or sandals ruins your magical party night.

Is there a solution? The 'party' aspect of Fanfest and Eve Vegas seem to be entrenched into the expectations of the event. My personal opinion is probably not one to rely on considering my inherent dislike of social situations. I struggle to understand why clothing matters in these situations but somewhere in the vague area of acceptance I know that it does.

However, I've stood up to defend those that do not wish to dress up. Dress clothing makes me feel stupid, not attractive. I could go onto a multi page rant about my distaste for the subject. Let it be said that it is strong and made stronger by those who mock, scorn, ridicule, and smirk at others because of their dress. As far as I am concerned, I am that person and I do not care what society may say about the judgement made over a persons dress. I'm not going to stand by and accept what I disagree with.

It may be that my personality in these things is to forceful. I was told to 'calm down'. That irritated me. Why is it that if I disagree with a social norm, I am not calm? It seems that I may be to blunt or straight forward. Instead of slowly ramping up to a topic I instead stand up and deliver a distilled version of my feelings. It seems easier to me but it also seems to make me 'in need of calming down'.

Ah well. My survey is filled out. I'll continue to champion normal American street clothing. Maybe I'm screaming at the wind. Still, there has to be some way to have a 'party' that isn't wrapped around clothing. Of course, I suspect I'm on the wrong side of the topic.

Ah well.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

CSMX - Post #36

Tis the season if you are into holidays. Thanksgiving in the USA has been plowed over by the voracious market of Christmas. CCP Seagull released an update and inside of it is something called Operation Frostline. She suggests that you pay attention. Plus, we're getting new ships in December. A lot of new ships.

Dev blogs teach us all sorts of new things. Team Tech Co is the team behind Brain in a Box. While releasing this major update to Eve's Eveness, they also slipped in a CREST update that allows players to save out of game fits directly to their characters. Consider me pleasantly surprised. It is a useful quality of life update. I have studied the killboard of those I admire and stolen a fit or two. With these uploads, saved fittings and multi-buy, putting a ship together is becoming a smoother process. Hopefully, some of us will not need to go back to the market half a dozen times in the future.

I've been asked a few times if the skill point reimbursement is done. The answer is yes. Not everyone got hit with this so not everyone will have allocated skill points added.

Plus there was an o7 show on Thursday the 19th of November, 2015 for those that watch it. There is a section about the new destroyers tucked away in there for those that do not wish to wait. They are also running around on the test server in their early phase for those who want to play now.

Which reminds me of graphics. We have a lot of graphical updates. Some are quite lovely like ship damage. Others are not as exciting as they could be in my opinion. I do look at ships and ship explosions. There are all sorts of changes coming up and I'm worried that things will get dulled down like when ship explosions changed from a blue flash to a bit of gold dust.

The new camera is also driving people insane on the test server. Leave feedback. I've passed some along but CCP Goliath is super active in his threads.

There has been some question if the Eve Store's arrival before Christmas. CSM members have asked about it and the future of Eve products. Hopefully it will be online but there is no guaranty. It would be an unfortunate missed opportunity on all sides. The dearth of Eve merchandise for the player base is frustrating.

Eve Down Under is also coming up. I expect there will be more tidbits and goodies for those interested in what is coming up with CCP Larrikin stomping in his home ground of Australia. After that, things are winding up into the release and then the Christmas Holiday.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Enjoying the Nonfun

Having completed this build I pondered the slow drag of the last two months as I've worked on it. In the end, I did not enjoy building it. I am okay with that. I don't feel as if I wasted time. I'm not unhappy with my choice. There are no regrets. I tried something and after finishing it, I pondered my feelings for the situation.

Fun has been an elusive term for me. I enjoy a lot of things. Sometimes that enjoyment is only discovered once the process is over. It reminds me of some books that I have read. Page for page they did not thrill me but whenever I put them down and the entire story merged together I was entranced by it.

Trying things and the success and failures keep me going. I don't like to fail. I'd love to be perfect at everything that I do. I've yet to find the reality where I am always perfect. Instead, there is a base acceptance that I may or may not do well at something. Trying it what lets me figure it out.

There is a safety to an interactive video game that does not exist in the real world. I cannot just spin up a business and invest a chunk of my savings into it to see if I have any ability to make a profit off of selling things in my day to day life as I can in Eve.

Adventure. Fun. Not fun. Fun in not fun. What more can a girl ask for?

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

A long day and a million trit short

Gasping and panting I dragged myself across the line of this capital build, finally. I am only about two months behind where I planned to be with it. Holy hell. My ability to focus on things in game and be productive has taken an incredible, embarrassing, and somewhat horrific turn.

In many ways I am still finding out how much doing something for someone else motivated me. Right now, I'm tired. The stress of hauling was to much so I paid to have a lot of stuff moved. That is burning through ISK that has no return because I have not made ISK in about six months.

The project I am working on does not motivate me. Jump, move, dump, build, jump warp, dock, move, move, move, find out I didn't bring enough stuff again, get, move, dock, jump, warp... etc. I've been doing the same things for years and I enjoyed it. But alone, it is not fun. It is just something to be done.

That left me staring at a less than one million ISK trit shortage with a resigned horror that made me want to just log out and walk away.

Instead, I laid on my virtual floor and moaned as I went to source a million Trit from what felt like the abandoned, burn, salted planes of Death Valley and debated aloneness while not being alone. The floor is a good place for whining.

It is my good fortune that I have a populated chatroom to hang out in every day. I appreciate the residents. They keep me company, entertained, and sometimes busy. Now and then they irritate me. Sometimes we fight. An occasional rage quit here and there. It is the normal, interactive stuff that comes from people being people.

They keep me connected in a world that can easily become a quiet, silent, lonesome journey. I can see how easy it would be to roll off of Eve's grid. Sometimes I crave it. The busy, frantic pace of the last year and a half has worn me down with its frantic energy and non-ending floor of information. It is consumptive but also destructive and I find myself dearly missing that time when I had others in my corporation chat that mad me smile to log in.

I did not expect my loneliness. I have spent so much time in the game doing things on my own. But on my own was not the same as alone. I always had the warm presence of a corporation at my back. I enjoy the co-op work tremendously. While I was sold on Eve only a few days into my trial, it is playing Eve with others that led me down this particular rabbit hole.

Other people motivate me in Eve. They make me excited. They make me mad. I've created entire projects that spanned years just to prove someone wrong who did not even know they had angered me and probably don't know my name. But, that never bugged me. I did it to prove them wrong not rub it in their face.

Yet, I've also developed a bit of a fear in finding a corporation. Does anyone actually want me? Am I anything else other than the CSM name? Am I even a good corporation mate? I'm stubborn and particular and tend to dig in my heels when someone else hands me rules. I've failed my last two corporation attempts. Maybe I'm a bad seed.

Being mostly along proves to be an interesting place to reflect. Mostly, I say. Not totally. I have to many awesome people to keep me company every day to whine that much.

I also got that trit purchased and the final build is going in.


I'm just gonna lay here.

Monday, November 16, 2015


The difference in price for a Prorator between Hek and Jita turned out to be about fifty million ISK. Thank goodness I misread my asset list.

The misread happened when I attempted to plug in a build and got an error on megacyte. Of course I did. I'm almost done the build and things have been going well. Something had to happen. I think I have enough of everything else. I think. These are the times that I wish I was a spreadsheet guru. I would have automatic tables built in that told me things. As it is, I stumble around and bump my head into the well until a ship is built or I pass out.

I decided to go with Friction Nozzle Joints. Where I am going if I am caught I am dead. On the flip side, hopefully no one will be around when I jump in and my paranoia will make me chuckle a bit. Maybe.

Being on my own, fitting ships is more about what I want to do with them. With no meta to worry about and no fleet doctrine to fit to, I have spent more time scrolling through modules to see what they do and to see what I want them to do.

I do know in the back of my mind that what things say and seem to do and how they actually preform are sometimes a bit different in Eve. There were also the nagging voices of 'how things should be done' to contend with. They told me I had to fit this module or that one so that people would not laugh at me if and when my ship died.

Ignoring the voices of reason and how it should be is a tremendous task. Because of my early integration into an experienced group, I've had most of my ship fits handed to me over the years. Not being a numbers person, I was happy with this situation. I downloaded EFT as I was told to do. I've played with it a few times. It is a very good tool but it is not one that keeps me fixated on Eve. And when I am fair, I've never used tools like that for any game.

The Great Right Way exists in many games. There are the right class, skills, and equipment to pick. Why this is something I've not rejected in Eve as I have in every other game interest me. When I attempt to break it down the major difference between Eve and other games I play is how much I am working with other people.

My gameplay has always been on my own terms. Playing with my best friend was easy. We had complimentary natural play styles. The only other game that I seriously played with strangers was City of Heroes. One of my most successful characters was a pure healer. She'd be invited to groups all the time. But, I remember when someone wanted a buff of some type. I had not learned it and they where shocked and irritated. I felt bad there to and a bit confused that they wanted things I had never really considered.

In the past, I've bantered about the term 'serious gamer' ever since I was told that I am not serious. I do not think that I can claim to not be serious as this point. I can reevaluate the term.


  • having an important or dangerous possible result
  • involving or deserving a lot of thought, attention, or work
  • giving a lot of attention or energy to something
  • thoughtful or subdued in appearance or manner 
  • requiring much thought or work <serious study>
  • of or relating to a matter of importance <a serious play>
  • not joking or trifling :  being in earnest 
  • deeply interested :  devoted 
  • not easily answered or solved 
  • having important or dangerous possible consequences 
  • excessive or impressive in quality, quantity, extent, or degree 
If anything, serious is a ridiculously good word to define me. Instead, seeing that English has a lot of words to use, non-technical is perhaps a better term for my gaming style. I am not the archnerdtype that is into math and builds electrical panels from nothing but dreams and peppermints. I can discuss genetics and some sciences. It has long been one of my hobbies. I think that technical lack has been my weak point in Eve. I cannot ever get a correct load of materials moved while my husband can recite IP addresses like I can tell you the recipe to anything that I make.

Surprise, we're all different. Still. Just like the last time I thought about it. 

There is an urge to wallow in defense and justification of my view. Instead, I'm going to explore it a bit more. Wander back to where I was when I didn't know that there was a right way.

My blockade runner idea went fairly well. I did learn that I am not in my ascendancy implants. I must have jumped out of them some months ago and forgotten. I ran out of another material along the way. 

Back to Jita I go

Sunday, November 15, 2015

CSMX - Post #35

I'd like to thank everyone that responded to my search for experience in capital warfare in low security space. Please know that I am also glaring at you for not signing up before I started begging. Once I did people fell out of the bushes all over the place. Unfortunately, this is not a topic that I want to address based off of only my personal experience and knowledge.

Feedback has been coming in from Sisi about the changes to the camera. These changes where announced at Eve Vegas. For anyone willing to check out Sisi, please give the new camera  look. One of the major complaints I am hearing is that it does not have a 'classic' mode. It does cool things and detaches and such but the lack of 'normal' or 'classic' camera is bothering people, especially when it comes to manual piloting. I have also heard that it is lagging and sluggish. This, I expect will improve and I'll keep listening in.

Also on Sisi is the first changes to grid size. This one is staggering. CCP Nullarbor said at Eve Vegas that there wasn't a major reason to keep grids small. This current Sisi build has them much, much larger. If you used off grid pounces, they are now on grid. It will change instawarps if you used instas that went off grid. Etc, etc, etc.

There was a somewhat forlorn post on Features and Ideas asking if CCP looks at it. CCP Darwin answered, "Yes."  I often direct people at the Features and Ideas forum because it is read. Not having a developer comment on your post or not having your idea implemented did not mean it was not read and considered. The other factor is time. There are very few 'easy' and 'small' and 'simple' changes when one looks at the list of ideas vs what it would take to implement them. Development of the game happens over months and years. No matter how good the idea and how much they may want to implement it, they almost always take time. Even easy things may sit in the backlog for months. I have projects that I started last term that came to fruition this term or will happen after I leave office. Saying that things take time is not a desirable answer but it is a true one.

More information has been bouncing around about the destroyers. I believe there is commentary going on during the Amarr championships. I do not watch the competitions so I cannot speak as to what hte developers say. They are looking to be interesting enough that I kind of want to fly one.

I had an interesting question posed about the potential future of abandoned citadels. Currently, derelict POS are a pain in the butt. You have to war dec to remove them so that you can plant your POS down. The difference with citadel is that they are not limited to a moon. You do not have to remove them to put yours down. However, there will still be irritating abandoned structures in space. Opinions?

And talking. Probably tomorrow around 2000. Depends on life and spousal obligations. But, talking reminded me that Mynxee reminded me that the Market chat I did with Signal Cartel is available. This is not secrets to making 90 dollars an hour working from home. It is just my views and approaches to my market or if I were setting up a new one. It is mostly how I think. My marketing style is not regimented and price set. It is a flexible, living thing that changes with its environment. I think its low maintenance. Others may not.

I'm sure I missed stuff. I have been working a lot a lot. It will continue into the end of the month, just in time for the misery that is the holiday season.

Friday, November 13, 2015

Walking Along

To my surprise, I woke up around 0830 this morning. I wasn't expecting that. These last two weeks I have manipulated my schedule to accommodate a co-workers needing to take leave at the last minute. With my new position this type of manipulation is easily approved. However, it has been exhausting as I've compressed my schedule.

That's how I found myself awake early, wanting to try my new boots on. I think I would have slept in if it were not for the boots. Anyway, I tried them on and they look great. But! I remembered to do some Eve stuff.

I have managed to drag most of the supplies for my project into low sec. I've been building away, much to my great glee. But, watching some of the comments on multi-buy from Vov as he was debating doing some runs on T2 ships. I realize that it is another feature that I've supported and cheered into the game but haven't gotten a chance to use.

There is so much Eve to relearn and learn. I'm rather excited. I am sure that I will soon run out of minerals. I never, ever, ever buy the correct amounts the first time. Hopefully, this means I will get a chance to try out multi-buy.

And I need to move my one cyno pilot around who is also a research pilot. Ugh. maybe, tomorrow?

My question of the day was someone asking what my corp meant. For not, not much. It is some thought about my general interest in neutrality. Having not succeeded in staying in ether of my last two corps, I've decided to figure out what I need and want. Do I want to make a corp? Do I want to join a corp? I don't know. I have nothing to give a group right now. That, I have well learned and it is not a mistake I plan to repeat again. After, when I am a person and not an office, I don't know.

Eve has changed a lot. I had hoped to come through this entire thing unchanged and happy with a string of successes to wear like pearls around my neck. Things have not quite gone in that fashion and experience has forced its relentless path through my personality and interests.

Now is the time for musing. Spring will be the time for action.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

For the Sake of Spite

I did it. I dove deep into the Fallout 4 void for the day. It was lovely. I've been working a modified schedule at work and my days off are out of wack. Plus, my husband has first dibs because unlike me, he does not care for spoilers

I was skimming reddit on Tuesday and I saw people raging out about spoilers. Some where accidental. Different people have different enhancements for reddit and some show pictures. Other's where purposeful, planted by ether members of our community or other's who had decided to creep in and upset people.

It is my great fortune that I am not spoilt by knowledge of the end of something or what will happen. Why this is, I am unsure. I'm prone to read the ending of a book that I find very enthralling if I catch myself reading to fast or skipping bits to get on with it. It does not ruin it for me. It lets me appreciate hte journey to get to the ending. That trip is what I enjoy.

My husband also enjoys that trip. However, the first time he meets the ending he likes to be surprised. He will then go back through and play a different way. Once he has exhausted that, he will check to see if he missed any experiences. He drains a game like Fallout/Skyrim/GTA dry of its content.

I took a hiatus from the internet community for about six years. I played games and was online all the time, but I did not belong to any community. I had given up forums. I had moved away from my MUD. My world was a very small place composed of my dogs and my husband until I found Eve. Because of this, I missed the rise of reddit and twitter. When I came back into the interactive community of the internet I discovered myself in a place where things like spoiler trolling was normal and faggot had become acceptable language to some.

Often I feel weirdly out of place and time. The spoilers that I saw in the Eve community for Fallout reminded me of the ones planted by groups in the game. I've always thought that they were mean. I say that as someone who cannot be spoilt by knowing what happens in a story.

Meanness on the internet? Who knew?

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

A Random Not Really Eve Conversation

This is not really an Eve related post but because I shared it on Twitter, it goes here for those wanting to see the entire story.

On the Sunday at Eve Vegas, I got a text message from an unknown number. It said, "You back yet?"

I left a "?" behind. I had given my number to a few people so I had no idea who was messaging me.

They never responded. I didn't think much of it until I received a message this evening during a lull at work that said, "Hey faggot" from my unknown number.

There are a lot of ways to respond to that. I decided to do the simple thing and say, "Good chance it is the wrong number" in response.

They responded, "No its not."

Now, I got mischievous. I will admit I was interested in what would happen if I talked to someone that greeted me with such energy as I felt in that hearty "Hey faggot" I received. I've seen amazing text message conversations before and I wondered how I would do.

Yes, you have to look at the pictures. We conversed on my phone but I pulled it out of my hangout chat for hopefully easier reading. I tried to cut and paste and it was an ugly mess.

I have no idea if he believes it is his friend or not in the end. I felt we bonded during this process. He is willing to come visit and I do believe in the end, I guessed his name correctly.

I also realized that someone may accuse me of talking to myself. That is kind of a fascinating possibility too.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

CSMX - Post #34

Remember, remember, the third of November... did I get that right?

Eve online: Parallax was released successfully full of bugs. It is not as bad as it could be. Brain in a Box was released and while it has been running wild in wormhole space, giggling and harassing the residents, for the most part the defects have been swiftly attacked.

Your skills might be broken. Your links may not work. Your wormhole life may be confusing now that you have eight high spots on your probing frigate. Duel training might not be what you'd like it to be. And if the POS or POCO that you shoot laughs at you, don't worry. Fires are being put out at good speed.

The new scanning interface has been released as an opted in beta feature. This has made some people mad. They don't want to be testers for CCP. I've learned that testing is a touchy subject and people don't want to put their free time into testing and everything should be perfect when released. If you don't like it, please go to your escape menu and opt out. However, the scanning is going to change. CCP Goliath has been amazing with his responsiveness. I direct all feedback to this thread because he is taking care of business.

On structures. Somewhere in the background I am gnawing through the structure blogs and updating the FAQ. However, we've made progress on having large Citadel deployed from Orca. This was due to the 'I have capitals in my wormhole and need a large for them but I cannot deploy one until I build a one time use freighter just to deploy it,' circle that it created. People where mad after Vegas. Hopefully, they will be less mad.

I've also put up two posts in the Faction Warfare section of the forums. One is about anchoring Citadels and the effects on the war zone. The other is about bonuses for the controlling faction for their Citadels. I've gone back and forth with CCP Nullarbor about my concerns with being able to put a dockable structure in a system which currently has docking restrictions to NPCs. As the Citadel release date nears, I'm tapping into the community to try to cover this topic to the best of my ability before the release of them. Then, when people yell at me I can wag my finger and go, "Nuh uh."

"Is CCP ever going to rebalance [x module]?" Yes. When they get to it. More module rebalancing is now out by CCP Larrikin. He is touching Warp Disruption Field Generators and going over Neuts and Nos. The side effects of some of these changes is that I have seen complaints about the increases in distances. Thoughts?

CCP Larrikin is also running his own Capital Ship Soundboard. As with CCP Fozzie's T3D soundboard, the CSM is not involved in the setup or running of these project. While they are similar to the idea Sion floated, it is not the idea he presented. CSM members may apply and may or may not be selected. I believe CSM members can request a 'watcher' status as Mike did for the T3D discussion but I have not looked into this.

The presentations from Eve Vegas are all up and avilable on the Uploads channel of CCP's Eve Online YouTube page. I don't have a link for you because my tablet and the app are not agreeig with what I want.  CCP Quant's presentation has been wrapped into a dev blog with all of his delicious graphs. There is a lot of information here for the information hungry. We got to see this at the Summit and I am very pleased that it has been released.

It has been a bumpy week. Manifred Sideous was removed from the CSM by CCP. There will not be further details from CCP about this.  Because it is 'drama' people immediately wanted public statements. This always makes me squint and narrow my eyes. It is that crossover between real world politics when media storms happen around people and  the virtual position and what people expect from it. You will not see me resigning over it. As the information has been presented, I understand the reasons and am comfortable with CCP's decision.

CSMX has suffered a loss of members. Corebloodbrother's resigned. Gorga was removed for inactivity. Manifred has removed by CCP. It has spawned rumors that the CSM is being dissolved. Those were supported by a comment made by a developer. Other's say that we are useless and the process is a joke and a popularity contest. I'm always a bit let down when i see people that I like and respect call the CSM a joke. It may be my failing that I've not proven the value that the CSM can have. It is very clear that there is still a lot of murky, opaque walls blocking things.

Someone noticed I seem resigned about the skill trading system that was presented. That is because I am and I believe that it is going to go forward. That leaves me in a situation where I can dig in my heels and say no and in general have a snit fit over it. Or, I can express my grievances and disagreement and then move forward to collect the thoughts, ideas, and opinions of the players and do my best to put energy into make the system the best that it canbe. I'm not sure which is the correct choice or if this makes me a hypocrite. It is the one I've decided to make. If I am going to preach working for what you want, communicating, and spout goals of making Eve the best that I can, I have to actually try to do that.

That leaves a talk next weekend. I'll try to get Corbexx along and Thoric said yes. I should be able to run two next Sunday if that is of interest.

Saturday, November 7, 2015

For Want of Blue

Since the first, awkward implementation of the SKIN system, I've been a supporter. There is the fact that it has been a long requested feature in EVE Online. Many a player has fallen in love with a ship simply for its design. I've been one of them. I also fall in love with ships for their abilities and the joy of flying them. But sometimes, it is their design.

With the approach of the skill packets, I decided to get more familiar with Aurum. It means gold. I walked by a jewelry store in Reykjavik named Arurum. I went, "Ah." That was for the most part my interaction with the word and the item.

Shopping is not my strong point. At Vegas, I dithered over buying a mug because shopping. I've been the one screaming 'mugs' in the background constantly. Yet, no mug came home with me because I'm not an impulse buyer. I have to not only like it and want it, I need to like it and want it a few days later too. But, this isn't about my mug. Not really. It is about my sometimes shopping for items in the NeX store.

I'm not against cosmetic monotization. City of Heroes got me for a few sets of wings. They did nothing but flap when I flew and jumped. Amazing. I'd fly around just to watch my wings flap. I am that person that will look at my ship just because it is pretty.

But, dither. Do, I really want it? Do I want it today? Tomorrow? Do I fly it enough to get it? God its blue. But should I? What if I don't want it anymore? And so forth and so on until I do or do not buy something. I was gifted the Kador Omen skin, which I often sit and admire.

So, there I was flipping through the stuff in the store and I stumbled across the Kador Providence skin.

It was love. So blue and silver and shiny. So blue.. mmm.... and Arum costs 5 dollars for 900. That's not so bad right?

Yeah. Until I looked at it and saw that my skin would cost twenty five dollars if purchased from the NeX store. Ugh. Or, I could buy it for 1.7 billion in game. Sigh. I don't know if I want it that much. I don't think I do for I have not pressed ether button.

But gosh, its blue.

But twenty five dollars worth of blue?

It would be easier if I were richer in game. Maybe. I think I'd still dither but I could justify it better. I fly my Providence a good bit. I switched it to from the Charon after freighters gained low slots for the tank. I love its pretty shell that gracefully flares out from the body. Its somewhat insecticide and blimp like.

There is also a blue and white cybernetic arm that I'm longing for that hasn't been released yet. You can find its picture surfing the market. I'd probably go for one of those.

Friday, November 6, 2015

This being a person thing. I seem to have it. Sorry about that.

It has always been a habit on this blog for the author to write about whatever is on the authors mind. That would be me and my mind with this being my blog. I write about the good and I write about the bad. I sometimes regret that I do this. Not for actual personal regret, but because it always has unexpected side effects. Being someone who spends their time examining their personal motivation, I'm often left confused that other people do not.

Basically, I mean what I say and it confuses me when and that other people do not. I'm a terrible lair. Not because I cannot lie but because I am interested in the truth and lies get in the way. Often times, when things are said to me, I try to do the water off a ducks back. Know that I am actually terrible at doing this. "Why did they say that? What caused them to mean that? Where? When? How? Can it be fixed? That was not the intent, how can greater clarity happen?" That's me and it seems that's wrong. It causes me a lot of confusion and irritating people trying to understand why something was said.

However, let me make it clear that as much angst and concern as Eve may cause me, my life isn't doing poorly. My husband said he likes me still. I just asked him. We hit thirteen years together in January and he said that I have to keep him. My jobs fine. I recently got a lateral transfer that's something of a promotion. More free time, less supervisors, and a bit more pay. In February, I'll have been with my employer for ten years. I, as an individual, am fine. I've discovered that admitting to emotional angst or confusion about my game interactions and efforts has caused some confusion. Hopefully, that helps.

Let's have some Friday night justification! I pondered writing. I mean, writing stuff before seems to make me look like a train wreck. But, a good train wreck deserves to be watched so I figured why not. It seems that my habit of honest discussion of emotions, thoughts, and reasons sometimes leaves people to believe something is wrong with me. Something may be wrong with me. I've struggle to understand why people just say things that are not true. I'm confused by meanness for the sake of meanness for no reason other then to put another person down. These things confuse me endlessly and the main place in my life that I experience this is in Eve.

So, I talk about it. Which may be wrong. It may be that I'm supposed to have a super ego and such an incredible opinion of myself that I chuckle at mortals attempting to knock me from my pedestal of confidence. But, I've been doing things like blogging and playing Eve the wrong way for four years now. I might as well keep it up.

At the end of the day, Eve is a game. However, that game is populated by people. The people are what fascinate me. I like Eve well enough but the game mechanics, the spaceships, the clicking and forgetting Isogen to do my capital building are not what motivated me to run for the CSM. What motivated me where the people. The very real people that populate the game. They improve my life. I've discovered so many amazing people playing Eve online that I am thankful that I picked up this game on December 1st, 2011.

I'd not have met so many people. I'd not be getting council on my writing from Wex. I'd not be planning a day trip to Mynxee's because she lives an hour away and I want to learn to paint better. I'd not harass Corbexx on Skype in the evenings. I probably never would have traveled to Iceland and learned about the most amazing soup place or learned Vegas well enough for it to feel familiar. My list goes on and on. It's about the people every time.

So! The last few days have not made me smarter. I'll keep stumbling forward with honesty that makes people think I'm weak and breaking down. I want people to know that I haven't found the CSM to an easy burden. I learned that means being laughed at. Being a 'try hard' is a term I learned from Eve and I'm pretty sure I qualify with it due to my passion for the potential of the CSM. It isn't about people knowing that I work hard. It is so that everyone who runs for the CSM knows what they may face. It is so that everyone who has wondered about their CSMs knows what they may have been through. Its because I believe in information and sharing, even in video games on the internet about pixels that are shaped to convince my brain that it is a spaceship.

Due to my defects in judgement, my feelings are going to get hurt along the way. People are tough to work with. I'm going to be happy and sad. Sometimes I'll be mad. It is what happens when people interact with other passionate people. Because, when I can step back and sift through the insults and anger, I find other passionate people reacting and acting upon that passion.

I don't know of a world where we exist in a state that everyone around us does not matter. Where other people are just waste and refuse to be ignored. I find people fascinating. I find them worthwhile. I can lose hope, trust, respect, and love but I don't start out with it lost.

I can only apologize for how deeply I have thrown myself into the CSM. I don't really know how to be anyway else with things I undertake. That's just how the person behind Sugar Kyle is. Flawed. Passionate. Honest. And a bit dumb.

And now, having vented, I'm going to go back to the structure update.

Another Day

I had a lot to say today.

And then a lot of things happened.

At first I was happy.

But then the day went on.

I started to wonder if I will ever understand people.

Or maybe it is me?

And finally, I decided to shelve it for another day.

Have a good evening, Everyone.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Most of the Musing Stuff

I had planned to write another fiction story after Vegas. I may not be able to do so. Since Vegas, I have been caught up in a whirlpool of thought and personal change. It is amazing how a small moment can change so many things. But, I had one of those moments at Vegas. It is small in comparison to the dozens of other amazing ones I got from the warmth and thanks of the community. It was small because I met someone I have known for years. We said hello and never spoke to each other again.

It was the lack of communication that did it. I actually saw instead of just possessing the knowledge, of how much of myself I had wound around a certain set of memories and happenings. And its utter smallness finally showed itself to me. I was the only one that cared.

My game identity has been a murky place for me for the past few months. I had always identified myself by my corporation. I prided myself on my loyalty and devotion. When I went solo a lot of things started to slip away from me because I felt that I had lost that identity. I was not anyone without a corporation because I used other people to define who and what I was in the game.

It in no way is a bad thing. I have met so many amazing people over the last four years. Yet, my fourth birthday is coming up and I find myself puzzled over who and what I am in Eve these days. I am everything that I was, but what am I going to become? I've let the CSM consume me. It was never a goal but it did happen. As I've sifted through these things I am reminded that I put a fascinating amount of weight on the opinions of others. It mostly comes from the fact that I worry about being blinded by my own opinion. I could think I was super fantastic and in fact I was the most amazing bitch that had ever walked upon the earth.

I want to be a decent person to know in game. I don't mean a good person. I enjoyed life as a pirate. I simply mean a decent person. One that people are not uncomfortable to be around. My reputation would not be the reputation of someone that was vicious and harmful to others for no cause. I strive for rationality and I wish to be competent at the things that I do.

Somewhere in that I'll find myself again. I also need to pull back and think about some things that I want to think about. I have so many things that I need to think about or that people want me to think about. I'm forgetting about what I want to think about or do think about. I miss that too.

Monday, November 2, 2015

Little Moments

Testing... testing... ahh this thing still works! So much serious posting with stuff and information. I forgot that I could do this part of things.

Did you know Sugar and Chella have almost eighty million skill points? I didn't. In my mind, I still have about forty million. I am going to have to do a lot of learning how to play. In that mixture, I have finally finished a battleship five to Sugar. Congratulations to me for finishing Gallente Battleship V. Minmatar is behind it and the reason I added them to my skill queue was to make my Machariel skills better.

As I scroll through my skill list I notice that my biggest skill holes are in my ability to repair myself or others, with Sugar. I'm used to buffer tanks. I have maxed my resist skills. I seem to be a decent subcapital pilot and over the summer I learned a bunch of missile skills that I have never used.

Things I will not be doing with my new, shiny battleship five. Flying a marauder. Getting a black ops battleship. Those things do not interest me in any way. If I didn't have a hundred and sixty plus days of stuff I'd look at starting into jump skills with Sugar. But, not yet I don't think. Sugar is combat focused and it is time she chews up some support skills to improve her versatility. I found that I was not in love with being the DPS boat in a fleet. It seems my fate is to be a support person.

I have been undocking! I have a terrible habit of losing track of my in game activities these days. I'm sure I have blue prints to copy and research to run. However, I have been puttering along with reasonable success in my recent building program. I have been moving stuff and making jumps. In the process, I have come to realize that I am out of shape when it comes to being stressed in game. Warping my jump freighter to a high sec gate in an empty system leaves me wound up.

It may also be time to remember why I parked Sugar in Jita many moons ago. I planned to buy her some ships to try and I haven't gotten around to it. I should do so and look at spending a little bit of the winter in space doing something like making ISK. I really, really miss making ISK.

I've been thinking about the future a lot. Hopes and dreams, plans and goals. All that good stuff. In that future, I'm going to rebrand the blog. Rebrand myself. Learn to play Eve again and even make ISK.

Daydreaming is fun.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Eve Vegas 2015: Structure Round Table

The structure round table was good. I missed a good bit needing to discuss other things. Such as Faction Warfare.

The first question was about granularity of access for players and corporations in a Citadel.
You can set up different accesses for individuals. You will get a corporate office with the Citadel. There are modules (or rigs? I forget which) that will add more corporate offices.

Q: Group Storage - Meaning can different corporations share storage access. Example: I have five alt corporations that use one structure. Can they take and put into the same hangars.
A: No. This has been looked into and there are technical limitations that prevent this. However, we are looking at a way to drop items on another person. Something like a contract that they do not have to accept.

Q: The amount of damage to hit the damage cap
A: That number may change as the capitals change. We are working with the capital team

Q: Can you change corporations in a Citadel?
A: Yes

Q: Can I kick people out of the guns if I have better skills?
A: Depending on roles and permissions you will be able to take over the guns from someone else.

Q: What happens to all of the POS stuff?
A: There is going to be some type of refund

Q: What about the research time that we have put into the items?
A: We can and have calculated that cost in the past such as when the compression blueprints where removed. We will do so again.

Q: Insurance?
A: We are trying to figure out how to do it.

Q: Supers?
A: They will be built in the assembly arrays. We are keeping the sovereignty requirements.

Q: How many offices are going to be available?
A: Base number with each size and then rigs to have more. See the dev blog.

Q: High sec aggression mechanics?
A: Citadels cannot do criminal acts
(Or as someone said later, Citadel always have a 'green' safety)

Q: Citadels in Thera?
A: No

Q: Citadel in shattered wormholes?
A: No

Q: Observatory array? Can we have more information as tot he capabilities?
A: No. We are not there yet

Q: How many can I put in a system?
A: As many as you want... actually we will be putting in some artificial number cap.

Q: Faction Warfare and Citadels, Stating issues?
A: We are currently discussing this. Sugar Kyle has brought this topic up
(Note: Cuz I haz)

Q: Comment about people trashing everything and not getting drops in wormhole space
A: We can disable various abilities when it is in reinforcement. We can disable thrashing once it is under attack for instance.

Q: Will there be a difference in anchoring times in Sov?
A: Yes. We are looking at anchoring delays for non-holders. We are looking at shorter timers for holders.

Q: Only large Citadel dock capitals. We will need to launch larges in wormhole space but we cannot get a freighter in.
A: This came up in main room. We need to look at it being easier to get a large Citadel into a wormhole

Q: What is happening to NPC stations?
A: NPC Stations will always have a place. They will always exist. We want to make Citadel more competitive. Such as markets. The structure owner keeps most of the taxes. There will always be a NPC sink attached but we'd like it to be that a structure owner could make it appealing to market from their Citadel instead of the NPC station.

There where some more questions but I was distracted with a few conversations and had to creep out to do something. That evening I listened to some very upset wormhole residents about the large in Citadel thing. Corbexx has already been reaching out to people and getting Nullarbor out to talk to groups. In general, he and I have pounced on that topic.

The next issue on my list is Structure's in Faction Warfare space.

Faction Warfare and Citadels: Anchoring Discussion 

Faction Warfare and Citadels: Bonuses

And after the round tables, I will start working on the FAQ update.

CSMX - Post #33

Halfway through the term.

The November 3rd release, Parallax's patch notes are available. I am glad that I read them because there is some interesting stuff tucked away in there.

The Jukebox v2 will opt you out of the current/new dynamic music system and play the old music that has been well mixed. It is not the same as the old Jukebox but it will make some people feel closer to what they once had.

If you care about the new kill marks coming out, listen up. The kill mark counting is starting on your hulls. Once the rest of the code is applied, the marks will show up in all their glory on your hulls. So, prepare yourselves.

There is also a fleet bonus skill change. This is a side effect of Brain in the Box. However, people will min/max so make yourself aware.

You can finally scoop into fleet hangars.

The new probe and dscanning interfaces are going on. They are default oi so try them before you opt out.

Brain in the Box is being released. This is a major part of Eve that has been in revision for years. I first learned about the tick system in Eve in 2012 at my first Eve Vegas. The system has gone forward and fallen back and gone forward again. This core rewrite should give us the options that we have waited for. Link changes for instance have sat adhered to it. Say hello to November 3rd. We will see what comes from it.

Beyond that, Eve Vegas was last week. CCP has posted some of it on their YouTube page. I'm chewing through my round table notes. As Event's go, from the player side it went smoothly. The lack of streaming of the presentations will be a sore spot I suspect. I'm interested to see how they handle it next year.

The capital change development blog was released. The structure one was as well. Now we have some more idea of figures and prices. A lot of feedback has come from Eve Vegas and the forums and that is all being sorted through. Corbexx has started an active campaign with Nullarbor to the wormholers reference the current changes. One very loud comment has been deployment of Large Citaidels in smaller wormholes.

As a quick update, in its current form, large and XL Citadel will only be deployed from freighters. The wormhole problem is about getting freighters into wormholes that already have to build their capitals. They'd have to build a freighter just to deploy a large which they'd also have to build. What is amounts to is busy work for the sake of having busy work and that isn't really gameplay.

For those who like the o7 show, an episode aired on October 29th.

During Eve Vegas I received a lot of positive feedback from people. I cannot explain how grateful I am for that. Often times, my entire Eve world feels as if I am swimming through a thick soup of negativity. There is a lot of bitterness, anger, and negativity laid down every day. I am not a font of positivity. I'm actually a practical pessimist with zero romance in my soul. I don't try to spin my CSM stuff with my supporters but I do try to avoid sharing the awful weight of negativity that is eating away at my belief and good nature.

I've been told that I should not play Eve if I am not think skinned. I'm prone to doing things I am not supposed to so that does not surprise me. I was also told not to take things so seriously. At the end of the day, I am a serious person. Frivolous behavior causes me distress. I take the CSM seriously because I take anything that interests me or that I find important seriously. It is who I am and while it may not be the optimal personality for this position it is the one that I am stuck with.

Thank you for the kind words. I have no gauge for how I do beyond what people say. When I sat in on the CSM session on the Saturday, I left it deeply, deeply depressed. It was horribly negative and it made me wonder if my hope to share what the CSM did and to reach out to CCP has been a complete failure. On the Sunday, I had a solid day of positivity and it helped.

It is not that I only wish to hear the good. It is that I wish to hear the good and the bad. Thank you for everyone that has taken the time to reach out to me. It is very easy to get caught up in only the bad stuff and quite often that happens to me. Those little convos and quick hugs from last weekend helped drag me out of the quicksand of negativity.

My future plans are to finish my Pod and Planet entries. I'm also working on writing up the other round tables that I attended. I do forward the question list to the developers. Following those two will be the update of the Structure Guide with even more information thanks to the last two development blogs. In between Corbexx and I are working on a structure Session with Nullarbor and I need to gather enough mental focus to do some base touching about new players. Also, does an open chat in two weeks sound good?