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My Eve

I was talking to someone instead of going to bed. During the conversation I gave him my version of Eve's Sandbox concept and in that moment I also gained my Bio. ********************************** Everyone says that Eve is a sandbox. I don't agree with that. I believe that Eve is a beach. On one side is the ocean. It is an ever changing, fluid environment... that's PvP. On the other side is land. Its stable and solid and familiar and supports you. That's the life of a carebear. It's comfy and tempting to stay there. But in between is the sand. And that's where worlds are created. It may be bordered by the two forces. But that is balance. On the beach are trillions of grains of sand. Each one is a choice, a decision, a moment, and instance, a chance, to be used or discarded or bypassed or noticed. The ocean may pour over it and the land may shake it, but it is a flexible, fluctuating, ever changing world. It is the world that I mold. That is my Eve

Salvage and I've had my feelings hurt today

It is interesting how much the human factor comes into our game play. A social game is played for many reasons. Even if the individual does not wish the be social, there is a depth and texture to the game that is not there if the human environmental is pulled out. This covers everything from easy chatter over channels to the full scale wars between two groups. Hatred happens. Emotions happen. It is a game, sure, but we invest a lot of time and energy into it. I find that my feelings are not hurt by the game itself. I get frustrated, sure. I'm approaching the end of my second month. I feel that I have learned a lot. However, all my education has shown me what a massive gulf there still is for me to approach. I wonder if I have rushed into things and should I slow down or try another path? Does it even matter? After all, its my game play and as long as I am enjoying myself then I'm playing my game. I make friends on the internet. I figure many people do. Sometimes yo

Level 5 Missions

Level 5 missions are impressive. I hung out with my pirate a bit in low sec to salvage his missions. Since I am so young I get hunted a lot. In Eve, you can see when someone started playing under employment history. I have just under two months on me and I'm running around LowSec so I am prey. Plus, I'm puttering around in a Noctis. That is a carrier below me. I can dock my Noctis inside of it. It is an interesting game of cat and mouse. I hang out and watch my pirate eat the rooms and we both watch the directional scan looking for combat probes. When he is by himself, no one bothers him. Add me to the mix and we get maybe 15 minutes before someone tries to find and eat me. Cloaky, cloaky Noctis. This day the guy spent a good 30 minutes looking for me and hoping I'd flush out I guess. Someone might wonder why I'm willing to go still for 30 minutes instead of playing. There are several reasons. Number one is ISK. My Noctis re-buys itse

Changing it up a bit: Still mining

How does one change up pointing lasers at defenseless, non-moving asteroids? Hell, why does one even mine? I mine for simple cash when I don't feel like doing more complex things. Its pretty, its relaxing, and I can chat, read, and fit my ships while keeping an eye out on my scan. My barge only costs 5mil isk so if someone does pop me, it paid for itself the first 30 minutes I owned it. I'll buy another one. One of the things about eve is that ore in lower sectors (aka more dangerous) is better. Now and then, some of that higher grade ore appears in specialized sites that can be found using probes and ship scanners. One of my prior corpies has gotten into scanning a bit and found a site full of Jaspet, an ore that is normally not available in higher sector areas. Not having anything else to do, and wanting money, I offered to mine it and give him a finders fee. The end decision was 10% of the haul. Since we know each other and play together we have a basic trust

Ice Mining

I first tried ice mining out of curiousity. I was a bit bored. I was tired of regular mining. I wanted something different. I wanted to see the solar system.I used Eve Maps DotLan to find an ice belt nearby and went and jumped into it. I stuck some ice miners on my Retriever and jumped into the ice field. Ice fields are beautiful. The ice is enormous. Its incredible. They arch up. Having done absolutely no research before hand, I stuck my lasers at the ice and clicked them on. And they went on. And on... and on... and on.... for seven minutes. I was like, damn but okay, and I eagerly watched my cargo hold waiting to see how many thousands of pieces of Ice I gathered and then it happened! Cycle completed, bam! ONE single piece of ice measuring 1000m3 appeared in my hold from each laser. Damn. Each one sells raw to a buy order for maybe a few thousand isk. Refined, just a tiny bit more. No value. In the time I mined 6 pieces of ice I could have made 5mil isk in the regular be

Ahh Eve

Eve is just a lovely game. The background to my blog is a random planet and sun that I warped into one day travelling. I apprecaite the time they have taken to make things pretty. Now, for some reason they brain fart when it comes time to make the ships. Today is about pictures. We had a nice sized fleet today for our missions so I took some close ups of other ships in Eve. I normally only feature mine and they are a very small fraction of ships in the game. The Navy Raven The Basilisk Apocalypse Maelstrom Rattlesnake Noctis Our little fleet for the evenings ops. Fighting, boom go torpedoes. Maybe I am to honest. The picture I select, because it is great is the one where my gun misses its target. Rofl.


I purchased a Dominix a few weeks ago before I could fly it. Prices were low so I grabbed it. Yesterday, I was able to start flying it. The Dominix is a drone boat and a battleship. I didn't buy it for its personal firepower, I got it as a drone boat for logistic support in the level 4 missions that I do with my corp and friends. Being able to get into a ship and move it around on Eve does not mean that you can fly it or fly it well. A well skilled player in a much smaller ship will destroy a newbie like me in a big ass ship like the Domi. However, I'm not trying to kill other people and I use it for a particular type of group play right now. Therefore I am fine with my choice. The nullsec players that I met scolded me for rushing. They said I need to stick with frigates and fly them until I can fly them perfectly (meaning tech 2 weapons and tech 3 ships) and then I can move up to the next class. I can see the point of this opinion. However, I have several diffe

Better Marketing Habits

Last night I was reading the forums a bit. There was a big argument about how many minerals miners really bring into the game. The argument was that missioners bring in as much if not more by reprocessing low level salvage. I know that most items can be reprocessed. I had done it a few times myself. However, I had not really thought about potential loss and gain of reprocessing my mission drop items vs reprocessing them and selling the minerals. If items did not sell for a positive amount I just kept them around and tried later. Since my skills are not high, mission drop equipment fills a lot of my slots. My ships are basic things still and finding it saves me money over buying for now. Sometimes, I buy stuff. I don't have that many ships to equip as of yet. I shudder for the days when everything I buy will be what my net worth is now. Salvaging my level 3 missions is tripling what I am making. I don't feel that I am making that much but I am starting to get into the g

If I Mission will I like it?

I didn't like doing missions way back during the tutorial. I waited to do them until last and they took me forever. I then went and tried the Sisters of Eve Arc and had my ass handed to me halfway through. I knew that I wasn't ready to fight things. I didn't know what I was doing or how I was doing it. I was pointing and shooting and not getting very far productively or enjoying it. I truly enjoy missioning with others. The entire situation is different and a lot of fun. Yet, everyone seems to grind missions so well and so productively that I feel as if I am missing out. Hence, my faltering attempts to build myself into a better mission runner by sheer determination. Or, by the power of doing I can convince myself that I'm not so bad at it and not just a blob that doesn't give back on the battlefield. I have as bad an issue in game with wanting to pull my own weight as I do IRL. This is something I will have to manage better, methinkst. I have been

Mining all Day

Yes, I mine. I mine a good bit. I know that it is not the best or most awesome way to make money but its productive. I actively dislike Miami Flordia. The internet connection was crappy much of the time I was there. The hotel I was at had a connection so bad that it was unusable. I had a better connection to my phone. This, it turned out, was the good thing because later that day I would spend the entire day in a car, playing Eve off of my cellphones connection. Basically, I was the passenger in a trip down to Key West. With a conversion device to charge my laptop and my cellphone giving me a decent 3G signal I happily played eve for about 8 hours of driving. However, I mined because my connection was not that great and prone to flaky patches. My total haul for the day was about 15 mil. That is not counting what I did not sell. I've taken to mining Ice. Mining Ice in a non ice mining specality ship is pretty horrible. Its very boring and the pieces of Ice are ve

Vacation: An Eve Addicts Survival Guide

While on vacation for a week I decided to write a post. I can't help myself. I do miss Eve. My vacation, for those who wonder why I had to give up Eve for a solid week, was a cruise. I occasionaly had internet access on my phone at ports but nothing that would let me log into the game and get a breath full of space flight. I'm addicted and I'm not embarassed or upset about it. As I said to someone else, my hobby is as valid as anyone elses. People on the ship are sitting at the EA Sports bar watching games and gambling nonstop. I'm laid out on my balcony, soaking up the sun in a bikini and reading some guides for Eve and getting to know my Aura app some more. My money is in my pocket and I'm not screaming at a television full of millionares in spandex chasing each other around. I can't help but feel that I win a bit in that situation. So how did I surivive? First, I have an amazing laptop. I picked up an Alienware M14X. It is a 14 inch gaming laptop. T

A new ship

Last night I was in a pretty deep game funk. I've been playing for a month. Long enough to no longer be a raw newbie and long enough to realize how long it will be before I am not pathetic. It was a very frustrating place to be. The experienced players that I have hooked up with are amazing people. They add depth and texture to my game. They are also amazing people. It rather solidifies how amazing I am not. I've been tagging along on missions and while I chew at the edges I am not overly productive. I've grown tired of that. I'm watching other players who started when I did do serious amounts of damage while I might as well throw myself into the void for the productivity of my actions. So, I was sat down and a talk was had with me over the fact that my ship might not be a good fit for my skills and playing style combined. I had picked up this ship several weeks ago and I was determined to use it and not be wasteful and to learn and focus. Well, the ship was j

Today I got to experience Fear

Perspective in Eve is off. Your ship never seems that big until another ship is with you. I'm not great at staying safe in Eve. I have a friend in low sec and when he offers to let me tag along on his missions, I go. Because of this, I have a bit of salvage in low sec that I am constantly sneaking back up into high sec to sell. I've learned to fit fast ships that slip through the systems quickly. Today, we decided to go and do some of his level 5 missions. I love watching him in the level 5's. He has big ships and I have tiny ships and the world explodes around me. It is fantastic. Anyway, I was flying my fish. My fish's technical name is Vanilla Extract A Brutix. To me, he looks like a fish. Anyway, down in low sec, people hunt people for play. I feel like a psycopath but it is rather fun to play and know that people are out there with the intent to kill me. I don't want to lose my stuff. I work my little game character hard for it. Yet, knowing it i

Level 2 to 4 Missions

My Brutix is my mission boat at the moment. I don't have a battle ship yet and it will be a while until I get one. Plus, I'm useful as I gnaw around the edges of the big ships and take out the frigates. I've commented before that big ships may kick ass but they are not the be all and end all of the world. Big ships have problems hitting small ships. This is where I come in. While the big boys are doing damage, they get attacked by swarms of little frigates that are to small for them to easily track and lock. I go after these ships and chew them to pieces while moving fast enough that the big enemy ships have a hard time focusing on me. Its a balance game and a fun one. Today's fleet for level 4 missions is this. I love these co-op missions. Its ridiculousness. Bangs, boom, space, its fantastic. The depth and the size is as big as it seems to be. Its space and you are a very, very, very, small speck.


Eve is not a nice game. I don't mean that it is not a fun, intense and addictive game. I mean that it is not nice. It is not a warm, snuggly place to live and play. The game does not coddle you and the rules do not coddle you. It is a very ruthless place. Hence times like Hulkageddon. When there is a contest, with prizes to shoot down the massive mining barges that eat the asteroid belts. As I explained to my husband earlier, Eve is not about buying the biggest ship and being the biggest badass. It just does not work that way. Hulks are a great example of this. They are enormous ships. They are also slow and defenseless. I keep a few drones in mine to eat the little NPC pirates that swarm the belt. However, think of a cow in a field and you have a hulk. They are fat, efficient things with a major place in the world. They are now however, badasses. And its hunting season for cows. Sometimes the cows sharpen their horns and lay traps. Its a fascinating aspect of the gam

Rookies and Penises

I miss rookie chat. It is the chat room that you have access to for the first 30 days that your account is activated. The other night, I hit day 30 and rookie was forever closed to me. Eve's rookie and help channels are good. People answer your questions. I'm more of a reader then an asker but there is still a lot to learn. Anyway, I decided to go and do some little missions in my Thorax. My penis ship named Sugar Cookie. Penis shape you say? The words from my blog are offensive to you somehow? Really... look at this... Oh Chella, you just take pictures at random angles to make it look like the concept artists were using the toilet and looked down for inspiration... Haiku to a Gallente There is something about a man from a race, That has put so many penis shaped ships in space, That makes me want to have a taste... Oh my, I love me a Gallente.

A space war

It is new years eve and I am mining. I ran some missions earlier but I have not yet developed a taste for them without company. Everyone is out having real life celebrating. Me, I don't leave the house on new years. A holiday where its okay to get drunk off your ass is not one where I want to be prowling the street. Not that I ever prowl the street. I'm a boring soul... but enough about me. I'm also reading. ISK the Guide is something I wish I had read a month ago.... I'm catching up. So anyway... I'm mining. I have my alt out hauling my ore. I have two hobgoblin drones orbiting me and eating up the NPC pirates that appear. I spent enough cash on her earlier today setting her up with basic skills to learn. Right now, I'm working her towards some long skills because I go on vacation in a week. Skill training is real time in eve and time not spent skill training is wasted. Earlier, I looked at her holiday gift implant and debated if I wanted to sell it