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New Ship!

I'm still nice and young in the game and new ships can be gained easily enough. Today, my new ship is a Scimitar . Well... new ship yesterday.. but I'm fitting it out today. Chella, in an amusing way, has more 'cool stuff' up her sleeve then Sugar. While Chella has focused on logistics and support, Sugar has been working her way into being a solid pewpew capable creature. (Sorry Hong , love my girls) I have dubed him "Spray Tan" cuz its an awesome name. Now my logistics capabilities cover both the Oneiros and Scimitar. I think Chella will stop there. I was going to go Oneiros and then up to the Carrier and be all spiffy but it was brought to my attention that I needed a shield logi as well. The other idea, which is hatching a bit is my thoughts from back in May before they nerfed incursions. With incursions denerfed a bit people have been running them again. Chella is Logi V and with friends in the incursion fleets it may be something new to t

A Handful of Darkness to Burn the Universe

Eve is driven by death. How dramatic that sounds! I was walking throuugh the grocery store and thought about that. Then I purchased some fruit rollups because I'm really five inside. So there I am, picking up my fruit rollups (I went with a mixed flavor pack) and debating Eve Online while buying groceries (there was also a sale on scalops, so wonderful). Many will say that Eve is driven by conflict. The inferno trailer discusses how progress is defined. Yet, at the end of all of that progress is motivated by death. We are trying to avoid dying or we are trying to make someone else die. And when I say someone else, I am not talking about NPCs . We're attempting to affect other human players and transfer the death to them. Death is a big word. Let me be clear that I'm talking about video game death here. I've been reading the MMO Melting Pot a little bit. I find the other games interesting and I am happy that others are as obsessed with writing about their

Eve to Music: Eve Gameplay Defined

I've been reading some of the other blogs out there this weekend. There is so much depth and seriousness. I almost feel bad that I've had a good weekend with a lot of play time, light hearted humor, met a few new people and done a few rather silly things. The game of serious spaceships can be serious without the weight. I know I have my days where my spaceships weight me down with their importance. This weekend has not contained any of them. But, to understand how serious the barge changes are and the tech changes and the social problems of Eve Online , I have stepped away from sharing my exquisite taste in pop music for something a bit more profound. I promise I don't do any of this for fun and giggles. :D Now, there is a serious element here. No, honest! The lyrics, if taken into the concept of Eve Online work beautifully. From the 'creation' of the first clone and becoming a pod pilot to the circular push and pull of the in game economy. Anyone r

Idle Reflections on a Quiet Night

[Content Warning: This is an emotional and misty eyed post full of glitter, sparkles, and random bursts of peppermint.] I've been a member of THC2 for six months. The very first thing that I ever helped to explode was a tower and the latest thing I've helped explode was a Loki tonight. (First explosion best explosion. I also remember being told by someone whom is not in my corp to be careful of my pictures because I'd give away to much intel. This was before I understood what killboards were and what information they contained. I am startled by the ignorance of that warning). The Loki was a fortunate kill. I find that my pewpew is so very impersonal. The Loki was a kill and loot was dropped. I fully assume that others see me in the same way. Sadly, they don't realize that I'm also super awesome. A little bit of humanity is injected when there are comments in local. This pilot was silent and rolled out of the system quickly. The drop gods were on

Late Night Bubble Party

I was sleepy when this happened. I should have gone to bed sooner but we were having good chats with people interested in us in our Public Chat room. However, I was grumpy and tired and some things are a bit fuzzy. Thankfully, I took a picture log to remember what happened. I may still be confused. "We need more HIC s" CW said in alliance chat. "What?" "HICs" he said again." "No HICs here." I'm not a HIC pilot. Ender was busy blowing up red crosses. I assume he is a HIC pilot, he can fly everything. Ender and I were doing some random level 5 missions that he had that were about to expire. "Sugar, can you bring a cyno?" "What? Why?" "We need it in Egg." "Okay." I was very grumpy because I was tired. When tired, I can act like a small child that needs a nap. I logged in a cyno alt and lugged the cyno four jumps. Then I was told, "Cyno taken care of." "Are you kidding me

Diplomacy, eh?

I'll say immediately that my first diplomatic efforts did not go so well. A few hours ago, Ren undocked when a small gang of eight jumped into the system to see what was there. It was a mixture of cruisers and battlecruisers with a flycatcher . Maybe it was because he undocked. However, they paused in system and said hello in local. Unable to resist such things, I said hello back and started chatting with them a bit. As this happened, we also mobilized a fleet. However, they stayed in system and we started getting bodies moving. Then we undocked and set up a neat pincer move to grab them on the gate as they jumped into the next system. I recognized the corp. The Lost Minmatar Legion . I thought that they were in faction warfare but I did not see the badge anymore. It was an idle thought. I try to remember who hangs around the area. We landed on gate to find out that they were not there. We bounced to the other gate in system and they where not there either. A quick br

Industrial Abilities

Ender logged in and asked, "Do you have anyone that needs jump clones?" "Oh, you did it?" "Yeah. Trying to remember how this works." And as such, Baby Maker 2000 has come into our world because Ender wanted it. I immediately suggested mining ops and I was told no, not really. Even with the new mining barge changes. Although, with ship prices as crazy as they are, we might unlazy ourselves... maybe.... A bit later, while I was cheerfully trying to get Razor to hug Ender for buying the Rorqual Ender goes, "Anyone want to do something mildly dangerous in a cloaky hauler?" I immediately volunteered Razor. However, his cloaky hauler alt was busy up in high sec doing POS runs. Which reminds me that the other day, I did an emergency fuel block for him because someone (Razor) is a procrastinator and accidently purchased 10x more then he needed so now have 300mil in Caldari Fuel Blocks sitting in Rens... "I guess then its Chella

Eve Vegas in 2 months

Eve Vegas is coming in 2 months (well 10 weeks). I made my hotel reservations about ten minutes ago at Paris . I still have to tend to my flight but I've been watching the prices and seeing what will worth best for me. I decided to stay from Oct 4th to the 9th. The convention rates only go from the 5th to the 7th. However, they were more then happy to accomidate me and give me the convention rate for the entire stay. Because I get my free upgrade (I won something still so excited) I booked the lower tier of room. I'll be arriving Thursday afternoon. The start meet and greet is not until Friday evening, so this is a good thing. I have no idea how many people going plan to do the Eve Convention side of it and how many are just there to enjoy Eve and hang out with their peeps. I'll be attending the bulk of the actual conference. The after stuff is up in the air since it seems like a lot of drinking binges to me. I'd prefer to spend that time with my people

Obligatory Recruitment Blurb

I was reading Mabrick 's Post about "Do I belong in High Sec" . There is a lot said there and I think I will brush over some of it this weekend. However, what I enjoyed the most, with no insult to Mabrick, was the comment, counter comment, poke, stick, troll, wit rampage through the comments. It was a fantastic read and it helped lift my spirits after a rather negative day. The post itself did have some basic topic points that roll into my thoughts for today and that also follows in his next post. There is a lot of thought about leaving high sec and should one, what does CCP want us to do, and how to you do it. Capital Punishment. is recruiting. THC2 is looking to pick up a few pilots and TEXN is looking to expand. Capital Punishment. would like a third corp to add to the mix as well. Recruiting isn't an easy job. Or, recruiting anything more than any random that wanders along and hoping for the best. Getting people interested in you, being interested in th

Differences Catching My Eye

I saw this picture on a science magaizne today at the store. I walked by and saw it out the corner of my eye. The first thougth that game to my mind was, "Why is there an image of Gallente space in CVS ?" Obsessed with Eve a bit much, am I? I was reading Gevlon's post about lossmails and the comments got me thinking. I wasn't thinking about the post or the reason everything is going where it is. I started to debate the micro and macro levels of personal interaction with Eve Online. I blog my little self away becuase I am obsessed with soaking words in ~~ and then putting them up. Beyond that, my world view is micro. I am very new in the game and focused on learning it and becoming (hopefully) good at what I do. I know the macro world is out there. I read the forums, I read the blogs, I read the news site, and I keep up on what is going on with the world. I feel that not understanding the macro would create a thinness to the texture of my microworld.

The Pieces of a Clue are Forming

I gave back the billion isk to the person who put the bounty on my head. He popped on today and asked, "Someone got you?" "No. My corp found out and I was ordered to drain it." "No fun. I was hoping for epic fights over you for it." "Naw. I've had lots of offers to 'help' me and split it, but no one came and hunted me down. Want your isk back since I had to drain it?" "That'd be nice." "Done." That is that little cycle of life for my bounty. This morning, while scanning I found a 5/10. As always, this excites me. As usual, I had the misfortune of being alone. I saved the site and continued on with the hope that someone would log on shortly. About half an hour later, Ren logged on. I tackled him and dragged him off to the plex. The plex was unkind to us and did not drop anything. However, as I was hanging out while my prober searched the systems, Ren said that there is a cynabal on the gate

Free Ships, Dead Ships, Red Ships, Blue Ships

I logged on and began an almost hyperactive commentary full of "Yays!" and "Woo!" because I was off work for the next two days and I wanted to go out and do things. However, Sunday mid afternoon can be slow. People were on so I buzzed about and got caught up. Needing/Wanting ISK, I went off scanning and happily found a 5/10 DED Complex fairly quickly. I dropped notice of the Plex into corp chat just as a group of unknown/naga/naga/drake jumped into the system. It turned out that they had come for the plex as well. That was just fine by us. We warped a tanky Tengu in. They bailed as soon as he landed on grid. However, he pointed the drake. The rest of us came in and killed the drake. We then finished the rest of the Plex. We popped a b-type 10MN MWD. Nothing huge and special but a handful of iskes for everyone in fleet. At one point, we tried to drop onto a gatecamp. There is a corp in the area that likes to gatecamp. They have learned that we

My Billion Isk Bounty

About a week ago I got a convo from someone I haven't seen in a bit. He was moving on to bigger and better things and moving to null sec. He noticed that my bounty was no longer a rounded number. I drained my last bounty a while ago and posted about it. I had reaccumilated another one through 'donations' from friends and I was back up to 15 million. I think the number was 15,151,515.15 or something very silly. He goes, "I'll fix that," and laughs. I look at my bounty, count zeros and wonder if it really reads a billion. About 40 seconds later Mane goes, "Sugar your bounty is a billion isk? Log Chella on and pod yourself." However, the person that set it goes, "Don't be naughty and go drain it." So I promised I'd keep it until I had to drain it. And I did. I've been living my life like normal. Sometimes I have to fend off people asking to pod and split it with me. I guess there is the chance that I have no alt, no co

Saga: Ganker and Gankee

This is labeled a Saga because it is very, very long. Thanks to Mane for providing fuel for me today. It feeds in well with the flood of 'gankers ruin eve' and 'they just get off on being big and bad' posts the forums are flooded with at the moment. [TL;DR: This will be a long post with eve mails, forum cuts, chat logs, some tears, some drama, and some other stuff. It's about gankers, gankees and the pieces of the story that get left out.] I've talked about my allaincemate's little pet project, the MHEA. It is one of those little player made content things that people can do. It also pisses people off. This only fuels the members to continue. This is the 'dark' side of Eve. How a dark game has a dark side, who knows, but this is the type of thing that Eve players do that they would not be allowed to do on other games. Basically, the MHEA enforces 'mining licenses' in the area of Molden Heath and only Molden Heath. If miners are

Alliance Tournament X: Match 5

This is one of my work weekends. I was not able to be around for the Alliance Tournament. The killboards started to act up this morning before I went to work and they did not update for most of the day. The final is that we did not beat Goonswarm. I wound up pulling up the Alliance Tournament site that I have been using. I saw the breakdown in ships and knew exactly why we did not win that match. ECM. It is our biggest weakness perhaps. It is a huge weakness of a lot of the game. We don't use it much. We used damps a lot during this tournament, but its not our standard method of fighting. We have people that can bring falcons, but we rarely ever break out those ECM boats. It just isn't the style of game we wish to play. It was a strong setup against us. However, I saw that we had two Sleipnirs left on the field. I think that Goonswarm needed to defeat us fully to continue. I'm not sure. However, if they did, we at least held them back as well. I'm glad o