Monday, July 30, 2012

New Ship!

I'm still nice and young in the game and new ships can be gained easily enough.

Today, my new ship is a Scimitar. Well... new ship yesterday.. but I'm fitting it out today.

Chella, in an amusing way, has more 'cool stuff' up her sleeve then Sugar. While Chella has focused on logistics and support, Sugar has been working her way into being a solid pewpew capable creature. (Sorry Hong, love my girls)

I have dubed him "Spray Tan" cuz its an awesome name.

Now my logistics capabilities cover both the Oneiros and Scimitar. I think Chella will stop there. I was going to go Oneiros and then up to the Carrier and be all spiffy but it was brought to my attention that I needed a shield logi as well.

The other idea, which is hatching a bit is my thoughts from back in May before they nerfed incursions. With incursions denerfed a bit people have been running them again. Chella is Logi V and with friends in the incursion fleets it may be something new to try out. I'm always interested in new ways to make ISK.

New ship day is fun. Sugar flies the same loop of ships normally. Hurricane -> Noctis -> Jag and back around. Although, yesterday, after hearing some interesting stories of gankage and failed gankers I ran up to high sec to chase some of them around. Sadly, no luck for me. So I ran around for a little bit and then ran back down to low sec.

I am rather sure I was completely unproductive yesterday when it comms to 'playing' and 'being productive'. However, my time covers other stuff from chatting with the people who have popped into our public rooms to enjoying the company of those around me and managing my sell orders (I'm a terrible trader but I try kinda).

So, new ship happiness. Sugar may have new ships in the next month or two. I buckled down and plugged Minnie Cruiser 5 into her. I then forgot I did it and happily, she is grinding away. I do have a stack of other ships coming. I asked my builder friend if he thought I planned to finance his entire game for him with the amount of ships hes trying to stuff into me. I'm still clinging to staying over the 6bil mark.

That leaves me with my Scout and my Tengu problem. The repetitive beatings with the Tengu stick are starting to soak in. My internal resistance is starting to crumble. I want to do more things on my own... but blah.. Tengu...

Thanks to the Boiians. I stole the picture from their fun board. Killmail here. I think I'm stalking them.

I'm all excited, the Scimi is all fit and I go, "Someone come shoot Sugar for a moment without killing her so I can see my shield reps?"

"Okay," says Ender.

Thanny, Chimera and 20 Ogre II's.

I docked.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

A Handful of Darkness to Burn the Universe

Eve is driven by death.

How dramatic that sounds! I was walking throuugh the grocery store and thought about that. Then I purchased some fruit rollups because I'm really five inside. So there I am, picking up my fruit rollups (I went with a mixed flavor pack) and debating Eve Online while buying groceries (there was also a sale on scalops, so wonderful).

Many will say that Eve is driven by conflict. The inferno trailer discusses how progress is defined. Yet, at the end of all of that progress is motivated by death. We are trying to avoid dying or we are trying to make someone else die. And when I say someone else, I am not talking about NPCs. We're attempting to affect other human players and transfer the death to them.

Death is a big word. Let me be clear that I'm talking about video game death here. I've been reading the MMO Melting Pot a little bit. I find the other games interesting and I am happy that others are as obsessed with writing about their game time as I am. However, the darkness that so defines Eve is in evidence in the different view points out there.

In Eve, we die. We struggle not to. Sometimes we give in to the ineveitable. At other times, we use it to forward a goal. But Eve swirls around death (in game that is). Small deaths, big deaths, war deaths, barge deaths they are all the same.

A favorite quote:

"EVE is not designed to look like a cold, dark, unforgiving world. It's designed to BE a cold, dark, unforgiving world". - CCP Wrangler"

In most video games you die (or fall endlessly and it turns black and you respawn) and its terrible for a few seconds then you get over it. In Eve, death takes all of our stuff. Because we are stuff motivated we are death averse but being death averse does not mean that you can avoid death and therefor death and the chances of death motivate everything.

It is how I "Get Eve". I accepted this before I started playing. In fact, that entire single shard everyone kills you thing was exciting. Last night I was discussing how utterly paralyzed in fear my first few trips to Didoxie were as I watched battles rage outside of the station and expected to be killed before I made it in or out of the station. I also had no understanding of game aggression mechanics, but the entire atmosphere of Eve had driven me into that mental state and it was fantastic. Accepting the loss took longer. It still hurts. I struggle against dying but I know it will happen.

This is how I project my understanding of Eve. I was called a CCP Fanboy the other day while arguing with someone. Of course I had a massive snickering fest over that. The argument burned down to:
"CCP should stop goonswarm becuase they are to powerful"
"Its not fair or right for this to happen"
"Its CCP's responsiibility to intervean and stop it"
"Its unfair for one group to be so powerful"
"It's not right for them to cause problems for other people" (I feel bad for Helicity. The poor things efforts in hulkageddo have been overshadowed by the collaboration with goonswarm this year.)

The best line was: "suggesting ccp fix all the problems caused by the goons is like saying the British should convert to the Euro. Probably a good idea, but never gonna happen."

My response was that CCP does not need to 'fix' any of these problems because they are not problems. Eve is not defined by a neat, predetermened path but by what the people do inside of it. Because another group of players has not risen up to destroy any of the current power blocks does not mean that it can not happen or anything stops it from happening. It means that Eve is working as intended.

I'm using quotes today so from an interview in PC Gamer:

Torfi Frans Olafsson, Creative Director: That’s why we have to show this stuff when it happens. Like when Burn Jita happened, when it was blockaded, people are asking if we’re rooting for the bad guy, the people blockading, and we are not. We are respecting the mechanics of the game, and our role as developers is to provide tools, toys, and mechanics, but it’s not our job to write the story. The story is written by the players.

Our story, as players, is written in the destruction that happens around us. As it is so popular to say on the forums, EVE = Everyone Vs Everyone. Even if one keeps their hands out of the actual intimate moment of spaceship destruction, death is still created to fuel Eve.

Without our industrialists we could not make the universe burn. Without the burning of the universe there would be no need for their wares.

Only in Death does Eve Online have life. Only in Eve, what needs to be destroyed is the other players in the game.

No respawns. No retriever for your corpse. No do over. No fade to black. Just a raw, raw universe.


Eve to Music: Eve Gameplay Defined

I've been reading some of the other blogs out there this weekend. There is so much depth and seriousness. I almost feel bad that I've had a good weekend with a lot of play time, light hearted humor, met a few new people and done a few rather silly things. The game of serious spaceships can be serious without the weight. I know I have my days where my spaceships weight me down with their importance. This weekend has not contained any of them.

But, to understand how serious the barge changes are and the tech changes and the social problems of Eve Online, I have stepped away from sharing my exquisite taste in pop music for something a bit more profound.

I promise I don't do any of this for fun and giggles. :D

Now, there is a serious element here. No, honest! The lyrics, if taken into the concept of Eve Online work beautifully. From the 'creation' of the first clone and becoming a pod pilot to the circular push and pull of the in game economy.

Anyone remembering their first days will remember how big the game was and how often many of the elements expressed here defined their decisions and choices. I may have been singing the song in my car but that does not remove the renascence the lyrics have with playing Eve.


"Circle Of Life"

From the day we arrive on the planet
And blinking, step into the sun
There's more to be seen than can ever be seen
More to do than can ever be done

Some say eat or be eaten
Some say live and let live
But all are agreed as they join the stampede
You should never take more than you give

In the circle of life
It's the wheel of fortune
It's the leap of faith
It's the band of hope
Till we find our place
On the path unwinding
In the circle, the circle of life

Some of us fall by the wayside
And some of us soar to the stars
And some of us sail through our troubles
And some have to live with the scars

There's far too much to take in here
More to find than can ever be found
But the sun rolling high through the sapphire sky
Keeps great and small on the endless round

To age myself, I saw this in the theater as a kid. :)

Idle Reflections on a Quiet Night

[Content Warning: This is an emotional and misty eyed post full of glitter, sparkles, and random bursts of peppermint.]

I've been a member of THC2 for six months.

The very first thing that I ever helped to explode was a tower and the latest thing I've helped explode was a Loki tonight.

(First explosion best explosion. I also remember being told by someone whom is not in my corp to be careful of my pictures because I'd give away to much intel. This was before I understood what killboards were and what information they contained. I am startled by the ignorance of that warning).

The Loki was a fortunate kill. I find that my pewpew is so very impersonal. The Loki was a kill and loot was dropped. I fully assume that others see me in the same way. Sadly, they don't realize that I'm also super awesome. A little bit of humanity is injected when there are comments in local. This pilot was silent and rolled out of the system quickly. The drop gods were only semi-kind. I think that they have realized that screwing us out of the 8/10 complex drops is starting to piss off their worshipers.

We were rolling back into low sec from our disappointing plex. Ender found a loki in a belt and chased it down in his tornado. He said, "Point" in chat and the rest of us jumped and warped to him. The tornado isn't the 'best' thing to go after a loki in, but as he said, "I'd trade a tornado for a loki any day." We were coming back from the plex so we had a logi and the logi kept the tornado up while the loki went down.

I looted the wreck and was surprised to find a nice drop of Republic Fleet Shield Extenders(x2) and a Republic Fleet Gyrostabilizer. The PvP gave us better drops then the PvE.

Ren asked Ender if we could roll through some level 5's and up his standings with our mission agents. Sure! Ender did make it clear that unless all hell broke lose, he wasn't repping Ren and taking gcc since Ren's sec is sitting at -5.1. Ren assured him that he doesn't even rep himself unless he has to when he was at pirate sec.

There is no shame in carebearing. We like our isk. We have lots of ways to generate said isk. It is easier to do things socially anyway. When we have a fleet, suddenly something like a mission doesn't seem like such a bad idea. We spent about two hours out and burned through six level 5s.

Socialization is such an important thing. I don't understand how or why people forge through games structured around socialization and then complain that it is hard, lonly, boring or whatever for them to do things by themselves. I'm not saying that they have to be social. They can play their game however they want. However, the complaints that the multiplayer content is hard to do alone boggle my mind. It also touched upon the conversation we were having in our Public Chat to an interested pilot about our 1v1 values. Ender said, "Don't get me wrong, we'll blob in a heartbeat but we honor 1v1s".

It was a stark contrast to the person that I was listening to complain a few days ago. The complaint was about how people want to run around in fleets all the time and that there isn't enough 1v1 to be found in low sec and null sec and how terrible anything is. It made me roll my eyes. That same person wants to be a loner and then complains about the side effects of it.

Ender also announced that it is time for me to learn to scout the fleet, scan down the possible targets, and be the bait for a bit. I'm not overly happy about it and immediately said, "No" because sometimes, I react like a toddler. I was instantly overruled. He did promise that we'd start in slow measures with small corp roams and lots of hand holding and tolerance for fuckups.

Then he began to beat me with the Tengu stick again. Sadly, the beatings with the Tengu stick (which I have received from everyone in corp) are starting to do their work. I feel the gears in my head accepting that flying the best ship for the situation I want to create for my personal PvE is the right thing to do. While I am tired of the Tengu stick, its been applied all over with nothing but love and affection. If Tengu wasn't the actual answer, they wouldn't be poking so hard at my stubbornness.

Eventually, I will be swayed by the focus of others. It is not peer pressure. It is the slow grinding of my stubbornness by my social circle. Right now I'm like a structure and they are capitals dropped on me.

I have been labeled "Social Butterfly" which is amusing for I am not that social in my daily life. Or, perhaps I am, I just don't have Eve to talk to people about. Yet in Eve, I float around and chat to everyone and occasionally do something nice to someone simply because I can and others did nice things for me.

I've said before that I am picky about when I help people. I don't belive in heaping gifts of isk and shiny things. A small bit of help at a critical moment goes further towards helping someone find success then an overwhelming gift. I may be to deep into thought about it but that is how I feel. Tools are useful.

I noticed in a chat that a new player has lost their destroyer to a low sec gatecamp. They had purchased a new cruiser to replace the one they lost in a mission. They wound up buying it in a high sec pocket. No one had explained checking routes or given them a link to dotlan. They had gone for their ship and been picked up by a gatecamp set to grab that exact type of person.

They commented that they were sad. There was no whining there was just a deep frustration. A frustration that came from not knowing the game and learning the hardest of ways. However, there was no rant and no stomping of the feet. Just deep frustration that was greeted with, "Tough".

I messaged him and asked what had happened. He explained the above situation and how he did not know how they could get out of it. We talked for a bit and I learned that the frustration was born out of a lack of isk. He would have to drop down to a frigate and work his way back up. He could replace the ship but a wrong buy had left them with thin funds and an basic understanding not to blow everything else.

So we chatted and I asked him to sell me the ship. I don't need a cruiser somewhere on the other side of empire. Shock and excitement greeted my offer. He wanted to take less then I offered because he had found a deal. To give him a little 'more' my offer was my local price for the ship. I knew it would be a few mil over what he had paid. New players hunt for deals. That is one reason they get caught. He thanked me for buying the ship from him and putting him into a situation he could work with. I also gave him the link to and told him to use it with his future purchases.

Eve is full of tricky pitfalls like the one he fell into. I don't need a ship in Uesuro. But it doesn't bother me. I'll do something with it at some point. What was a minor thing for me was a big thing for him. It would have been a big thing to me at the time as well. Now its just, "Meh, ship, whatevs." When did I reach that point?

I may feel a bit strange not being so "new" but I'm not one to forget the time either. Six months in corp and almost eight in the game. I do not believe I'd have come as far as I have if I had forged on alone.

Eve is better shared. It is also a lot of fun and brings a bit of a smile to have Ender say, "Come my nuggets, I have a 8/10 for us."

In my game of Eve it is all about "us".

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Late Night Bubble Party

I was sleepy when this happened. I should have gone to bed sooner but we were having good chats with people interested in us in our Public Chat room. However, I was grumpy and tired and some things are a bit fuzzy. Thankfully, I took a picture log to remember what happened. I may still be confused.

"We need more HICs" CW said in alliance chat.
"HICs" he said again."
"No HICs here." I'm not a HIC pilot. Ender was busy blowing up red crosses. I assume he is a HIC pilot, he can fly everything.

Ender and I were doing some random level 5 missions that he had that were about to expire.

"Sugar, can you bring a cyno?"
"What? Why?"
"We need it in Egg."
"Okay." I was very grumpy because I was tired. When tired, I can act like a small child that needs a nap. I logged in a cyno alt and lugged the cyno four jumps. Then I was told, "Cyno taken care of."
"Are you kidding me?" My temper went from grumpy to pissed. I was still rolling a mission with Sugar and blind jumping my cyno ship without a clue as to what was going on.
"We need combat ships and we need it now. Coms please."
"What is going on?"

The story was that they were in a somewhat frantic situations. It seems that they had been doing a mission or something and Maraner caught someone taking down their POS. He watched them unanchoring their modules with a Rhea on grid. Lust started there. Maraner had missed on half a dozen jump freighter kills over the year and he realized that with bubbles he would have one.

While the pilot unacnhored the pos modules, Maraner collected together a HIC fleet, some battleships and some battle cruisers. The modules went down and the HICs warped in and bubbled the POS with the ships inside.

In the middle of NPC null, with a fleet of seven people, they got to work. Eventually, they decided to drop a dreadnought and seige the tower. The owner was not going anywhere, it was the middle of the night... and it wasn't the best idea ever maybe...

That's when they called us. We were the only two logged in. Now the fleet was up to nine people.

"We have a Rhea trapped and the tower is going down. But, I bubbled in our drednought," Maraner said. "This could go bad. Local keeps going up."

Ender and I raced down to nullsec without a clear idea of what was happening. "Who am I warping to?" Ender asked. "I don't want to bump the dred."
"You won't bump it."
"I'm in a Machariel, I'll bump something."
"Oh." He was given a warp in.

When I landed I see this.

The tower is going down pretty quickly. They had worked through the shields. Two bubbles were up, enclosing the entire thing. Inside was a Reha, a Crane, and some pos moduals.

Outside was a bunch of pirates that wanted in.

In the final moments of the towers life, negioations were reopened with the pilot. He was given a chance to eject from his ship and go. He refused. The tower popped and the HICs overlapped their bubbles.

"Do we have a Rhea pilot?"
"Not anyone that is logged on."
"He isn't ejecting from it anyway."

"But its a Rhea..."
"We don't have a pilot for it."

The pod was popped. There was also a Crane sitting there.

"Do we have a crane pilot?"
"Not logged on."
"Its a free crane..."
"Its a dead crane as well."

With everything dead it was time to peek into the wreck.

The drop wasn't bad. It included a medium minmatar control tower. TEXN dropped a carrier and scouped up all of the loot. They also salvaged it for another 240mil in salvage bits and pieces.

Maraner at some point goes, "Sugar, get some pictures?"
"I already got pictures." :P

From Eve Kill, the Rhea and the Crane

Diplomacy, eh?

I'll say immediately that my first diplomatic efforts did not go so well.

A few hours ago, Ren undocked when a small gang of eight jumped into the system to see what was there. It was a mixture of cruisers and battlecruisers with a flycatcher. Maybe it was because he undocked. However, they paused in system and said hello in local. Unable to resist such things, I said hello back and started chatting with them a bit.

As this happened, we also mobilized a fleet. However, they stayed in system and we started getting bodies moving. Then we undocked and set up a neat pincer move to grab them on the gate as they jumped into the next system.

I recognized the corp. The Lost Minmatar Legion. I thought that they were in faction warfare but I did not see the badge anymore. It was an idle thought. I try to remember who hangs around the area. We landed on gate to find out that they were not there. We bounced to the other gate in system and they where not there either. A quick break and scatter to check the stations and they were docked up.


We sat outside the station and decided what to do.

It took but a few minutes to decide that camping the station was not something that we wanted to do. It was also obvious that they didn't want to run around the system with us. We decided to run off and set up a litle trap and see if we could get a fight.

While this was happening, they posted some in local. One of their images was of Razor's character's face pasted on a man (I think) in red lingerie. Nice of them. They also posted the kill mail (report) of one of the people in our fleet. He got into a nasty situation with the wrong type of ships the other day and lost his ship for it. It was smack talk with links and pictures while they sat in a station hoping we'd go away.

Now we had a stale mate and they seemed fine with it. Eight of them, eight of us...

In local they asked, "can we be friends?" and offered us donuts. A comment was made about having seen our fleet. I blame Wolf for breaking out the Machariel. Its hard to do harmless and no ill intent with one of those lurking around.

Then, to my surprise one of them popped into our public channel and said, "yall seem like a fun bunch wanna diplo some? im sure we will have some common ground to discuss". Unexpected but okay. Ren immediately asked them how much they wanted to pay to pass through the system. The answer was "lol we aint payin shit to anyone".

The breakdown was this. They were heading through the area to go and 'settle a score' with some group in null sec. They know we live in the area and have tangled with us before. They didn't have any problems with us and wanted to see if there was some common ground we could reach that would involve us not shooting us.

The unanimous answer from the boys was, "No. We shoot people." To quote Razor, "nothing personal. we are like nymphomaniacs, except instead of wanting to screw everything that moves, we want to shoot everything that moves"

The response was that he knew that and that unfortunately someone from our alliance had exploded the night before. We immediately rushed to assure him that no offense was taken. People expect to lose ships. It is not taken personally.

There was also talk of seeing if they could help us reach our goals. Ender went into a snickering fit at this. He pointed out that he has been goalless for years. Razor said that not shooting people went directly against any goal we might have. I commented that goal is almost a bad word to THC2.

Then Ender started threatening Razor for some reason. It is what it is. So, the conversation kept flirting around what they wanted from us and I thought I'd try to bring it forward. I said, " it'd prob be best to lay it out on the table" and the response I received was, "what my cock?? how big is your table?"

Diplomatic fail. All of this was being relayed over coms. The boys did not respond to that comment overly well. What little bit of communication we had went 'poof'. Ender and Razor basically told them to bring it. They said they were going to hang out in the station for a bit longer. Ender then tells them he is going to go pee, so they can roll out of the system during that window. They decided not to.

About the time we got tired and collapsed our little trap, they bolted from the system. We were told in local that they would be coming back to visit us very soon and see how things went.

We're cool with that.

On the out gate, one of our eyes caught one of their drakes. He held the drake while the rest of us tried to catch up to their fleet. They all left the drake pilot behind. We then popped the drake pilot.

In local I asked, "Why did they leave you behind?". I was horrified.
Ender said, "coulda just fought us.. might have gotten some kills".
Mane's comment was, "nice buddies you have"
The drake pilot said, "We live for the one, we die for the one. see ya soon."

Our general consensus is that they are maybe to come in mass to pewpew us or something? We'll see.

One last thing, a quote from their corporation description, "The new legion doctrine focuses on professionalism, teamwork, pilot integrity, individual competence, and self sufficency."

Friday, July 27, 2012

Industrial Abilities

Ender logged in and asked, "Do you have anyone that needs jump clones?"

"Oh, you did it?"

"Yeah. Trying to remember how this works."

And as such, Baby Maker 2000 has come into our world because Ender wanted it.

I immediately suggested mining ops and I was told no, not really. Even with the new mining barge changes. Although, with ship prices as crazy as they are, we might unlazy ourselves... maybe....

A bit later, while I was cheerfully trying to get Razor to hug Ender for buying the Rorqual Ender goes, "Anyone want to do something mildly dangerous in a cloaky hauler?" I immediately volunteered Razor. However, his cloaky hauler alt was busy up in high sec doing POS runs.

Which reminds me that the other day, I did an emergency fuel block for him because someone (Razor) is a procrastinator and accidently purchased 10x more then he needed so now have 300mil in Caldari Fuel Blocks sitting in Rens...

"I guess then its Chella," I told Ender. "If her Viator blows up you gave it to her..."

Ender found a mining fleet in a grav site in one of the nearby systems. They had taken their barges off but left a few cans of ore behind. I sent Razor off to assist him and after I rebooted my computer (my sound like to stop working with my headset) I got on coms and sent Sugar and Chella to assist.

There was a bit over 10km3 of Crystalline Crokite in one can and some Dark Orcher in another. It was just enough to fit in my Viator with a few pieces left over. We were also hoping they'd warp in a counter fleet.

A purifier did warp in. Razor and I locked it. It was about 45k off of me. I wasn't tagging that with my auto cannons. Blinded to the excitement I headed for it and got trapped on the asteroid beside my can. Not just trapped on the asteroid, but it was hollow so you could go through it. I got sucked through the wall and stuck inside of it. The purifier warped off. I didn't care. I was having a serious 'oh shit' moment trying to work my way out of that damn asteroid (large collidable structure) and get into free space in case they dropped all kinds of things on us.

Large collidable objects will collide with your ship but not with ammunition. So, no protection. For a while I was floundering like a fish trying to make it off the dock and back into the water. It was terrible. Razor tried to shoot the purifier but it damped him. Razor is flashy red so the purifier did not take GCC. However, he did take aggression to our corporation.


The purifier warped off to the gate where he was tagged and popped by our scout. Bad day for him. Chella landed and I scooped the ore. Ender had already flipped the cans in case they came back in. The 16pieces of ore left I picked up with Sugar.

With no one around, we headed back out and the ore got dumped into the corp hanger. Its enough to build a battlecruiser. Nice little bit of mining there. :)

Eve Vegas in 2 months

Eve Vegas is coming in 2 months (well 10 weeks).

I made my hotel reservations about ten minutes ago at Paris. I still have to tend to my flight but I've been watching the prices and seeing what will worth best for me.

I decided to stay from Oct 4th to the 9th. The convention rates only go from the 5th to the 7th. However, they were more then happy to accomidate me and give me the convention rate for the entire stay.

Because I get my free upgrade (I won something still so excited) I booked the lower tier of room.

I'll be arriving Thursday afternoon. The start meet and greet is not until Friday evening, so this is a good thing.

I have no idea how many people going plan to do the Eve Convention side of it and how many are just there to enjoy Eve and hang out with their peeps. I'll be attending the bulk of the actual conference. The after stuff is up in the air since it seems like a lot of drinking binges to me. I'd prefer to spend that time with my people who may also be having drinking binges.

This is going to be rather interesting in many ways.

So far we've set up a few tentative plans. We have a BBQ place that Diz has picked out. We've some people who know the area and will drag us around for fun. We have to figure out stuff like what to call each other. Diz said he doesn't want to be called Diz. I think almost everyone else is fine with their game names. It will also save us from people with the same name. How terrible would that be?

I'll be taking pictures and putting up a photo gallery. My hope is to keep up with my blog in the convention and update on what is being talked about. We're supposed to have power and connections right there so that would be very nice. I don't know if they are going to stream it or not.

I'm excited. My days off have been approved at work. My hotel is booked. Now just my flight and packing.

Convention tickets for those still buying them are $250 with 186 left. It seems like the outpouring has been higher this year then others. Along with all of the other player gatherings, this is good stuff for Eve. This type of gathering helps to deepen player interest and create another layer to the game.

I love it.

Maybe if I find someone to go with me I'll debate fanfest in the spring.

Edit: I said 6 weeks but meant 10. I can't count.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Obligatory Recruitment Blurb

I was reading Mabrick's Post about "Do I belong in High Sec". There is a lot said there and I think I will brush over some of it this weekend. However, what I enjoyed the most, with no insult to Mabrick, was the comment, counter comment, poke, stick, troll, wit rampage through the comments. It was a fantastic read and it helped lift my spirits after a rather negative day.

The post itself did have some basic topic points that roll into my thoughts for today and that also follows in his next post. There is a lot of thought about leaving high sec and should one, what does CCP want us to do, and how to you do it.

Capital Punishment. is recruiting. THC2 is looking to pick up a few pilots and TEXN is looking to expand. Capital Punishment. would like a third corp to add to the mix as well.

Recruiting isn't an easy job. Or, recruiting anything more than any random that wanders along and hoping for the best. Getting people interested in you, being interested in them, worrying about the metagame of spying and thieves and general nastiness. You worry about it because you want your corp to be a stable and fun place for all of its members. But, Eve is Eve.

However, we had many long discussions about recruiting and what we wanted. I, as a newbie, have been very firm in pointing out that newbies are not bad. Brand new players, a few weeks into the game can learn and become solid members of your team. Only finding people who already know thins down the potential for the corp.

I also understand that raising new players is hard. My god, the entire alliance has to deal with me all over everything, erryday. However, a future good player won't be a new player forever. They will grow up and become a piece of the support structure that benefits everyone. If not, that is why we have a kick from corp button. Not everyone is going to fit in but never giving someone a chance due to the fact that they just started playing is also kinda silly.

Potential may be hard to find but it is easier to miss. The hard work is doing that sifting and searching.

Somehow, Diz decided I needed to be involved with it. My protests were ignored. In fact, I think things were decided and finalized after I went to bed without my agreement. Due to my somewhat friendly and mildly social nature I get to talk to talk to people and try to figure out if Ender will eat them or not. At least for THC2. Thankfully, no one has tried to give me any full recruitment powers. I just have a mission to go out and attempt to seek.

THC2 never had any requirements other then getting to know a person and liking them. Well, they wanted intelligence and sense. However, they have always been a small corp. When I started, I was one of 4 who logged on. Over the late winter into the spring we acquired a few old friends and the corp bloomed to its current point which is still very small but larger and more active then it has ever been.

TEXN had been on a bit of a downswing. Life has intruded for many older members. With some people back, they are seeking new blood. We have a list of things we'd like to do and it will be better with more people.

Where I went toe to toe with people was demanding and insisting that the skill point barriers come down and people who had interest be looked at. While we are small gang PvPrs we also spend an awful lot of time carebearing and just playing Eve. If people wanted to do those thing with us and had a willingness to learn to PewPew with us at least socially, what's so wrong with that?

Not everyone has to go off and be deadly 1v1 pilots. Not everyone wants to do that. Pure pacifism is not going to work out but being willing to join the fleet and help out your corp and alliance mates is what is needed. Learn to live in low sec and make smart decisions and enjoy the game. Not everyone has to be the same or have the same interests.

I don't go to high sec and gank, for instance. I've participated in one gank ops as the salvage pilot. I'm not interested in keeping my sec status up high enough for it to be a viable, constant activity. I don't gank miners. I am not interested in bubble camps. I have choices in the activities that I do and that's the type of corporation that we run.

There is plenty of room for a wide variety of people. Cracking the crust on bittervets is exhausting. It's been worth the effort. I think there is a strong undercurrent of energy and interest in recruitment and getting new players in and more Pewpew options going.

It will take a while. I don't see it as a fast momentum thing but I see it as a good one. I'm excited to see who I will get to meet and harass.


Capital Punishment. is recruiting. :)

To use the current popular picture...

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Differences Catching My Eye

I saw this picture on a science magaizne today at the store. I walked by and saw it out the corner of my eye. The first thougth that game to my mind was, "Why is there an image of Gallente space in CVS?"

Obsessed with Eve a bit much, am I?

I was reading Gevlon's post about lossmails and the comments got me thinking. I wasn't thinking about the post or the reason everything is going where it is.

I started to debate the micro and macro levels of personal interaction with Eve Online. I blog my little self away becuase I am obsessed with soaking words in ~~ and then putting them up. Beyond that, my world view is micro. I am very new in the game and focused on learning it and becoming (hopefully) good at what I do.

I know the macro world is out there. I read the forums, I read the blogs, I read the news site, and I keep up on what is going on with the world. I feel that not understanding the macro would create a thinness to the texture of my microworld.

My view of Eve is very much tinted by the way that I play it and my life in low sec. Because of this, part of the discussion went into AFK cloaking, a topic that has puzzled me. What I found, in the discussion, was a missing piece of the puzzle and new understanding.

The people docking up and hiding are not PvP fit. That may be a 'Sugar, duh?' type of moment for most. However, I have been raised in an environment where every ship is a PvP ship. My corpmates often wait in anticipation to be scanned down in their missions, sites, and plexs for a fight. it did not occur to me that people were doing things in dangerous space in normal PvE fit ships. Suddenly, the aversion makes a lot more sense. My solution would be to undock in said PvP ship and move on, but that is not the point.

The point is, I've learned something to expand my viewpoint and bring me new understanding.

My two random discussions about Ammo today helped as well. I use faction ammo and have from early on because it was what I was told to use. However, I don't run missions and pour huge amounts of ammo into them. I was reminded that a mission runner has to look at ammo costs among other things.

I run sites that range anywhere from 5-20mil without me shooting more then a handful of NPCs. My ammo costs, diluted by my lp usage is not a big deal to me. My LP I have hundreds of thousands of because of level 5 missions. I was raised to use faction ammo and spend the isk. My lifestyle supports it. It makes sense in what I do.

But, everyone is not me. :)

I enjoy learning the differences in peoples game.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Pieces of a Clue are Forming

I gave back the billion isk to the person who put the bounty on my head.

He popped on today and asked, "Someone got you?"

"No. My corp found out and I was ordered to drain it."
"No fun. I was hoping for epic fights over you for it."
"Naw. I've had lots of offers to 'help' me and split it, but no one came and hunted me down. Want your isk back since I had to drain it?"
"That'd be nice."

That is that little cycle of life for my bounty.

This morning, while scanning I found a 5/10. As always, this excites me. As usual, I had the misfortune of being alone. I saved the site and continued on with the hope that someone would log on shortly.

About half an hour later, Ren logged on. I tackled him and dragged him off to the plex.

The plex was unkind to us and did not drop anything. However, as I was hanging out while my prober searched the systems, Ren said that there is a cynabal on the gate that wanted to engage him.

"He aggressed?"
"I'll be right there." I undocked and hopped into the system. The cynabal was eyeing Ren. Ren had gone flashy red (-5 sec status) on our sunday roam. So, if the Cynabal attacked him he'd not have to worry about gateguns. Drakes are always up in the air however. It all depended on how he was fit.

I uncloaked and went for the Cynabal. I just kinda attacked, confident that Ren was at my back and it would be a bad day for the cynabal. For a moment I wondered if I had made a mistake. I remembered Ren had said the cynabal aggressed on him. I was puzzled why it was not flashy red. Then I realized that because Ren was flashy red the cynabal did not take GCC and therefor I got to take GCC. Oh well. Hi gateguns.

As the gateguns started to wear at me I was reminded of some of the recent anti-gatecamp posts I have read that they want the gateguns to be untankable and instablap people. The reasoning is that low sec will be safe to enter. It seems that there is a gatecamp on every gate of every low sec system at every hour of the day or something. That, and the residents have a terrible habit of shooting people who are not blue to them. Something I seem to be engage in myself.

The cynabal immediately tried to pull range. I had a long point however and overheated everything as fast as I could. Nav skills are win. I chased him downdown and got him neuted out. Without cap he was going to be in a very unhappy place. The gateguns were blapping me and then so was he.

It was a good choice to scram me and shoot at me. The gateguns were consuming my shield. The chances of me popping before him were there. The chances of me popping after him were also there. He was safe from them. However, ren and I dropped drones on him and broke the lock. At 1% shields I warped off and left Ren to finish the job. However, I had caught up to the cynabal and neuted him out. Ren dropped a web on him and finished the kill.

I had anticipated the cynabal's goal to pull range and try to stay outside of my range. I expected it because that is how the people I fly with fly theirs. That anticipation helped me catch and hold him I feel. I knew that he needed range to be effective and I knew that neuting him would destroy his day. He also had a faction disruptor fit. Sadly, it did not drop, but it did give him that range he would need normally.

So, I acted upon a series of mental notes based off of my knowledge. For once, I didn't have a long 'what to do, should I, uhh, hmm, worry fret" phase. That makes me happy. I feel I did the right thing. Oh, I panicked as my shields started to vanish and I was scrammed. I had a nice, "oh shit" moment for a bit. Turns out that he had an ASB (Ancillary Shield Booster). I felt a little better about why my DPS didn't seem to make the dent I expected it to.

If I had been by myself the cynabal might have killed me if I had not stayed on the gate and deaggressed. If he had gotten distance and lured me off the gate he could have scrammed me and let the gateguns eat me alive. Now, if I had been in a bad position I might have been able to break the lock with my drones. However, that is up in the air because with distance the travel time for the drones might have been slow enough for the gateguns to pop them before they got a jam on him and that is if they even got the jam on him.

There are a lot of thoughts and situational moments here. I am pleasantly surprised that I processed so much information and made my decisions and actions based off of my unconscious analysis. I feel like I understand what happened, what could have happened, and some of the various probabilities to make my decision. I had Ren at my back and that made me willing to throw myself into a situation that I do not think I would have taken alone.

Free Ships, Dead Ships, Red Ships, Blue Ships

I logged on and began an almost hyperactive commentary full of "Yays!" and "Woo!" because I was off work for the next two days and I wanted to go out and do things.

However, Sunday mid afternoon can be slow. People were on so I buzzed about and got caught up. Needing/Wanting ISK, I went off scanning and happily found a 5/10 DED Complex fairly quickly. I dropped notice of the Plex into corp chat just as a group of unknown/naga/naga/drake jumped into the system. It turned out that they had come for the plex as well.

That was just fine by us.

We warped a tanky Tengu in. They bailed as soon as he landed on grid. However, he pointed the drake. The rest of us came in and killed the drake. We then finished the rest of the Plex. We popped a b-type 10MN MWD. Nothing huge and special but a handful of iskes for everyone in fleet.

At one point, we tried to drop onto a gatecamp.

There is a corp in the area that likes to gatecamp. They have learned that we like to jump said gatecamp. They have gotten pretty good about having scouts around and rolling if we show up in local as more than one or two. Gunpoint asked us to coordinate with them.

We came up with this elaborate BlOps (Black Ops) drop plan. We got a fleet two systems out on one side, a black ops fleet on the other, and two tanked bait ships. Our bait went in, engaged, got some points, lit the cyno, dropped in the blops, the rest of the fleet warped in.

It was a good plan, but our coordination wasn't quite in line with how fast they got the fuck out of there. Wow. We managed to hold only two ships in the end before everyone else bailed or jumped the gates.

Then there are a lot of smack talk in local. Smack about how we are so scared that we have to bring a fleet of 19 people. We did have a fleet of nineteen people. The counter smart by Gunpoint was a notification that we only had that many people in an effort to keep any of them on the field since they would not fight. Our hope was to spread out and do a rapid pounce. It went back and forth as smack talk often does.

We left Gunpoint arguing with them.

With our nice, fluffy fleet of 12, we decided that we needed to go forth through low sec and find more pewpew to do. We went up to 13 when Mane caught up to us in an Enyo.

The nice thing about the weekends is that our numbers are up a little. Later, when we noticed we had a decent amount of people on, we formed up and went on a Roam.

Suddenly, it is about free ships.

I managed to get a Noctis yesterday. I am very pleased with that. Someone offered and I snapped it up. Because, Noctis. It is going to be a bit of a trek getting it back to where it will be useful but it was free. Now I have three of them. This free ship situation was a bit less mutual on both sides, if I am honest about it.

I wonder what makes someone eject? Maybe it was the bullshit killmail we were creating with them. Maybe they thought they were denying us something... Anyway it went a bit like this....

About 7 jumps into our roam we found a harby, slepinir, and a oneiros doing a site.

Our scout warped our tackle to the site. When he arrived, only the harby was on grid still. Therefore, he attacked the harby and we waited to see if his friends would come back. The lack of reaction to being shot made us wonder if we had another case of baitception. Once he got the harby into armor, it woke up. The ship targeted him, but never shot him.

Then local spiked and the Selipnir came back. We hopped in and warped into system. The Selipnir landed and our tackle went for tackle. He missed the Sleipnir who landed and immediately warped off as soon as we spiked local. We still had the harby however, so we waited for everyone to get onto the ship. When it was in half structure the pilot ejected. In local he said, "Not going to happen".

Our response was, "Cool, free ship." We had someone dock up and grab it, dock it, and switch back into his ship. It seems that it was named, "Made in China".

Here is his fit. He also had two different types of ammo in his guns. He had conflag in half the guns and scorch in the other half. We have no idea what the point of ejecting was. If we had blown the ship up instead of stealing it, we would have gotten a killmail. But, free ship? Hell yeah!

While we got the ship sorted, Razor sent a conversation to the Harby owner and told him that he could have his ship back for 80 mil. The guy closed the chat so he told him in local. Dher then said that he should up it to 90 mil for closing the chat. We're so good at this piracy thing it's amazing. Well, new Harpy for someone.

We wandered around, popped a few beltrats and waited out our GCC. With no one left to play, we left and continued on.

We found Nulli Secunda's new low sec system. We poked our heads in and found 40 people in system. Cool. They had a machariel sitting outside with a -5 sec status. We did a breakdown, I got picked as one of the 3 to go in and say hello. They engaged and started undocking shiny things. Machariels, Bhaal, Oneiros, and other things. The sky glittered with it and like moths to a flame our nice little 13 strong fleet jumped in and engaged. One shiny thing exploding would tickle us all day. They undocked shines, we shot at shines, they redocked shinies, we shot at more shinies.

Nothing died on either side. We bailed when they undocked the Moros and the Thanatos once we had the Bhaal in half armor.

We are sitting on the out gate and one of them goes, "Yea thats right faggots!" in local.

Really? We were not playing docking games or undocking carriers and dreds on a battlecruiser fleet. Well, I take that back, we had a Tempest and an Enyo. Frightening. Someone else is going in local that he logs into coms and is told, "Logistics! Logistics! Bhaal needs reps!" We got the Bhaal to under half armor before he redocked.

No fun to be found there, we kept going. The faction warfare stuff keeps making us think that we are jumping into incursions. But, we're getting used to it. A few gates away our scout found a Typhoon. He followed him two systems and then followed him to one of their major plexs.

He was one of TEXNs newer players. The FC sent him in to tackle the Typhoon. He did and he did a great job. He got the Typhoon down and the rest of the fleet jumped in. We got the Typhoon scrambled and him unlocked in 65% structure. He was in a high state of excited panic and he warped off to a gate. With GCC and an aggression timer.

He jumped through the gate in 10% structure. Good boy. He was able to get off the other side and docked in the next system. Fun times. The Typhoon owner sent a chat to Razor. Razor has no idea why he was the one that got selected for chats. The Typhoon owner told us that Amarr had FW people up in Dal. We said cool, changed our destination and went to look.

It was in Amamake we got into a fight with Heretic Nation.

We tried to jump their gatecamp but they bailed as soon as our first ship landed.

However, they were up to a belt fight. So we took it.

The end results were not bad. We lost six ships and they lost five. We lost 5 battle cruisers and a frig. They lost 4 battleships and a battle cruiser. They were reshipping and coming back out as they went down. Once we were down we were done.

In the end, they held the field. With their reshipping power we would have just been chipped away at until we drowned. Our FC called for us to bail when we were down to half of our fleet. I was the first or second ship down. Disappointing but it is what it is.

We put up a good fight. No logistics, no support. They had a falcon and a curse on the field as well. Turned out the curse was a third party (I think). No clue who the curse was going after.

We were tempest, drake, harb x2, hurricane x5, oracle, drake, enyo.

They started as malstrom, tempest, malstrom, raven, drake, abaddon, curse, falcon, and somewhere in there 2 more abaddons, an aramageddon, and another malstrom appeared between more people and reshipping with a cane.

So it was a good fight with a lot of brawling and a lot of damage. We didn't lose our entire fleet. We will trade a battle cruiser for a battleship. They lost 6, we lost 8. Our Enyo threw himself at the curse to distract it while people got away. He died but we got ships off field. Our tempest, oracle, and drake made it out.

I was disappointed to be taken down early, but not ashamed of the fight at all. We're very pleased with it. We didn't hold the field. I lost the loot I had gathered earlier. However, we laid it down and had a good fight. Once they melted through our DPS we started dropping faster. Until then it was good. It got a bit messy with so many battleships on field. The hurricanes were close in and the battleships just started blapping the hell out of us.

I reshipped into a noobship. We regathered, pods hopped into high sec, and we worked our way back home.

Fun day. I waited till the next morning to build my new cane.

Monday, July 23, 2012

My Billion Isk Bounty

About a week ago I got a convo from someone I haven't seen in a bit. He was moving on to bigger and better things and moving to null sec.

He noticed that my bounty was no longer a rounded number. I drained my last bounty a while ago and posted about it. I had reaccumilated another one through 'donations' from friends and I was back up to 15 million. I think the number was 15,151,515.15 or something very silly.

He goes, "I'll fix that," and laughs. I look at my bounty, count zeros and wonder if it really reads a billion. About 40 seconds later Mane goes, "Sugar your bounty is a billion isk? Log Chella on and pod yourself."

However, the person that set it goes, "Don't be naughty and go drain it." So I promised I'd keep it until I had to drain it. And I did. I've been living my life like normal. Sometimes I have to fend off people asking to pod and split it with me. I guess there is the chance that I have no alt, no corp, no friends, and am stupid. It doesn't hurt to ask. Someone else asked if people are hunting me down. I told them not anymore then normal.

Today, I was chatting with someone who noticed by bounty and informed me that I was #13 on the 'most wanted list'. Bountys are bullshit but I had to admit, I was amused that I was ranked so high.

I was amused. It was not until we were halfway through our roam and commenting about sec status (some went flashy red, I went down to -3.9 from -3.4) that one of my corpmates finally noticed my bounty status.

To a point, I'm shocked they didn't just pod me right there. However, I was ordered to drain my bounty immediately upon reaching home. I even got the direct command from Ender who did not approve of the chance of someone randomly popping my pod and getting it.


Bounty payment
Sent: 2012.07.23 07:51

For your termination of Sugar Kyle we have paid you the bounty that was set to his head: 1,000,000,000.00 ISK

They have not yet fixed the gender issue payout. However, they responded to my petition about it. I'm sure its in a long list of 'minor bullshit one day'.

Bounty free again.

Some will believe that I set it on myself. If you look at the top list, some people use it as advertisement space.

It is what it is... it was cute while it lasted... Ahh well...

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Saga: Ganker and Gankee

This is labeled a Saga because it is very, very long. Thanks to Mane for providing fuel for me today. It feeds in well with the flood of 'gankers ruin eve' and 'they just get off on being big and bad' posts the forums are flooded with at the moment.

[TL;DR: This will be a long post with eve mails, forum cuts, chat logs, some tears, some drama, and some other stuff. It's about gankers, gankees and the pieces of the story that get left out.]

I've talked about my allaincemate's little pet project, the MHEA. It is one of those little player made content things that people can do. It also pisses people off. This only fuels the members to continue.

This is the 'dark' side of Eve. How a dark game has a dark side, who knows, but this is the type of thing that Eve players do that they would not be allowed to do on other games. Basically, the MHEA enforces 'mining licenses' in the area of Molden Heath and only Molden Heath. If miners are unlicensed they are inspected and the inspection is a bit rough and results in the ships exploding. Licensed ships are not inspected by the MHEA but there are rogue inspectors out there who act outside of the jurisdictional boundaries of the MHEA.

The MHEA, at the end of the day, ganks miners. It does so in a somewhat roleplayish trollish way that endlessly amuses the members. It is part of their gameplay. It is non consensual spaceship violence wrapped around creativity while poking sticks at people. Some will call it griefing. Yet, someone has taken the time to create and follow through on aspects of gameplay. The only reason it is 'grief' is that it is something negative. If the MHEA gave out mining barges and mining lasers, no one would call that griefing.

What has happened is that content has been created for one player, his alliance, and other players that wish to join in. It is not new or magical but it keeps people amused. It is something they go out and do.

He makes money from the entire ganking process. The T2 salvage from the hulks can easily bring in 50 million or more. Another interesting side effect he has noticed is that he can resell the modules he loots from the wreckage over and over again. He will gank a hulk and place the strip miners on the local market. The strip miners then sell. He notices the name of the person that buys them. 5-20 minutes later, that person undocks in a hulk. He goes and 'inspects' that unlicensed hulk. He looks the strip miners if they drop. He places the item back on the market. This cycle repeats itself over, and over, and over again. He has sold the seemingly same modules over five times in a single day.

When I asked if he minded me discussing the entire thing he said, "Not at all - it is part of the business model".

And it is a business model. It may not be a "nice" one but it is an actual one. It is not his only way to make isk. It is not his main way of making isk. It is something that he does to amuse himself. He does not stand on a soapbox and scream about the honorable 1v1 PvP he offers to mining barges.

The thread started yesteray. I noticed Mane say that he had updated a thread from the Eve Online forums and posted a link to said thread. I followed it, becuase Mane's postings amuse me greatly, to find out that he was again disturbing someone's mining and ruining someones game.

The title of the thread is quite grand: Suicide Ganking and it's effect in EVE (my opinion).

It seems that the poster, Meinerman. Bsically, he decided to mine and Mane ganked him. There were words in local, words in Eve mail, and finally a somewhat calm, thoughtful forum post.

However, the end result of the forum post allows so much to be missed. Today, I decided to see if I could weave the tale into its full glory.


Posted: 2012.07.20 23:46

"I started off playing EVE in 2008 as a miner. I worked hard and built up my mining skills and helped out a few corps along the way. I have never been a bot, only mined AFK once in all that time and very rarely dumped my ore onto the market. Recently my corp bought a mackinaw for use in gathering material for production. I used it well until yesterday when I was suicide ganked in Teonusude in Molden Heath.

I am not writing this to complain about being ganked, of course I was angry when it happened, but such is life in eve. I have read many posts both for and against suicide ganking and I see both sides. As a victim, my fellow miners will probably be surprised to read that I do not believe the practice should be stopped by CCP. I learned a valuable lesson from it and will alter my game play accordingly (thankfully most of my skills are combat related). My one complaint is that some corps and alliances are doing it under the banner of "law." Saying they have the exclusive rights to issue mining licenses in highsec space. This is extortion pure and simple and it is a cowardly way to play in my book. From what i read most gankers do it for some higher cause and thats understandable albeit sometimes misguided. But most of them are dedicated PvPers who also play elsewhere. I am going to move to null sec with a credible corp and alliance and continue to mine, but not the boring highsec mining any more. And when I am called to fight I will do so with enthusiasm and play eve in the funnest way I can. So the effect suicide ganking has on EVE, in my opinion, is both good or bad. It all depends on how the ganked person takes it:)"


It is not a bad post but it is a confused one. Meinerman is confused about why the entire thing happened. His viewpoint on PvP also leans towards the aspects of Honor. Honor is missing from the equation because it does not exist in the equation. There is nothing honorable because it is not about honor.

He has also not taken the time to look at Mane's killboard or if he did, he did not scroll down. I'll leave it here.


Next he adds: Posted: 2012.07.21 00:02

Thanks I am brain dead and didn't see it. And yes what bothered me was the guy harrassing me in mail about paying him 50 mil a month. I said no and he kept emailing me. Other than that...gank away


And enter Mane: Posted: 2012.07.21 22:33
Good day. I'm Mining Inspector #14, and I've been asked to respond to the OP.

We are authorized agents for the MHEA and their rules are very clear - no mining in Molden Heath without a license. The OP was found mining in Molden Heath without a license, and so I followed the standard protocol for inspection - destroy the offending ship.

I was promptly greeted with profanity and threats in local, and when I explained the error of his ways, there was simply more of the same. When I sent a followup EVE mail explaining how to get a license I received 2 mails in return - one laden with profanity and the other boasting about how many Mackinaws he could afford and threatening to bring capital ships against mining inspectors.

When I followed up to find out how many capital ships there would be (each one would of course need a license), I again received insults and a bit of whining. I admit I lost my temper at that point (clearly its time for me to get more sensitivity training), but even so I tried one last time to be helpful, explaining that fitting a civilian shield booster on a Mackinaw is not a good idea. The response was as bitter as before, only this time there was a claim of harassment.

I was surprised as he had been sending me twice as many mails as I sent him. In any event, I responded in kind asking that he not send me any more mails. But he did.....sigh.

The OP clearly needs to learn more about the environment and the devastation caused by illegal mining (we have training programs available at a very reasonable rate). I hope he sees the error of his ways. My apologies to the MHEA - I will sign up for that sensitivity course. Oh - and to the OP - I can issue you that license at any time; happy to help out.

Mane Frehm
Mining Inspector #14


Mane's posts are pure roleplay. Although, he is actually that polite and calm normally. I fly with him a lot due to our time zones and I believe, that we get along quite well together. I asked him to send me the eve-mails on the topic. Before I move to the eve-mails in question, I will let the origional poster from the forums have his follow up to Mane's post.

Now there is a lot of information lacking in the story due to the forums rules that prevent eve-mails and chatlogs from being directly posted. However, this is my little world so I get to post the entire story. I find it interesting stuff myself, to see both sides before and after and a little bit of during.

I have posted the MHEA's introduction mail to players and I will again. It is a form letter that all of the licensed mining inspectors use.


Illegal mining - lost Mackinaw
From: Mane Frehm
Sent: 2012.07.20 03:39
To: Meinerman,

Greetings and Salutations from The Executioners (official agents for the Molden Heath Environmental Authority; additional information available at

At approximately 0208 EVE time today (Friday July 19th), you were found mining in Molden Heath without a mining license, and as a result The Executioners (TEXN) turned your mining barge into a smoking wreck. We regret this action, but we have found that warnings do not achieve the desired results. As you are now aware, the mining profession almost forces you to become a stationary target, incapable of any real defense against our dedicated teams of mining inspectors. The investment for us is minimal...almost negligible. The loss for you is likely more significant.

There's hope however. Mining Licenses are available at the very reasonable price of 50 million ISK per month. Once we have the record of your Mining License in our files, you will be safe from any further sanctions by our mining inspectors. In addition, a Mining License provides you with insurance against the loss of your mining barge in highsec*. Allow me to elaborate: if any other party destroys your vessel, we will provide you with a replacement and declare war on the aggressors.

Please consider carefully and choose wisely. 50 million ISK per month is a small price to pay to meet your environmental obligations and to have real peace of mind. Come in under the TEXN umbrella.

Contact me via evemail or private conversation to sign up as soon as possible.

Mine in safety, mine with the TEXN guarantee.

Mane Frehm
Mining Inspector #14

*Note – this coverage does not extend to lowsec and nullsec. Underwriting provided by Mutual of Jita.


Re: Illegal mining - lost Mackinaw
From: Meinerman
Sent: 2012.07.20 04:03
To: Mane Frehm,



Re: Illegal mining - lost Mackinaw
From: Meinerman
Sent: 2012.07.20 04:05
To: Mane Frehm,

I can afford more mackinaws..and from now on we mine in force with capital ship protection...still want to play?


Re: Re: Illegal mining - lost Mackinaw From: Mane Frehm
Sent: 2012.07.20 04:11
To: Meinerman,

Thank you for your reply.

As you have indicated that there will be more than one of you mining at a time, I am happy to tell you that we do have a corporate rate for mining licenses. Please let me know how many members of your corporation will be mining or in support ships; with this information I can quote you the correct rate.

Have a GREAT day.

Mane Frehm
Mining Inspector #14


Re: Re: Re: Illegal mining - lost Mackinaw
From: Meinerman
Sent: 2012.07.20 04:24
To: Mane Frehm,

Nobody in this place is going to pay you dumbass


Re: Re: Re: Re: Illegal mining - lost Mackinaw
From: Mane Frehm
Sent: 2012.07.20 04:28
To: Meinerman,

Many have paid and continue to pay.

And the only dumbass here is the one who fit his Mackinaw with a Civilian Shield Booster. You deserved to lose that ship with that fit.

Have a GREAT day.


Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Illegal mining - lost Mackinaw
From: Meinerman
Sent: 2012.07.20 04:29
To: Mane Frehm,

it wasn't designed for pvp moron


Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Illegal mining - lost Mackinaw
From: Mane Frehm
Sent: 2012.07.20 04:29
To: Meinerman,

True - you were being a PvE moron.

Have a GREAT day


Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Illegal mining - lost Mackinaw
From: Meinerman
Sent: 2012.07.20 04:30
To: Mane Frehm,

do not write me again in any form or i will get you for harassment.


Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Illegal mining - lost Mackinaw
From: Meinerman
Sent: 2012.07.20 04:31
To: Mane Frehm,

CCP actually does take harassment seriously believe it or not. Unwanted emails from people do not contact me again


Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Illegal mining - lost Mackinaw
From: Meinerman
Sent: 2012.07.20 04:33
To: Mane Frehm,

You solciting ISK from people in unwanted emails is not polite. You have no legal grounds to ask another person for ISK in their personal mails. Your so called liscense isn't sanctioned by anyone but your lame alliance.


And that ends the Eve Mails. He says on the forum that Mane finally quit Eve Mailing him and harassing him.

Back to the forums where a follow up to Mane's forum response enters the picture.


Posted: 2012.07.22 18:35

Funny, I never claimed to be rich. I did say some friends were interested in a large scale mining op and yes I will admit I reacted angrily at first to the senseless loss of my 190mil ship. Every email I sent in return to the "inspector" asked him to not contact me again and yet he persisted. And on a side note, a few of my friends stayed out there mining with an orca and hulk so I decided to give them a little coverage. When an "inspector" showed up and realized someone there would shoot back he promptly left. Too much like a real fight I guess, I don't know. Anyways, suicide ganking in and of itself isn't the problem here. There is another guy James 315 who does it in Caldari Space and only in one spot. His reasoning is seeing ice fields littered with cans and constantly full of AFK people. I actually agree with his methods and techniques. He will not touch low sec miners but the MHEA will.

Bottom line, when faced with an actualy defense MHEA will run. They harrass miners, not to eliminate bots (like my friend James), but to simply cause grief. From reading other posts however, if they are attacked without warning they shed the biggest tears of them all.


Mane responded: Posted: 2012.07.22 21:27

Good afternoon. Mining Inspector #14 here again.

The OP does appear to be suffering from short term memory loss, but sadly the rules of C&P do not allow me to post your mails or the delightfully profane chat log. Let me correct some errors:

1. You did say via EVE Mail that you could afford more Mackinaws, clearly implying that the loss meant nothing to you. As a Mining Inspector, I know that the loss of an exhumer is a sad moment for any miner, and I can understand your bitterness. You really should have obtained a license before putting that poor ship at risk.

2. You sent me a total of 7 EVE mails, several laden with profanity (your mother must be very proud). The first 2 mails were in response to our standard followup EMAIL providing license information, and when I responded with 1 mail you again sent me 2. You did not request that I cease to contact you until your 5th mail, at which point I responded asking you to cease contacting me as well. You somehow managed to send me another 2 mails claiming harassment.

3. Mining Inspection has nothing to do with fighting. There is no defence against mining inspectors, which we state clearly in our standard followup mail. We are performing a valuable service on behalf of all of the inhabitants of Molden Heath, which you clearly have failed to appreciate. Again I urge you to take advantage of our training programs to correct this deficiency in your knowledge.

4. If its fighting you want, that's a different conversation. Come visit us in Hegfunden and we can have a chat.

Have a GREAT day.

Mane Frehm
Mining Inspector #14


And the final post from Meinerman on the forums.


Posted: 2012.07.22 23:05 I did use profanity and I have 8 total emails from you including iniating unwanted contact. I freely admit I was angry and did say I would come back with support which is still true. you and your mhea are sad misguided people and that is each their own. you like to shoot defenseless ships and to publicly say you don't is even less honorable than the act itself and shows that you have no taste for any actual challenge. I will no longer reply to your asinine comments in this forum. good day sir

I convinced Mane to dig up the chat logs for me as well from local. Mane goes into pure troll mode at these times with local. However, the chat logs were alluded to, so here they are.


[ 2012.07.20 01:56:32 ] EVE System > Channel changed to Local : Teonusude
[ 2012.07.20 02:08:48 ] Meinerman > you mofo piece of shit
[ 2012.07.20 02:09:15 ] ghettojr01 > lol damn
[ 2012.07.20 02:09:26 ] Mane Frehm > excuse me?
[ 2012.07.20 02:09:33 ] Mane Frehm > profanity is uncalled for
[ 2012.07.20 02:09:43 ] Mane Frehm > If only you had purchased a license!
[ 2012.07.20 02:09:44 ] Meinerman > go %^$& yourself
[ 2012.07.20 02:09:52 ] Meinerman > you dont liscense shit
[ 2012.07.20 02:10:12 ] Mane Frehm > The rules of the Molden Heath Environmental Authority must be obeyed
[ 2012.07.20 02:10:29 ] Meinerman > you are not in charge ill be waiting for you faggots
[ 2012.07.20 02:10:31 ] Mane Frehm > As an official mining inspector, when I see illegal mining I must act
[ 2012.07.20 02:10:48 ] Meinerman > next time you act you think i just mine?
[ 2012.07.20 02:10:55 ] ghettojr01 > LOL
[ 2012.07.20 02:11:21 ] Mane Frehm > well - you were mining illegally. You really should have known better
[ 2012.07.20 02:11:26 ] Mane Frehm > learn more at
[ 2012.07.20 02:11:27 ] askos > Schizophrenia is a serious disease , please check up at you local physician
[ 2012.07.20 02:11:29 ] Meinerman > haha you are funny
[ 2012.07.20 02:11:40 ] Meinerman > illegally by whose laws?
[ 2012.07.20 02:11:52 ] Mane Frehm > sigh - I just posted the link for you
[ 2012.07.20 02:12:02 ] Meinerman > ill mine illegally in something with weapons next time bring it
[ 2012.07.20 02:12:19 ] askos > The smell of delusion is overwhelming
[ 2012.07.20 02:12:25 ] Mane Frehm > threatening a mining inspector - this is sad
[ 2012.07.20 02:12:26 ] Meinerman > fuckk you are youf link dude this isnt sovereign territory go play in null sec if you want to play that way
[ 2012.07.20 02:13:25 ] Mane Frehm > you are being quite rude. Are you unhappy about losing your Mackinaw?
[ 2012.07.20 02:13:27 ] Meinerman > also if you wanted to play that way you could give a warning before you kill
[ 2012.07.20 02:13:42 ] Meinerman > but you assholes like to just kill people for no reason
[ 2012.07.20 02:13:45 ] Mane Frehm > get a license and it wont happen again - you will feel so much better
[ 2012.07.20 02:14:00 ] Mane Frehm > and we tried just giving warnings; for some reason no one paid attention
[ 2012.07.20 02:14:12 ] Meinerman > i never saw it
[ 2012.07.20 02:14:24 ] Meinerman > and i will never paly you a dime but i will mine in force with protections
[ 2012.07.20 02:14:28 ] Jahxsis > mining licensce? That must be a new aspect of EVE I am unaware of
[ 2012.07.20 02:14:32 ] Mane Frehm > there are warnings posted at the entry to Molden Heath and in other locations
[ 2012.07.20 02:14:39 ] Meinerman > you are full of shit
[ 2012.07.20 02:14:41 ] Mane Frehm > such as in the Ice Belt in Teonusude
[ 2012.07.20 02:14:45 ] Meinerman > and i will find you
[ 2012.07.20 02:15:03 ] Mane Frehm > and your continued profanity will not accomplish anything
[ 2012.07.20 02:15:14 ] Mane Frehm > I'm here all the time...just doing my job
[ 2012.07.20 02:15:21 ] Meinerman > neither will your continued existence
[ 2012.07.20 02:15:21 ] Mane Frehm > now about that license....
[ 2012.07.20 02:15:26 ] Meinerman > fuck you
[ 2012.07.20 02:15:40 ] Mane Frehm > I am enjoying your witty repartee
[ 2012.07.20 02:15:53 ] Meinerman > you are not worth wit
[ 2012.07.20 02:16:03 ] Meinerman > see how long you assholed can do that i know
[ 2012.07.20 02:16:10 ] Mane Frehm > you seem bitter. Buy a license and feel better!
[ 2012.07.20 02:16:44 ] Meinerman > pay for my ship and i will buy a lifelong liscense
[ 2012.07.20 02:17:17 ] Mane Frehm > no (explaining to someone clearly very young). It doesnt work that way. Buy a license and then you can mine
[ 2012.07.20 02:17:38 ] Meinerman > how bout i mine in force and you can fell free to agress me
[ 2012.07.20 02:17:49 ] Meinerman > and my fleet wiill just wipe you out very easily
[ 2012.07.20 02:18:03 ] Eisler Rollard > what the hell is a mining licence anyway
[ 2012.07.20 02:18:46 ] Mane Frehm > Eisler - you can learn about it at
[ 2012.07.20 02:18:53 ] lashana darkmoon > Its a pirate scam,
[ 2012.07.20 02:18:58 ] Conexes Conexes > its like paying the mob protection money, a fee to not get attacked
[ 2012.07.20 02:19:14 ] Eisler Rollard > ahh another asshole move in eve. lovely.
[ 2012.07.20 02:19:22 ] Jahxsis > hehe nice story :) not often I see an organized racket in highsec
[ 2012.07.20 02:19:31 ] Mane Frehm > Meinerman - you are in a 7 member corp. I look forward to inspecting your mining fleet
[ 2012.07.20 02:19:43 ] Meinerman > thats ok because when i mine in a maelstrom his catalyst is worthless
[ 2012.07.20 02:20:04 ] Meinerman > i only know 7 whole people in my 4 years of playing
[ 2012.07.20 02:20:50 ] Meinerman > dude you ahve no idea
[ 2012.07.20 02:20:52 ] Mane Frehm > if you only know 7 people you are (wait for it).... doing it wrong
[ 2012.07.20 02:20:59 ] Eisler Rollard > Due to over-mining of the High Security systems of the Fittakan Constellation the orbits of the asteroids are starting to become unstable and rogue asteroids are drifting out from the belts and are becoming navigational hazards.
[ 2012.07.20 02:21:05 ] Meinerman > lol sarcasm dumb ass
[ 2012.07.20 02:21:05 ] Eisler Rollard > these guys r good at bullshit lol
[ 2012.07.20 02:21:41 ] Strhyke Cantaso > everybody and his brother has played that MININIG inspector angle to death......find a new song you silly bitches
[ 2012.07.20 02:22:01 ] Eisler Rollard > call them skinny bulls :D
[ 2012.07.20 02:22:08 ] Meinerman > not very popular are you ?
[ 2012.07.20 02:22:10 ] Mane Frehm > Oh Eisler - we're quite serious. Mining without a license in Molden Heath is just a bad idea
[ 2012.07.20 02:22:21 ] Eisler Rollard > yea yea can it for some1 who cares
[ 2012.07.20 02:22:27 ] Meinerman > it wont be when you start dying because you are pissing off people
[ 2012.07.20 02:22:30 ] Strhyke Cantaso > and learn to spell.......its veneer not verneer
[ 2012.07.20 02:24:35 ] Mane Frehm > Meinerman - pissing off people is the price one pays for being a mining inspector. Its really quite fulfilling
[ 2012.07.20 02:24:52 ] Meinerman > you are really quite dead
[ 2012.07.20 02:24:54 ] Mane Frehm > you really should get a license
[ 2012.07.20 02:25:03 ] Meinerman > you will lose a ship every time i see you in space
[ 2012.07.20 02:25:09 ] Septimys Wro > Wow. Don't mess with miners that keep a thesaurus handy.
[ 2012.07.20 02:25:10 ] Eisler Rollard > screw ur license crap.
[ 2012.07.20 02:25:20 ] Mane Frehm > Oh Meinerman - now you are just being silly.
[ 2012.07.20 02:25:44 ] CzarKiller > why dont u guys just play the game, u could kill him if u knew how.
[ 2012.07.20 02:25:49 ] Strhyke Cantaso > find some originality and read the taxman chronicles to learn how it is REALLY done by someone with real talent
[ 2012.07.20 02:25:58 ] askos > schizophrenic and compulsive obessive , favorite word seems to be license
[ 2012.07.20 02:26:00 ] CzarKiller > otherwise...well, oh well, man up.
[ 2012.07.20 02:26:33 ] Mane Frehm > Being a mining inspector is not for the faint of heart. So much hate....
[ 2012.07.20 02:27:37 ] Eisler Rollard > its lovely listening to this clown while i mine the day away XD
[ 2012.07.20 02:27:46 ] Strhyke Cantaso >
[ 2012.07.20 02:27:54 ] Strhyke Cantaso > read that and learn something fool
[ 2012.07.20 02:28:34 ] Strhyke Cantaso > adios pendejos
[ 2012.07.20 02:28:55 ] askos > sure thing conjo
[ 2012.07.20 02:29:26 ] Meinerman > who in here are miners?
[ 2012.07.20 02:29:38 ] Eisler Rollard > i mine on occasion.. as i am now XD
[ 2012.07.20 02:30:01 ] Meinerman > need protrection?


Now, here I will give Meinerman some clever points. If he has kill rights on Mane, he can sit in belts on top of miners and pop him every time he warps in if he has the ship for it. Also, people beg miners to get up and protect themselves. I give him props for going out and attempting to do something about the situation.

In the forum thread he posts that the loss of this ship was a killing blow to his corporation. I find that sad. For a corporation as much as for a player, don't fly or field what you can not lose.

No pictures this time. Just Eve Drama in its normal measures.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Alliance Tournament X: Match 5

This is one of my work weekends. I was not able to be around for the Alliance Tournament. The killboards started to act up this morning before I went to work and they did not update for most of the day.

The final is that we did not beat Goonswarm. I wound up pulling up the Alliance Tournament site that I have been using. I saw the breakdown in ships and knew exactly why we did not win that match.

ECM. It is our biggest weakness perhaps. It is a huge weakness of a lot of the game. We don't use it much. We used damps a lot during this tournament, but its not our standard method of fighting. We have people that can bring falcons, but we rarely ever break out those ECM boats. It just isn't the style of game we wish to play.

It was a strong setup against us. However, I saw that we had two Sleipnirs left on the field. I think that Goonswarm needed to defeat us fully to continue. I'm not sure. However, if they did, we at least held them back as well. I'm glad of that. Preparing and planning for these matches have shown me what a small group we really are. It has been an interesting experience and the output of support from the alliance has been spectacular.

The mutterings of payouts and ISK to toss the matches makes me roll my eyes. Even in game, that is just not a way I play or the type of people that I want to be in a corporation or alliance with. If that is how someone else plays, I do not understand it but I can accept it. However, that does not mean it should be assumed that everyone sells themselves for everything.

As Diz has said before, we fight for the fight. Sometimes the outcome has no ultimate win, but it is not the winning that gives us reason to do what we do. Sure, we love to win, I'd never pretend that we do not. Yet, to get out and do, to pewpew and fly... it is a fantastic feeling in and unto itself.

The murmurs for next year are already on the table. I made a terrible suggestion for it. I suggested that we start preplanning now. As terrible of an idea as that is, I had to lay it out there. Beyond that, the Alliance Tournament X is done for Capital Punishment. We can work on other projects that have been sidelined for the last few months.


Recruitment and all that fun stuff.

I had this nice little rant written up to toss my head at all the haters. Then I deleted it. Because really, who gives a damn? :)

Those that wish to know and meet us, are welcome to. Those that do not can enjoy themselves without us in their game.

And if haters wanna hate, let them hate. It is good to bring productivity to others, even vicariously.