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The Things That Came From

My desktop is being worked on at the moment. My raid went down with one of the drives going bad. My husband was home today and took my work day to work on it. Sadly, things are not going to be done until the morning so I'm on my laptop. My laptop that I purchased to play Eve. I've always had a laptop and a desktop. My laptop's before were light weight things that I used for writing. It was not until I started to play Eve that I invested in a heavier laptop that could easily play the game in the way that I wanted to play it. The same goes for my desktop. I have had two monitors for several years. It was not until I started playing Eve that I wished for three. My two before were connected to different machines but once I started playing Eve I wanted everything to flow together. Now I have three screens that I play across and I don't stretch my screen. I also play more games then I did before Eve. I've tried games because of friends in Eve. I've purchased gam

Who's That Girl...

Machariel's make me think of Lue. They make me think of being very new to the game and very small. There is a disconnect upon seeing Sugar in a Machariel. It is shocking in a way. Yet, as I watch her twist that oddly graceful ship and leap into warp I am reminded that is in fact my character and my ship upon my screen not my mentors. I purchased one as a ship to grow into. That was before I learned that I would have little to no love for battleships and what they bring in. This one has always been special. More agile and faster then most, beautiful in a sleek, deadly way, I've always been enthralled with it. This particular one is part of a project. Maybe this time I will do some of the things I've been thinking about doing. I won't say I will for I have a terrible track record of keeping some projects going. But,I had more fun putting this very simply fitted creation together then I have had in a very long time. And for now, I'll admire myself in space.

CSMX - Post #16

We are two weeks out of the next release and the changes to Sov. The sov games are live and testing. Some are grinding because they want to have their name on something. The feedback coming out that I hear is lackluster. The null sec CSM has been very vocal with CCP and active in the testing. I still hear a lot of, "Why are people going to want sov?" It is not something that I have answers to but it is a concern that I keep hearing in the background. The petition button is missing from the F12 menu. That is being looked into. I know it was there on Friday. I helped someone make a petition and used it to go through the categories. On Saturday, it was not there. Hrm. I've poked who needs to be poked and they are investigating it and we should have some answers shortly on what is going on and why the button has vanished. I am hoping for its safe return. Icons. I logged onto Sisi because icons have had a bit of an update.  Singular's launcher face is using a different

.... Engineering?

I can say with ease that I quite like social engineering in Eve. I may not agree with the path that everyone takes with their social engineering but that is another topic. From The Cougar Store to my POCOpire and down to my CSM run, I've wound most of my game play into what can be done for, with, and by a player by just doing. The downside of it is that is is rarely tangible or sustainable. Sometimes efforts build up and go through metamorphosis from construct to constructed, such a Eve University. As proud as I may be in the things that I have done and will do, none of them is tangible. My store will vanish if I stop tending it. I hope that I've shared enough of my mistakes and successes that it will endure in some way. My POCOpire was destroyed by an individuals choice and my own unwillingness to suck it up one more time. When I am no longer on the CSM I will vanish back into the background of the game. What we make rarely survives us. Energy is not finite. I have strug

Double Take

I found myself so surprised at what I saw that I almost forgot tot take a screen shot. A Bowhead in the flesh. The first time I passed it as my Viator landed on the gate I was like, "What is that?" Slowly, my mind caught up to me and I squealed and tried to flip screens fast enough to nab a screenshot but I was to late and jumped. My mind caught up with me and I realized that it was auto-piloting. Quickly, I cloaked on the other side and went to look at it when it came through. It spawned 38k off of me but 'look at' did not work when I was cloaked. Huh. I don't remember that. I will test it. Then it warped. I warped to. But, I was in a Viator and landed before it. Meh. The gate was clear and I figured I could keep and eye out for trouble and wait for it to arrive. As I did so I noticed a fleet of military rank symbols land on the gate. A fleet of Golem landed and started to jump through. Huh. I have no idea what they are for but there they we

If Aura Gave Advice

It started with a question from Bazi:  who else would support this idea for a 'little thing' that when you unfit modules it automatically goes to your cargo rather than your items hangar. Rob liked the idea. Bazi followed up with an option. Strip to cargo or strip to item hangar. That's when the conversation wandered downhill. There Bazi is, stripping his fittings off into his cargo and not paying attention. Then he goes to undock and Aura says, "Your ship is full, please don't undock." It was supposed to be Rob suggesting a warning for when the cargo is full and the player tries to strip their fit. However, my mind wandered off in another direction. "we cannot strip this fit because its probably not a good idea. Want to rethink?" was the first thing that I thought of after stripping a fit. The idea being Aura noticed your hull was naked and reminded you not to be dumb.  Then the ideas cascaded in.  "you have persisted with this bad ide


I'm not a TV or movie type of person. I've seen two movies this year in the theaters and I enjoyed both. I could not quote any lines to you but I could tell you the story and what seemed to be the deeper motivations behind them. I didn't watch much TV as a child and I watched less as an adult. That means I am often behind the curve when people talk to each other on Eve for I often have no idea as to what they are talking about in reference to popular culture. In the last week I have had at least three people discuss winning Eve. What they really mean in the use of winning is quitting Eve or stopping their play for some particular period of time. When I first started and I'd see these references I never knew what anyone was talking about and I had to eventually ask. This got me branded as a freak because "How could I not know?" Well, the reference to 'winning Eve' equating to not playing Eve comes from the Movie WarGames. That particular movie ca

CSM - Post #15

As announced, we had CCP Larrikin tied down for about an hour and a half to discuss the fleet warp changes with a wormhole focused community. There was a lot said. I took a stack of notes as well as the recording. Link: . A lot was said. We've discussed it and discussed it again with CCP after these talks. We can't have solutions come after problems are created. If things are to change the tools to help people navigate those changes need to come at the same time, not later. Partial and incomplete features are something CCP needs to avoid. There is thin and often absent belief and trust from the players about features still. To change a feature and leave a broken, dangling piece for a promised few months is the wrong direction. The UI battle is ongoing. A dev blog was released that has started to address some of the UI feedback issues that the players and CSM have been bringing up since the Carnyx release. Thank you to e


Ah, gatecamps. How I dislike them. I think they are one of the hardest things for me to keep a polite, open minded perspective on. I guess we all have things that drive us up a wall. I used to be much more neutral to gatecamps but at some point I started to dislike them. One of the things about this part of faction warfare space is the regular gatecamps. Gatecamps and smartbombs. I try to think of them as pieces of hte landscape but I was up pretty early and moving a Viator around. I've finally learned to warp to pounces in low sec. That took long enough. I like my Viator however, so I bounced and checked the gate. The flashy red skulls in local had given me a clue but the two augoror and three exequror with a Keris and three damage ships told me it was a gatecamp. I stared at it. It gave me a good time to look at the corpse icons. They are ridiculous enough that I didn't find them amusing. The little floating man in space looks terrible. Nor do I like seeing them just hang

Walking in Sunshine...

Habits. Habits are important things. They can be good or bad and they are often useful. Habits can by physical and mental. Some are automated and some are triggered. Habit is what kept me from making jumps last night when I was tired. It was tempting. I was short on tritanium and I very much wanted to put a build in. It builds during the night and while I am at work. But, habit kept me from doing it. It was late and I've made it a habit not to do things near bedtime or when I am very tired for those are the times I have made some of my greatest mistakes. While I inconvenienced myself, my habit kept me from convincing myself to do something that may have been fine or may not have been. The very nature of habit is something that we do automatically. They shape themselves into aspects of our personality. It is a bit of a reward system. I, for example, do not feel rewarded by losing spaceships to customs. It happened once and I've put measures in place for it not to happen again.

Labor and Cost

Picking things up and putting them down is a common day to day in game. With the changes to fleet warp I've read a lot of discussion about the increase in workload that it will bring. And, as I spend my evening pushing myself through a series of tasks I ponder it. Oddly enough, the work aspect of Eve is often a draw. One puts time, effort, and energy into a project and it develops. Yet, that work can also exhaust you. Keeping a project maintained is a regular effort. If something is not done by someone it is not going to be done. We can band together to help each other out and share the load but that work still has to be done. But Eve is work and work is work and sometimes work stops being fun. I've often wondered if Eve is more of an adults game because there is so much work involved in it. It is easier to transition our understanding and interactions in the world over to more familiar  grounds. I know that when someone throws their hands up and runs off to pursue a passio

CSMX - Post #14

On Thursday, the o7 show announced chances to fleet warp. Under those changes were a few other things. It's been a busy week for me and it looks to stay that way for a bit. Let's get into why. Fleet Warp - I wrote a blog post about this change directly . That is the reason I picked the number scheme this year. Sometimes, I need to write outside of Sunday and the reactions to the potential changes were such that I gave it its own post. The conversation in the comments is lively and very, very productive.  The break down is that I like the idea of players having to handle their own warps more. I dislike the effects on wormhole space and to PvE content. Corbexx and I are doing a soundboard with CCP Larrikin on Wendsay June 17th at 1800GMT . I'm still gathering responses. You can write them here or on the forums . Please give feedback if you have it. CCP Larrikin has added a Q and A section to his post. I'm not even going to make you go and read it. Q&As Q: Whe

Holding Pattern

My holding pattern continues but I've been doing a lot of thinking inside of it. It is not productive thought. It is more meandering, aimless, idle thought. It does not tend to produce large, coherent thoughts. It is good however to sit back and reflect in a manner that is not hindsight. I'm fascinated with how passionately we tend to play the game. I include myself in this wholeheartedly. That passion is often the great binding agent. It is also the catalyst that starts battles. It makes us stand on one facet of the game while someone else picks another. Individuals are just not neat and organized into categories, no matter how hard we try. At the moment I'm collapsing TCS. Not as a permanent thing but because moving and setting it back up is just to much work. I'm mothballing it for now. Maybe I'll take the alts and try station trading or something. I just look at the task list of things I have to do in Eve and compare it to the things I want to do in Eve and

CSMX - Post #13 - Fleet Warp

Let's just dive into fleet warp, shall we? First: Go post your responses. I need you to give feedback on this. I cannot cover all of the usages of bookmarks that people have. This is fine detail play style stuff. I need your help  in how this is hurting you. I've gotten really, really good feedback so far. I need more. Post on the feedback thread. Write to me. Second: Corbexx getting a soundboard with CCP Larrikin together for this upcoming week. Look for a date/time on my Sunday post. It should be Wednesday or Thursday of next week. This one was not one I could figure out how to glean information from people without making it rather clear that a potential change was on the horizon. I like some of the change and I dislike other parts of it. I also spoke and speak from my background as small gangs and low sec combat. This is one of those topics that it was greatly important to say, "my experience," and "for me" because the results are very different

All Your Base...

I like making bases. I had a conversation last night with Epigene about living in wormhole space. I've never wanted to move in there because I can't secure my stuff. Security of my stuff is very important to me. It is one of the unappealing things about null. I'd never be fully there because I'd always half exist where my stuff was. Moving my stuff is a sign of commitment for me. I pack it all up and move it. This last move has been hard for me. Packing is something I normally anticipate and instead its been a bit of a chore. But, today, feeling good and awake I decided to move some of my stuff and as I puttered around I realized that I really like making bases. Each game calls for a different base. I always make one. I'm never a nomad. I always have some place where I spend ridiculous amount of time organizing, personalizing, and creating a home for myself. Eve is, perhaps, my most scattered game in that respect. In Eve I have my main base and then I have

Ramblings: Sugar gets an eve-mail

I received an interesting eve-mail the other day. I had to respond back to the author to tell them that I didn't remember the incident and that I wanted to apologize. The thing is, they had mailed me to thank me. While, I appreciated that, I also felt very, very bad for what I had done. You see, I convinced them to give something a try they didn't want to and they loved it. Right now, I oddly enough, feel somewhat bad for that. I guess I can blame path I've taken in the game. I used to try to change peoples opinion of things with my energy. Yet, so much of my time has become saving peoples things. The balance between change and saving has become a terribly hard one to walk. There are so many people that do not want to lose what they love. There is so much change on the horizon. I feel as if I need to protect people from the things that others would impose on them. I want to save people from being forced out of what they so love. That is why I apologized. Because, two

CSMX - Post #12

Tuesday was patch day . I won't call this a quiet patch. The icon changes alone have spawned a swirling mass of upset players. There are color blind optimization problems. There were skin problems. There was some Tidi stuff going on in the new wormholes. We've also had a lot of discussion about the notifications being given when then entosis is used. A lot of discussion. Chat has been very active this week over all of this. I have no idea where any of it is going to go. I wish I did, but I don't so I won't lie and make up platitudes. The complaints have been hard and brought up. While not a large paragraph, that has been the bulk of the CSM week. There was the weekend meeting which I missed because, work day. I'm waiting for the recording. In thing happening in Eve, CCP Foxfour released a dev blog further detailing SKINS and discussing some of the issues with the SKIN bug. More skins are coming. T2 skins are desired. No it is not going to be all skins for all s

Plod, Plod

Stront is so annoying. It bugs me almost more than anything else I move. It is deceitful. I have half of a cargo open on my Rorqual. It holds 4k units of stront. That is nothing. What an irritating, frustrating material it is! My moving status is still, not all that moved. I've gotten bits and pieces done here and there. The tower up and running. the TCS alts moved. TCS's loose things moved although it hasn't been restocked yet. However, I'm somewhat fascinated inbetween the apalled horror, at how hard it has been for me to move myself this time. But, I'm getting stuff done. I finally shoved my carrier full of spaceships and made the jump. While I was staring at my cynos screen I found myself wondering why there were little red houses on my screen. I looked at my overview and went, "Oh. Seekers." Okay. Propelled by all of my amazing energy I managed to jump my Rorqual and Thanatos and actually move some things. I put some builds on and slowly sh

Rambling: Rambling

Emerging from the many days of fever, I remembered that I had something to write about on Thursday. I noticed a comment on Twitter that would have been shocking if I had not understood it. It was about awoxing a poorly fit ship of a corpmates. Made in jest the underlying commentary is that doing something wrong or embarrassing is corrected with decisive action. In this case destruction. The same goes for people who fit overly expensive things. In the end, we will just kill them ourselves and they will learn to fit better. Fitting in Eve is already quite the intuitive science. I've complained that the items you receive in loot are not the items that you should use. The area of space that you hunt in may not give you items that you can use. And then there is the next level. Fitting and flying the best things in the game is often a bad idea. I love Sleipnirs. I've dubbed them XL Jaguars. While more ponderous then they once where, Sleipnir are sleek, beautiful machines. I don&#