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What have I been doing over here? I have lost the will to blog daily. But there are other things to do. In the week that I have been home things have been busy. It was my long week at work so I have had little time off as well as having to shove a training class in there. That time has been consumed by obnoxious little life problems, the start of my garden season, and the puppy.

However, I've also been plodding along doing some CSM stuff.

When I asked people about their ideal road map during the summit, I received a steady flow of responses. That made me warm and fuzzy. Then they made a blog banter (#73 Roadmap to...) and I squinted and squirmed a bit to get that much focus in the banter. However, my information loving soul did chortle a bit in pleasure. Ask and you shall receive and all that nonsense.

At no time do I think that the responses I receive are the sum total of everything in the game. In fact, the other day I was discussing with Dirk how little we know of the silent majority. How we struggle to understand what brings them to the game and that everything we do do has to be filtered through trying not to harm them. Still, my strength has always been from this blog and even if it falls into neglect as I struggle with choices and events of the last few months, I still reach out from here.

Feeling the tick of father time, I've been working on my homework projects. With all the blog banters in and a few

This is my summary of the road map question.

The Public Copy of my Player Road map Summary to the Producers. The reason it is a public copy is because someone sent me a google document with their roadmap and I have not cleared it with them if they wished that shared. So, I cut it out of the copy here.

There isn't anything secret. I asked if I could address the players with the question. It only seems fair to share what I've done with it. Documents are not fun or sexy but they are useful. A point raised on my blog was that the forums hold all of these ideas and more. I agree. I could say "just go check the forums." However, the benefit of a summary is the ease and speed of consumption. I could just fold my arms and glare. That wouldn't be productive and I've promised to try to be be productive.

In a more perfect world I would also take some weeks to sort the forums. Consider me lazy in deciding to work with the material here.

Originally I had thought to write it out as a bunch of mini-road maps. As I kept flipping through the responses I realized that would not work. The attempt to summarize it was made to condense the information into the obvious lines of repetition desires. I also stepped out of the idea of a road map and looked at how people responded to the question.

Over the last two years, I have spent an enormous amount of time not having my questions answered. Instead of being irritated, I learned to look at what people were saying. Or, what they were saying as I understood it. Often frustrating it is quite interesting. Under the irritation or bitterness or sometimes viciousness, what is being said? It is a bit of a puzzle really. An exhausting puzzle but an interesting one.

My interpretation isn't perfect. It is mine. Welcome toa  bit of how my mind works. Maybe I should have done more of this type of thing over the past two years. I dunno.


  1. I suspect some of the participant confusion that developed around the road map question has to do with where we players sit in reference to a road map. Shamelessly stealing from Abavus’ comments, a road map is a plan to get from point a to point b. Taxi drivers develop and utilize road maps, taxi passengers much less so. In this analogy, CCP drives the taxi and we players are the passengers. We players have little idea how to get where we are going, rather we just know our preferred destination. That’s why we hailed a taxi.

    Passengers (players) can’t do taxi drivers’ (CCP’s) job for them. We (and most especially I) have no idea what route any particular destination requires. We (and most especially I) just know where we prefer to be dropped off at.

    Accordingly, I suspect the information collected should prove useful both in the sense that it reveals player’s destination preferences as well as player’s inability to helpfully discuss how to get there in much detail. I can say that I found the exercise interesting.

    Now one small request – new puppy pictures!

    1. I disagree. I think it's down to differing opinions of what the definition of a Road Map is as a metaphor. It's the inconsistency of language, it means different things in different contexts.

      Tech companies tend to release detailed roadmaps once a year. They plan on doing this, then this, then that, and in 3 years they'll be here. Intel and AMD's are probably the best well known and studied.

      But if you leave tech roadmaps become a much more fuzzy concept that are subject to constant change and revision. They don't have billions of dollars in R&D budgets waiting for one advancement so they can make the next which must provisioned for years in advance.

      You ask one person for a Roadmap, they'll give you the Intel version. Ask another, they'll give you normal business one of fuzzy goals.

    2. *Considers the pedanticism of his answer, does it anyway*

      Technically a roadmap is a plan to get from points a - z from points a - z, where a - z is a range of locations on the earth.

      A - B is a routemap, not a roadmap :P.

      I second the request for new puppy pictures!

    3. @Halycon - Intel isn't a great example in this situation as they are essentially a hardware company that has a long ramp time to get to each processor generation and revision into production. They're ability to lay out a detailed and accurate road map is as much a testament to the nature of their business as their ability to plan.

      Software tends to be a lot more "wild west" as your cycles are much shorter (there being almost no ramping up into production barrier) and the general game plan of how something is going to get coded for a feature a year out can change dramatically when the assigned dev is actually attempting to implement the feature. software roadmaps, in my experience, are always somewhat fuzzy due to the way software development tends to play out.

    4. I know. I'm just trying to give a real world example of why Sugar may have asked for one thing, but got another. That was just the first thing that popped into my head. :(

  2. Excellent format, the summary layout was a good read, thank you.

    Regards, a Freelancer

    ps: check the temperature of the garden ground imho, I prefer 10 celcius or above

  3. As is seen far to often, comments to forum threads, blogs etc they turn into a discussion about the definition of a particular point, in this case what constitutes a road map. Why does the player base do that? (Please I not starting another discussion point).

    Sugar, thanks for your work and your continued efforts to keep the doors of communication and transparency open. I find this information interesting, getting to know other peoples vision for this game. Just hope that CCP continue to look at these wishes/road map from a players point of view to make this game greater. Cheers Valeris Azetbur

  4. Shiny things + spackle = new future. The equation sounds simple enough, until of course you dig into it an unleash everyone's private agenda, skeletons etc...

    Like all projects you have obstacles. Need to look at why they are present. Is this because someone feels slighted, is there a communication issue, is this a matter of over-reach etc...

    Once you determine the cause the fix is usually simple and swift.

    Now that being said you also need the correct tools to handle the situation, tools from what I've heard you unfortunately do not have.

    You have my thanks for the great job your doing, I just wish you were given the necessary power to perform the task that has been given to you.

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