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A Lure

When studies are done to condition its subjects to do something one of the most basic forms is to “push button receive item”.  It is a very simple equation and a very rewarding situation that is easy to learn from at every level of awareness.  Push button receive cookie.   It is simple.  It is easy to understand.  It is rewarding. Often times trying to explain Eve to someone starts to shatter into a dozen shards of tangical explanations and definitions.  “I shoot other spaceships” is easy enough to say. “I build capital ships,” is easy to understand but at the same time, because of fairness and an understanding of Eve one adds, “but it’s not the same as just building other things.”  “I trade on the market,” makes people raise an eyebrow and then one quickly explains why it is interesting, complex, and fun. But it is not "I push button and I receive fun." Let me step back to “I shoot spaceships”. That it is easy to understand but saying it in such a simple way is dishone

With No Reason But Like

I have recently added two more ships to my stable.  Well, technically only one but kinda two.  I have not dropped the ISK on the second.  Hello Talos.  Hello Naga.  I have entered the world of large T2 guns. Mostly.  I still have a bit of time for my large rail specialization   It will be finished up shortly and the heavens will open to cast golden song down upon my ship hanger.  Or at least I will become more useful.  Large guns open a lot of doors.  It also places me on that dark line where battleships lurk.  I don't look over there. The reason I'm still a few days out from large T2 guns for the Naga simply because my rail gun specialization has to catch up with my blaster specialization.  I have not needed rail guns for any fits.  And skill training is about time management   There is always another skill and another hump to get over.  Four days here, three days there, a month this way, two weeks that way.  One day I'll be able to bitch about my clone prices and f

Origin of a Spaceship: Frigate Swarm

Excerpt from: Origin of a Spaceship : Definition Chapters:   FW Type Frigate Swarms Development: Due to environmental changes across the various manufacturing brood pens of New Eden frigate swarms have begun to spawn in various areas of low security space.  Upon their first presentation many of these spawns were fodder for cruisers and battlecruisers.  Their parasitic nature for a time decimated battleship fleets due to the battleships inability to be protected by its natural symbiote the combat drone.  However, the environmental effects have also proven a boon for drones and battleships can again fight off minor infestations of frigates. However, the environmental change increased the food supply for frigates.  As with many small, mobile, highly organized creatures they have reproduced in unexpected numbers swamping some sections of low security space with such a density that they have pushed out larger predators and reduced the numbers of medium sized hunters. Sepa

The Character Bazzarr

I have done something that other people have done many times before.  I have sold my first character and I am deciding how I feel about it. For any that do not know, you can buy and sell characters for ISK in Eve, CCP sanctioned.  There is a whole section of the   forums called the Character Bazaar  set up for this.  Because Eve is Eve and the players are abnormal this is how some people make money. It is how other people make changes.  Sometimes it is how someone finances something or repays a debt.  Some players skip the time part of skill training and buy themselves a character that is already at their goal point.  It doesn't have to be anything magical to be brought or sold on the bazaar   This is Eve after all. I'm attracted to things that make ISK.  I'm also willing to try most things out once or twice.  Sometimes it is a no.  Anything that is grinding is a no. I missed the Faction Warfare train because I was that disinterested in FW that the sweet, lurid c

The Other Side

There is someone I used to be terrified of that I have done more killing with then against recently. It is rather funny how things change in those ways.  He almost killed my hauler the other day because I forgot to tell him I was picking something up and see if he minded not killing me.  I got a bit lax. In that, it was my fault.  I really, really should have checked. I thought he was busy or AFK and now I realized I misread those signs.  So I undocked, and he undocked behind me. It's a spit out station as well. One of the ones that shoots you out from the underside like a high velocity fart and the undock is about the width of a hair.   I stopped as soon as the grid loaded.  He undocked behind me in a Vigilant.  I hit dock but I was out of the dock range.  "Setting course to docking perimeter."  Its like Aura is laughing at you as a Vigilant webs your Prorator and you start to burn.  Stations are the number one place to pop cloaky haulers.  I debated switchin

Production Runs: Buying BPC Contracts

Contracts, contracts, contracts.  They are a life blood.  They make it easy to switch items between characters, hand things to people, move things, buy things, sell things.  But there are so, many, many scams around there. I decided to take the plunge and convert my drug information from the document that it is shoved into a very poor, somewhat pathetic spreadsheet with no special effects.   The main reason I am doing this is because I get tired of forgetting what gas makes what booster and winding up with the wrong combinations at my POS.  I often do this early in the morning before work and I wind up docking and re-docking over and over like an idiot. I've been slowly building up my supplies that I keep on hand.  This is very good and a lot of my time now is spent doing the longest part of the entire process.  That is converting the gas into the pure booster so that it can be converted into the consumable booster.  Industry in Eve isn't super streamlined.  You have to man

Distress - Part Three

Back to Part Two His breath was hot against her neck.  “You want to be here, illiana.  Tell me you don’t.” “I don’t see where you have given me a choice.” “You have a choice now.  You don’t even flinch away from my touch.”  His rough finger tips traces the outline of her shoulder as his hand slid down her arm.  “Tell me you don’t want to be here.” “I don’t want to be here.” He chuckled then.  “And mean it.  Tell me that you want to be back at your sweet dinner parties batting you eyelashes at miner managers for ore processing plants.  Tell me that your blood runs as hot for them as it does for me.  Tell me Illiana.  Lie to me.” She woke alone.  Illiana did not know if she welcomed or regretted that fact.  By the time she made it across the room to the sink she decided that it was for the best.  She passed her hand across the mirrors sensor.  Her reflection faded into view.  Large, blue eyes circled by dark rings of fatigue stared back at her.  Her hair was unpinn

Distress - Part Two

Back to Part One “Jaya, do you ever feel like you’ve met someone before?” Jaya rolled her eyes. “Every day,” she said. “Who is it?” “What do you mean?” “Don’t what do you mean me, all stiff and cold Amarr, Illiana. Who has your eye?” “No one,” Illiana said and turned away. “I don’t know where you get that idea from.” Jaya laughed.  “Because I can tell,” she said and spun around. Illiana could not hold onto her expression and found herself laughing as the dark haired, Gallente girl twirled and leapt in the middle of the hallway. She was graceful and for all her antics it was as graceful as a dance. They were in the college market. A massive, open garden with wide, synth-stone walkways the market teemed with activity. Stalls of goods filled the aisles as students and residents moved through. Jaya had told her that the market was the busiest area in the station and as Illiana looked up at the blue tinted ceiling she could believe it. If she closed her eyes the war