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CSMX - Post #36

Tis the season if you are into holidays. Thanksgiving in the USA has been plowed over by the voracious market of Christmas. CCP Seagull released an update and inside of it is something called Operation Frostline. She suggests that you pay attention. Plus, we're getting new ships in December. A lot of new ships.

Dev blogs teach us all sorts of new things. Team Tech Co is the team behind Brain in a Box. While releasing this major update to Eve's Eveness, they also slipped in a CREST update that allows players to save out of game fits directly to their characters. Consider me pleasantly surprised. It is a useful quality of life update. I have studied the killboard of those I admire and stolen a fit or two. With these uploads, saved fittings and multi-buy, putting a ship together is becoming a smoother process. Hopefully, some of us will not need to go back to the market half a dozen times in the future.

I've been asked a few times if the skill point reimbursement is done. The answer is yes. Not everyone got hit with this so not everyone will have allocated skill points added.

Plus there was an o7 show on Thursday the 19th of November, 2015 for those that watch it. There is a section about the new destroyers tucked away in there for those that do not wish to wait. They are also running around on the test server in their early phase for those who want to play now.

Which reminds me of graphics. We have a lot of graphical updates. Some are quite lovely like ship damage. Others are not as exciting as they could be in my opinion. I do look at ships and ship explosions. There are all sorts of changes coming up and I'm worried that things will get dulled down like when ship explosions changed from a blue flash to a bit of gold dust.

The new camera is also driving people insane on the test server. Leave feedback. I've passed some along but CCP Goliath is super active in his threads.

There has been some question if the Eve Store's arrival before Christmas. CSM members have asked about it and the future of Eve products. Hopefully it will be online but there is no guaranty. It would be an unfortunate missed opportunity on all sides. The dearth of Eve merchandise for the player base is frustrating.

Eve Down Under is also coming up. I expect there will be more tidbits and goodies for those interested in what is coming up with CCP Larrikin stomping in his home ground of Australia. After that, things are winding up into the release and then the Christmas Holiday.


  1. Weird how CCP Seagull insists on us playing their game their way on their time.

    Now we have to pay attention to The Scope and news items from in game and from CCP games to find out more. Otherwise we will miss out on events and sites all over New Eden that will give us a "chance" at some "serious" rewards.

    I was afraid of them going down the MMO "daily" login rewards path, soon™ we will have Lock Box drops you can open with Aurum to. The Company saw that NON vanity items are not a community issue anymore, greed is finally now good.

    CCP Seagull insist on charging us double for our skill training time during Eve Vegas, however as a customer I rather spend my time and cash on Fallout 4 :)

    Regards, a Freelancer

    PS: glad to see you got the Blue Providence EoM SKIN (Permanent)

    1. Freelancer,

      Though I didn’t partake, t’was my understanding The Crimson Harvest proved quite popular. Accordingly, it comes as no surprise to me CCP is repeating something similar with Operation Frostline. Again, I may not partake – my game’s pretty settled in at the moment. Still, with the exception of looking on others enviously, I don’t see how CCP providing new types of encounters harms me. “Those people over there are having fun and the fun their having over there is destroying my game over here” thinking really puzzles me. Not everything in Eve is zero sum. If a player PvEs up some cool stuff, it doesn’t mean they gouged it out of you.

      Enjoy your puppy,

    2. Agreed... those who cry TZ unfair to me! irk me. It's a ROUND world, Time Zones are a simple fact of life and there is no workable way to include everyone in everything... Quit coveting thy neighbors implants and get on with your virtual life... sheesh.

    3. Freelancer, you really have gotten bitter. It looks like you're at the point you get upset when people aren't as bitter as you. I guess if being miserable makes you happy, then you're doing it right.

    4. Apparently the bitter spreads.

      The official thread about Operation Frostline isn't exactly filled with ecstatic reactions. There's two or three complains about the UI, two answers who don't like the new ships/modules, one answer with a CQ picture (?), one answer against season events like Crimsom Harvest and another in favor of them...

      All in all less than a page of player reactions and most of it could be trashed without feeling the loss. vºv

    5. I think part of the reason for a lackluster response to the "operation frostline" Dev Blog entry, is that it contained little that was new to forum readers who've been following along. It was a good summary of previous feature announcements, which have seen plenty of discussion and debate in individual feedback threads.

  2. @NoizyGamer, War never Changes.

    When NON vanity items, and even some form of lock boxes soon™ will be more and more implemented by the Company management, I hope you still like Eve in the 2nd decade enough to crawl through all those Monetization options on top of your Subscription costs.

    Selling prestige items like skins or monocles is a fact of life in mmorpg's but now CCP is starting to dip their greed into selling PLAYABILiTY.
    Those poor new bro's have it so rough in order to keep them "interested" in the game let's give them the option to advance in skill training time for real life $.

    Please don't give me the bullshit that Transneural skill packets can be acquired "free" with in game play time. You need real life $ to get aurum and buy it from the in game cash shop, and your in game time is charged with real life $.
    Skills point amount is directly tied into subscription time amount, so the Company double dips in the real life $.

    At least with the subscription cost you still get to log in to the game as a service to interact with others, and get a some content once in awhile, but it has mostly been database tweaks lately.

    So you like to use Ad Hominem, let me use one to, If you are to stupid enough not to see what is happening right in front of your eyes with their Bullshit reasoning then you deserve the game you get for the next decade.

    Nuclear winter is coming.

    Regards, a Freelancer

    PS: You know why Plex and the Character Bazaar was introduced, your blog is largely based on what happens on those 3rd party sites.
    Call me Bitter if you can't see the writing on the wall, with what has happened since 2011. At least eve can still be used as a glorified chat room for nerds who are to nerds, what nerds are to normal people, have a nice day o7

    1. "Skills point amount is directly tied into subscription time amount, so the Company double dips in the real life $."

      This was already achievable with using plex to multi-train an alt-slot for 30 days. I have done it for additional PI access. I am considering doing it again to increase blueprint research slots. (you can almost train 10 slots for the time to train the final 11th). But it is completely voluntary.

      "Those poor new bro's have it so rough in order to keep them 'interested' in the game let's give them the option to advance in skill training time for real life $."

      You do realise that new player retention is terrible. One in Ten stay. The baseline business model - is that it takes 20 times the cost to obtain new business compared to the cost of retaining current business. Not wanting to really get into the mire of debate about why retention is poor. At the other end of the scale; Black Legion, Red v Blue, Nulli and Brave - all point to the existing player base is in decline. If buying skills offers a leg up to new player retention changes the ratio to 3:20 or 9:50 staying - then I for one will not oppose it.

      I have never understood the over the top requirement that this game just be arduous for it's own sake. (I am still waiting for the Eve version of the Four Yorkshiremen). I do not pity the petty.

    2. CCP wants money, that's the problem they are trying to solve with the sell of pooled skillpoints.

      For money, they can spare your susbcription time and waiting for your shiny toys.

      Yet that doesn't changes the game and its issues with retention of players.


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