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Little Moments

Testing... testing... ahh this thing still works! So much serious posting with stuff and information. I forgot that I could do this part of things.

Did you know Sugar and Chella have almost eighty million skill points? I didn't. In my mind, I still have about forty million. I am going to have to do a lot of learning how to play. In that mixture, I have finally finished a battleship five to Sugar. Congratulations to me for finishing Gallente Battleship V. Minmatar is behind it and the reason I added them to my skill queue was to make my Machariel skills better.

As I scroll through my skill list I notice that my biggest skill holes are in my ability to repair myself or others, with Sugar. I'm used to buffer tanks. I have maxed my resist skills. I seem to be a decent subcapital pilot and over the summer I learned a bunch of missile skills that I have never used.

Things I will not be doing with my new, shiny battleship five. Flying a marauder. Getting a black ops battleship. Those things do not interest me in any way. If I didn't have a hundred and sixty plus days of stuff I'd look at starting into jump skills with Sugar. But, not yet I don't think. Sugar is combat focused and it is time she chews up some support skills to improve her versatility. I found that I was not in love with being the DPS boat in a fleet. It seems my fate is to be a support person.

I have been undocking! I have a terrible habit of losing track of my in game activities these days. I'm sure I have blue prints to copy and research to run. However, I have been puttering along with reasonable success in my recent building program. I have been moving stuff and making jumps. In the process, I have come to realize that I am out of shape when it comes to being stressed in game. Warping my jump freighter to a high sec gate in an empty system leaves me wound up.

It may also be time to remember why I parked Sugar in Jita many moons ago. I planned to buy her some ships to try and I haven't gotten around to it. I should do so and look at spending a little bit of the winter in space doing something like making ISK. I really, really miss making ISK.

I've been thinking about the future a lot. Hopes and dreams, plans and goals. All that good stuff. In that future, I'm going to rebrand the blog. Rebrand myself. Learn to play Eve again and even make ISK.

Daydreaming is fun.


  1. Do you have a plan already or just in the dreaming phase?

    Because 5ZXX-K could use the Cougar Store.

    1. I do not understand what you are talking about.

    2. Think he wishes you'd stock the market out there.

    3. It's an NPC owned system in the middle of Pure Blind, and Imperium Sov, so likely the home of many hunters of Imperium ratters.

    4. Sounds like a nightmare waiting to happen. I don't dislike myself yet.

    5. "I don't dislike myself yet."

      Now THAT is funny. I spit coffee onto my keyboard, so there's a downside, but all in all it was worth it.

  2. "Hopes and dreams, plans and goals". Hold to them. They'll get you back. Nice to hear they haven't been burned out! I will scan the skies, maybe in March next year?

    Incidentally, when you are a bit rusty, EVE is hard. I forgot. I was dumb. Something went boom and another thing caught on fire. And that was just hi sec. It doesn't help that I'm rubbish, but even so.

  3. I so adore the infinite skill queue. When it dropped I worked out ‘The Plan’ and left it to crank away for next year. Had just finished Marauder V and was training jump skills towards Black Ops (oh my but we are marvelously different) when suddenly . . . Dreadnaughts! So a few additional skills were purchased, slapped in front of ‘The Plan’ and attention returned elsewhere. No fuss, no muss, but still, big things underfoot.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. I so hate the infinite skill queue. I miss looking forward to the next thing completed… I miss Aura telling me the next thing has been completed, so I could consider what to skill up for, and look forward to, next… I miss the Skill Q being something you DID in the game, a fascinating activity and an active part of my gameplay… I know there was an ongoing hue and cry for it to just go away… hell, now there has even been talk about getting rid of ‘Skills’ as such altogether… sheesh.

      It’s these changes that make me quietly grind my teeth, changes that move EVE ‘away’ from being EVE to something, not EVE… at least not to me. I don’t have an issue change in itself, as long as there is a good reason, something that moves the game forward without making it into some other game, but one of EVE’s shining glories is (was?) its incredible depth and complexity and the simple fact that it mirrored RL in it wasn’t ‘easy’… that it could even be frustrating at times… but, it is exactly that depth and complexity that my deep investment in the game came from.

      I believe deeply in what Thomas Paine said… “…the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph. What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly; it is dearness only that gives everything its value.”

      If we keep up the Nerf Creep… the little changes here and little changes there… just to make things “easier”… then EVE will slowly lose its ‘value’ to us all and end up just another MMO… and we are the one's doing this to ourselves...

    3. What CCP takes away with one hand - skill queue update logins - they return with the other hand - tribute system logins. The former always felt tedious, isolating busy work to me. The latter . . . that'ell get us out of station into the big wide universe. Exciting times ahead.

    4. I do not think that "nerfs" like the removal of the learning skills or the addition of the skill queue are nerfs at all. Both changes removed the necessity of players fighting arbitrary game mechanics in favor of what the game is really about: fighting other players.

    5. Druur, I do not agree that "fighting other players" is ALL EVE is about... it really isn't. If you took away everything except PVP you would have... an arcade version of HALO only with spaceships instead of guys in armored suits. Boring.

      EVE is so very very much more than just a FPS... So I disagree with the as you see it, "...necessity of players fighting arbitrary game mechanics..." are in fact essential parts of the GAME.

      I can just as easily say, I hate the "...necessity of getting up a fighting arbitrary life mechanics..." (IE work, traffic, bills, Cisco studies, etc.) everyday in favor of what my life is really about (kids, wife, EVE, writing, eating, sex, etc.)... but that's life and it's all that hardship and work that give the rest value and make it so very precious.

      EVE is a lot like that... and the same things are what gives it real value, just like RL... and I love that it is like that instead of being a brainless, easy, boring FPS. HALO and CoD etc. are games that are ALL about PVP and nothing else... EVE is so much more. And we slowly chip away at the very parts of EVE that make the rest so valuable to us when we nerf just a 'little' here and just a 'little' there... for people who seem to want EVE to be just a PVP FPS game.

  4. Just curious ... what inspired you?

    I'm suffering a little EVE fatigue myself.

    1. I've always had my own Eve projects I greatly enjoyed. I gave most of them up and in six months I can start again. I'm also interested in who I have become. I'm corpless and alone and I've never really been that way in Eve before. Will I fail now? What can I do with myself? I find it interesting

  5. Dear Sugar,
    It’s been fascinating to watch, and from time to time comment, from the sidelines as twere as you took the journey from Excited Blogger and Dedicated Lowsec Pirate cum Entrepreneur to Involved and Highly Active CSM Rep to these last few months… where I have been hearing a note of burnout mixed with a hint of occasional disappointment in things-not-done and with those you can’t understand or reach in your writing.

    You have done so much for us, for this game we all love so deeply. You deserve a rest and a return to focus on actually logging in to play this amazing game you have worked so hard for. I look forward to reading the continuing journal as you move into this next page of your story as a fellow Empyrean in New Eden… and my very favorite EVE blogger.

    Undock and go make some ISK and forget about all of the BS for a while… you’ve earned it lady.

    Thank you,

  6. "Sugar is combat focused and it is time she chews up some support skills to improve her versatility. I found that I was not in love with being the DPS boat in a fleet. It seems my fate is to be a support person."

    You know, I'm surprised that you've not gone into logistics for fleets. It seems to suit your temperament pretty well, and you get to be a 'Valued Member of Fleet" (tm). I think you'd also enjoy the 'helping each other' aspect.

    Good to hear you're up and moving again though. Fun is still there to be had! :P


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