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CSMX - Post #37

It seems the week was not as calm as I thought it was. I do not watch streams and I have decided to step away from several areas of Eve media for a bit. Because of that, I've slowly acquired second hand knowledge of things that are coming.

It seems that links are headed towards being on grid. This I learned second hand from a stream that CCP Fozzie was on. I don't know what stream or when. It is not surprising news. Changes to links were always dependent on Brain in a Box. With that deployed it looks like CCP has made their decision to change links. I have no knowledge of what their plans are.

I have also seen some references to Rorqual sized mining drones. This, as far as I understand, was announced and shared at Eve Down Under. I did not know it was on the board nor do I have any further details about it. I will assume that it was during something CCP Larrikin discussed as that he is the lead on Capital changes.

CCP Fozzie has also released the Logistic Frigate stats on the forums. With that is the changes to remote repair modules, their tiericide and the fall off information. CCP Fozzie has included graphs in the forum post.

There have been some worries about Command Destroyers cropping up. We've reached out to CCP Rise and his team with questions about chaining jumps and are nullified ships exempt. Hopefully, we will hear some further details. There appears to be both excitement and apprehension in the air about their ability to move other ships and what that will do to the future of fights.

Outside of game design, the Art Team has released a dev blog discussing the future of filth. It seems we are dirty, dirty people. Your ship will get filthy being spun. Instead of looking into the fact that everyone has some quality control issues with their air scrubbers, we're going to wash the ships. I think its good we have clones because this station air must be damaging our lungs. It explains the captain quarters door?

You may see some new streams coming up on CCP's Twitch Channel. They are trying stuff out and seeing if it interests people. They've done things from playing Eve to showing concept art to baking. Poke your head in if you like to watch things and see how you do.

As is apparent, I'm woefully under informed this week as to what is going on in CCP development land. That has not escaped my notice. It is embarrassing to admit, but I'm not going to pretend I was in the know when I was not. As to what will happen? We will see. I am not overjoyed at having people ask me questions and opinions about changes I didn't know were happening. While the development teams are not obligated to the CSM our working relationship, is in my opinion, not where it should be. I'd like to believe that this disconnect will be cleared up. One way or another I'll keep you updated.


  1. So there may be very large mining drones that just the Rorqual can use? That is interesting - but I can't imagine many people, aside maybe large and active groups, which would do that in dangerous space.

  2. I’m impressed, I must say. Really rarely do I encounter a blog that’s both educative and informative for Eyes on the Big Acquisition in this headline, and let me tell you, you have hit the nail on the head.

  3. Lot of interesting stuff here but... "I have also seen some references to Rorqual sized mining drones. " er, what?? I'm not sure what's going on Down Under, cant find anything on the web about that yet… but at EVE Vegas, CCP Larrikin made some 'sure-could-be-taken-wayyy-out-of-context-when-repeated-later-stuff...

    He was asked about Rorquals in the "Capitols in the EVE Online: Citadel Expansion" presentation Q&A...

    Q:"Can you make the Rorgual have a mining laser that does that scythe thing through the asteroid belts?"
    A: (he was told by Fozzie that because the doomsday demos were in a belt, that) "...someones gonna come up and ask you for a mining doomsday now, you're that guy."

    He was asked about the Rorq in general and said they are looking at increasing the Fleet Hangar and sorta move the Rorq up to be a real Capitol... but that's all under discussion. But I have watched it several times and searched the webs high and low and found nothing about Capitol Drones...

    And on a personal note, one guy asked, on behalf of Logi Pilots... to which, after his question, I took some small offense... He asked:

    Q: "On behalf of login pilots, can we have a cooler name than Force Auxiliary?"
    to which CCP Larrikin responded...
    A: "WOW, you wound me."

    Logistics in EVE is an AUXILIARY to the Force. IE Force Auxiliary by definition. We are Fleet SUPPORT, and yes I am one, L5 Logistics Pilot and damn proud of it, but this bro did not talk on my behalf…

    We are not the ships that win the battle... put 50 Logi on grid ALONE against a DPS mixed fleet of the dame size and tell me how many enemy Sub, Cap and Supercaps will die? NONE. The Force does the killing, Login ONLY helps them. Force Auxiliary is a perfect name for the role Logi plays...

    The guy asking the question says... "We're not auxiliary, we're the thing that keep everything alive." Yeah... we are the Medics, the Corpman…. and Medics don't win fights brah, and never will... we are a valuable AUXILIARY to the fleet.

    1. I think Force Auxiliary is a fine name. I'd like to see the logistics skill & subcap ship types get a new name, as the word better describes a workflow process, like getting stuff from A to B.

    2. Agree completely... I never really hooked onto 'Logistics' as the name for what we are. We are essentially Space Priests... but no self-respecting Logi pilot in EVE would accept that as an actual name... even if we do use it jokingly amongst ourselves...

      Logistics in the military sense is the art of moving and distributing supplies (ammo, fuel, food, etc.) for the force, not activities that are basically a form of healing, or medical support, for defensive systems not human beings.

      So what is a traditional name for direct intervention that mitigates and repairs damage cause by military action? In the US Navy it is the United States Naval Construction Forces (NCF) or Contraction Battalions, or CBs usually written as SeaBees. In the CB's there are 2 types of units: Amphibious Construction Battalions (ACBs) and Mobile Construction Battalions (MCBs).

      Maybe we could have a new type... Fleet Repair Battalions. FRBs... oh, wait... that would quickly become "FeRBs".. Hmm... OK, how about Fleet Repair Force, FRFs... and mebbe just call us "Reppers" for short, cause in truth, that’s what we are. =]

    3. If I was called an FRF, I'd totally abbreviate it to Fluffs.

      Imagine a super-serious FC saying that!


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