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CSMX - Post #33

Halfway through the term.

The November 3rd release, Parallax's patch notes are available. I am glad that I read them because there is some interesting stuff tucked away in there.

The Jukebox v2 will opt you out of the current/new dynamic music system and play the old music that has been well mixed. It is not the same as the old Jukebox but it will make some people feel closer to what they once had.

If you care about the new kill marks coming out, listen up. The kill mark counting is starting on your hulls. Once the rest of the code is applied, the marks will show up in all their glory on your hulls. So, prepare yourselves.

There is also a fleet bonus skill change. This is a side effect of Brain in the Box. However, people will min/max so make yourself aware.

You can finally scoop into fleet hangars.

The new probe and dscanning interfaces are going on. They are default oi so try them before you opt out.

Brain in the Box is being released. This is a major part of Eve that has been in revision for years. I first learned about the tick system in Eve in 2012 at my first Eve Vegas. The system has gone forward and fallen back and gone forward again. This core rewrite should give us the options that we have waited for. Link changes for instance have sat adhered to it. Say hello to November 3rd. We will see what comes from it.

Beyond that, Eve Vegas was last week. CCP has posted some of it on their YouTube page. I'm chewing through my round table notes. As Event's go, from the player side it went smoothly. The lack of streaming of the presentations will be a sore spot I suspect. I'm interested to see how they handle it next year.

The capital change development blog was released. The structure one was as well. Now we have some more idea of figures and prices. A lot of feedback has come from Eve Vegas and the forums and that is all being sorted through. Corbexx has started an active campaign with Nullarbor to the wormholers reference the current changes. One very loud comment has been deployment of Large Citaidels in smaller wormholes.

As a quick update, in its current form, large and XL Citadel will only be deployed from freighters. The wormhole problem is about getting freighters into wormholes that already have to build their capitals. They'd have to build a freighter just to deploy a large which they'd also have to build. What is amounts to is busy work for the sake of having busy work and that isn't really gameplay.

For those who like the o7 show, an episode aired on October 29th.

During Eve Vegas I received a lot of positive feedback from people. I cannot explain how grateful I am for that. Often times, my entire Eve world feels as if I am swimming through a thick soup of negativity. There is a lot of bitterness, anger, and negativity laid down every day. I am not a font of positivity. I'm actually a practical pessimist with zero romance in my soul. I don't try to spin my CSM stuff with my supporters but I do try to avoid sharing the awful weight of negativity that is eating away at my belief and good nature.

I've been told that I should not play Eve if I am not think skinned. I'm prone to doing things I am not supposed to so that does not surprise me. I was also told not to take things so seriously. At the end of the day, I am a serious person. Frivolous behavior causes me distress. I take the CSM seriously because I take anything that interests me or that I find important seriously. It is who I am and while it may not be the optimal personality for this position it is the one that I am stuck with.

Thank you for the kind words. I have no gauge for how I do beyond what people say. When I sat in on the CSM session on the Saturday, I left it deeply, deeply depressed. It was horribly negative and it made me wonder if my hope to share what the CSM did and to reach out to CCP has been a complete failure. On the Sunday, I had a solid day of positivity and it helped.

It is not that I only wish to hear the good. It is that I wish to hear the good and the bad. Thank you for everyone that has taken the time to reach out to me. It is very easy to get caught up in only the bad stuff and quite often that happens to me. Those little convos and quick hugs from last weekend helped drag me out of the quicksand of negativity.

My future plans are to finish my Pod and Planet entries. I'm also working on writing up the other round tables that I attended. I do forward the question list to the developers. Following those two will be the update of the Structure Guide with even more information thanks to the last two development blogs. In between Corbexx and I are working on a structure Session with Nullarbor and I need to gather enough mental focus to do some base touching about new players. Also, does an open chat in two weeks sound good?


  1. Open Chat's are good but run the risk of 'Sperg' being spewed out there but I for one will be there if I can be as the NPE and New players mean a hell of a lot to the game and should be a focus point with as much backing as the other needed changes (Captials, PVE, Corp/Alliance back end ETC)

    Also remember to keep smiling and if someone trys to take a poke at you just laugh it off and remember that your better than them



  2. As those of criminal proclivities are aware, Parallax eliminates ‘Hyperdunking’:
    A character with a criminal flag in a high-sec system is no longer able to board/switch ships whilst in space.

    Now reasonable criminals won’t squall about the change. Hyperdunking was terrible mechanic. But read closely folks, criminals can still reship in station and then depart. Now, if I remember correctly, departing an NPC station shipped up but under a criminal flag is pretty much certain doom due to pesky NPC station guns but what happens if one reships in one of those new-fangled player owned Citadels? Oh my, let the theory crafting begin . . .

    The ‘black’ hats set up a conveniently located Player Owned Structure to evade the criminal flag limitation. The ‘white’ hats declare war on that structure. Intriguing struggle ensues.

    1. Which would be a thousand times better than what it is now, which is good.

      Now all we need to do is make Ganker hunting as easy as Ganking, which would be great.

      'All' we need to do. Doesn't sound hard, does it!

    2. A criminal flag prevents you from warping.

    3. ...well, in a ship.

    4. Oh my Anonymous, you are correct. Shows how long it's been since I took great interest in suicide ganking (boomerang!). So our darling little Suicide Gankers only get to unload once every fifteen minutes. No exceptions. They’ll adapt.

  3. Thoroughly impressed by next Tuesday's patch notes, hope you could have contributed much o7

    Sad to hear the CSM roundtable at Eve Vegas not going well at all, perhaps you should have more Townhall assemblies, to turn that around.

    It is CCP games responsible to not make you look like a mouthpiece and get even more attention for the CSM, as an entity (previous CSM's spoke as one).

    Then again there is no new Whitepaper, CSM is stacked with major alliance representatives, and any accountability is largely ignored by CSM X because of perhaps protecting personal/corporate agenda's.

    Regards, a Freelancer

    I get the feeling that currently the scarce resources at the Company is largely being used for other stuff then Hisec, is this reflected by the composition of CSM ?

    Should corporate income and expenses not be generally proportional towards it's market share, meaning if >30% of CCP's income is from hisec capsuleers (no nullsec alts) then at least 25% of the developers budget should go towards that ?


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