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CSMX - Post #35

I'd like to thank everyone that responded to my search for experience in capital warfare in low security space. Please know that I am also glaring at you for not signing up before I started begging. Once I did people fell out of the bushes all over the place. Unfortunately, this is not a topic that I want to address based off of only my personal experience and knowledge.

Feedback has been coming in from Sisi about the changes to the camera. These changes where announced at Eve Vegas. For anyone willing to check out Sisi, please give the new camera  look. One of the major complaints I am hearing is that it does not have a 'classic' mode. It does cool things and detaches and such but the lack of 'normal' or 'classic' camera is bothering people, especially when it comes to manual piloting. I have also heard that it is lagging and sluggish. This, I expect will improve and I'll keep listening in.

Also on Sisi is the first changes to grid size. This one is staggering. CCP Nullarbor said at Eve Vegas that there wasn't a major reason to keep grids small. This current Sisi build has them much, much larger. If you used off grid pounces, they are now on grid. It will change instawarps if you used instas that went off grid. Etc, etc, etc.

There was a somewhat forlorn post on Features and Ideas asking if CCP looks at it. CCP Darwin answered, "Yes."  I often direct people at the Features and Ideas forum because it is read. Not having a developer comment on your post or not having your idea implemented did not mean it was not read and considered. The other factor is time. There are very few 'easy' and 'small' and 'simple' changes when one looks at the list of ideas vs what it would take to implement them. Development of the game happens over months and years. No matter how good the idea and how much they may want to implement it, they almost always take time. Even easy things may sit in the backlog for months. I have projects that I started last term that came to fruition this term or will happen after I leave office. Saying that things take time is not a desirable answer but it is a true one.

More information has been bouncing around about the destroyers. I believe there is commentary going on during the Amarr championships. I do not watch the competitions so I cannot speak as to what hte developers say. They are looking to be interesting enough that I kind of want to fly one.

I had an interesting question posed about the potential future of abandoned citadels. Currently, derelict POS are a pain in the butt. You have to war dec to remove them so that you can plant your POS down. The difference with citadel is that they are not limited to a moon. You do not have to remove them to put yours down. However, there will still be irritating abandoned structures in space. Opinions?

And talking. Probably tomorrow around 2000. Depends on life and spousal obligations. But, talking reminded me that Mynxee reminded me that the Market chat I did with Signal Cartel is available. This is not secrets to making 90 dollars an hour working from home. It is just my views and approaches to my market or if I were setting up a new one. It is mostly how I think. My marketing style is not regimented and price set. It is a flexible, living thing that changes with its environment. I think its low maintenance. Others may not.

I'm sure I missed stuff. I have been working a lot a lot. It will continue into the end of the month, just in time for the misery that is the holiday season.


  1. As to abandoned citadels cluttering up the place, I am not sure it will be as big a problem as POSes as they will drop minerals worth a significant fraction of the cost unlike abandoned POS towers. People will make a mini-profession of cleaning them up for the drops.

    That is except for XLs in highsec. No small group can muster the massive numbers of subcapital ships necessary to shoot them. They will (mostly) sit there unattacked until the servers are shut off or capitals are allowed back into highsec. They really have no place in highsec without capitals to contest them.

    1. You do realize that goons will park on these beasts in Jita asap and try to compete with Jita 4-4 as a trade hub or, perhaps, as a base for griefing ships. Even with wardecs, this thing will be virtually impregnable in high sec.

      Or, they will use it as a "content creator" for its members. goons get wardec'ed, and the call goes out to protect the citadel in Jita.

    2. Yup. No highsec group will be able to attack them even undefended because of the HP wall, let alone if the someone is defending them. They will only be fought over by the large nullsec/lowsec groups, probably only for market access, not for drops.

      So if some medium-size highsec/WH corp sticks a private one up in an out of the way highsec system or low-class WH? It wiill be completely immune to anyone except the few largest groups in the game who are unlikely to bother to attack it.The corp's neighbours will have nowhere near the members to attack it even if the corp goes inactive and thus these XLs will sit there in space until 200 bored player happen upon it which is to say forever.

  2. "CCP Nullarbor said at Eve Vegas that there wasn't a major reason to keep grids small. This current Sisi build has them much, much larger. If you used off grid pounces, they are now on grid. It will change instawarps if you used instas that went off grid. Etc, etc, etc."


    Looks like a new project gets added to the agenda . . . push those off grid instas out even further. While I appreciate lack of compelling reason to keep grids small, that alone doesn't answer the concomitant question of whether there is reason to increase their size. Anyone know why CCP is expending resources to vastly increase grid size?

    1. "Anyone know why CCP is expending resources to vastly increase grid size?"

      In-grid player built gates, maybe?

      Small gate: jump within grid
      Medium gate: like jump bridges.
      Large gate: jump literally out of new Eden

      Just 2รง worth of speculation.

    2. Dire, I'd have to go back and watch a video or three to find the reference, but I recall the grid size being referenced during the capship changes during Vegas. I think it was during the Titan new weapon discussion, and aoe-based cap draining capabilities of some of the weapons, but wouldn't bet a plex on it. But I've mentally filed this as an enhancement for the twists and turns capship fights are going to take when the new toys come out.

      Now, pardon me while I go update a few instawarp undock bookmarks....

    3. Citadel sizes, Dire. They are larger than current grids so grids had to be expanded.

      The second reason was the new camera changes. Being able to detach and look at the entire battlefield. The new fighter camera. The new weapons. Etc.

  3. Any new on the new probe and d-scanner? Will there be some updates on it?

  4. Since citadels dont consume fuel, how will one determine that it is abandoned?
    I would like to see abandoned citadels slowly drift toward the sun and once there burn up.

  5. I think a good way to explain why features, even simple features, don't get built is the way Microsoft used to explain it: "Every new feature starts with -100 points." Even if a feature is simple to implement, it still needs to get above 0 points to be considered, which means that even if it's a small feature, it has to have a *lot* of value. Simplicity is one kind of value, but almost never enough to get it that 100 points.

  6. I know that abandoned POSes can be a plague, but they can also tell a story. I remember scanning my way into a C3 with a number of POSes. Almost all of them were dead, but you could still look up the corp descriptions, members, etc. There was one optimistic little corp after another, striking out into the unknown from high sec just to do it. The last tower I visited belonged to a similar corp, but it still had its shield up and ships within it.

    It was like walking through the history of the system. If anything, I think it's too easy to utterly wipe history out of EVE.



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