Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The Things That Came From

My desktop is being worked on at the moment. My raid went down with one of the drives going bad. My husband was home today and took my work day to work on it. Sadly, things are not going to be done until the morning so I'm on my laptop. My laptop that I purchased to play Eve.

I've always had a laptop and a desktop. My laptop's before were light weight things that I used for writing. It was not until I started to play Eve that I invested in a heavier laptop that could easily play the game in the way that I wanted to play it.

The same goes for my desktop. I have had two monitors for several years. It was not until I started playing Eve that I wished for three. My two before were connected to different machines but once I started playing Eve I wanted everything to flow together. Now I have three screens that I play across and I don't stretch my screen.

I also play more games then I did before Eve. I've tried games because of friends in Eve. I've purchased games for people and had games gifted to me. I've started projects with other people in other places and all of it boiled back to this game.

I have also developed habits that make my laptop a bit constricting to play the game I got it to play on. That often amuses me the most. It is still a lovely machine if several years old and does what I want it to do quite well. I do wish it were not quite so heavy for my travels. A small enough complaint as they go.

Ahh well, my desktop will finish in the morning. I might as well slip off to bed.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Who's That Girl...

Machariel's make me think of Lue. They make me think of being very new to the game and very small. There is a disconnect upon seeing Sugar in a Machariel. It is shocking in a way. Yet, as I watch her twist that oddly graceful ship and leap into warp I am reminded that is in fact my character and my ship upon my screen not my mentors.

I purchased one as a ship to grow into. That was before I learned that I would have little to no love for battleships and what they bring in. This one has always been special. More agile and faster then most, beautiful in a sleek, deadly way, I've always been enthralled with it.

This particular one is part of a project. Maybe this time I will do some of the things I've been thinking about doing. I won't say I will for I have a terrible track record of keeping some projects going. But,I had more fun putting this very simply fitted creation together then I have had in a very long time.

And for now, I'll admire myself in space.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

CSMX - Post #16

We are two weeks out of the next release and the changes to Sov. The sov games are live and testing. Some are grinding because they want to have their name on something. The feedback coming out that I hear is lackluster. The null sec CSM has been very vocal with CCP and active in the testing. I still hear a lot of, "Why are people going to want sov?" It is not something that I have answers to but it is a concern that I keep hearing in the background.

The petition button is missing from the F12 menu. That is being looked into. I know it was there on Friday. I helped someone make a petition and used it to go through the categories. On Saturday, it was not there. Hrm. I've poked who needs to be poked and they are investigating it and we should have some answers shortly on what is going on and why the button has vanished. I am hoping for its safe return.

Icons. I logged onto Sisi because icons have had a bit of an update.  Singular's launcher face is using a different font and a different color launch button and loading line. Sisi blue to Tranquility yellow. I'm so happy. I often have both launchers up in my third monitor and I am logging ain and out of the wrong place all of the time. There is also a data collection notice on Sisi as well now.

Discussion about icons has been hot and heavy and a new iteration is available on Sisi. Drones have been changed back to x's. There is now more differentiation between hostile NPC and friendly NPCs. For one, 'friendly' (neutral?) NPCs are now blue. Also NPCs are colored in while players are hollow. The colors have also been run through color blind filters. Give feedback. I took some shots from the test server.

And now onto fleet warp. CCP Larrikin wrote a dev blog updating fleet warp. The changes are being moved back to august and more broadcast abilities are being added. You will be able to broadcast to bookmarks, mission locations, fleet members, and everything you currently can. This is a new feedback thread. I was told that some people may not know that there is a new thread or changes have happened. Please chime in on these changes.

Missile Changes: CCP Rise has adjusted the missile modules some.  CCP fozzie posted about hitpoint adjustments. The feedback that I have gotten on the missile module tweak has been negative. I've been told that the new changes cause missiles to be no more interesting then they were before and not worth replacing a gunboat. I'm not a missile user so I need your feedback, thoughts, and reasons on this.

The Hecate: CCP Fozzie posted the stats for the Hecate last sunday night, after I had written my post. The Hecate is the last of the 4 T3 destroyers. It is a gunboat and not a droneboat as some would have liked. Yay or nay I don't know. The T3D are not my kind of ship but it will be nice to see the set completed.

I had grand and glorious goals to hold talks tomorrow. I'm going to still try to do so although my schedule has unfortunately been altered a good bit.

Friday, June 26, 2015

.... Engineering?

I can say with ease that I quite like social engineering in Eve. I may not agree with the path that everyone takes with their social engineering but that is another topic. From The Cougar Store to my POCOpire and down to my CSM run, I've wound most of my game play into what can be done for, with, and by a player by just doing.

The downside of it is that is is rarely tangible or sustainable. Sometimes efforts build up and go through metamorphosis from construct to constructed, such a Eve University. As proud as I may be in the things that I have done and will do, none of them is tangible. My store will vanish if I stop tending it. I hope that I've shared enough of my mistakes and successes that it will endure in some way. My POCOpire was destroyed by an individuals choice and my own unwillingness to suck it up one more time. When I am no longer on the CSM I will vanish back into the background of the game. What we make rarely survives us.

Energy is not finite. I have struggled for the past six weeks and the echos of that are clear. My blog posts are down. My in game activities have disintegrated. I'm not quitting Eve. I am just very, very tired and something has to give. For me, its my creativity which is the fuel for this blog. My blog posts slowed down and while my blog is not some pillar that keeps Eve Online running it is a example of a project that can dissolve due to very few factors and none of them things that anyone can stop once they fall apart.

Eve Online is a highly complex game full of social interactions that make, break, and define it. While a fun statement to write it is one true to fact. It has also been one of the games glaring weaknesses. One of my happiest moments was when I saw that the new Opportunity system included instructions for double clicking in space to move. That simple, simple bit of information was available no where in the game before that time. I figured it out by doing a google search about "how to move in Eve" and I found a blog post about it. It was not even a forum post. That type of problem is a mechanical issue in my opinion. Such a simple thing should not be left to the social constructions of players where players educate players on the basics of the game.

The separation of the two increases in pace the further out you get. One of the side effects of knowledge is that we forget ignorance. What we know about the world becomes such a tangible aspect that we can no longer see it and in that comes a danger of believing that because something is 'common' knowledge that it is known.

Let's discuss my ignorance: Because I am not the brightest of people I have a tendency to happily share my ignorance. The other day it was about why I couldn't look at a ship. I was in a situation I am not often in. I was hanging around on a gate in high security space while cloaked. That may be normal for some but it is not normal for me. I was also presented with a ship that I had never seen in the flesh and a ship that is almost unheard of outside of high security space. In that time I decided to look at the ship and to my puzzlement I could not. Since then, I have been educated and told that the ship was in warp and that is why I could not look at it. If I use that information to recreate the situation I could say that the show was on autopilot. As soon as it uncloaked from gatecloak it was because autopilot was warping it. Therefore, I could not look at it.

"It is obvious if you do X," one person said. I've never done X. X did not include my play style. While a small thing and for some a thing of gross, unreasonable ignorance, I'd simply not in four years found myself in a situation to do a particular action in circumstance.

We are in a time of changing game mechanics. Proposals, theories, and ideas flow through the community. I have seen, "Well, we don't really use that or have this problem so the topic is not relevant and can be removed for convenience." There is a problem when the knowledge comes from "our knowledge of the topic is,". What happens when you leave? When your group dies? When you make a break for another part of Eve? None of these things may ever happen but what happens when they do?

Institutional knowledge is a powerful tool. But the game must be understandable in a way that someone without institutional knowledge can also play and gain that knowledge. It is easy to forget not knowing something. It is normal to believe what we built will always be there. But it has to be remembered that it won't be. Someone will always come along who is new. Someone who does not know you and may not want to know you or you them will wish to experience something. They to are playing the game and should have the ability to learn and figure out the game. Mechanics cannot be abandoned because "We never use that," or turned into complex lattices of interaction because "This is not a problem for us."

And now I will know that I cannot look at autopiloting Bowheads trying to waddle into warp. Now, it is obvious. A few days ago it was not. That is education. In this situation I could have figured it out on my own with some experimentation. Another time I will. But that is because I have the knowledge and the ability to do so within the mechanics of the game. I was fortunate that several someones reached out to help me. But I cannot rely on it. The game cannot rely on the relative altruism of its players.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Double Take

I found myself so surprised at what I saw that I almost forgot tot take a screen shot.

A Bowhead in the flesh. The first time I passed it as my Viator landed on the gate I was like, "What is that?" Slowly, my mind caught up to me and I squealed and tried to flip screens fast enough to nab a screenshot but I was to late and jumped.

My mind caught up with me and I realized that it was auto-piloting. Quickly, I cloaked on the other side and went to look at it when it came through. It spawned 38k off of me but 'look at' did not work when I was cloaked. Huh. I don't remember that. I will test it.

Then it warped. I warped to. But, I was in a Viator and landed before it. Meh. The gate was clear and I figured I could keep and eye out for trouble and wait for it to arrive. As I did so I noticed a fleet of military rank symbols land on the gate.

A fleet of Golem landed and started to jump through. Huh. I have no idea what they are for but there they were. So, I took their picture too. Then I waited for the Bowhead to land and this time look at worked because I wasn't cloaked (I guess?) and I got the above picture.

The things that ones sees in high sec. What a crazy place.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

If Aura Gave Advice

It started with a question from Bazi: who else would support this idea for a 'little thing' that when you unfit modules it automatically goes to your cargo rather than your items hangar. Rob liked the idea. Bazi followed up with an option. Strip to cargo or strip to item hangar. That's when the conversation wandered downhill.

There Bazi is, stripping his fittings off into his cargo and not paying attention. Then he goes to undock and Aura says, "Your ship is full, please don't undock." It was supposed to be Rob suggesting a warning for when the cargo is full and the player tries to strip their fit. However, my mind wandered off in another direction.

"we cannot strip this fit because its probably not a good idea. Want to rethink?" was the first thing that I thought of after stripping a fit. The idea being Aura noticed your hull was naked and reminded you not to be dumb. 

Then the ideas cascaded in. 
"you have persisted with this bad idea, reconsider""T here are gankers outside station. Automatically aborting undock""Your ship will implode if you undock""We cannot undock when you don't have ammo""Please load the mission courier item before undocking'"CONCORD does not tolerate disobedience. Prepare to be fired upon""please accept the mission you forgot to accept""please remove the plex from your cargohold before autopiloting'"Prepare to be fired upon by this fully operational titan" "Mass field interaction has reached critical levels"'I find your lack of isk disturbing'
At this point in the idea flood Aura broke started to error. I was amused. 
"Possible Aura malfunction detected. Twelve. Twelve. Twelve. Twelve. Twelve.""Your kumquat is empty. Please remove *ERROR* from the cargohold" "Shields at 79847%. Please consider repairs.""*ERROR is leaking. Please contain *ERROR* with plasma shielding" "You have lost 974,321,890 Skillpoints""Clone reactivation fail-fail-fai-fail-*ERROR*"
Having Aura over my shoulder checking my fits isn't something I'd looking forward to.

Monday, June 22, 2015


I'm not a TV or movie type of person. I've seen two movies this year in the theaters and I enjoyed both. I could not quote any lines to you but I could tell you the story and what seemed to be the deeper motivations behind them. I didn't watch much TV as a child and I watched less as an adult. That means I am often behind the curve when people talk to each other on Eve for I often have no idea as to what they are talking about in reference to popular culture.

In the last week I have had at least three people discuss winning Eve. What they really mean in the use of winning is quitting Eve or stopping their play for some particular period of time. When I first started and I'd see these references I never knew what anyone was talking about and I had to eventually ask. This got me branded as a freak because "How could I not know?"

Well, the reference to 'winning Eve' equating to not playing Eve comes from the Movie WarGames. That particular movie came out in 1983. While alive, I was quite young and not watching television. By the time I was watching television I was a bit older and I was more interested in books then eighties movies with over acted children in them.

But all of these 'wining Eve' references made me go look at it. I find the entire quote usage to not sit well with me. There seems to be a bitter sarcasm to the entire thing. However, I also know that I'm not filtering it through the movie correctly. So, I might as well do some research.

The quote is a popular one. I started to type it into google and google knew just what I wanted.

The actual quote is, "The only winning move is not to play."  I can see how that can be extended into leaving a game that has no end. You will never win it. But, if I look back at the discussion of the movie it is about nuclear war which will devastate everything once it starts. The concept seems to be that we cannot start this because we cannot counter it, we cannot recover from it, we cannot be clever enough for this to be anything but global devastation.  This movie was made during some of the biggest cold war concerns. In its place now we have terrorism as our constant movie villain. Nuclear war was a daily worry for them as terrorist attacks are where I live. (I'm right outside of Washington D.C.)

It is easy to pull one line from something and spin it into other things. I do see how this line can be spun into Eve's endless gameplay that molds and twists as you grab and work with it. It refuses to end. It refuses to stay in a particular mode.

But, I still couldn't equate leaving with winning. And, as I often do with words that don't sit well with me I wandered to the dictionary. I do love language but even common words can be much deeper then we expect them to be. And in that, I found an answer that made me go, "Oh."


  1. to succeed in reaching (a place, condition, etc.) especially by great effort
  2. to attain or reach (a point, goal, etc.)

There are more. But tucked in the simple definition of the word win was an answer. If they've reached their place, made their success, and found themselves past that point they wished to be then they have indeed won.

It is something to think over. While I started writing with one thought I've arrived at another. As someone who struggles, deeply, with this type of concept my little escapade into research has left me to think about some other things.

And if people want to see their leaving the game as a win, I understand it a bit better.

WarGame Quotes (IMDb)
WarGames (Wikipedia)
That scene from War Games (YouTube)
Win (Dictionary.com)

Sunday, June 21, 2015

CSM - Post #15

As announced, we had CCP Larrikin tied down for about an hour and a half to discuss the fleet warp changes with a wormhole focused community. There was a lot said. I took a stack of notes as well as the recording. Link: https://soundcloud.com/jimsuletu/wormholefleetwarping. A lot was said. We've discussed it and discussed it again with CCP after these talks. We can't have solutions come after problems are created. If things are to change the tools to help people navigate those changes need to come at the same time, not later. Partial and incomplete features are something CCP needs to avoid. There is thin and often absent belief and trust from the players about features still. To change a feature and leave a broken, dangling piece for a promised few months is the wrong direction.

The UI battle is ongoing. A dev blog was released that has started to address some of the UI feedback issues that the players and CSM have been bringing up since the Carnyx release. Thank you to everyone that participated with your feedback. I know that the time between feedback and response stretches out until one starts to wonder if anything is ever going to happen. I can't speed that process up for you. Thank you for trusting that we were saying things and that some of it was being heard. It isn't where it needs to be yet but this is a step.

We check in with the PvE team a good bit. The CSM is not being told the story and I'm okay with that. Instead, it is more a supply of feedback on how the story is being received. I take back what people tell me about what they do and do not like and what they do and do not know. This has been change of direction for the PvE team having the story developing in the world as they are instead of holding live events. I greatly approve of and support this more organic method but it is going to take time to get people into the habit of it. This dev blog is a nice recap of the last nine months of storyline starting with Caroline's Star (which has lost some of its lurid pea-green color and is fleshing out into a nice looking nebula) and coming into current times. This is a living story and I gain a great deal of pleasure out of watching people explore it.

I do not want the Thrasher model design idea. I know the Thrasher looks like a fish and CCP has been moving away from more of the fantastical, whimsical designs. But the new thrasher looks like an obese, accidental mutant confessor with none of the good stuff. Its a block with some solar panels to illuminate the street sign I guess it is going to hold up.  I love the subtle beauty of the dragonfly that is the Slasher and don't think it needs to be flattened. Its delicate but agile appearance speaks volumes about what it is like to fly. I do like the Dominix model. It is holding true to the potato that it is while incorporating the heavy look of these type ships that moves from the Vexor to the Erebus. That central wheel. The archs and general lines.

I'm not sure what CCP having a new art director will mean for our interactions with them. Hopefully, good! The art team is very nice adn we've been trying to lure them out into sunshine and player exposure. I have some questions for this summit about Eve and its art direction. I have some questions about things like the alliance logos that are approved and what the look of the universe is supposed to be. I have a lot of questions about this and I'm looking for some answers.

And to cap things off, CCP Rise tossed out a missile package. Missile users are very passionate about their missiles. I'm going to take some credit. If you like the torpedo volume changes, thank Sard Caid. He brought that to me at Eve Vegas 2014 and I've been chasing CPC Rise around with it ever since then and throwing it into every missile conversation. If you don't like it, yell at Sard Caid on his next stream.

And on that note, I sat down with DeCuban Deninard to work through some of the story line blueprint item spawn issues I mentioned the other week. He helped me do a thorough write up about what is and what is not spawning between the exploration sites that are producing these blueprints now. I think this one is fairly interesting because the rebalance passes are rebalancing story-line modules. It'd be nice i they could be built and used in a more normal manner.

My goal, even though I am no closer to get my eve-uni forum login corrected, is to steal their mumble (I still have permission) next weekend with Corbexx if anyone wants to chat with us. I've been working through my mails. Some of the ideas brought forward are quite large and deep and I don't like jotting down a one line answer that looks like I am really ignoring you.

Thursday, June 18, 2015


Ah, gatecamps. How I dislike them. I think they are one of the hardest things for me to keep a polite, open minded perspective on. I guess we all have things that drive us up a wall. I used to be much more neutral to gatecamps but at some point I started to dislike them.

One of the things about this part of faction warfare space is the regular gatecamps. Gatecamps and smartbombs. I try to think of them as pieces of hte landscape but I was up pretty early and moving a Viator around. I've finally learned to warp to pounces in low sec. That took long enough. I like my Viator however, so I bounced and checked the gate. The flashy red skulls in local had given me a clue but the two augoror and three exequror with a Keris and three damage ships told me it was a gatecamp.

I stared at it. It gave me a good time to look at the corpse icons. They are ridiculous enough that I didn't find them amusing. The little floating man in space looks terrible. Nor do I like seeing them just hanging around in space like inedible gingerbread men.

I think it is somewhere between being rusty and tired of losing things to gatecamps that I decided to sit and watch the camp for a bit. There are different types, I've learned. There are ones that catch everything in and out. Those normally have smart bombs. There are ones that catch things coming in. There are some that are a mix of both. After a few ships jumped through into high sec I decided that I was probably okay to rush the gate and jump.

But, old memories held me back. There was a time for a bit that a cloaky ship slid into the gate and had to putter the last few meters. This has long been fixed but its left a deep set paranoia that I won't come out at the gate. Now, that has not been a problem but the little scared voice inside of me doesn't accept that reality.

I decided to be smart. I waited for something to jump in that caused a tiny bit of a fight. They'd be so busy shooting at it and shaking gateguns that they'd not notice a little Viator sneak through.

In reality, I was more cautious than I needed to be. Still, I like my Viator. It is the stolen one from one of Vov's wormhole theft's. Weirdly fit and all I fly it everywhere.

But I am rusty! So rusty.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Walking in Sunshine...

Habits. Habits are important things. They can be good or bad and they are often useful. Habits can by physical and mental. Some are automated and some are triggered. Habit is what kept me from making jumps last night when I was tired. It was tempting. I was short on tritanium and I very much wanted to put a build in. It builds during the night and while I am at work. But, habit kept me from doing it. It was late and I've made it a habit not to do things near bedtime or when I am very tired for those are the times I have made some of my greatest mistakes. While I inconvenienced myself, my habit kept me from convincing myself to do something that may have been fine or may not have been.

The very nature of habit is something that we do automatically. They shape themselves into aspects of our personality. It is a bit of a reward system. I, for example, do not feel rewarded by losing spaceships to customs. It happened once and I've put measures in place for it not to happen again. My habit of checking for boosters was developed to avoid that negative situation after I experienced it. Even bad habits often offer some type of reward or we'd never have developed them. I like cake. Nuff said.

Beyond the bad habits of something like... well cake... there is another problem that comes with habits in Eve. Entrenchment. Sometimes our habits become the very structural foundations we base our game play on. It differs a bit from opinion because habit is a bit easier to prove. I do this and this happens so it must be right. Top it off with a bit of aggression in a game that is often focused on survival.

I believe that some of the best parts of Eve are also its worst. The game has no focus. We love the sandbox. But there is some need for structure. We need some way to anchor ourselves. And we create those supports and walls, those anchors and braces. We create them with knowledge and with habits. We create our individual worlds and then send them clashing against each other.

I guess supports can hinder as much as help. I could tout something about flexibility but I think its a bit more than that. I'm thinking more about the contradictory ways that we've come to be productive in Eve. In a way we suffer from our individualism as much as we prosper for it.

Maybe that's balance.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Labor and Cost

Picking things up and putting them down is a common day to day in game. With the changes to fleet warp I've read a lot of discussion about the increase in workload that it will bring. And, as I spend my evening pushing myself through a series of tasks I ponder it.

Oddly enough, the work aspect of Eve is often a draw. One puts time, effort, and energy into a project and it develops. Yet, that work can also exhaust you. Keeping a project maintained is a regular effort. If something is not done by someone it is not going to be done. We can band together to help each other out and share the load but that work still has to be done.

But Eve is work and work is work and sometimes work stops being fun. I've often wondered if Eve is more of an adults game because there is so much work involved in it. It is easier to transition our understanding and interactions in the world over to more familiar  grounds. I know that when someone throws their hands up and runs off to pursue a passion or adventure I cannot help but think "Who is paying the mortgage or rent while they have this adventure?" or "How are they missing so many days at school/work?"

But, Eve is an escape. An escape for some is something totally different then what they do in real life. For others, it is just doing what they want at the rate and pace that they want to do it. I may say that I don't want work but I've decided that I must need it in some way because I sure as hell give it to myself.

None of that means that work, needed or enjoyed, cannot become a burden. But the line of that burden is an interesting one. There is a point where a content creator or enabler goes from creating content and enabling to drowning in their work. There is a line when the content consumer must work to consume. And in that flexing, murky area players start to decide what they do and do not want out of the game.

I find myself wondering these last few days as I read the discussions about fleet warp, when does Eve become to much work? Where does that work shift from play to an exhaustive drain. It is not just about the status que. That will adjust in some ways. People wise rise and others will fall. That is always the price of change. We just hope more rise then fall during it.

CSMX - Post #14

On Thursday, the o7 show announced chances to fleet warp. Under those changes were a few other things. It's been a busy week for me and it looks to stay that way for a bit. Let's get into why.

Fleet Warp - I wrote a blog post about this change directly. That is the reason I picked the number scheme this year. Sometimes, I need to write outside of Sunday and the reactions to the potential changes were such that I gave it its own post. The conversation in the comments is lively and very, very productive.  The break down is that I like the idea of players having to handle their own warps more. I dislike the effects on wormhole space and to PvE content.

Corbexx and I are doing a soundboard with CCP Larrikin on Wendsay June 17th at 1800GMT.

I'm still gathering responses. You can write them here or on the forums. Please give feedback if you have it. CCP Larrikin has added a Q and A section to his post. I'm not even going to make you go and read it.
Q: When is this being implemented?
A: Aegis (July)
Q: What if every member of the fleet has the bookmark?
A: Nope, sorry, no go.
Q: Can I still fleet warp to planets/moons/stations/cynos/anoms?
A: Yes!
Q: CCP, why you do this?
A: We want transfer more responsibility for the success of a fleet from its FC to its members.
Q: CCP, will there be more fleet warp changes in the future?
A: Probably, yes.
[UPDATE 2015-06-12]
Q: CCP, this unduly effects people who live in wormholes!
A: Yes, and we're not happy about that. We have some systems and ideas we're working on to mitigate these effects. However we're not ready to announce those yet.
Q: CCP, why are you nerfing fleet warp just to nerf bombers!?
A: This change is not solely aimed at bombers. we expect bomber fleets to require a lot more pilot involvement and skill. But a highly skilled bomber fleet can still be just as effective as they are now. This runs true for all fleets.
Q: CCP, this change doesn't create more pilot engagement / participation, the FC will just run another alt that he fleet warps too!
A: That would work sure. But fleets who have members assisting the FC by setting up warpin's, getting tackle, etc. are going to be a lot more effective. We can't force you to participate in the fleet, but we can give an advantage to those that do.
While Fleet warp has been a major thing this week, it is not the only thing. We're still hip deep in structure work. I've done some reach outs to people to discuss structure capture mechanics for the lands outside of null sec. It will be quite a change for all of us. There is also the internal discussion the CSM is having with the structure team. They have been great and fully engaged in the process.

The duality testing for the sov war stuff is happening. Your alliance would have signed up for it if they are going to participate. I know several members of the CSM are participating.

The o7 show is worth a listen for some of the other balance change tidbits listed. We have some missile love incoming. I've been able to slip a word in here and there thanks to all the great feedback about missiles yall have fed me over the past two sessions. There is also battlecruiser tweak in the works. No further information yet!

And icons... we're discussing icons.

I got to attend two of the three meetings this week. I'm working on writing up a summary about the storyline items that are coming out of some of the newer exploration sites. Not all of the items are showing up in the loot tables. This is something I was approached with a few months ago and I think I'm making some progress. And yes, I know relic and data sites are still suffering. That to has been discussed.

Its been busy and I expect it to stay that way while we work through some of these changes.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Holding Pattern

My holding pattern continues but I've been doing a lot of thinking inside of it. It is not productive thought. It is more meandering, aimless, idle thought. It does not tend to produce large, coherent thoughts. It is good however to sit back and reflect in a manner that is not hindsight.

I'm fascinated with how passionately we tend to play the game. I include myself in this wholeheartedly. That passion is often the great binding agent. It is also the catalyst that starts battles. It makes us stand on one facet of the game while someone else picks another. Individuals are just not neat and organized into categories, no matter how hard we try.

At the moment I'm collapsing TCS. Not as a permanent thing but because moving and setting it back up is just to much work. I'm mothballing it for now. Maybe I'll take the alts and try station trading or something. I just look at the task list of things I have to do in Eve and compare it to the things I want to do in Eve and compare that to the non-Eve things I'd like to spend time on and decided to make some changes.

Right now, moving TCS back and forth is just unpleasant. Plus, stocking had become a strain on my time. So, I'm going to take a few months off. It means swallowing some guilt but that is better than staggering, half assed through the market and disappointing everyone including myself.

The good news is that I have productive, useful things to do with my time. Some of those I plan to get to after I post this.

I have some ideas as to what I will do with the rest of my play time. No worries on that.

Friday, June 12, 2015

CSMX - Post #13 - Fleet Warp

Let's just dive into fleet warp, shall we?

First: Go post your responses. I need you to give feedback on this. I cannot cover all of the usages of bookmarks that people have. This is fine detail play style stuff. I need your help in how this is hurting you. I've gotten really, really good feedback so far. I need more.

Post on the feedback thread. Write to me.

Second: Corbexx getting a soundboard with CCP Larrikin together for this upcoming week. Look for a date/time on my Sunday post. It should be Wednesday or Thursday of next week.

This one was not one I could figure out how to glean information from people without making it rather clear that a potential change was on the horizon. I like some of the change and I dislike other parts of it. I also spoke and speak from my background as small gangs and low sec combat. This is one of those topics that it was greatly important to say, "my experience," and "for me" because the results are very different across groups.

I am not a fan of fleet warp. I like making people fly their ships. Warping huge fleets full of people who pay no attention to what they are doing and just start hitting the fire buttons when they get there bother me. I think responsibility is important. Paying attention and shutting up are not hard. However, I also function in low sec groups in k-space. This is not everyone elses world.

One immediate problem is social PvE content. I just don't like anything that makes it harder for people to do PvE content together right now. Outside of incursions the PvE system is anti-sharing and changes like this make it more so. I am incredibly frustrated by this. One of my goals since I joined the CSM has been to improve and smooth the PvE system because it is one of the largest and most neglected things that all of our players interact with.

I cannot speak of wormhole usage but their reliance on bookmarks for the very basics in their movement is enormous and will be greatly effected. I can only point out that this is going to be a problem. There I spent my time attempting to support Corbexx with the little knowledge that I do have as he laid out all the areas that will most affect wormholers. It is terribly affecting them. He has been working on this for weeks.

Now, we need more help.

Constructive help.

Post, respond, join our soundboard. Give us all of it, good and bad.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

All Your Base...

I like making bases.

I had a conversation last night with Epigene about living in wormhole space. I've never wanted to move in there because I can't secure my stuff. Security of my stuff is very important to me. It is one of the unappealing things about null. I'd never be fully there because I'd always half exist where my stuff was.

Moving my stuff is a sign of commitment for me. I pack it all up and move it. This last move has been hard for me. Packing is something I normally anticipate and instead its been a bit of a chore. But, today, feeling good and awake I decided to move some of my stuff and as I puttered around I realized that I really like making bases.

Each game calls for a different base. I always make one. I'm never a nomad. I always have some place where I spend ridiculous amount of time organizing, personalizing, and creating a home for myself. Eve is, perhaps, my most scattered game in that respect.

In Eve I have my main base and then I have subbases. As I puttered around and delivered a cyno alt kit to my alt in a way, I made a little base. It was a simple but rewarding thing to do. It also will improve my quality of life. The alts I was using are now unsubbed and it has taken me quite a while to replace that little hole in my logistics chain.

Bases are a bit different to my scattered asset list. Everything is nice and neat and in its containers. I have space ships and extra supplies. Technically, it is probably a waste but I enjoy it to much to mind.

I've not really explored Eve enough. It is one of those things that I need to do. not in the exploration documentation way. Just in a way that will get me more comfortable with regions and places. Maybe I'll write a todo list.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Ramblings: Sugar gets an eve-mail

I received an interesting eve-mail the other day. I had to respond back to the author to tell them that I didn't remember the incident and that I wanted to apologize. The thing is, they had mailed me to thank me. While, I appreciated that, I also felt very, very bad for what I had done.

You see, I convinced them to give something a try they didn't want to and they loved it. Right now, I oddly enough, feel somewhat bad for that.

I guess I can blame path I've taken in the game. I used to try to change peoples opinion of things with my energy. Yet, so much of my time has become saving peoples things. The balance between change and saving has become a terribly hard one to walk. There are so many people that do not want to lose what they love. There is so much change on the horizon. I feel as if I need to protect people from the things that others would impose on them. I want to save people from being forced out of what they so love.

That is why I apologized. Because, two years ago I would have told people to give things a try. I don't know if it is right or wrong. I, personally, believe in giving things a try. Yet, I know I'm as tightly bound in my likes and dislikes as others. I have tried to push myself but my failures of late have left me understanding that sometimes want isn't enough. There are things that we just cannot become.

Perhaps, that is why I have started to learn more towards preservation and acceptance. I've felt hurt, anger, shame, humiliation, for not being acceptable. I hate that I've done that to someone else even if it improved their game and they are happy for the conversation that we had when I suggested they try try it.

These days I work more towards acceptance of the differences of others. Maybe I've burned out on trying to get people to change. Heaven knows I've failed in that. Calm, quiet, supporting, has gotten me scorned and mocked and called useless. Maybe having to fight for others has made me more aggressive and harder. Not hard enough. I don't think that will ever happen. Instead, I've become more protective of the individual. I want people to see and adapt but not lose themselves.

Of course, sometimes we want to be lost. Or, we need it. Something kicks us in such a way that we have to change and in change is where we find the answer. Not everyone, but some. it is just figuring out that balance. I've simply come to loathe the regularly that seems to happen where someone is telling people how to behave and that they are wrong for what they want to do and what they are enjoy. At the same time, casting people into the void to figure it out isn't that productive.

But there doesn't have to be a void. Even as I wander  up and down my own conscious I'm reminded that not all help is perfect but its well worth trying. And while I may ponder the right or wrong of what I did I am utterly glad of the reminders of why it is so worth while to reach out to someone.

Right? Wrong? I'll keep at it.

CSMX - Post #12

Tuesday was patch day. I won't call this a quiet patch. The icon changes alone have spawned a swirling mass of upset players. There are color blind optimization problems. There were skin problems. There was some Tidi stuff going on in the new wormholes. We've also had a lot of discussion about the notifications being given when then entosis is used. A lot of discussion. Chat has been very active this week over all of this. I have no idea where any of it is going to go. I wish I did, but I don't so I won't lie and make up platitudes. The complaints have been hard and brought up.

While not a large paragraph, that has been the bulk of the CSM week. There was the weekend meeting which I missed because, work day. I'm waiting for the recording.

In thing happening in Eve, CCP Foxfour released a dev blog further detailing SKINS and discussing some of the issues with the SKIN bug. More skins are coming. T2 skins are desired. No it is not going to be all skins for all ships for free.

On Monday, CCP Fozzie released a dev blog about a further delay to the July sov release. The delay is scheduled to be a week. The hope is that it won't become a larger delay but there is no promise of that. Delays are not what anyone wants to hear but the CSM has asked that any delay related to the sov releases come out as soon as possible. Further and more detailed messaging can wait. The goal is to communicate to the thousands of players who are waiting that a delay has happened.

I'd love to have a lot to discuss this week but I don't. The week has been a rough one for me. I debated trying to make the post longer with fluff but I decided not to. Thankfully, I'm on the mend. I've started responding back through my backlog of eve-mail from the last week so fear not if you have not heard from me.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Plod, Plod

Stront is so annoying. It bugs me almost more than anything else I move. It is deceitful. I have half of a cargo open on my Rorqual. It holds 4k units of stront. That is nothing. What an irritating, frustrating material it is!

My moving status is still, not all that moved. I've gotten bits and pieces done here and there. The tower up and running. the TCS alts moved. TCS's loose things moved although it hasn't been restocked yet. However, I'm somewhat fascinated inbetween the apalled horror, at how hard it has been for me to move myself this time.

But, I'm getting stuff done. I finally shoved my carrier full of spaceships and made the jump. While I was staring at my cynos screen I found myself wondering why there were little red houses on my screen.

I looked at my overview and went, "Oh. Seekers." Okay.

Propelled by all of my amazing energy I managed to jump my Rorqual and Thanatos and actually move some things. I put some builds on and slowly shook off some of my dust. I was pretty pleased with myself until I undocked to a pink Providence.

I was so shocked that I redocked to check it in the station where it was a normal color. I checked the sun. It is a white dwarf. It seems that this pink color is the reflection of the station lights? The station itself is blue gray.

This was my adventures for today. Exciting stuff.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Rambling: Rambling

Emerging from the many days of fever, I remembered that I had something to write about on Thursday. I noticed a comment on Twitter that would have been shocking if I had not understood it. It was about awoxing a poorly fit ship of a corpmates. Made in jest the underlying commentary is that doing something wrong or embarrassing is corrected with decisive action. In this case destruction. The same goes for people who fit overly expensive things. In the end, we will just kill them ourselves and they will learn to fit better.

Fitting in Eve is already quite the intuitive science. I've complained that the items you receive in loot are not the items that you should use. The area of space that you hunt in may not give you items that you can use. And then there is the next level. Fitting and flying the best things in the game is often a bad idea.

I love Sleipnirs. I've dubbed them XL Jaguars. While more ponderous then they once where, Sleipnir are sleek, beautiful machines. I don't care that the combat meta is focused on armor tanks and hit points. The Sleipnir is a dangerous beast. I should be glad to undock it and take it into combat. But, I'm not.

When I land on grid in a Sleipnir I change the entire equation. Not to a 'holy fuck run' equation like I would wish for. Instead, it becomes a, "It is worth it to lose everything to take this ship down." I am going to lose my beautiful, vicious boat because it is expensive and a prize to kill. That is an unintuitive thing about Eve.

Don't fit expensive. And then, if you do, your own friends may kill you and then tell you it is for your own good or the health of the killboard. It is such a strange phenomenon when looked at from a few steps back. Don't fly what you can't afford to lose but don't fly the best that you can afford. That is, unless you have earned the right. If you have earned the right you can fly what you want. But you may have to be a soloists because even if you have earned the right others will not want to be attached to your loss. Unless it was to kill you.

"What was he thinking?" they ask. Well he was thinking that the items he got were the best. It turns out that isn't how you fit things in Eve. It is that awkward sideways learning curve that leaves so much to do and learn.

And so we learn not to fly things. I was terrified to fly a pirate frigate for a long time. Not because I could not afford them. I've been reasonably wealthy for a very long time. My finical status does matter in this thought process. But, it would be like undocking my Sleipnir. No longer would the fight be about fighting. It would become a focus on killing the most expensive things on the field.

Such is the emergence of the ISK war side of things. Another thing I consider unintuitive. "I'm sorry but you fought a great fight against huge odds and did amazing things but you are a looooooossseerrrrr because the other twenty ships that it took to take you down cost less."

Its weird. That is what makes it hard to learn. It has to be learned. Ugh. I wrote myself into a circle. Damn it. I can wave my hands at freedom of the individual and such things and not caring about what other people do or say or want but none of that is the point. It rolls back to what we learn and how we learn it. How odd it seems to me that one shouldn't strive for the best but instead this interestingly balanced point in the middle that creates an equal chance of winning or losing at a particular loss that is calculated to not be but so much more than the potential of the target despite individual asset wealth unless...