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CSMX - Post #16

We are two weeks out of the next release and the changes to Sov. The sov games are live and testing. Some are grinding because they want to have their name on something. The feedback coming out that I hear is lackluster. The null sec CSM has been very vocal with CCP and active in the testing. I still hear a lot of, "Why are people going to want sov?" It is not something that I have answers to but it is a concern that I keep hearing in the background.

The petition button is missing from the F12 menu. That is being looked into. I know it was there on Friday. I helped someone make a petition and used it to go through the categories. On Saturday, it was not there. Hrm. I've poked who needs to be poked and they are investigating it and we should have some answers shortly on what is going on and why the button has vanished. I am hoping for its safe return.

Icons. I logged onto Sisi because icons have had a bit of an update.  Singular's launcher face is using a different font and a different color launch button and loading line. Sisi blue to Tranquility yellow. I'm so happy. I often have both launchers up in my third monitor and I am logging ain and out of the wrong place all of the time. There is also a data collection notice on Sisi as well now.

Discussion about icons has been hot and heavy and a new iteration is available on Sisi. Drones have been changed back to x's. There is now more differentiation between hostile NPC and friendly NPCs. For one, 'friendly' (neutral?) NPCs are now blue. Also NPCs are colored in while players are hollow. The colors have also been run through color blind filters. Give feedback. I took some shots from the test server.

And now onto fleet warp. CCP Larrikin wrote a dev blog updating fleet warp. The changes are being moved back to august and more broadcast abilities are being added. You will be able to broadcast to bookmarks, mission locations, fleet members, and everything you currently can. This is a new feedback thread. I was told that some people may not know that there is a new thread or changes have happened. Please chime in on these changes.

Missile Changes: CCP Rise has adjusted the missile modules some.  CCP fozzie posted about hitpoint adjustments. The feedback that I have gotten on the missile module tweak has been negative. I've been told that the new changes cause missiles to be no more interesting then they were before and not worth replacing a gunboat. I'm not a missile user so I need your feedback, thoughts, and reasons on this.

The Hecate: CCP Fozzie posted the stats for the Hecate last sunday night, after I had written my post. The Hecate is the last of the 4 T3 destroyers. It is a gunboat and not a droneboat as some would have liked. Yay or nay I don't know. The T3D are not my kind of ship but it will be nice to see the set completed.

I had grand and glorious goals to hold talks tomorrow. I'm going to still try to do so although my schedule has unfortunately been altered a good bit.


  1. The 'old' missile computers were very very broken, a single one with range script was a 41% range increase, 2 90% (after stacking penalties). Application wise they weren't so bad, a bit more powerful than turret computers, but that has been nerfed less.

  2. I am pleasantly surprised at the update to Overview icons. It seems to resolve my problem with fundamentally different sorts of objects looking too similar to each other.

  3. I feel for CCP sometimes. The icon screenshots display improvement. ‘Space invader’ drones were a little busy meaning ‘Xs’ are improvement and coloring up neutral NPCs assists in distinguishing between neutral players and neutral NPC which was my only genuine gripe at first deployed iteration. I appreciate CCP iterating via player feedback but now the poor sots have to deal with a bunch of self-proclaimed player experts strutting about claiming, “I told you so!” ‘Damned if you do and damned if you don’t’ makes for a hard knock life.

  4. I'm developing a missile spreadsheet that with less emphasis on my stream hope to have completed late this week. Hopefully can help both of us understand the change from the more nebulous missile application aspect.

    Regarding T3D the greatest issue with them is how they displace all combat ships destroyer sized and below, in all arenas barring novice outposts in FW. Would love to chat if you need some input about them.

  5. I liked the first icon revision pretty well. The refinements are good. +1 to all of it.

    CCP should really do something about their UI scaling, though.

  6. Missiles will always have a flaw which makes them uninteresting. Flight Time. In small gangs it's mostly fine, but as fleets get larger the usefulness of missiles degenerates. And even in small gangs they've problems, I've seen ships warp off while missiles which would have killed it are still in route, with guns they would have died.

    Damage application with missiles is problematic with just getting full damage. Missiles don't have "wrecking" hits no matter how well you fly your ship unless the enemy is web'd and TP'd to death. Against an enemy who's not an idiot, there'll always be some damage removed from missiles right off the top before resists are even taken into account. Speed tanking may not be what it was, but so long as a ship is moving it gets a bonus against missile damage, which could be quiet a lot. Some ships are flat out impossible to do damage to them with missiles. It cannot be done.

    And I say all that as someone with a sizable SP amount in missiles. 95-ish% of the time not having to worry about traversal frees up a lot of headroom with maneuverability options. But, 5% of the time the weapons system is outright infuriating.

    Part of that is that for game design reasons they're married to mostly subpar hulls. Fast + Agile + Missiles would be broken the other way for most engagements. They could orbit at insane velocity with impunity without worrying about traversal. There are examples of hulls married to a missile platform which can be truly scary, torpedo bombers, but the bonuses SBs get for torps is kinda crazy.

    So.. missiles are a special little snowflake of a weapons system. It has it's uses, and even things they outright excel at above others. But most people want something that's reliable and consistent across all engagement types. And missiles ain't it. Never will be.

  7. Hey sugar, the missle changes as redisigned will actually be worse then missles at present in a few cases.

    Specifically the interplay between rigs and modules. At present rigor rigs do not stack. The changes with the new modules have also included stacking penalties such that before you could have 3 rigor rigs and that would be the best you could do. Now even with the addition on tracking missle modules you can no longer ( due to stacking penalties ) reach the same max benefit as you could before the changes. This is just one spefic case but it shows the trend which for most configurations where you are trying to improve damage application with missles you will actually be worse off.

    As far as the range increasing I haven't seen or worked with any of the numbers for that.

    The take away point for me is , instead of making missles more attractive as a weapon system , missles like hams and torps will be less attractive for the failure to be able to apply damage.

    1. Thank you Diz. I also deleted your two extra reposts. I figured they were accidental.

  8. And CCPgames shows it still can not operate in a vacuum, without the players telling them what not to do they would have reached bankruptcy a long time ago.

    I really hope The Company and it's higher echelon management member(s) and dev's with a stick up their butt finally get the message the CSM is there to represent their paying customers wishes, and ignoring them will cost them money.

    Is it possible to have some form of CSM Townhall again, it is not to hold the CSM accountable but to hear from the CSM as a team, working together I hope.

    Regards, a Freelancer


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