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Walking in Sunshine...

Habits. Habits are important things. They can be good or bad and they are often useful. Habits can by physical and mental. Some are automated and some are triggered. Habit is what kept me from making jumps last night when I was tired. It was tempting. I was short on tritanium and I very much wanted to put a build in. It builds during the night and while I am at work. But, habit kept me from doing it. It was late and I've made it a habit not to do things near bedtime or when I am very tired for those are the times I have made some of my greatest mistakes. While I inconvenienced myself, my habit kept me from convincing myself to do something that may have been fine or may not have been.

The very nature of habit is something that we do automatically. They shape themselves into aspects of our personality. It is a bit of a reward system. I, for example, do not feel rewarded by losing spaceships to customs. It happened once and I've put measures in place for it not to happen again. My habit of checking for boosters was developed to avoid that negative situation after I experienced it. Even bad habits often offer some type of reward or we'd never have developed them. I like cake. Nuff said.

Beyond the bad habits of something like... well cake... there is another problem that comes with habits in Eve. Entrenchment. Sometimes our habits become the very structural foundations we base our game play on. It differs a bit from opinion because habit is a bit easier to prove. I do this and this happens so it must be right. Top it off with a bit of aggression in a game that is often focused on survival.

I believe that some of the best parts of Eve are also its worst. The game has no focus. We love the sandbox. But there is some need for structure. We need some way to anchor ourselves. And we create those supports and walls, those anchors and braces. We create them with knowledge and with habits. We create our individual worlds and then send them clashing against each other.

I guess supports can hinder as much as help. I could tout something about flexibility but I think its a bit more than that. I'm thinking more about the contradictory ways that we've come to be productive in Eve. In a way we suffer from our individualism as much as we prosper for it.

Maybe that's balance.


  1. “The art of living lies in a fine mingling of letting go and holding on.” ― Havelock Ellis

  2. After the w-space soundbord it is clear that wh-space will be shit untill they will fix it(6 month maybe).
    So anyone want to give me some link for wh to low sec refugees?

    1. Your optimism is *so* pleasing to behold. Why, I remember back in 2013 when Low-sec was 'shit'. No-one at all lived there, and I had to eke out a living on belt rats that were only worth 50k a pop. For many many days, I would run the belts continuously, praying without relief for a faction spawn. I was so lonely, I started hearing voices. They're still with me today. I remember losing Incursus after Incursus when those mean Serpentis rats brought out their big guns to kill me. Why, I've not managed to scrape up enough scrap metal to build another Rifter in years!


      If you're dead set in your belief that WH space will be shit, I expect you shall feel that it is, no matter *what* happens. I hope you change your mind. I think if you took a more positive attitude to the changes, then perhaps you would consider the new opportunities they bring, as well as the new problems.

      Rob K.

    2. And seriously, if you don't like the change, GIVE FEEDBACK . There is no point whining, griping, moaning or whinging. CCP doesn't care that you're upset, unless you're upset with good reason. Lord knows the ISBoxers kicked up a ruckus.

      Rob K.

    3. Anon 3:12, I dunt know where you fly but Anoikis ain't shit where I am... of course you may be one 'a them as want our great wilderness FILLED with people and POSes... not me.

      I greatly prefer living in the hinterland, the outback... the untamed and endless open spaces of the wild west of New Eden... We find C5 after C5 filled with sites and no players... and we reap the rewards thereof with great relish.

      No, thank you again but no... if yer crying cause it takes some effort to scan the pipes and sigs to find PvP, well then I suggest you prolly should take down yer POS and head on out to lowsec... I hear all of Nullsec is moving that a way and you should easily find all the pew pew you want there...

      It's where we go for the shooty shooty... but then we jump the crazy marble and sit back in our POS in the hole we call home... deep in the vast empty wilderness, safe, sound and free from the teeming unwashed masses in Empire's crowded spacelanes.

      By the gods I do love this game and my home in Anoikis... =]

    4. No, Tur, I don't that that's what Anon 312 was saying. Having read the soundcloud, it does seem apparent that CCP is presenting us with a fait d'accompli and there's very little that feedback will accomplish.

      They're creating a very cumbersome fleet warp mechanic for almost no gain. People weren't participating any more actively before, even when we didn't use fleet warp a lot. People still didn't pay attention when flying with FCs that didn't use fleet warp, etc. I really do not see how this is going to magically achieve CCP's goal of 'more active participation'.

      They flat-out admitted that the fleet warp changes are aimed at "fixing" null and low and if it has negative affects on w-space, too bad for us.

      I don't see this as the death knell of w-space, but it's definitely going to make operating in w-space to be much more cumbersome for us smaller groups.

      And CCP seems okay with that.

      Rob, I've seen quite a few objections raised with reasons provided that were more than just whining. CCP has already decided and all they are really asking for is suggestions on tweaking what they're doing, not whether or not this is a good idea.

  3. Rob it is clear that ccp does not care about the feedback. Even if they do any solutions are at least 6months away.
    And tur it sounds like you only care about the pve not about the pvp in wh space.
    And i have been scanning sinds before any mapping tool was available before corp bm. I have done sharing bm for every one can by can for every one in the Fleet. And this change makes it back to those days. All the helpfull ui stuff just went down the drain.

    1. Look, I'm really sorry, but CCP *does* care about feedback. They even act on it! You see the section in the Bracket Icon Madness devblog about NPC brackets not being distinctive enough. That's from feedback I, and no doubt many other player, gave to Sugar / the rest of the CSM / CCP.

      If CCP had released a dev-blog that said "No, fuck your feedback, all brackets will be at 90% scaling, fuck you, fuck your eyesight, people should only play this game on a projector", Then I'd agree. But they didn't!

      But, yes, this change does have drawbacks for Wormholers. CCP will, I hope, act as soon as possible to alleviate those problems. I recognise that the people yelling 'ADAPT OR DIE!!111!!1' are about as sympathetic as a brick wall, and honestly, they're being pretty dumb too.

      If I were you, I'd write about the helpful UI stuff that's changing and how much it improves your quality of life, and send that to Corbexx, Larrikin, Fozzie or the CSM as a whole.

      CCP doesn't know about your QoL because they don't spend their time in WH space. Maybe they should, maybe some have alts there, I don't know.

      My question to you is this: Would you prefer 6 months of no change, then a whole host of changes that won't get fixed for another 6 months, or changes every couple of weeks that get fixed and altered much more readily?

      Rob K.

    2. It is not about the change model of ccp, i like their faster cycles.
      The thing is this change is clearly a seath stroke for wormhole space. And the only relief is 6 month away. No one will stick around for 6 month of no pvp.

    3. Rob, what you don't seem to get is us wormhole folks have been saying what we feel. And from the sound cloud, CCP has pretty much said too bad for us. The fleet warp changes are supposed to benefit null and low and if it hurts us, too bad. They won't acheive the change CCP wants, I don't think, because before the proliferation of fleet warp, people weren't paying attention. That's why fleet warp got used so much. So why would people magically pay attention now?

      Anon 3:49 is probably correct in stating that with this one change, CCP has effectively reset w-space back to the days before corp bookmarks.

      I'll certainly stick around. Or at least it's my intention to. I don't live for PVP. I just play the game.

      This change won't really make much difference for large groups who can afford to assign a few people as scouts (they were doing that before fleet warp became common as cow patties), but it will make it even harder for small groups. Instead of more players, more players will now be dual-boxing (or even triple-boxing).

      This is definitely not about CCP's dev cycle. It's about this particular change.

      The reasons CCP have given for implementing this change just don't wash. I don't see what they're doing as promoting more interaction. CCP have historically not covered themselves in glory when they roll out mechanics that try to anticipate or force players down certain roads.

      The question that really needs to be asked is this: will CCP realize their error and fix this in time, or will the damage have been done by the time they realize a fix is needed?

    4. If you wanted CCP to be really nice and friendly, you could've talked to some of their marketing department. You'd have received platitudes and pleas to 'trust us'. It would be meaningless though.

      Instead, you got the developer, all rough and ready. Yes, he wasn't diplomatic. Yes, he could've done with a bit more polish. But look, you talked to the guy developing the change.

      Look, they didn't say *too bad, fuck you*. They said, "I'm sorry, we're working on it".

      As for "definitely not about CCP's dev cycle", it is. There's the option of 'old style' CCP releases, and 'new style'. New style gives you this change. In 2 weeks/ a month, you get the change fixed/reversed. Old style gives you this change. Have fun waiting for 6 months. I hope you enjoy it.

      WH-ers have been reacting like it is still 2011. CCP has moved on.


      As for 'reasons don't wash' that's all your opinion. For me, I like where the changes are going, and I think they make sense and will achieve their aim. Now, do we sit and stare at each other, growling? :P

      Rob K.

  4. O, by the way the guy that was saying use an extra alt was CCP Larakin.


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