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Billion ISK unlocked (I think)

I turned off my sound.

Well... first I had to turn on my computer's sound. I traded my husband the surround sound system I was not using properly for a sound bar. In our new place he has the entire basement and his office is in a long, rectangular room where half is for VR. Anyway, he can use the surround sound properly because he can mount it behind him.

I also fixed my photo from yesterday. I am rusty.

I am working on a crochet blanket. The yarn just came in today so I am quite excited to see how it looks. I am about to hit my work weekend and the nice part about no longer being on the CSM or running TCS is that I don't feel any pressure to log in before and after work. My work days are still 12 hours.

My blue cow, Naomi has packed her house. I'm going to go hunting for a new villager tomorrow.  I really want a second horse for my island to compliment Sevannah. I messed up inviting Colton. I just got distracted and went to bed. Oh well, we will see who I find.

As for ships, let's see if this tiny frigate in wormhole thing works for me. I'm going to get an Astero.

(Man, if you suck at spelling Eve is a pain in the butt. Astero has an e in it.)

In Jita they cost 50 million if I pluck one off of the market. Whoops. That was yesterday. Today it looks like it is 56 million. Oh well. I only have like 18 billion liquid ISK on Sugar. I never liquidated my assets. So, I'm probably okay to buy a few.

.......Huh... how much do I have? Gimmie a minute to search some accounts.

According to the valuation, Sugar's stuff is worth 60 billion. 
My TCS account is worth 59 billion with 12 billion liquid. 
My main support character seems to have almost 8 billion liquid and a net of 15.

So, I think I finally hit that 100 billion goal I set for myself a long time ago. Whoops. I missed it.

Sugar can afford this Ast'e'ro. (stupid e). Vov suggested a super basic fit for exploration. If anyone has any suggestions let me hear it. I'm pondering a gas Venture as well... err it has a name, I'll look it up later.

I'll see what I can do with this little frigate.

As for my crochet: I am trying to get this shawl finished. I'm about halfway, I believe.


  1. Great to read some of your posts again - always liked your style of writing. Good luck.


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