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All dressed up and ready to scan

"I noticed your killboard isn't active. Have you been gone for a bit?"

Lol. Chats are funny. It is nice to see that my boys think so highly of my still. Poor things.

I undocked and the Amarr station pooped me out like the slippery, golden turd nugget that my pod is and I started my journey.  (When did they add this extra glitter and graphics to the gates?). I even saw one of the ship transport things sliding out of warp at the gate.

I tried to do the right thing. I jumped into this clone but the only shuttle along my path was nine jumps away. Annoyed, I decided to go naked into the world. I remember that flying in your pod is bad. I just somewhat forgot why. I know implants are one reason. People sit on gates to pop pods hoping for a big kill.  I'm not worried about smartbombers. So.... I ran back to my ship with my butt hanging out and my UI too small.

I don't recognize any system names but I never really hung out in this part of space.

I made it back to my station where I enjoyed looking for the 'jump in station' button after jumping through all those star gates. This is why one does not play tired.

Next. I can undock again and make sure I can see the new ships in my overview. I am making the assumption that still has to be fixed by hand. Then I can learn to scan again and find my first tiny wormhole.

Why was I so worried about being killed? What would it matter? This is a positive to aloneness that I had not much thought about.

With my body and ship bonded back together (I will forever believe I am the ship. I hate the crew lore.), I had only to fiddle with my overview settings to add whatever new ships are around.

Confession time: I never really used a bunch of overviews. I had a somewhat sparse one for PvP without a lot of the floating junk but that was it. I find that I am a mediocre HUD user. I noticed in the Division 2 that I look for on screen queues more than I do the indicators on the map. When my friend turned on fog of war I didn't actually notice a difference because I don't rely on the display that much day to day.

However, I do know the importance of the overview and I'm sure I can remember what button to press to d-scan at some point. It is a button. Or button combo. Somewhere on my keyboard.  And if I am going to go play in the danger zone I need to pretend to give myself the opportunity to escape.

But, when I opened my overview, all teh ships were there. I guess that got pushed at some point.

As for the true update with Animal Crossing: Whitney has moved in and I decided to pay off my last mortgage loan for my basement. So, that is all paid off and now I can focus on the redesign of my island to ship the villagers over and give my house an island in between the orchard and the meadow.


  1. V for dscan,it works well mapped to a mouse button and if you find yourself typing vvvvvvv vvvvvvvv vvv v vvvvv to your friends in chat your doing it right ;) (joke)

  2. Oh almost forgot, I play in windowed mode and if you press Esc and go to the graphics/display tab you can scale it up via a drop down setting box but there isnt a way to actually lock it that I know of

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