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Take three.... and action!

Uhh.... so... uhh... (search: how to screenshot eve online)... okay back on line.

It is time to be rebellious. In my Astero (really... the freaking e...) decision making I supped upon the devine spread of Jita. Sure, I can save ISK but I'm docked here having my logs fill with enough spam to eat my entire raid setup. My husband will wonder why I want yet larger hardrives...

As always, I'm cautious. I stare at the prices. I check locations. I click the price tab to make sure I am sorting them properly. I am a good girl. Then, I notice that there are three sale orders put in almost at the same time. The one I was going to get is brand new and sitting at 89 days. But these three orders a further down for just a few hundred K ISK more and they are going to expire.

Man, I remember that. Always having to adjust prices or just putting stuff on the market and seeing. But then you get under cut and under cut and your stuff expires.

Not today, Satan. (Satin is the silky stuff. I'm good at this.) Someone that I do not know and may not even like will not have to renew this order. They will never know why I purchased this, but that is okay. They may not even notice. That is also okay.

Now I have my overpriced by 260k frigate. Thanks to the handy, dandy little red dog I know where it is. (Why does the dot have to be red? Can I change it?) I know I fit into it because I am in the bigger version.

And, ta da. I am now in an unfit Astero. My first thought is that it is very ugly.  Let me tell you right now, I am never going to get undocked at this rate but this little ship is ugly. Now, I am normally not a fan of the red/yellow color spectrum but this Deathglow Hunter skin is rather nice. I also like the One Eden skin but it is a billion ISK. So, yeah no.

Now, Deathglow Hunter skinned I can do the less important task of fitting the ship. Which is not a good thing. I remember stuff changed. The modules all moved around. No more just use this one and not that one. They all have values and a bit here and a bit there.

I was never good at fitting ships when I kinda knew what I was doing.  I started with the basics. Dig through the containers I did have and start using the good stuff. Then downgrade if I needed to and hope for the best. Also, drones. Those cute little suckers. Did they change them too?

Now, dear reader, I could look this up. I really could. But, why? This is much more fun.

Until it wasn't.

I have a T2 damage control unit. That is probably bad but whatever, I can take it back off.  Also a microwarp drive and some scanning stuff. I'm doing well.  Digging through my hangar it seems that I have a bunch of pieces but two high slots in and I've run out of CPU to do anything else.  My hopes... my dreams... what are they? Now I have to solve this problem....

And it turns out I had grabbed an expanded probe launcher which knocked me down to 4 CPU. VP figured it out for me.  Well, with that hurdle solved the rest of it came together.  I undocked my newly christened Sherbert into a brave new world...

...and promptly realized I had put on the wrong cloak when I went to warp. I turned back around and redocked to switch. Then I realized I also forgot probes.

That's fine. That's fine. This is a Brave New World we are entering. This is a strong orange Astero that don't need no probes... actually it does so I got some. And some extra. 100? Probably for the best at this point. What else are holds for?

The moral of the story is: Don't just stick modules to your ship? Something, something. Actually there isn't one.

My boys are going hunting. I feel a little bit of disappointed excitement. Oh my, oh my. Who am I?


  1. The game has "professions" where you can Name yourself.

    "I fly the Astero and find data/relic sites. I hack the containers for ISK. I travel everywhere in EVE: I am an Explorer!"

    "I sit in Jita all day, buying and selling things. I am a Trader!"

    But you can do any or all of these things in combination, making it hard to describe "who you are" with one word in game, in EVE terms.

  2. The sell orders with less than 3 days to go were most likely given 3 day expiry dates instead of 90.

    Pretty sure you still can not pick a specific order to buy in that scenario. You just paid a little more ISK to the seller of the lowest price order, not the one with a short expiry time.

    Note the tax to change an order is now much higher, so it ends up costing a lot if you try to play the .01 ISK game on something priced like an Astero. It doesn't however stop people.

    You should only need 16 probes. 8 to launch / use, 8 to be pre-loaded for when you move to the next system. It is much harder to lose your probes now. Even if you get disconnected or glitch, you can use the reconnect option to get them again.

    Reading your posts reminds me just how complex the game is, even if you have played it for years.

    1. So like, 200 probes probably? Glue some to the outside? I got this.

    2. From memory they just end up in your cargo hold when you leave the system, even if you don't recall them. I'd have to test it - the change was some time ago and I've always been too paranoid not to recall them...

      I think 200 probes is too excessive. 160 - (20 sets of 8) might be more appropriate. I think I have about that many that I can sell you are very unreasonable prices.

    3. lol. Sugar got you on sarcasm :)

      I'll back up the less probes idea though; for Wormholers CCP introduced auto-recalling to probes: when they expire, you jump into a new system, or dock. They are much harder to lose, than they used to be.

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