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What are all of these buttons for?

My snooty villager, Naomi, wants to move out. I picked her because she is a blue cow with some wild makeup but we have not really bonded like I have with Savannah and Mitzi... oh wait yeah wrong game.

So, my clan is almost finished the second step of the Manhunt in Division 2. We just have one more zone to clear and then we can hunt down the secondary target to reveal the next... err wait, waaaaaiittt...

Sorry about that.

Resetting things.

What do I want to do? That has been my problem for a while now. If I play Eve, what do I want to do in Eve? While I did PvP it was never my draw. The old PvE sucks. The new PvE may be okay but do I want to do it?

Who am I?
What am I?

And do I need to be unique and interesting?

I think that I may want to look in small wormholes and try a exciting, fragile life. With some of the ships that are available I can, perhaps, have an interesting life where I may or may not fall prey to someone but it does not have to define what I do. There is so much of Eve that I do not know. 

Does Sugar even know how to scan? I have several very well trained support characters but Sugar was always a pew pew pilot. I built her that way. She was Chella's backup and I branched her off to learn weapons while Chella made me money. Really, Sugar has always been a money pit. I have my entire staff for my store. Chella and Cat's Play mine and do industry. I have three fully trained jump and freighter pilots to handle my two jump freighters and my little personal freighter fleet.

None of them are Sugar.

She is kinda useless. However, it looks as if I have spent some time upping her various skills whenever I logged on and off. Her scanning skills are all maxed out. Her ship skills are very, very spotty. 

I also sucked at ship fitting before. I like to plug stuff in that I like. This entire mathematical formula to maximize your perpetual is not my play style. It never has been but it is such an annoyingly integrated part of Eve. For me, it is unfun. Just boo.  

Right now I am in a cruiser I believe. The SOE one with the pretty circle around it. That is much better than the battleship the SOE Emulsifier Blender. What a strange name for a ship. 

I mean really, look at this: 


And this:

I made soup with one of these yesterday and I bet you cannot tell which one. 

I am going to hit someone up for some fits. Maybe even try the little mining frigates to really mess around. I never had a problem with mining.


  1. WCB to EVE! Some still remember the great job you did as CSM bringing player concerns to CCP. ♥ That binder! ♥ But it was also a hell job, putting a spotlight on you and bringing messages to your inbox that were really unpleasant at times. "It's just a free trip to Iceland where you get to talk about internet spaceships!" - hardly, lol.

    While CCP tries to make the game more accessible over time, and is doing a bit better with new player retention, its still complicated when it comes to fitting ships. They're trying to give some help with community-sourced ship fittings, but it takes ages to vet them, EVE's catalog is huge, and they can't stop releasing new ships to give long-term players something new to play with. So only a few classes are currently represented.

    Your post title reminded me of this snarky meme:

  2. I can drop you some fits and whatnot anytime you need them feel free to let me know what you need fits for via EVEmail or however you want :)
    Glad to see you loggin in again, its a breath of fresh air


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