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Idle Reflections on a Quiet Night

[Content Warning: This is an emotional and misty eyed post full of glitter, sparkles, and random bursts of peppermint.]

I've been a member of THC2 for six months.

The very first thing that I ever helped to explode was a tower and the latest thing I've helped explode was a Loki tonight.

(First explosion best explosion. I also remember being told by someone whom is not in my corp to be careful of my pictures because I'd give away to much intel. This was before I understood what killboards were and what information they contained. I am startled by the ignorance of that warning).

The Loki was a fortunate kill. I find that my pewpew is so very impersonal. The Loki was a kill and loot was dropped. I fully assume that others see me in the same way. Sadly, they don't realize that I'm also super awesome. A little bit of humanity is injected when there are comments in local. This pilot was silent and rolled out of the system quickly. The drop gods were only semi-kind. I think that they have realized that screwing us out of the 8/10 complex drops is starting to piss off their worshipers.

We were rolling back into low sec from our disappointing plex. Ender found a loki in a belt and chased it down in his tornado. He said, "Point" in chat and the rest of us jumped and warped to him. The tornado isn't the 'best' thing to go after a loki in, but as he said, "I'd trade a tornado for a loki any day." We were coming back from the plex so we had a logi and the logi kept the tornado up while the loki went down.

I looted the wreck and was surprised to find a nice drop of Republic Fleet Shield Extenders(x2) and a Republic Fleet Gyrostabilizer. The PvP gave us better drops then the PvE.

Ren asked Ender if we could roll through some level 5's and up his standings with our mission agents. Sure! Ender did make it clear that unless all hell broke lose, he wasn't repping Ren and taking gcc since Ren's sec is sitting at -5.1. Ren assured him that he doesn't even rep himself unless he has to when he was at pirate sec.

There is no shame in carebearing. We like our isk. We have lots of ways to generate said isk. It is easier to do things socially anyway. When we have a fleet, suddenly something like a mission doesn't seem like such a bad idea. We spent about two hours out and burned through six level 5s.

Socialization is such an important thing. I don't understand how or why people forge through games structured around socialization and then complain that it is hard, lonly, boring or whatever for them to do things by themselves. I'm not saying that they have to be social. They can play their game however they want. However, the complaints that the multiplayer content is hard to do alone boggle my mind. It also touched upon the conversation we were having in our Public Chat to an interested pilot about our 1v1 values. Ender said, "Don't get me wrong, we'll blob in a heartbeat but we honor 1v1s".

It was a stark contrast to the person that I was listening to complain a few days ago. The complaint was about how people want to run around in fleets all the time and that there isn't enough 1v1 to be found in low sec and null sec and how terrible anything is. It made me roll my eyes. That same person wants to be a loner and then complains about the side effects of it.

Ender also announced that it is time for me to learn to scout the fleet, scan down the possible targets, and be the bait for a bit. I'm not overly happy about it and immediately said, "No" because sometimes, I react like a toddler. I was instantly overruled. He did promise that we'd start in slow measures with small corp roams and lots of hand holding and tolerance for fuckups.

Then he began to beat me with the Tengu stick again. Sadly, the beatings with the Tengu stick (which I have received from everyone in corp) are starting to do their work. I feel the gears in my head accepting that flying the best ship for the situation I want to create for my personal PvE is the right thing to do. While I am tired of the Tengu stick, its been applied all over with nothing but love and affection. If Tengu wasn't the actual answer, they wouldn't be poking so hard at my stubbornness.

Eventually, I will be swayed by the focus of others. It is not peer pressure. It is the slow grinding of my stubbornness by my social circle. Right now I'm like a structure and they are capitals dropped on me.

I have been labeled "Social Butterfly" which is amusing for I am not that social in my daily life. Or, perhaps I am, I just don't have Eve to talk to people about. Yet in Eve, I float around and chat to everyone and occasionally do something nice to someone simply because I can and others did nice things for me.

I've said before that I am picky about when I help people. I don't belive in heaping gifts of isk and shiny things. A small bit of help at a critical moment goes further towards helping someone find success then an overwhelming gift. I may be to deep into thought about it but that is how I feel. Tools are useful.

I noticed in a chat that a new player has lost their destroyer to a low sec gatecamp. They had purchased a new cruiser to replace the one they lost in a mission. They wound up buying it in a high sec pocket. No one had explained checking routes or given them a link to dotlan. They had gone for their ship and been picked up by a gatecamp set to grab that exact type of person.

They commented that they were sad. There was no whining there was just a deep frustration. A frustration that came from not knowing the game and learning the hardest of ways. However, there was no rant and no stomping of the feet. Just deep frustration that was greeted with, "Tough".

I messaged him and asked what had happened. He explained the above situation and how he did not know how they could get out of it. We talked for a bit and I learned that the frustration was born out of a lack of isk. He would have to drop down to a frigate and work his way back up. He could replace the ship but a wrong buy had left them with thin funds and an basic understanding not to blow everything else.

So we chatted and I asked him to sell me the ship. I don't need a cruiser somewhere on the other side of empire. Shock and excitement greeted my offer. He wanted to take less then I offered because he had found a deal. To give him a little 'more' my offer was my local price for the ship. I knew it would be a few mil over what he had paid. New players hunt for deals. That is one reason they get caught. He thanked me for buying the ship from him and putting him into a situation he could work with. I also gave him the link to and told him to use it with his future purchases.

Eve is full of tricky pitfalls like the one he fell into. I don't need a ship in Uesuro. But it doesn't bother me. I'll do something with it at some point. What was a minor thing for me was a big thing for him. It would have been a big thing to me at the time as well. Now its just, "Meh, ship, whatevs." When did I reach that point?

I may feel a bit strange not being so "new" but I'm not one to forget the time either. Six months in corp and almost eight in the game. I do not believe I'd have come as far as I have if I had forged on alone.

Eve is better shared. It is also a lot of fun and brings a bit of a smile to have Ender say, "Come my nuggets, I have a 8/10 for us."

In my game of Eve it is all about "us".


  1. I got myself in the same situation, buying something in a highsec island when I was new. I share the solution because I think it's better than buying up his asset (and ending you with a useless ship).

    It was 50M worth of skillbooks and I had like 200M back then. I courier contracted the item to highsec for 5M and it was delivered to me next day. You could offer him that you fly back that ship to highsec for something like 10% of its value (you buy the ship for 90% and sell back in highsec for 100%).

    The point is that he would still have to pay for his mistake but not 100%. It's important to make him pay, even if just a symbolic cost (10% of a T1 cruiser don't worth your time)

    1. For this solution we have several problems. The first is my sec status. High Sec is closed off to me most of the time. I normally maintain the ability to get into .06 space and I am in a constant state of being in .07 then not being able to.

      I will contract the useless ship to my market alt who will resell it for me if/when I ever care.

      I'm not making him pay, I was helping someone who did not whine and who was ready to go back to the grind and correct themselves out of their situation.

      Because of his willingness, I went and pulled him out of his situation. This does something simple.

      Helping someone is a powerful thing Gevlon. My buying the one ship from him may help someone stay with Eve. The first weeks are the hardest and getting a small gesture of help can be an amazing thing.

      Again note, if he had been having a temper-tantrum and raging all over the place, I never would have made the offer.

  2. Even better! You could teach him something about the game itself and about the value of cooperation:

    Give him some tanking modules and a point and tell him to fly into the gatecamp and tackle one of the campers. You warp in, frag the campers, you take the loot and the killmail, he got home and participated in his first PvP victory!

  3. Just found your bog am I'm really liking what I'm reading. Keep it up!

  4. "There is no shame in carebearing."

    ^^ wish more "l337 PvP" minds thought like that. Hell, I've got a couple nice kills (and a couple that "got away") just by plexing in lowsec like a n00b and waiting for someone to show up to try to gank that idiot carebear...only... "Oh shit, that Myrm has a point..." they go in comms, right before "shit, I popped."

    ;-) Then the Myrm runs before the reinforcements arrive, and all is well with the world. :-D

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