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Free Ships, Dead Ships, Red Ships, Blue Ships

I logged on and began an almost hyperactive commentary full of "Yays!" and "Woo!" because I was off work for the next two days and I wanted to go out and do things.

However, Sunday mid afternoon can be slow. People were on so I buzzed about and got caught up. Needing/Wanting ISK, I went off scanning and happily found a 5/10 DED Complex fairly quickly. I dropped notice of the Plex into corp chat just as a group of unknown/naga/naga/drake jumped into the system. It turned out that they had come for the plex as well.

That was just fine by us.

We warped a tanky Tengu in. They bailed as soon as he landed on grid. However, he pointed the drake. The rest of us came in and killed the drake. We then finished the rest of the Plex. We popped a b-type 10MN MWD. Nothing huge and special but a handful of iskes for everyone in fleet.

At one point, we tried to drop onto a gatecamp.

There is a corp in the area that likes to gatecamp. They have learned that we like to jump said gatecamp. They have gotten pretty good about having scouts around and rolling if we show up in local as more than one or two. Gunpoint asked us to coordinate with them.

We came up with this elaborate BlOps (Black Ops) drop plan. We got a fleet two systems out on one side, a black ops fleet on the other, and two tanked bait ships. Our bait went in, engaged, got some points, lit the cyno, dropped in the blops, the rest of the fleet warped in.

It was a good plan, but our coordination wasn't quite in line with how fast they got the fuck out of there. Wow. We managed to hold only two ships in the end before everyone else bailed or jumped the gates.

Then there are a lot of smack talk in local. Smack about how we are so scared that we have to bring a fleet of 19 people. We did have a fleet of nineteen people. The counter smart by Gunpoint was a notification that we only had that many people in an effort to keep any of them on the field since they would not fight. Our hope was to spread out and do a rapid pounce. It went back and forth as smack talk often does.

We left Gunpoint arguing with them.

With our nice, fluffy fleet of 12, we decided that we needed to go forth through low sec and find more pewpew to do. We went up to 13 when Mane caught up to us in an Enyo.

The nice thing about the weekends is that our numbers are up a little. Later, when we noticed we had a decent amount of people on, we formed up and went on a Roam.

Suddenly, it is about free ships.

I managed to get a Noctis yesterday. I am very pleased with that. Someone offered and I snapped it up. Because, Noctis. It is going to be a bit of a trek getting it back to where it will be useful but it was free. Now I have three of them. This free ship situation was a bit less mutual on both sides, if I am honest about it.

I wonder what makes someone eject? Maybe it was the bullshit killmail we were creating with them. Maybe they thought they were denying us something... Anyway it went a bit like this....

About 7 jumps into our roam we found a harby, slepinir, and a oneiros doing a site.

Our scout warped our tackle to the site. When he arrived, only the harby was on grid still. Therefore, he attacked the harby and we waited to see if his friends would come back. The lack of reaction to being shot made us wonder if we had another case of baitception. Once he got the harby into armor, it woke up. The ship targeted him, but never shot him.

Then local spiked and the Selipnir came back. We hopped in and warped into system. The Selipnir landed and our tackle went for tackle. He missed the Sleipnir who landed and immediately warped off as soon as we spiked local. We still had the harby however, so we waited for everyone to get onto the ship. When it was in half structure the pilot ejected. In local he said, "Not going to happen".

Our response was, "Cool, free ship." We had someone dock up and grab it, dock it, and switch back into his ship. It seems that it was named, "Made in China".

Here is his fit. He also had two different types of ammo in his guns. He had conflag in half the guns and scorch in the other half. We have no idea what the point of ejecting was. If we had blown the ship up instead of stealing it, we would have gotten a killmail. But, free ship? Hell yeah!

While we got the ship sorted, Razor sent a conversation to the Harby owner and told him that he could have his ship back for 80 mil. The guy closed the chat so he told him in local. Dher then said that he should up it to 90 mil for closing the chat. We're so good at this piracy thing it's amazing. Well, new Harpy for someone.

We wandered around, popped a few beltrats and waited out our GCC. With no one left to play, we left and continued on.

We found Nulli Secunda's new low sec system. We poked our heads in and found 40 people in system. Cool. They had a machariel sitting outside with a -5 sec status. We did a breakdown, I got picked as one of the 3 to go in and say hello. They engaged and started undocking shiny things. Machariels, Bhaal, Oneiros, and other things. The sky glittered with it and like moths to a flame our nice little 13 strong fleet jumped in and engaged. One shiny thing exploding would tickle us all day. They undocked shines, we shot at shines, they redocked shinies, we shot at more shinies.

Nothing died on either side. We bailed when they undocked the Moros and the Thanatos once we had the Bhaal in half armor.

We are sitting on the out gate and one of them goes, "Yea thats right faggots!" in local.

Really? We were not playing docking games or undocking carriers and dreds on a battlecruiser fleet. Well, I take that back, we had a Tempest and an Enyo. Frightening. Someone else is going in local that he logs into coms and is told, "Logistics! Logistics! Bhaal needs reps!" We got the Bhaal to under half armor before he redocked.

No fun to be found there, we kept going. The faction warfare stuff keeps making us think that we are jumping into incursions. But, we're getting used to it. A few gates away our scout found a Typhoon. He followed him two systems and then followed him to one of their major plexs.

He was one of TEXNs newer players. The FC sent him in to tackle the Typhoon. He did and he did a great job. He got the Typhoon down and the rest of the fleet jumped in. We got the Typhoon scrambled and him unlocked in 65% structure. He was in a high state of excited panic and he warped off to a gate. With GCC and an aggression timer.

He jumped through the gate in 10% structure. Good boy. He was able to get off the other side and docked in the next system. Fun times. The Typhoon owner sent a chat to Razor. Razor has no idea why he was the one that got selected for chats. The Typhoon owner told us that Amarr had FW people up in Dal. We said cool, changed our destination and went to look.

It was in Amamake we got into a fight with Heretic Nation.

We tried to jump their gatecamp but they bailed as soon as our first ship landed.

However, they were up to a belt fight. So we took it.

The end results were not bad. We lost six ships and they lost five. We lost 5 battle cruisers and a frig. They lost 4 battleships and a battle cruiser. They were reshipping and coming back out as they went down. Once we were down we were done.

In the end, they held the field. With their reshipping power we would have just been chipped away at until we drowned. Our FC called for us to bail when we were down to half of our fleet. I was the first or second ship down. Disappointing but it is what it is.

We put up a good fight. No logistics, no support. They had a falcon and a curse on the field as well. Turned out the curse was a third party (I think). No clue who the curse was going after.

We were tempest, drake, harb x2, hurricane x5, oracle, drake, enyo.

They started as malstrom, tempest, malstrom, raven, drake, abaddon, curse, falcon, and somewhere in there 2 more abaddons, an aramageddon, and another malstrom appeared between more people and reshipping with a cane.

So it was a good fight with a lot of brawling and a lot of damage. We didn't lose our entire fleet. We will trade a battle cruiser for a battleship. They lost 6, we lost 8. Our Enyo threw himself at the curse to distract it while people got away. He died but we got ships off field. Our tempest, oracle, and drake made it out.

I was disappointed to be taken down early, but not ashamed of the fight at all. We're very pleased with it. We didn't hold the field. I lost the loot I had gathered earlier. However, we laid it down and had a good fight. Once they melted through our DPS we started dropping faster. Until then it was good. It got a bit messy with so many battleships on field. The hurricanes were close in and the battleships just started blapping the hell out of us.

I reshipped into a noobship. We regathered, pods hopped into high sec, and we worked our way back home.

Fun day. I waited till the next morning to build my new cane.


  1. I guess the eject was done to prevent podding. Since you were shooting the ship and your guns were on cycle, and your tackles active too on the top of tunnel visioning the ship, he had a good chance to warp away with his pod. He couldn't save the ship anyway but the implants definitely worth saving.

    1. We'll take free ships everyday. We picked up a Tengu that way a few months ago. I know that they lose SP when they lose their ship. Still, free Tengu.

  2. I see that some corps look at ISK efficiency when reviewing applicants, so that would be another reason to eject.

    1. Ejecting still creates the killmail under the ship owners name.

      This ibis sat in Klingt in a safe for about a week until Joe, irritated as all hell, hunted it down and shot it because he was tired of seeing it on dscan.

  3. panic and stupidity are about the only things that come to mind


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