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Looking Under the Bed

Memories are weird things. I'm a stuff hoarder in Eve. Not because I cannot stand to get rid of things but because things remain useful. But, I find that I scatter things about the universe and wind up with memories spread all over the place. My recent spring cleaning has unearthed some.

I didn't realize I had any other Hurricane's left. I was so mad at the battlecruiser nerf that I reprocessed most of mine. While no longer angry I am still deeply disappointed in the changes and find no satisfactions in flying what I once flew. The Hurricane Fleet Issue didn't fill the gap and because of its cost it wasn't worth taking out. It was immediately primared because the ISK war is important to people and it is an expensive ship. The battlecruiser nerf is probably one of the things I am persistently disappointed about when I look back over my time so far in Eve.

I have one in Klingt that was given to me by CraftyCroc when we went to avenge someone killing me. That one has its own story and I have written about it before. This one is a mission ship. I took it to high sec when Chella got her first Oneiros and decided I'd make some money missioning. I did like four missions, got called to PvP and never went back. I've still never learned to mission correctly.

I also have the Machariel I purchased when I was six months old as a present. I paid 800mil for it and that was a steal at the time. Now, they are just over five hundred million.

I also have a stack of my starter ships still. I have the original Iteron that I did so many things in. It's now a different ship and will never be what it was. I found Sugar's hoarder as well. She spent her first few weeks of the game hauling ore for Chella back when jet canning was the way to do it.

In that pile I also have things like my first Atron for Chella and one of Sugar's original PvP Rupture's still T1 fit. That was from when she still spent time in high sec. I think I took it there for something and never brought it back.

I also found genolutions. I used the first set that I got. They were released with crucible. I got myself podded thanks to my ignorance only a few weeks later and swore off of fancy implants until I grew up. The last time CCP gave them out I hoarded them and now I have half a dozen sets or so it seems. They are in a container with my Geckos. Things that I don't really want to use but hold onto because they are valuable. To sell or to keep? I don't know.


  1. You know... I fully understand the why that CCP cannot do this but... I damn sure wish we have vintage ships in EVE. You know, like yer dad's old Caddy out in the garage... that '68 Chevvy Nova.... the '45 Willys Jeep... But no, in New Eden when a ship builder updates his designs it wipes out all the historical ships and updates them to the new body styles and engines and interior layouts....

    What a loss... wouldn't it be grand if new ships were really new ships and the old ones were left alone? I can well imagine that more than one player would have a museum of EVE Ships by now...

    The virtual verse is... sometimes... not all it can be.

    1. I have always wondered at the lore behind all the ships suddenly changing no matter where they are... Are all the internals/externals built out of nanites or something? Are the manufacturers relaying these instructions to all ships to change their internals/software (IE: Firmware upgrades)? If so, why can't the capsuleers fake a transmission or tinker around with the ships themselves? Why can't a capsuleer corp/alliance/coalition design their own starships to their own specifications?

    2. "...why can't the capsuleers fake a transmission or tinker around with the ships themselves?

      Have you met us?? 'nough said.

    3. How could the empires stop us if we wanted to though?

    4. In a word... CONCORD, we cannot, I repeat cannot ever, beat their ships, I would wager we won't ever break their encryption schema's either.

  2. It would be cool if in many cases when ships change the old ones are retained as is. Just add a mk1, mk2, etc to the name. Old stuff would become collectors objects and overpowered stuff would go away fast enough. It would certainly be no worse than pirate ships.

  3. I've one character that sits on a station container named "Trophies". Stashed away in that container is all the things I've collected that aren't generated in game but rather handed down from on high (Gnosi, Geckos, Leopards etc. . .). Being trophies, I don't sell them.

    With the exception of one Orca, for me, everything else is just so much interchangeable stuff.

  4. To the both of you advocating 'classic' ships, I have some reservations. This system would create a insurmountable boundary between older and newer players. The cost of vintage ships would be unachievable to most new players, and the bonuses of the older ships would make anything else, non-optimal. Imagine all the old Cane hulls that were produced, remaining as good as they were. Why would you ever fly the newer Cane, even if it was slightly cheaper?

    If there was an option to 'mothball' a ship, so that it was only a museum piece (returning a large sum of isk, and making the ship unable to undock), then I think that would be awesome. Sadly, I've lost or sold most of the Noobships I began with, and sold my Navythron (my first mission boat) to fund my PvP addiction. If the 'mothball' option were available, I think I would've taken it instead.

    Rob K.

    1. Here we go...

      (1) "...insurmountable boundary between older and newer players."
      Ever heard of PLEX? so not 'insurmountable' IF a player, old or new, wanted one bad enough.

      (2) "Why would you ever fly the newer Cane..."
      Once hulls change, old hull become limited in number... as they are used that number decreases... same as IRL. IE Problem takes care of it self over time.

      (3) "...option to 'mothball' a ship, so that it was only a museum piece..." Why? See #2 above.

      But, like IRL I will give you that it could be interesting to have an 'option' available for a rebalanced hull class...

      A patch Patch drops, you login and get;
      "Do you wish to Accept upgrades to xxx ship(s)? [Yes] or [No]"
      ...checking 'No' means that while you can still could fully fit your now 'outdated' hull, you would not be allowed to load (IE put ammo, missiles, crystals, etc. into) any guns, launchers, lasers, etc., and you would not be allowed to activate any other offensive mods even if you undocked... and risked your now 'antique' museum piece.

      That I could live with... but the real reason is Server and Client databloat... Every balance pass would increase the ships database by a factor if how much? the answer, wayyy too much...

    2. At the risk of sounding combative: "Ever heard of PLEX? so not 'insurmountable' IF a player, old or new, wanted one bad enough" verges dangerously close to 'Pay to Win', for my tastes.

      Similarly, that "as they are used, number decreases" doesn't exactly represent the reality of EvE: There are very probably many tens of thousands (nay, hundreds) of each ship in EvE. That's a significant period of time, considering the slow pace of destruction of larger ships.

      And yeah, databloat, the enemy of all CCP. I don't think that mothballing is an entirely likely concept for CCP to pursue, but We can consider it ourselves!

      Rob K.

      PS, not to mention the way the Players would distort production to keep their favourite ships in their best forms for as long as possible. Considering a reasonably large industrial player can produce 600! T2 cruisers in a month, imagine, (given forewarning) how many OP Ishtars can be produced.

    3. First my friend Rob, please know that (1) you do not sound combative to me at all and (b) that was exactly the response I hope to elicit... =]

      I believe with all my being that we do not grow from agreement... and we learn nothing from success... we grow only when challenged and we learn only from discourse between opposing or at least differing viewpoints.

      I have come to understand I myself am oft seen as 'combative' or 'argumentative' or even 'aggressive' in my posts and comments... but this is not ever my desire or intent. I just rarely comment when I agree with a post or point being made except for the occasional "This!"

      The idea of PLEX being pay-to-win however does not float... Purchasing PLEX and subsequently sale of said PLEX for ISK in order to purchase historical, antique or newly minted 'classic' ships that cannot load weapons or activate ANY offensive mods simply cannot be seen as pay-to-WIN... unless you define winning as the collecting of such ships.

      In which case TBH I care not if someone feels they have 'won' EVE via their amazing ship collection... really... this to me is like saying someone won at real life via his amazing stamp collection... "Uh huh, Yes Timmy, you sure did." said with a sincere yet condescending and somewhat concerned smile and accompanied with a little pat-pat... on the head... =]

      And yes... I can fully believe there are hundreds of thousands of ships in EVE... I myself own at a guess in excess of 100 ships all told... and if all the accounts in EVE (500,000 at one point, so let’s say 400,000 now?) had just one ship each... well, there’s a few hundred thousand right there... and I am willing to bet most are like me and own more than one...

      So yes, it might well take a while, quite a while actually, for the numbers of specific hulls from a specific era (read from a specific re-balancing) to be impacted by losses over time... but eventually they will... and it would make for some DAMN interesting gameplay when you start mixing in classic 'canes and modern 'drakes and antique Ishtars all in the same gangs and fleets... on my the confusion! oh the inability to plan and theory craft!! oh my the Tears!!! those alone would make it so worth the databloat cost... But I feel databloat is the key, and as you said, it is a pipedream... but a fun one.

      On the (given forewarning) thing... yeah... I feel very strongly that "IF" CCP actually pursued any kind of Model Year type rebalancing where ships prior to the patch drop would not change... then they would have to NOT let us know in advance or, dredge up some kinda loreason why we suddenly find ourselves unable to build any more of a the to-be-rebalanced hulls at the same time as they post the Dev Blog announcing said upcoming re-balance... (or at the point where the ships to be rebalanced are leaked to the playerbase... whichever comes first...) =]

    4. I'd love to have in my hangar either a "My Raven was equipped with the following:" -Raven, or pre-SKIN Guristas ships (Miss them. Farewell, sweet prince!). Just have them as hangar queens, never moving around in them.


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