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Maybe one day!

 [15:32:10] Trig Vaulter > Sugar Kyle Nice bio - so carebear sweet - oh you have a 50m ISK bounty - so someday more grizzly
 [15:32:38 ] Sugar Kyle > /emote raises an eyebrow to Trig
 [15:32:40 ] Sugar Kyle > okay :)
 [15:32:52 ] Sugar Kyle > maybe one day I will try PvP out

When I logged in one of the first things I did was answer a question in Eve Uni Public Help. It was a random question that I knew the answer of. I have 'Sugar' as a keyword so it highlights green and catches my attention.

This made me chuckle. Maybe I'll have to go and see what it is like to shoot a ship one day? I could not help but smile. Basi suggested that I put my Titan killmail in my bio and assert my badassery. I figure, naw. It was a roll of the dice that landed me that kill mail. It doesn't define me as a person.

Bios are interesting. The idea of a biography is a way to personalize your account. You can learn a lot about a person by what they choose to put in their bio. Mine has the same thing in it that it has had since I started. It also has a note about the CSM and a link to my blog and my chat.

My Bio was written in my first few months of the game. I'm rather attached to it. Time has passed and with it innocence has grown into experience. But my bio... it is still how I see Eve.
My Eve
Everyone says that Eve is a sandbox. I don't agree with that. I believe that Eve is a beach. On one side is the ocean. It is an ever changing, fluid environment. That's PvP.
On the other side is land. Its stable and solid and familiar and supports you. That's the life of a carebear. It's tempting to stay.
In between is the sand. That's where worlds are created. It is bordered by the two forces. That is balance.
On the beach are trillions of grains of sand. Each one is a choice, a decision, a moment, an instance, a chance to be used or discarded or bypassed or noticed. The ocean may pour over it and the land may shake it, but it is a flexible, fluctuating, ever changing world. It is the world that I mold.
That is my Eve


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