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Don't Get Mad. Get Even.

When you are jammed, it is such a terribly painful thing to watch your ship burn.

For those who do not participate in Eve or PvP let me explain what a 'jam' is. ECM is a module for electronic warfare. It is perhaps, one of the most hated of the various electronic warfare types due to its ability to remove all locks on ships and stop you from getting anymore locks on any ships while it cycles. A 'jamming' ship can have multiple modules that jam a target thus putting the victim into a cycle where they can not shoot anything.

You flounder, helpless in space as your ship burns around you and there is nothing that you can do. Normally you are also pointed (unable to warp away) webbed (unable to use speed to your advantage) and being shot (therefore dying). Not being able to shoot back, or use ecm drones or do anything but sit and die sucks a lot.
The other electronic warfare modules interrupt your pewpew abilities. They lower the range that you can shoot at. They make it harder to shoot targets. They make it ten times longer to target something to shoot it. But none of the other types of ewar lock you down in your ship.

Sure you can just use other things to try to get away from a situation, but everything relies on targeting. One ECM ship can shut down an entire small fleet. It is one reason we loathe them so much in small gangs.

The Actual Story

I got myself ganked. I was being careful but the stars align and shit doesn't work out sometimes.
After the live event Cafty asked me to do a soundbite for him in which I say that he is a badass. I obliged cuz I'm cool like that. While chatting with them on coms they had two rokh land on their station.

They asked if I was available. Excited I said yes and burned my way over to Bosena. The Rokh were playing docking games. Crafty asked me to tackle and shoot him as if I was a third party coming in to assist. I said sure but the rokh pilots disengaged. After another attempt or two over about twenty minutes they decided to give it up. I had been scanning and trying to be ISK productive while incorporating my new corpmates into my life habits.

Well, I was scouting myself back. The gate was clear, I moved my scout and jumped Sugar in only to land on a fleet. A fleet that had been in a pounce. A few jumped through but then they stopped. I sat there cloaked and said "Fuck". I was still on coms with Masty and Crafty but Crafty was afk. Masty advised a burn back to gate situation. I decloaked and went for it. Everyone aggressed me. This was good because it meant that they could not jump with me. I made it back to gate in 60% armor or so.

Sadly, for me, on the other side was a cyclone. I hoped I could get off before he pointed but he landed point. That was fine. I started to burn out of range and drop my drones to break his lock when a falcon decloaked and jammed me. I was well and truly done there but I kept running away as the cyclone chased me. Then the gate stared to fire and the rest of the fleet arrived. Jammed and scramed I became damped and webbed as well. It is one of those times when you wish they could kill you a bit faster and more competently. It was embarrassing how long it took me to die. I went down and got my pod out and to a safe spot.

Crafty returned just as I died. He told me to come back to Bosena and we'd get me into another cane and go and kill them. As I made it to Bosena the Rokh pilots decided that they wanted to request a 2v2. Masty and Crafty obliged them. They didn't like the Machariel part of the situation and made sure to cry about it in local.

With my alt I was watching the group that had killed me. They docked up when a 40 man eve uni roam came through the area. Said roam had killed crafty a bit earlier when he chased them down to try to pop a few of their ships to amuse himself. They posted his loss mail in local. Considering he tanked 135k with 32 people shooting him, I thought it was an impressive lossmail. It seems that some do not agree.

Anyway, with Eve Uni out of the area we set up our plan. I became bait since they had already killed me once. They didn't want to take me as bait. I ran about a bit trying to find them and they slipped out of the system. The direction that they took reminded Masty and Crafty that they had chased the same group the day before. Okay then.

With a good idea of where they were going we headed that way. We did realize that we were scouted which was why they had run (maybe). However, we knew their falcon pilot thanks to my killmail. Their falcon pilot was not with them when we got into system and set up on the gates. They were somewhere in a safe spot. Our scout dropped probes and found them. Fight time.

I was warped in. I landed on top of the group as masty or crafty said, "grab a battle cruiser." Grab one I did. The myrm was the slow one to the punch with warping off. I pointed him and locked him down. He was fighting back and his drones chewing at my shields. Then there was a call to hold off damage. We slowed it down and kept him right around structure as their falcon jumped in. A moment later, their entire fleet landed. Falcon courage, that.

Beautiful. We finished off the myrm, pointed the other ships, and started to go to down. The cyclone was primary. I think I was primary back. Masty got jammed. Crafty alphaed the falcon. Things were dying. I was dying. The cyclone went down. We started on a drake. I was in low armor and then structure. Masty dropped ecm drones on the drake. Point was dropped and I bailed.

As I made it off grid they cleaned up the rest of the battlefield of another drake and a Caracal.

Revenge was mine. Their entire fleet was down and my hurricane was on fire and almost dead. I had overheated my Damage Control Unit. I made it out in 65% structure with my guns at 98% burn. (So that I stop getting little notes about how one one can not overheat a DCUII... I overheated all of the things in those last moments. That is what I wound up writing so I will leave it there.)

The ship! The ship! The ship is on fire!

Their entire fleet was down and I had made it out. Crafty was laughing and told me to keep the cane. He was proud of me. All buffer tank out baiting and bailing in structure with my modules almost destroyed. Good day. We cleaned the field and I staggered back home. I docked up, happily. This ship I think will be a bit of a trophy.


  1. "I had overheated my Damage Control Unit."

    OK, if you can really heat your DCU, you must teach how, cuz then you'd be :unstoppable:. lol

    1. And such is the way about learning. You do an action out of habit and learn that it didn't have any effect.

      Thankfully, I had craftys badass powers to booster me.

  2. Out of all the ewar boats the falcon is definitely the most nerve racking when it decloaks on grid. That being said, it's the one ship I'm best suited for and fly the most much to the chagrin of every enemy on the field. Chagrin is a very filtered and reserved disruption though. As soon as I decloak there begins a barrage of pretty horrible insults sent my way via local =D

    1. It is unpleasant when a situation goes from manageable with some options to 'you are fucked' with the decloaking of a ship like that. It took them a few minutes to kill me while I just sighed over the situation and waited to pop and warp my pod off.


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