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CSMX Lists

The easiest part about creating a voting list is placing myself first. Vote for me! When the voting goes live I'll have a direct link that does all the pretty filled in stuff.

My attempts to make a 'Vote for Sugar' button are not going very prettily.

Now for the more serious part for those interested in more.

Voting opens tomorrow. If you want me on the CSM please pick me as your #1 pick. If you cannot bring yourself to do that please place me as high on your ballot as you can. To be elected I have to make it through elimination rounds and the only way that is going to happen is by having #1 votes. This is something you will hear me repeat over the next two weeks. I am very flattered by the belief that I will make it onto CSMX. I still need votes to get there. There is the very real worry that everyone will assume that everyone else votes for me and I will not make it. It is not something that I can achieve without you, so in this I am asking for your help.

I wrote a chunk of words about how and why I pick people for the CSM. I don't vote trade. I don't do recommended ballots. I don't try to do cute tricks with the STV voting system. I don't even pick everyone that I may like because when I put their name down and sign my name to them, I've made a very serious commitment. I am not only asking them to serve on the CSM I am asking them be a person that I can engage with as a player. The CSM is full of strong personalities and many will take their position and run with it. Its important to me to be able to reach out to them and hear back. Its the same reason I try to answer every mail I get. Its something very important to me and very personal for me.

It is not to be confused with some weird expectation for people to be me. I'm a heart on the shirt sleeve type of girl. I ignored the politics, the alignments, the orders, the worries about 'wasting' votes on people, and sat down to think and I tried to share my thoughts and reasons why. I've never voted a full slate before. I understand STV reasonably well. I'm not an expert like Foo but I do not want to toss votes out just because I can and have a space.

For resources:

Let me start with my top three picks. They were not hard to make at all.

  • #2 - Corbexx - Corbexx has become my other half this CSM term. We complement each other in style, personality, and work ethic. Corbexx is the wormhole representative. He is a hard worker, he communicates well, and he doesn’t look down on people for playing differently. Over this last year I’ve brought him into many wormhole, POS, and PvP discussions using his knowledge of wormholes and wormhole combat to supplement my own. There has been some worry that he only cares for high class wormhole lifestyles. His campaign to improve income in lower class wormholes and bring more accessible content to them has, I hoped, corrected that impression. We mirror each other in many ways in these regards. His main flaw is that he does not care for chocolate all that much. Understand that I have forgiven him for this and moved past it.

  • #3 - Steve Ronuken aka Fuzzy Steve - I was excited about working with Steve last year and he has not let me down. Steve is quiet and some people mistake that with a lack of passion or assertiveness. Over this last year Steve has amazed me. From creating vast industrial spreadsheets from thin air to his quiet determination to improve life for players of all areas of the game, I’ve enjoyed Steve. His flaw is that he does not sell himself well enough. He is more than third party tools expert with a vast website of resources open to everyone in the game. He is an industrialist, a miner, a missioner, and he even dabbles in public fleets for PvP. No one walks over him in the CSM. he is always there, active, participating, engaged, and he is willing to bring unpopular topics to the table. My time in Eve is better for knowing him.

After my top three my list becomes murky and I stop putting numbers to people. I will probably move people around. You will notice a pattern with the people that I pick. These are people that I want to work with or who I feel would listen to me as a player and be passionately committed CSM members.

  • Psianh Auvyander - I met Psianh last year during the elections and over the course of the year we’ve come to know each other well. This is important not because I consider him a friend (I do) but because I’ve been able to gauge his temperament, habits, and reactions to both the game and things in life. The CSM is not just about the members as players it is about the members as people. Psianh is engaged, involved, and good natured. He is so gregarious that he makes my introverted soul distressed at times. He did not make it onto CSM9 and that did not make him bitter. He has remained a positive and engaged person through in game ups and downs and real life ones as well. I believe that he’d bring that to the table as a member of the CSM along with his game knowledge as a Mercenary. Add in the time he spent running Noir. Academy and he brings valuable insight to the table. My only worry is that he has a new job. Yet his honesty about that helps sooth my worries. He could have hidden that information and he did not. I like that.

  • Bam Stroker - I knew of Bam through the broader Eve Community. He puts together Eve Downunder which is a large player gathering in Australia. That impressed me and I was excited to meet him at Eve Vegas. There I met an articulate, passionate, dedicated individual. He sat down and discussed the CSM with me and what he could bring to the table. Bam’s community involvement gives him a very interesting perspective into things like retention and what keeps people coming back to the game. He runs local meets and it is amazing what you can discover about people observing them. He also has a long history in null sec with a recent move to Pandemic Legion. I don’t think the pressure of the CSM would knock him over. He is professional, he listens to others, and he is willing to work with anyone.

Then there are people who have pulled on my interest. I only know one of them reasonably well. I don’t really care what part of space they come from. It's easy to just curl up with the candidates I am most familiar with. I don't agree with them fully but there is a lot that I like here.

  • Ashterothi - He is new to my list. His history with Aideron Robotics caught my interest. He has knowledge of low sec and faction warfare although that is not his current focus. He is big into lore and the game part of Eve. In general, he's knowledgeable, engaged in third party tools, runs a podcast, and has a broad knowledge of Eve emphasized by the tangible output he has created. I’m not sure that he and I will be best friends but that doesn’t matter. He does have a life and a podcast and the CSM can be very draining.

  • Khador Vess - I don’t know him well. I do have a strange voyeuristic love for RvB and what they have done and created. What’s struck me about him has been watching him in conversations with people and how he handles himself. I like what I see and I like what he brings to the table.

  • Cagali Cagali - I’ve built up my knowledge of him through twitter and second hand knowledge. He runs Education and Recruitment with Brave and that is what caught my attention. He is knee deep in obtaining new players, getting them into the game, and getting them educated and engaged. He is willing to get teachers from all parts of the game for all subjects. The reports back are all good. If I have any worry it is that one thing or another will suffer. Be that the CSM or his leadership in Brave’s newbie program.

  • Alyxportur - Alyxportur ran last year. He did not make it onto CSM9 but that did not stop him from remaining engaged and being graceful and classy. I’ve sat down with him through many a conversation and got to meet him at Eve Vegas. I think the CSM might frustrate him when it comes to his platform but that does not negate his knowledge of null sec as someone who lives it as their playstyle. This is a bit different from running a group and I think it is a good view to hear from. I don’t agree with many of his wants and I’ve actively disagreed with him over this past year. I’ve also agreed on other things and it’s always been a pleasant discussion.

In a league of their own:

  • Gorski Car - It may surprise people that Gorski is on my list. I was worried when he was promoted to his seat. Gorski is often a troll and rarely offers a serious side of anything in game or on forums. However he has blossomed into his position. Getting to watch him on the inside he has improved and offers in-depth, polite, non-trolling, non-ranting insights into his areas of the game. He is tenacious and doesn’t run off crying when he is disagreed with. He is unashamedly what he is as a player and I’m okay with that. There are fourteen members not everyone has to be a generalist and Gorski is very much a specialist. 

Mike Azariah - I don’t know what to do with Mike. I wish I knew Mike’s opinions more. He is willing to listen. He is willing to debate. He is willing to bring some people’s ideas and concerns to the table. He loves being the devils advocate or turning a question upside down. He isn’t afraid to challenge a topic. I just wish that I knew what and where he stood and what he thought as an individual.
Someone that I have been watching.

  • Radu Lupescu - I’ve been watching Radu’s campaign from the start. He has handled himself well in arguments on his thread. Sadly it has been very quiet since November and he did not do a cap stable interview. I like his quiet, calm personality and dedication to his goals.
I do think there are other people on this list that will make excellent members of the CSM. I wish them well in their campaigns. There is a line between someone being a good member and someone being someone that I would vote for with my wants. Take your time to make your decisions. Try to pick what you want from a person. Or use my list or someone else that you trust's recommendations. We all have different reasons for why we're selecting who we are. I believe that voting is a very personal, very individual thing.


  1. I've flown with Ashterothi as a member of Aideron Robotics and simply stated the man is a very opinionated, condescending, and arrogant pilot. That's why I think he'll make a good member of the CSM. But be forewarned, if he wins a seat on the CSM he'll need his ego stroked more than others. But he does have a podcast so that shouldn't be a problem. Btw, Sugar you are at the top of my list. I really appreciate the hard work you put in representing us lowsec players. Good luck...

    1. Ego stroking will be his own problem to solve if that is a need. I'm not there to pet other CSM members.

    2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    3. Whoops. Wrong button pushed :P no more editing via phone. Sorry Phy!

    4. I am sorry that you feel that way. When I am in a fleet, in particular an FC, the military side of me can come out. Again, I am sorry you had negative experiences with me. My point on being on the CSM is that I want to serve. I have enough mechanisms to stroke my ego at this point.

  2. "There is the very real worry that everyone will assume that everyone else votes for me and I will not make it."

    That's a very real concern. Good luck, Sugar. You'll be high on my list!

    1. People should not worry this and should not game the system that way. The STV is designed to transfer votes by preference, so 'overvoting' for a preferred candidate is not dangerous at all.

      (Gevlon Goblin is not smart for his attempts to play the system badly)

  3. "I wish I knew Mike’s opinions more. He is willing to listen. He is willing to debate. He is willing to bring some people’s ideas and concerns to the table. He loves being the devils advocate or turning a question upside down. He isn’t afraid to challenge a topic. I just wish that I knew what and where he stood and what he thought as an individual."

    With that paragraph, you've actually just sold Mike to be a whole lot more. Sounds like the ideal personality for somebody who's supposed to be a representative - eg he'll advocate for the best of the whole player-base, rather than selfishly just advocate his own personal opinions.

    1. And that is why I wrote it. Its a fair point. I don't have yo be his friend and confident.

    2. That very elegantly expresses why I've voted for him every time. Every committee needs a gadfly, and Mike is superbly qualified. I don't care if he's well liked, as long as he's there to push people out of their comfort zones and make them think from perspectives they wouldn't otherwise have considered. There is a lot of inertial thinking in EVE, and a lot of conventional wisdom.

      For some of us, the particulars of what we may or may not believe are less important than the project of reaching a vital and interesting consensus. Some people are more comfortable acting; some people are more comfortable reacting.

    3. Yup, I think every single CSM needs at least one person who will do what Mike does. Since I don't see any replacement on the horizon, I will keep placing him to my #1 spot. Sugar Kyle gets #2 spot, for the record. And should she some year decide not to run for CSM, I hope that there will be someone to pick her torch as well.

  4. Thanks for your support, SK! I hope that we're able to work together as CSM members and help CCP keep EVE amazing!

  5. I've been talking off and on with Sabriz Adoudel lately, and she reminds me of you a lot actually. Industrialist with a lot of connection to pvp (Even if it's the most maligned form of it) You can be assured that you'll be #1 on my ballots this year. Having been in Alyx's corp, you are spot on about him as well. He's my #2. The rest of my list will probably follow yours with Sabriz in there somewhere...

  6. You've got my 12 votes again this year. Only this time as #1. If everyone who votes for you does the same, goons won't win the chair again this year!

  7. Oh and I think you just sold me on Mike as #2 who I was planning on voting for anyhow, but probably not so high.

  8. 'Vote for Sugar' button - took me a moment to realise you were not talking about a pin-on button with your avatar with bright large text 'Vote for Sugar'. Oh, some electronic thingy. The Polls will open soon, and you are on my ballet. Manual will be just fine.

  9. 'Vote for Sugar' button - took me a moment to realise you were not talking about a pin-on button with your avatar with bright large text 'Vote for Sugar'. Oh, some electronic thingy. The Polls will open soon, and you are on my ballet. Manual will be just fine.

  10. Actually, you don't need #1 votes to survive the elimination rounds. You just need #1 votes to survive the first round. If someone else (let's call him Adam) is eliminated, then all "Adam, Sugar" votes turn into "Sugar" votes, helping you survive the second round.

    If someone else (let's call him Betty) is eliminated second round, then the "Betty, Sugar", "Adam, Betty, Sugar" and "Betty, Adam, Sugar" votes turn into "Sugar" votes. And so on.

    Also, I'm damn sure that you'll have top 3 #1 votes. Practically everyone who blogs support you as #1, except for those who are running themselves. They put you to #2.

  11. Bam Stroker - a perfect example of CCP favoritism. He may not have the most offensive name in EVE, but it's borderline at the very least for CCP's naming policy. I've seen less obviously offensive names reset by CCP before, yet Bam's will never be changed simply because of his fame/notoriety. I just wish for once that CCP could come up with a way to apply their rules and policies without bias!

    As for Bam himself, I might consider voting for him - if he were to personally petition CCP to have his name changed according to CCP's policy.

    Mike Azariah - I wish I could say I had a good opinion of him, he came with such high hopes. In my experience, he is temperamental and unpredictable as to what topics he will support. Whereas Sugar will openly listen to any ideas presented to her, and works hard to support any idea that may have merit, even if she personally has issues with it, Mike treats any ideas he does not support with open condescension and derision. More than this though, he has shown himself to be someone who talks a great deal (forum posts, etc.) without saying much of anything, and in the end doing and accomplishing very little. He's a lot of noise with no action, and there is no way he will be getting a vote from me this year.

    But of course he probably has enough of the playerbase fooled to get himself elected a third time.

    1. And I always thought It's just a malapropism of "Bram Stoker" , because it was already taken. Funny how the mind works.

    2. Pretty sure it was intended to be Bram Stoker's porn star name...


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