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An Undocked Adventure

With the minutes released, a weight was off of my shoulders and everything has become a bit easier to focus on. I was logged in and on coms when someone reported a Rhea jumping into Tama on what looked like a badly positioned cyno. Per the report the Rhea appeared to be a few kilometers off of the station and dithering between warping or going to dock.

Tama is a system with a station that can be a pain to dock at.

Not the worst station in the world but not the best. Now, when I light cynos at stations like this I do my best to hug the center of the station and work up or down. I'd probably light my cyno in between some of the poking out bits under them down by the spire.

That reminds me of a nifty guide I was shown. It comes from this forum thread where the poster took a guide on station docking ranges and added where he cynos in on stations. I don't agree with all of his cyno positions that is only because of my personal comfort level. It is useful if you have never cynoed into or even seen some of these stations.

Anyway, this Rhea came in and it was not a good position. The person who saw the jump could not bump. I flipped into a Cynabal. It seems I was not the only one to do so. Warp speed was the reason. A little Cynabal herd shot out of Sujarento and roared towards Tama with no actual belief that we'd land on the Rhea. Of course, the Rhea was still there.

Grarr landed the first bump. I managed to not warp to the nice corporate bookmark and just to the station meaning I had to burn 60k to assist. The nice part? Shield cynabal at full speed slammed into the Rhea next. Now we had multiple points and someone landed in a Machariel. That was that.

I think that this is one of my biggest nightmares. It seems whenever I cyno onto a station I am facing away from the station. I have a moment of panic. Sometimes, the station takes a moment to load and I find myself gasping a bit wondering if I made a mistake....

Killing haulers is not a glorious battle. It however, is an exciting event. Killing this hauler and seeing that it was full of stuff, we broke out haulers and looted the wreck as fast as we could. With everything dumped in the corporation hangers. I love loot. I've never ransomed people but I love looting wrecks.

That was my adventure. My last two kills have been freighters now. Weird habit that.

On a side note, thanks to the 10 day offer Holykittens has returned to the game. Kittens and I started at the same time and he joined my first corp. When I left, I dragged him along and we've had a close, comfortable relationship ever since. He has been unsubbed however and I am not in a position to bring him into my current corporation. He is corporation hunting and I have said I will help. He is social, likes fleets, wants to pewpew stuff, doesn't mind doing other things, and in general is somewhat silly and utterly wonderful.  If anyone has suggestions, let me know.


  1. I really enjoy your blog site Sugar. I check it every morning as soon as I wake up. Not only do I enjoy reading about your exploits but your site also links to all the other sites that I enjoy reading. Now about this particular post. Karma can be a bitch and she always seems to get her cut - watch out:-)

    1. I've made peace with losing my toys. I'll write a sad post when it happens.

      As for Karma, I dunno. I guess killing JF is 'evil' to some. I do live in low sec and I do consider myself a pirate so.... :P

  2. "Why did you go to low sec?"
    "I wanted to meet exotic people. And kill them."

    Nothing more enjoyable than being the guy that ends a hauler's run of good luck!

    1. It was all in the day to day. No shit talking in local by ether party. He said good catch and headed out.

  3. I, a two-year carebear. Decided to use to 10-day pass to revive my one-and only attempt at FW. I loaded up a Caracal (spending about 90 minutes converting LP to isk) and fitting this for Lvl 2 missions. Toal around 40m... most of what I had accumulated on this account.
    Accepted a mission. jumped to Tama. Instalock, dead, podded., by a wall of red and orange.

    "Come try out the new FW". Die instantly.

    Pretty much sums up my every attempt to do anything that is not highsec. I guess someone had fun, not me. Completely pointless.

    1. Tama can be a tough spot. The EUTZ Gallente militia camp the highsec gate eternally. Don't give up because you ran into one buzzsaw. Consider the FW stuff an experiment and start over in a nimble frigate. You may have fun!

    2. How is getting gang-raped in a frigate fun? Getting mocked as teams of Worms and Garmurs rip you apart before you can even lock a target?

      I don't live in EVE. I have about an hour each morning and evening to play. I earn about 10-15m/hr running L4 missions or mining. After I scrape by enough to PLEX my account, losing a 40m ship hurts. Losing a bunch of 2m ships with nothing to show for it is just bleeding slower. None of it is fun.
      I suppose it is different when you have 10's of billions of isk. I wouldn't know. Two months ago I tried taking an Ishtar into null, after reading everything I could find on the subject. Died in the first 20 minutes, despite D-scan and every precaution. THAT was my accumulated saving for the preceding 6 months.

    3. I said try a frigate as part of an experiment. If you're not cut out for lowsec PvP, that doesn't make you a bad person. Also, if you're making 10-15M running L4 missions there's something wrong. You should be clearing 60-70M. Mail me in game and I'll help you figure out what's happening. You're right, having more ISK makes life easier. Solve that problem.

    4. Another option for ISK generation is Null Sec exploration sites. I can often pull in at least 100mil an hour running relic and data sites. I usually get out there via wormholes to get deep in null and avoid the gate camps. It's doable in a T1 exploration frigate but I would recommend getting into the T2 exploration frigates as 1 relic site will often pay for the covops Helios I typically use. I don't know much about PvP but if you want to talk PvE feel free to message me in game.

  4. Hi sugar! Might I reccomend to your friend Stay Frosty? They live out in caldari faction warfare but roam all over as far as their security status allows. Day trips to null. And they share an alliance with a wormhole corp (Supreme Mathematics) and a high sec missioning/incursion corp (Voodoo Children). Frosty also has strong links to an industry and logistics corp for supplies

  5. HolyKittens back in game?


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