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Mining all Day

Yes, I mine. I mine a good bit. I know that it is not the best or most awesome way to make money but its productive.

I actively dislike Miami Flordia. The internet connection was crappy much of the time I was there. The hotel I was at had a connection so bad that it was unusable. I had a better connection to my phone. This, it turned out, was the good thing because later that day I would spend the entire day in a car, playing Eve off of my cellphones connection.

Basically, I was the passenger in a trip down to Key West. With a conversion device to charge my laptop and my cellphone giving me a decent 3G signal I happily played eve for about 8 hours of driving. However, I mined because my connection was not that great and prone to flaky patches.

My total haul for the day was about 15 mil. That is not counting what I did not sell.

I've taken to mining Ice. Mining Ice in a non ice mining specality ship is pretty horrible. Its very boring and the pieces of Ice are very large and require a lot of managment when your cargo space is not very big. I don't mine a lot of it. Its not rewarding like other mining because eventually you shave off a huge, heavy flake of ice and it counts as one piece.

However, Ice is useful when it comes to stations and those are in my future. I am building up a hoard of station fuel by doing a little bit when I have a free moment. I hope it pays off because I want to harm myself after I have done it for a while.

After about an hour of mining ice (which is about my limit) I got invited to come pillage a gravitational site. The site was full of Omber. Yay mining. With my alt in tow to haul for me I made the jumps and settled down to some productive, money mining.

My goal is to not let my bank account drop under 100mil anymore. So far, I keep buying expensive ships when my account hits those levels. My somewhat shaky vow is not to get distracted by shiny ships. I can't fly everything I have right now. I am sitting on one for another three days. I certainly can't fly them as well as they can be flown and I now have a battleship.... soo... I don't need to buy anymore expensive ships.
My omber mining came out to just over 7 mil in the end. I was pleased with myself. The drive was nice, Flordia, when it doesn't look blecahed and unloved is very pretty. My next task was to fit a tiny fleet of Atron's for myself and upgrade my clone.

I did my clone first since the station I live at has a med bay. All that hard training my charater did while I was vacationing had upped me a clone grade. Yay me.

My Atron's are my fast ships. I use them to buzz around from oen point to another. Eventually I will get their fancier versions. For now, basic/generic race ships are my thing. Right now I have two major play spots that are 12 jumps apart. I have the bulk of my ships and ship fit equipment streched between these two places. So, I need more then one jump back and forth ship. My ice belt is also 7 jumps away and I stuck a retriever there to live because jumping a barge should be illegal its so slow.

Therefor, I purchesed and fitted three atron's with some quickness devices and some cloaking devices. I like to hop around low sec and I like to do it without weapons for some reason. I do not have the sense to be a bad ass so I've gone for small and fast and ready to hide.

Each of my new little ships now has about 20 times their value in gear on them. I find this funny for some unknown reason.

Getting all of the stuff took quite a bit and a lot of jumps. I don't use auto pilot. Earlier, someone in my chat said that he had forgotten he was heading to low sec on auto pilot and went AFK for an IRL summons from one of his kids. He came back to find his ship destroyed and that he was podded.
Autopilot is an interesting thing on Eve. I use it, sometimes. Normally when I am going through all high sec jumps with an empty ship moving from one place to another. Auto pilot is convient but it is not fast. What it does is it automatically takes you to the system or station you have set as a destination. It, however, pulls you out of warp 15k from your destination and then slow boats to the gate and jumps you. This adds a lot of time over going gate to gate to gate manually.

What this also does is it makes you a gigantic, slow, probably unattended target. People sit at gates, waiting for people on auto pilot with a hold full of good expensive things. The goal is to kill you and have a friend or alt loot your corpse. The person who kills you expects to die. Its high sec and an unprovoked attack will have concord causing brilliant explosions of your ship bits. However, if you have say a billion isk in goodies and their ship costs 50 mil... the chances are huge that they are going to be able to look much more then 50 mill out of your ship. Gates that lead to major trading hubs are a great place to watch this in action.
Welcome to Suicide Ganking.

Now, autopilot in low sec is asking people to kill you. You can't just go AFK you have to check where you are going. If you do not watch where you have automatically been plotted, you may wind up with some jumps into low sec. Lowsec gateways are often heavily watched due to these exact situations. You might as well run out there, jettison all of your stuff and go AFK so that they can eat your ship and pod for target practice without wasting any of your goodies. Don't forget to announce your plans in local and maybe fleet them so they can jump right to you. It saves time.

And in low sec they will kill you just to kill you. You don't have to be worth it
Yet people will continue to go AFK on Auto Pilot into dangerious areas.

In fact, as I am popping he announces that he has died, a second time for the day, in low sec trying to help a ship that he thought was out gunned. The ship that he thought was being 'picked on' called in friends to back him up. The people that did the picking also called in friends. A massive battle errupted and he was unknown by either side, and decloaked in a cruiser.
They squashed him like a bug.

"Why did you decloak?" I asked.

"Because I thought he needed help..." he says. "But I was nothing to them. They didn't even notice when they destroyed me."

My eve selfishness must be very high. If I can't kill someone I'm not helping unless its my friend and then I'll do whatever I can to help them. I'd happily sacrifice my ship or go and try to assist someone that asked me to. However, I'd not just randomly enter a battle full of people that could destroy me. But then again, I fly around low sec in an Atron or a Catalyst without weapons.
That was interesting...

We stopped for dinner. That was a long, miserable expierence. The staff of the Outback in Key West, Flordia are very nice but the service is very slow and the food over cooked.

Anyway, back in the car I puttered around for a bit longer. I had spent a lot of what I made over fitting my new toys. I put them together, gave them names (my atron's have a Berry theme so I now have Strawberry, Rasberry, Blueberry and Blackberry). I theme name my ship types and it helps me keep track of what does what. Its not practical but my ship list looks like a desert tray and it makes me smile.

Then I went out to mine again. My connection was flaky for abit but it settled back down. My goal was to make a little bit of cash and do some reading and maybe make some new friends.

My first attempt failed as I was not responded to for an hour. However, a carebear type I had met my second week of playing asked me to mine with him a few systems over. He gives pretty crazy mining bonuses so I took the offer and made a few hops to hang out and mine Kernite. I worry that he will come to hate me later when I'm not so carebearish, but I'll hurdle that bridge when I come to it. (Carebear is the [derogatory{?}] term given to people who live in high sec and don't participate in PvP. Often given those who are full on mining and industrial with the most scorn). He even asked me if I wanted to join his corp. I said no. Tomorrow, I am corp changing again (although my corp will be fine and dandy as is just under my alt).

I've been trying to make some more Eve friends. I'm a pretty good natured girl. It can be tricky since lots of people on Eve just want to kill other people. Two people got into a spat on local over if the other was running a bot when they were not on. I love watching these types of argument. A third person starts picking at one of the others and I manage to slide into the conversation when it disginigrated into questions about cupcakes.

Eventually, I wind up chatting with the third party to convince him that I am really a girl and we wind up chatting for about two hours. New Eve friend, acheived. :) Then he gave me a BPC (Blue Print Copy) for a Noctis. This means I can now build the second Noctis I've been wanting for less then it would cost to build one, I think. I have to sit down and run all the numbers. Two types of ore needed I may have to buy from the market and that may make it a wash.

With all the kernite, on the belt I was in, mined, I was done. I decided to see if I could refine it and sell it. I could but I would have made more if I had sold the ore raw. My refine skills still suck. I need to not be so impatetnt. I have people who will do the refine for me. I probably lost 2-3 mil with that brilliant decision.
Oh well. Bed time. Three hours until I had to be up and at the airport. A productive day and I did miss Eve.


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