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CSMX - Post Some number or another

I guess things happened this week.

The next release is November 3rd. There are changes coming to the sovereignty system. In those changes, we get some quality of life pieces that the sovereign owners have been waiting for. It also brings the first round of jump fatigue changes with a new maximum cap.

At the top of the list, CCP released a design outline for a skill trading system they are looking into implementing. It has spawned a threadnought on the forums, one on reddit, and blogs and tweets and such reactions. Currently billed as a replacement for the character bazaar the reactions have been varied and loud. I'm not fond of the system. It will change a lot of Eve I do not think it is newbie friendly as is often suggested.

The fact that the character bazaar is there has helped some people come to terms with it. "Why don't you have a problem with the character bazaar?" is a frequent question. The reason is because if CCP had not sanctioned character sales people would have taken them to eBay and third party sites and done it anyway. It is not that I am in love with the character bazaar. I'd prefer CCP to regulate character transfers that people will do in back alleys anyway.

The next question I have been asked is, "Did the CSM know about it?" Yes. This was proposed to us at the summit. It has been asked if that summit session can be released. We have been told not at this time. The current plan is a bit changed from the original presentation but the core is still there.

Right now, some of us are gathering up the feedback and creating categories of reactions. Even if I am not against it, this isn't just about my reaction. A lot of people I respect are fine with it. It may be that Eve to succeed becomes a game that will not be as appealing to me in the future. I don't know. At the end of the day CCP has to keep the lights on and at least look into changing things, even if those things seem to me to be core pieces of the game.

Eve Vegas is around the corner but that has not stopped CCP Fozzie from letting a big cat out of the bag. He decided to make a YouTube video. For those that like to watch things, go see. It also comes with a big rebalance push for December. There is also a thread up for the navy ewar frigates that are being designed. The event is not being live streamed by CCP. I believe a few player groups are looking into that. However, there are supposed to be development blogs and YouTube uploads of the main talks available as quickly as possible.

For those who read the e-mail and are puzzled about the dresscode. I mentioned it because last year, while standing in line, the bouncer guys where commenting on the dress code to a puzzled audience. Amazing in my jeans and batman t-shirt I had no idea there was a dresscode. After all, everyone was there for an Eve party, no? Well, the venue is a 'club' and while I have no idea what club's do when there are not Eve players to hang around with, I vaguely understand that they care about what people wear because they are shallow and somehow that is classy. Heaven forbid you wear shorts. It makes someones over priced drink not sit well with them. Last year they kicked us out when our time was out. This year, if one is dressed somewhat nicely you get to stay instead of having a stern faced man herd you out and tell you to leave because you don't look good enough and that is important to people. Heaven forbid you don't wear a button up shirt. So, the notice is there not to piss people off but to try to cut down on the surprises when standing in line on Saturday night. Also, bring your event pass.


  1. "that has not stopped CCP from letting a big cat out of the bag. He decided to make a YouTube video."

    Came expecting a video from CCP Kitteh. Left disappointed.

    1. Edited to correct the partial thought that line represented.

    2. I kind of liked the original :-)

  2. It's just like RMT. It doesn't affect me, so I don't care about it. Profit from it, like CCP does, and give them their own channels so they don't bother everyone else.

    Going by broken windows theory, if you get unsocial activities off the streets, it goes behind closed door. We have a word for that. It's called the suburbs and everyone is fine with it.

  3. ...puzzled about the dresscode...""

    CCP needs to pick and EVE player friendly venue... that's all it takes for this no issue to be exactly what it should be, a non issue.

    I haev to say, I would want a refund on my ticket from CCP if I was not allowed my jeans and Rabbit hoody.... just sayin.

    1. You are allowed what you want to wear during the time the venue is booked by CCP. However, lots of people want to just hang around and talk afterward and the venue changed over to a club. I think its dumb but this seems to be how the thing works. Warning people seems fair instead of people being shocked or surprised or just unceremoniously herded out by a bunch of bouncers.

    2. Meh, seems like another good reason not to go to the party for me. I don't drink, enjoy large groups of (drunk) people, or overly loud music. No offence to you and Hong, but I'm probably going to sit it out this time around...

  4. "At the end of the day CCP has to keep the lights on and at least look into changing things, even if those things seem to me to be core pieces of the game."

    It's kinda sad that hey will rather behead every holy cow in EVE than do something for highsec population. If even just release ordinary Level 4 missions instead of Burner or Drifter stuff... But do something! Anything!

    CCP is not even /trying/ to retain highsec dwellers. November 2, another patch, another slap to the face of highseccers. And so the amount of people going out is flatlining all the "hoozzah" efforts by CCP. The roadmap and expansions announcement did nothing to improve PCU. EVE Vegas probably will go the same way. Unsurprisingly, announcing stuff for the people who does not quit does not retain the people who quits.

    CCP is mismanaging highsec. Has done it for years, and now they're finding out where did the subscription money come from. But oh my. They can sell you SP. Not directly, of course, but they will just charge AUR for using your SP... you paid for the sub time, now pay again for repurposing it. Thinking of the noobs, of course. *rolling eyes*

    1. "CCP is not even /trying/ to retain highsec dwellers"

      True, they are to busy sucking up to the large nullsec alliances!

    2. I don't think it's that their mismanaging highsec per say, I think that it's they don't know what to do with highsec. In some ways highsec is the most complex part of Eve, without an overriding game design or large organization to listen to, it's a great big hodgepodge of micro sized corperations and singles or doubles in NPCs, all of whom are playing their own weird game which doesn't fit with development of the other 3 areas of space which have an overriding design goal for what they are to accomplish for player interaction or someone speaking on their behalf.... And that was a long sentence... Anyway. Don't attribute to malace what could easily be incompetence, if I were to put it not so nicely.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. Sorry, always double posts when I write from my phone. :(

    5. The first thing they could do for highsec is make ganking more difficult. Two things that would go a long ways towards that.

      1. Make highsec corps that can't be wardecced. Make so they can't hold sov without giving up protection, or what the heck even simpler just make it so only sov holding corps can be wardecced.

      2. Make highsec gates and stations much safer, especially from gangs and push the ganking out to the belts. Effective police on gates and stations, backed up by reinforcements as gank activity increases. They should also sometimes pop through to the other side of high to low/null gates to clean up large gangs.

    6. See, that's the problem. I'm not anti ganking. I don't even think it's tipped too far in one direction as straight ganks, just suicide ganking and taking the loss on the chin became the norm. I only have a problem with the proliferation of suicide ganking.

      Nor am I against wardecs. There should be a way of legally killing everyone in highsec. Maybe the wardec system makes it too easy, but in no way do I ever think it should be taken off the table.

      And setting the bar at Sov is silly. Sov isn't part of highsec play, and if you're a dedicated highsec corp it's the last thing on your mind. POSes, POCOs, and the new station stuff; all should be fair targets for wardecs. Something is being put in space permanently unless it's removed, and players need a way to remove them. I used to make money that way. I'd look for defunct corps with POSes in space that aren't online, declare war, and pray the loot fairy gave me a lab.

      Highsec can't become some mythical carebear funland either, it needs a balance to work. The question is where the balance point is.

    7. I'm not anti ganking either. Just saying it's way too easy now.

      yeah there should be a way of killing anyone you really want to, but not "legally".

      As for setting the bar at Sov, I actually meant to include ownership of structures like PoS and PoCos but I've been away from the game so much lately I'd forgotten what they were called. :)

      Exactly and right now the balance point is skewed way too far the wrong way.

      Why is it your perfectly safe inside a PoS shield in supposedly more dangerous space, yet you can be ganked at any time on the Jita dock?

    8. Heh, maybe "mismanagemnt" is not the right word (not a native speaker). I mean that they're doing it horribly wrong, no malice intended, just abysmal stupid.

      I agree that highsec is a very complex matter. Also agree that it's very dificult to deal with highseccers since they don't organize in large groups and vote with their feet rather than speak out.

      The issue is that highsec has been like this since I started playing the game, years and years ago. And never, absolutely never, CCP has given the impression that they took it seriously or maybe even KNEW that highsec was the single most important thing in EVE.

      I have spent years, literally years, asking CCP to engage actively highseccers. Mail them, convo them, and interview them and look for their opinions. It is very easy to just wait for players to win a popularity contest and beccome CSM and speak the concerns, but that's not how you save your company when your business are lone players who leave in silence and rarely object, let alone voice their needs.

      And dammit, that's the case with every last business in the world. What makes CCP think they're so special and deserve to have their customer's opinions handed to them in a platter?

      Now highsec is pulling the rug under CCP's feet. Eventually, since it has taken years, CCP starts to look concerned. CCP Terminus explained how CCP is a company after all and they need to make money... interesting news. Now please explain us in 1,000 words why the *F* has CCP neglected/failed to learn where did their bread and butter come from.

      It's not as if /some* of us made a secret of it, for years and years. Yet first CCP killed our hopes and then ended our patience.

      Now what am I supposed to do? Rejoice as everything I did in EVE dies because I was right and CCP was wrong?

      And I told them so...?

    9. Halcyon: "I'm not anti ganking. (...) Nor am I against wardecs. (...)"

      I don't, too. The issue with highsec is not "what there is" but "what there is not". I think that adding tank to miners ships was enough for the ganking apsect. And although I think that stuff like bumping and bounties are utterly retarded, and wardecs are used mostly for griefing, they're just part of the environment... the complex environment... of highsec.

      Yet that environment doesn't gives the player tools for building content through highsec gameplay. Solo players can't build content. Casual players can't build content. PvE players can't buid content.

      EVE is a sandbox where highseccers are denied of sand and told to go somewhere else. They do, they move somewhere else. Like, other games.

      Not because of what there is in highsec, but because once they master that, there is nothing more. That is wrong. But what is wronger is that there is no sandbox for highseccers. The sandbox is for people who play in other ways in other parts of New Eden.

      Sand in the sandbox, like a voice in the CSM, is a privilege that must be earned, and not something you get for your money no matter how you play.

      And now not even that will be enough since CCP wants to double-charge the players for their skillpoints...

    10. After living most of my life in highsec there's totally a sandbox there. The issue is that half of the sand is gone and we've got sticks and twigs in the box now too and CCP just doesn't care enough to do anything about it. This is some of the reason I'll be "winning" eve at the end of the month.

    11. MoxNix 12:26
      "your perfectly safe inside a PoS shield" Really? Shows what you know about it. No one is safe inside a PoS shield... I know, I've been part of more then a few fleets that took down POS'es... and preyed on the crunchy stuff inside... including the players trapped as they landed or tried to escape.

      And you can be ganked anywhere in Hisec because it's EVE. It's how the game is played... been like that 13 YEARS now... get a clue and grow up or... well, you know the line... =]

      Better to sit quiet and read than type and let people see what you don't know...

    12. @MoxNix;

      "Why is it your perfectly safe inside a PoS shield in supposedly more dangerous space, yet you can be ganked at any time on the Jita dock?"

      Because inside a POS (Player Owned Station) shield you are effectively docked. And when you're outside Jita 4-4 you're well, you guessed it, undocked and thus stuff can interact with you.

      The new citadels will take away your confusion at this since you'll actually be docked in the same way as in a sation, but you're basically just looking at this the wrong way.
      And POS is more dangerous because somebody can come and blow up the POS nobody can come and blow up Jita 4-4 vOv

  5. Replies
    1. It's kinda scary to think if Sugar no longer cared. Shame on CCP?


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