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Once a year I normally change the face of my blog. I do so because I like playing with the colors and themes. Occasionally, I try to improve the look and clean things up. I tried stopped doing that when I ran for the CSM so that my blog would stay familiar.

While familiar I've not been happy with how its been laid out for a while. I waffle between something simpler and something more modern. Maybe modern and simple. I've not tried anything because I've not wanted to face backlash. It is a somewhat artistic thing for me so negative reactions is a bit disappointing.

I've stuck with what I have for a few reasons. I've tried not to create a click bait template. You log into the main page and you get the entire post. In many ways the goal has been to be hands off but I wonder if I should craft more of an identity.

Self reflection is what it is. I've been writing about Eve for almost four years now. I've written 1,732 published posts and I have 138 drafts sitting around. Some of those are pretty old and I should probably delete them. I often have ideas and write myself little outlines while at work to capture it and see if it blossoms into something more.

I've been debating changing the name. At the moment I am not in low sec. I sit on a high sec boarder because it is convent. Actually, I'm in Jita at the moment but my stuff is on a boarder. I plan to go back to low sec once I figure out what I want to do with myself. I do wonder if my blog name restricts me. It is the blogs second name after all and one I came up with to define what I was writing about.

But my writing has become a thing of its own. I write about whatever comes to mind. That may be living in low sec but often it is a reflection fo what is around me or the thoughts that I have. Then there is the CSM but the CSM is not who I am as an individual. Not in the same way that I used to identify as a pirate.

Can I even call myself such a thing? I've walked away from PvP. Not because I have anything against it but because I want to reevaluate why I do what I do. Do I PvP for myself or have I been doing it as part of my effort to fit in and become valuable and useful to others? I haven't found that answer yet.

Anyway, back to the blogging thing. A lot of people use blog readers. I'd not restrict what they downloaded. I have no idea how many people even come to my website vs how many read it. I may be over thinking it. I often do. But for now, I'm looking at templates and debating what I do and do not like from a website.

Something simple and clean, easy to read and uncluttered is my goal. I think I had planned to wait till the CSM was done but, well, I think instead I'd like to repaint the house so to speak and freshen things up. It may be time for it.


  1. LowSec is a state of mind as much as it is a place.

    1. Is it?

      You might be amazed at how many people have told me that I cannot be a representative for low sec because my kill board is inactive.

    2. I am a firm believer that there is more to Low Sec than PvP. There are a lot of people that mine, explore, build things,trade and such in dangerous space. They may PvP but their focus is elsewhere. I think those people need representation as much as any others. Maybe more since they rarely get the spotlight and are rarely talked about in the same way as the PvPers.

    3. What is the lowsec state of mind? What defines a lowsec player?

      Self reliance? Self direction? Constant awareness? Paranoia?

      Questions questions questions.....

      Any answers?

    4. What you have is sort of a "brand name" that readers associate with Sugar Kyle's writings, whatever they may be.

      But I see the point of some PvP'rs: they look at low and null as PvP zones, so if you aren't doing much of that, you must be missing out on their experience. There may be some frustrations of today that you can't adequately represent (in their view.)

      However, it's not too hard to find player complaints in the forums or on blogs, even if you don't play ;)

    5. In my opinion it's the willingness to cross that border. It does not matter what you do , whether it's PvE or PvP. It's about not seeing the border as impassable fence that limits your sandbox. Once you cross it then it becomes just a matter of choice and time available - whether you end in low, null or W-space. One of my toons lives on a highsec island in low and I still consider even him as lowsec dweller.

      Also it's about letting others affect your playground. In highsec it's mostly about your decisions, once you are out, you have to accept the possibility of someone else mingling with whatever you are doing

    6. @Rob Kaichin I think it depends on the player. Personally I think it's about freedom. You have the freedom to do your own thing. In high it's about living by the empire's and concord's rules. In sov null is about living by the sov holder's rules. In low you do what you want. Whether it's being a pirate or avoiding said pirates you make your own way. That's what low sec is to me.

    7. There are always rules though. Rules of engagement, ettiquette, protocol, etc...

      The question of where someone belongs though seems largely to be about what rules let them feel the most free.

      I personally feel less burdened being in highsec. It's more casual (mostly) and you can wander around mostly freely and just putter. Lawless space has responsibilities that I don't always have the time or desire to deal with.

    8. It is.

      @Sugar: I learned from you not to let others tell me what I can or cannot be in EVE.

    9. I would second what Scott Weaver said, its as much about breaking the barrier of sticking to whats 'safe' and just going out and trying something regardless of danger.

      Oh and Sugar just so you know I don't give a toss how much PvP you've done, you are bar none the best rep lowsec has ever had on the CSM and anyone who thinks otherwise is a fool.

  2. the key principles of tech communcation and design are: simplicity, easy to read, and easy to access. change nothing. if you must, look to dark back ground and light text (high contrast). bury crap links (you don't really have any) and keep things in 5 inch columns or less.

    in other words, do nothing. maybe go with a darker background.

  3. Hi Sugar, I read your blogs alot although I must admit I don't usually post comment. Just wanted to say I am partially sighted and struggle to read some Web pages the dark background with light text is pretty nice so I would vote to keep if possible. Thanks

  4. I think the current layout's reading contrast is just fine, going to a darker background and therefore increasing contrast causes me some eyestrain, when reading long passages.

    If you want to shake it up, nothing could be more different than reversing the color scheme: dark text on a light background. More like a printed page. perhaps a paper-like texture for background?

  5. Do what you want for the design, your writing is what brings people here (or at least me). For the name, I say keep it, for me it's more closely tied to you and your writing than to where you live in space. It's brand recognition. I've never told anyone to come here to read about living in low-sec, but I have told people to come here to read what I think is a well thought out and written blog.

  6. I think the name has become part of your brand. Your readers will follow even if you change it but it will take time for the association to build up again with a new name.

    The design is part of the brand too, but companies change their designs all the time to put a fresh face on things.

    No matter what you do I'll keep reading because I'm here for the content not the name or design. I also visit your site directly and don't read it from a blog reader (although given how many I read that might be a good idea).

  7. Sugar,

    If you find the Low Sec Lifestyle title/brand you’ve created uncomfortably restricting over the long run you may have little choice but to update that title/brand. You’ll know if/when you’ve reached the uncomfortable point.

    If we’re to speculate on a new title I suggest your chat channel’s name ‘Spoonful of Sugar’ because 1) Mary Poppins! and 2) like the song, you weave enchantment into vital medicine.

  8. I'm always amazed at how many posts you manage to pump out, especially considering the quality of them. 1792 posts... I only have 299 posts.

    Keep up the good work on both fronts, the blog and the CSM!

  9. btw, your spell checker missed "boarder" and "convent"... pretty sure you meant border and convenient. :)

    1. I'm gonna echo Dire's point: 'Sugar's mistakes aren't mistakes, they're serendipitous opportunities to re-examine the English language'.

      Sometimes they're really excellent. :)

      Rob K.

    2. Heh, true enough... I did a double take when I read that one today. Reminded me of how the catholic nuns used to run boarding schools at convents all over the place. lol

  10. My 2ç

    Background and text coloes are good. Don't touch them.
    The name is not that relevant in tiself. It is a known brand, you should keep it like it is even if you leave lowsec.
    Header: ah, that could use work. I don't like how the header image leaves a empty gap to the right. Maybe a wider image as cool as you want would be better.

  11. Allow me to start with my of favorite political quotes: When everything is well - change is not necessary; when things are bad change is unthinkable.

    As long as the URL works - go to town Sugar. Bugger the Tories, a change is as good as a holiday.


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