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CSMX - Post #22 : A Call for Structure Questions

There is a delay to the Structure Development blogs that are on their way. Delays are frustrating things and patience wears thin. I sat down with CCP Nullarbor to discuss creating a condensed list of notes from the recent conversations on tweetfleet slack as a way to fill in some of the void. However, as we discussed it the plan evolved a bit.

  • The primary goal is to bring answers to questions that players have developed over the last few months.
  • The secondary is to address concerns that players have developed that may not be answered in the development blogs or may be created by the development blogs.

The Summit is in six weeks. We are in a perfect moment to condense some of this information, so where is what we are going to do.

Corbexx and I are putting together a Soundboard for Structures that will occur before the September Summit. From our date hashing it looks like we will put it together in two weeks, but I'll announce that date on Sunday since we are still merging timezones.

I am going to gather Structure questions and create a Q&A that CCP Nullarbor will answer. This is the major focus of this blog. I have plenty of things I can ask him based on what I have seen you all ask, but I'd like to just have you give me questions.

Mails, blog posts, forum posts, responses, whatever you need to do. Once I have a nice, healthy stack of questions, he and I will sit down and work through them and publish the results. I'd love to get this done before the end of the month. That will give us leadup to the Summit so that we have a focused discussion with player responses as a major focal point.

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  1. This is a terrible request, and here's why:
    - There are massive threads in the F&D section already that lay out hundreds of questions, most of which are legit. Stop being lazy and check those out.
    - Asking for questions here/reddit/Eve-O forums means those are where you will pick from, ignoring the hundreds of man hours people have already spent discussing this on forums. Why would you nullify all that effort?
    - If there are structure blogs on their way, that means CCP has iterated on their thinking already. Asking people to comment on the old details is therefore wasting people's time.

    Have some respect for your constituents..

    1. "Stop being lazy and check those out?"

      Come now, I get that you're obviously unused to common courtesy in null-sec, but we from more civilised areas try to remain respectful at all times.

      Furthermore, while I respect those people that post on the forums, not everyone has the time, effort or willpower to dredge through what often turns out to be a mire of low value posts.

      Finally, why should we be punishing increased outreach to the community by the CSM? In which ways is this an intelligent or sensible thing to do?

      You should have some respect for your CSM....

      Rob K>

    2. Thank you for your response, NullSecHobo.

    3. "Hey look, out in the sewage there's a few useful pieces of information you might be able to fish out" "Um, maybe you could just share with me what they are?" "FUUUUUCK YOUUUUUUU". Yeah. That's quality commentary right there.

    4. And you have no reason to assume those places haven't also been paid attention too.

      You're also doing an excellent job of exemplifying why some people, yours truly included, avoid both reddit and the forums like the plague.

      So it's nice that there's places to go where you can have you opinion heard without having to deal with the forum trolls or the popularity and ego contest that is /r/eve.

  2. Now, with the above dealt with, I have my own questions and interests and so forth.

    (These are in no particular order, as you will no doubt be able to tell. If you'd like me to provide reasons for my questions, I'm perfectly willing.)

    1) (Essential) How are they going to be introduced into the game? (NPC sell orders? BPO/BPCs?)

    2) (Essential) How are the 'modules' (fittings?) going to be introduced?

    3) Are there going to be faction variants? WIll these be introduced by explorations drops? (Will CCP be re-adjusting 'mini-profession' sites?)

    4) Are the reinforcement timers going to be public? (Essential to null-sec/WH, somewhat to low-sec)

    (These are the main ones)

    I have other, specific questions, but I don't think they're really that important that you should shove them into CCP Nullabor's hands straight away :P

    If you get no other entrants at all, ask these :P

    What form will moon-mining continue in, in the future?

    How does CCP plan to incentivise the use of these in low-sec?

    Will NPC stations remain in low-sec? (Perhaps this is more important than I thought!)

    How do these inter-play with standings?

    As above, except Lore?

    As above, except Drifters?

    How good is the UI for these going to be? (Thoric mentioned he had problem/issues/plans for CCP)

    That seems to be enough for me. Oh, wait, the most important of all: are you looking forwards to them? :P

    Rob K.

    1. Another problem we're encountering here is that there's no collected sum/ repository of 'what we know so far', so we're stumbling on questions that should be resolved with easily accessible knowledge.

      For example, there are not different empire faction models, but there may be pirate faction variants (according to Reddit). I didn't know this, and I don't honestly believe that I know much more than what I remember from Fanfest or my look over the structure threads when they were much shorter than they are now.

      An effort by the players to create a 'what we know so far' page is probably the best way to alleviate this problem.

      Rob K.

  3. Here's my question:
    What are the plans for Hisec structures? Or is CCP just going to shaft the poor bastards in hisec like they did to them with the industry nerf? Are we going to see hisec POS nerfed to nothing then pulled from the game? Are we going to even be able to afford new structures in hisec?

    1. High sec is getting the same structures they have now. A lot of discussion has already gone into the difference with anchoring a structure in each area of space. Is there a particular aspect of these that you are thinking of or are you just wondering if there will be structures in general?

    2. The impression we got from fanfest was that the POS would go away, as an indy corp we have a hisec POS so we'd like to know what would happen to it.
      All the info was that the POS would lose it's bonuses as the new structures rolled out, will we be able to put up a new structure in hisec? Or has CCP continued to force the casual hisec player in to 0.0?

  4. My question. As a solo player in a single player Corp, can I defend my structure while offline. If not, what is the minimum estimated size of Corp that CCP anticipate would be able to do so? Finally, assuming the answer is more than one, will the result deficit in gameplay be made up elsewhere for small or single player corps?

  5. My concern is defensability for smaller organizations in low and wormholes. Right now such groups rely on the raw HP of their towers plus the reinforce period to discourage non serious attackers. I'd hate to have to fend off every random person coming through my wormhole in order to use my facility. This is especially a concern in j-space where we have no other options and our POS is our only home.

  6. Are the new structures going to completely replace npc stations in all areas of space? The way they talk about the rollout and phasing out of outpost services leads me to think that the current npc outposts will become nothing more than a glorified 'public storage' structure that doesn't do anything else.

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. After thinking about them, I think that there is no way I could get the kind of structure I'd want. A purely cosmetic "player house" to collect & display stuff in it (acquired either from gameplay or AUR/ISK), with no impact on other players and inmune to PvP.

    I never owned or planned owning a POS for two reasons:

    - no interest in industry
    - no interest in PVP to keep it safe from players

    Admittedly I may be in some small neglectable sliver of EVE demographics, and the average, majoritary EVE player may be enthusiastic about more shit to shoot at/ be shot at.

    1. To some extant you can already do this Onions. Just put your stuff in a NPC station. From there you can stroll about appreciating your collection with absolute safety. Accordingly, I presume what you want is the ability to display your collection in game to other players with absolute safety. It must be disconcerting to both want the presence of other players while at the same time demanding absolute control over how you and they are able to interact.

  9. What happens to the stuff when they blow up? CCP has been really fuzzy about this. "There will be some sort of mechanic" is what I keep seeing.

    Although they usually say that in a sense that the attackers will get nothing from the station besides maybe one or two things fitted to the station. This would be a problem for WH space in a sense that we already understand that everything is at risk and if we get kicked out we may never be able to come back. And the attackers dedicate entire weekends to the thought of maybe getting something shiny.

    1. CCP is trying to find a middle ground between "I want to make someone lose his pants" and "I dont want to lose my pants if/when things go shit".

      The outcome, probably, will be horribly convoluted, prone to bug, completely insufficent for the average player in the event of defeat and mostly insatisfactory for the average player in the event of victory... vºv


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