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Buzz, Buzz, Buzz!

Somewhere between tonight and tomorrow I will write my weekend post. Hopefully. I guess I should get to work on that tonight now that I think of it. My plane leaves tomorrow morning and I am going to leave my laptop at home for the first time in forever.

But do not despair. I'm not leaving my technology behind. I'm going to use my tablet as my writing platform and see how that functions. If it works well enough with my writing for Downtime Hours, I may do so again in the future. My laptop is quite heavy for it is a gaming laptop but I have not had as much time for games on my travels as I used to.

This is one of the first times that I have not prewritten a lot of stuff for my blog when I go on vacation. I've been busy! Busy, busy, busy! Writing other things. I've discovered that there are but so many hours in the day. I'm somewhat horrified at that discovery and that I've managed to be busier than last year but I have. For those who have been looking the results have been showing up here and there.

But for myself, I missed the destruction of Empress Jamyl's Avatar. Chella had moved to Amarr just to catch the live events. I was busy getting a pedicure with my husband at the time and I missed it. However, my toes look fantastic and so do his.

I did decide to undock and go and see if the wreck was still there. I've been a creepy spectator in this event.

I expect we will see a monument next. I'm rather excited to see what they decide to do. I did learn that the lights in the destroyed wreck pulsate. It was rather cool.

For those like me who are lorecurious, here is a video of someone at the event. I think this is a super fun path that the storyline is taking. The static nature of things is shattering and change is coming. All sorts of people are dying and being replaced. I'm enjoying the ride.


  1. I don't know... they've established that she clonejumped when she "won" her trial to become empress. I don't think she's done quite yet.

    1. Yeah but isn't there the whole thing about her being a clone and stuff? So if she did it again this openly will she get kicked off the throne? Also that was a pretty major zot to the face.

    2. Who's going to do the kicking?

    3. One of the hardliner heirs? Ardisharpur or Korazor?

      Someone who feels slighted by the miraculous reapprarance, and subsequent death of a false heir?

      Not Goons though, their candidate has already been podded, possibly more than once...

      I'm just sad I missed it :(

      The.thing you're talking about Sugar is the doctrine of the sacred flesh. Basically, no cloning for the emperor personage.

      The mystery.of the theoretical death at the first trials is something else. I don't think CCP is going to dig that back up though.

      Still, change is afoot in the eternal empire.....

      Let's us dance on a storm of chaos :)

      Rob K.

  2. We showed up, we were ready to do something, then the devs one shot the actor and had the drifters vanish... After months of building this up, only to have it end in such an anti-climactic manner like this with no chance of player interaction? I'm sorry, but this feels like a step in the wrong direction...

    1. Let the whining begin...

      This was a NCP lore event, not a player lore event... player lore take place everyday in every space in the game... this wasn't that.

      (I swear if I ever do leave EVE for reals... it will not be because of CCP... it will be because of the poor sports and entitled ninnies on the playerbase...)

    2. I was not whining, I was complaining... Do you want to hear whining?

      I had gotten used to CCP having player interaction with this storyline, hence why I've been showing up to them when I can. I expected the drifters to arrive, a massive epic space battle as we defended the empress, and fun to be had for all as we either won or lost. Instead, I watched a drive by shooting with not even a chance for revenge. I am simply expressing my disbelief that after months of this it would end in 30 seconds when previous events sometimes lasted all day.

      If this was meant to be just an NPC event, they should have ganked her en-route and released the scope video.

    3. Isn't that exactly what they did though? Ganking her en-route?

      I agree with you that epic battles are cooler, but they also allow the possibility of *other things* happening...

      See the 'MJD-ing Titan' issue. If you allow it to go unscripted, players that just *don't give a shit* about the Lore get involved. They're there to wreck the event, to screw over the storyline.

      Now, this might be cool on a 'in-principle' basis, but in practise, do you think CCP wants to exist in eternal stasis because the players won't let them tell a story? Because, make no mistake, if you open up the possibility of fucking around, people will do it.

      Now, a semi-scripted event, that would be ideal. The problem is that it is gigantically hard to organise, requires a huge amount of forward planning, and similarly, requires players not to fuck around.

      Eve Online is a living universe, with a developing story. The question is, what can CCP do to make both player and NPC stories practical?

      Rob K.

    4. If it's going to be npc only scripted event, have it happen off-stage. A scope video, a world news story, etc... They've done plenty of these.

      If you bring it onto TQ so that players can interact with it at all, you have to leave the possibility of players changing your story. I imagine some folks stayed up late for this, or otherwise made preparations like I did (buying new ships, etc...) To rob us of any possible interactions that could effect the event just seems to be an insult to everyone who went.

      Feel how you will about this, but I'm done with it. Enjoy your Eve, I am going to take a long vacation from it now.

    5. I'm sorry you feel that way, but I can't deny your point or your choice. I just hope that you choose to continue taking part in Eve, after your break. You obviously are very passionate about taking part, perhaps you could apply to be an Amarr Champion?

      I would ask you this though, would you rather have missed it entirely?

      As I said above, semi-scripted would've been the best. I do think that CCP gave us some kind of fore-warning about the Drifter's behaviour though. It was noticed and noted in advance that Drifters were insta-DD-ing Capitals.

      Honestly, I do sometimes wonder if its possible to tell an NPC storyline on TQ. The cost in Dev-time, and CCP's unwillingness to go gung-ho on 'trolls' cause more problems than perhaps they're worth. I admire CCP for trying.

      Rob K.

    6. I only logged in that day for this event... I bought an Oracle specifically to lose it fighting drifters I was sure were going to show up.... I spent an hour or so in Safizon, enduring said trolls, barely speaking as I orbited the station at 750km (Having lived in Safizon for several months, I had a really nice insta bookmark there)... I smiled as I was the first to notice Jamyl enter local... Saw as the avatar came on grid... Anticipation for something... Suddenly drifters, computer hiccups from the loading... Avatar gone... Jamyl gone... Drifters gone... After spending maybe 10 seconds on overview... Mass panic... mass trolling...

      First reaction... Emptiness.... Shock... Docked.... Bathroom... Numbness... Flew to Amarr... Sold everything I had just bought... Bought shuttle.... Argued with roleplayers... Flew back to my current base... Stared... Stared.... Interest.... Gone.... Why? Logged out.... Played something else to get rid of the feeling of wasted time and lost opportunity... Posted as anonymous in many places...

      Future in Eve? Uncertain... but likely retirement as well...


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