Sunday, July 26, 2015

CSMX - Post #20

Summer is here and CCP is very much out of the office. Sion made a good point in wondering why everyone leaves Iceland when it has its best weather. What it means is that all is mostly quiet on the dev blog front. There are some things happening but the dev blogs and news announcements have not yet happened. The skill points were delivered on Tuesday so yay for unallocated skill points.

Over in CSM chat, there has been a lot of back and forth about sov and measuring the impact and success of things so far. I can say that CCP and the CSM are watching it. The pros and cons are coming in pretty hot and heavy. Some are being looked at now. Some have to see how things are going and if and how the direction needs to be tweaked.

In my corner, I'm starting to gather things together. The summit is in seven or so weeks. In between then and now I need to gather up my question list and write down a few topics of discussion. I'm starting now because I have personal vacation at the end of August and my job has decided that I need to take half a dozen certification classes over the next month. It will make things a bit busy and the evenings full of typing.

On productivity reports, I've been gathering together faction warfare information and working on my list of pain points with CCP Affinity. All of this needs to be finished before the Summit to the best of my ability so that we can sort them and create the lists of what can be done, will hopefully be done, and won't be done in the development time allotted. It ties in neatly to my normal summit documentation which I've started work on.

Interesting things are starting to show up on the test server. Is the Dominex ever going to be updated? The first whispers of the redesign were in 2013. I swear it popped up at Eve Vegas that year. Then there were pictures at Fanfest in 2014. Now, finally, you can step into it.

If everything is online at home, I'll host at least one talk tomorrow evening GMT. I was also invited to talk to Signal Cartel in two weeks, but they want me for my market building.

Oh yes... have you tried Eve Gate on your cellphone recently?


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