Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Bills, Bills, Bills

For some reason the confusion over Sov bills made me image a stack of bills as alliance leadership ripped out their collective hair.

Also, Concord has handed over their duties to the Secure Commerce C omission. I find that only fitting. For some reason we've been paying the police agency licensing fees for gates, local, and I guess the people staffing the stations?

Unfortunately the handover was not smooth. Maybe Concord has been pocketing cash? If things are at an unrest in the empire their removal from this leaves one to wonder.

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  1. Sugar, where can I go to get my fix?

    I'm twitchin', shakin', rattlin' and rockin'. I can't get no satisfaction.

    *starts humming to himself*

    Help meeeeeeeeeee

    Rob K.

    Hoping everything is going well with your break from CSM :)