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Fanfest 2015 - Master Account and Web Design Round Table

This is one of the many sessions that I wanted to go to that discussed things that people want that are happening. This was on the first day so they had to tell people to wait for the keynote. During the keynote the two factor authentication was announced for instance to the delight of those who have been waiting for it.

Now to start on the interpenetration of my mangled handwriting.

The web team had a small slide show to give some information to the players. They have twenty domains that they manage. Dust, Eve Online, and CCP games are covered under this. They are also moving into phase two of their website redo.

The Master Account Program is going to be implemented where they can support multiple user accounts under one main account.

What is on the roadmap?
  • Overhaul of the Eve Universe header
  • Update the ship viewer (they are completely aware of caldariprimeponyclub)
  • Update internal tools for the GM/ISD
What they want to do
  • New Eve mail
  • Standardize the item database
What do they prioritize? They check if this be useful for the player first. The updates page for example they made it so that the marketing team could populate it themselves. This freed up time for the web team so that they can work on other projects.

Q: Does the web team manage all of the account access pages?
A: Yes. Everything that your log into and the front end of secure.eveonline.

Q: There are a lot of sign in spots and you are still having to cross log in to get to places.
A: The log ins have been cleaned up a lot. However they are split with secure.eveonline

Q: Master Accounts, how are they going to be used?
A: First account will be the master for new accounts. Older accounts will get to select which account is the master. Then all other accounts are under them.

From the Web Team - What would you like to do with your Master Accounts?

Q: Master accounts have the characters or the accounts?
A: Both.

Request: A Master API?

Request: We'd still like to see what character is attached to what account. (This led to a discussion where people want all of their characters to be laid out in a page where they can work with them but to have their account name attached for quick knowledge for logging in and such.

Q: Will this allow multiple e-mails? There needs to be some way to recover your e-mail.
A: We can look into that. We're trying to bring things in under a blanket.

Request: I'd love to see all of the accounts payment and time statuses all on one page so that I can see what is due and what is coming up.

Request: Partial payments or some type of payment pool that we can spread across our accounts. Two days here, a week there.

Comment: On having all the accounts under a blanket we need to be able to pick what account is paid for when so that we don't receive one bill if we don't want it.

Request: Please do not remove eve.exe as a way to log in. The launcher does not support Linux properly.

Request: Saved settings per log in?

Q: Will Master Accounts allow one account from the launcher instead of multiple accounts?
A: They are not there yet. We are focused on the account management side at the time.
Discussion: The ideal situation is the launcher that has a play button saved by choice.

Request: Have the launcher auto patch by choice.

Q: Why cant patches initiate in the background for small things? We keep getting tiny patches.
A: It does for art work. The way Eve is coded we can't do it that way.
Discussion: Possibility of the launcher becoming a back up type of application that checks and downloads during the day.

Q: Expose patches to the API?
A: Interesting idea.

There was a lecture from Canada here that star citizens is going to happen. They need to consider this and clean up Eve. They need to bring better things or star citizen is going to destroy eve online. This is something that he has learned and wants to pass on as a lesson from a Canadian.

Request: Update the Fansite pack please?

Q: Does logging in show the IP?
A: Yes
Q: What about when people move around? (This person has all these VMs all over the world)
A: They have logged but haven't really checked. Now it will have a second level to check that you are logging in from the second place or a new place.

Q: Any knowledge on their being a mobile client coming? An Eve lite?
A: Not really although they are trying to improve usability on mobile.

Request: More promoting of third party apps?
A: They have talked about it and how to bring more of these things to player knowledge without officially supporting them.

Question to the players: How important is the in game browser? If they expose the information people use the in game browser for, will they bee able to remove it if they replicate that ability for third party functionality?

Response: We are not using it as a browser. Some people play in full screen and they don't want to be broken out of their game.

Discussion about the IGB automatically populating a window with your actual browser on top of your full screened window and how that may be okay. It is not that people want the IGB it is that they want to have the things they use it for in their Eve screens. If they don't, they don't use it now.

(I suggested they look at how many people use full screen vs windowed mode. Then they can look at how many are using their IGB and full screen. Spend some time to get some data sets for usage cases and let's revisit ways to keep functionality.)


  1. I run windowed but pseudo full-screen. I take up one full screen (minus enough to reveal the taskbar on the bottom) and all but about 2 inches on the left side of the left monitor. That left sliver is just big enough to show me names and talking indicators on a TeamSpeak window. I use the IGB for everything except YouTube links when playing because many wormhole tools are highly dependent on the IGB.

  2. I would not mind having the in game browser mirror my out of game browser.

    I use the IGB mainly for siggy, dotlan, and checking gigs. As long as that can be done with the new system it willeet my needs.


  3. As we all know, you’ve been talking about “master accounts” (the ability to manage all of your sites from one account) for a long time.You just wanted to let you know that we’re finally close to launching, and we’d also like to update you on how it’s going to work and what’s going to change.
    Master accounts are built around WebsIDs. Your WebsID is the unique email/password combination that you use to sign in to your own site, and is different from the username/password combination that you currently use to sign in to

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