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Fanfest 2015 - Low Sec Crimewatch Round Table

This is the second session for low sec. It was focused on the non-FW stuff. A lot was said. I tried to grab it all. It is somewhat condensed.

Q: How about adding more low sec between areas or just making each high sec area an island. To continue on that question expand some of the low sec pockets and the low to null boarder zones.
A: This comes up regularly. Changing the distribution of sec also comes up. Creating more barrier zones between major hubs comes up . There is nothing planned. World shaping tools improved with Thera and its a possibility. The last time a lot of low sec was added was black rise for faction warfare. It would mean that a clever trader and a skilled trader in the way the game works would be a profitable trader. The economic impact would have to be carefully examined.

Q: Boosters - A wish for booster mechanics to be properly understood. That production was understood. That use was understood. That boosters were revisited.
A: Its a poorly built mechanic that has not been touched in a long time. There is some option to revisit it as well as revisiting the contraband system.
Q: Would you rebuild from the ground up? Production is not much of an issue but sourcing is hard on low sec. It seems more of the dirty scummy pirate activity instead of something done in null sec.
A: It depends. Its an unfinished system and an obscure one.

Q: Crime Watch - I get kill rights on myself so that people will shoot me. People say they can't really see my kill rights can that be more obvious?
A: There was a bug that has recently been fixed and they should show up on the overview. Hopefully, that will fix the cases of not being able to see the kill right. We're going to check how this changes usage and then see if UI is needed.

Q: Have you thought about taking NPC out of their role of drug interdiction and faction police and replacing it with player mechanics?
A: Faction politics they would like to do more interesting things with. There have been ideas in the past of having players scan for contraband and report it or get a reward. They have discussed doing more interesting policing such as ones that chase you across multiple systems. But currently they have been removing what they consider game play blocks from the game and just taking out bad systems. There has been recent discussion on removing the legality system for now until something more interesting is developed.

Q: Kill right sales - Maybe change it a bit more. Cap the payment at the value of the kill right? People are doing kill right fraud at the moment by adding high value to kill rights.
A: The reason bounties are so low is to stop gaming of the system. It would be a tricky situation and potentially they need to update the way kill rights are processed.

Q: We used to have bigger ships in low sec fights. Have you thought about changing the minimum required sizes for FW complexes?
A: We had this conversation this morning. Yes, we may look at it.

Q: In 2003-2004 you could random people. Now the world is so lage that no one ransoms because reputation does not travel.
A: That sounds like a good idea for a 3rd party app or player created solution.
Q: Can we make a system of trust with feedback people can check?
A: Defiantly something for a 3rd party app.
Q: Maybe a mechanic that causes the aggressor to not be able to attack?
(Arguments that it prevents back stabbing. Discussion of reputation in the game and that it is possible to have one.)

Q: A mini sov system in low where you occupy the area of space you benefit from that?
(I muttered: Faction Warfare?)
A: Not really. It has popped up now and then under different names and ideas.

Q: Player built star gates in low sec? Things like the new structures?
A: They open a lot of opportunities for interesting things to happen.
Q: It would be nice to have a way to have people come for you.
A: Maybe now that the TCU is a 'come at me bro' sign we can do something with it.

Q: Crimewatch to broken. Can we fix the criminal and suspect timers for wrecks? How salvaging is okay but shooting the wreck gets you a criminal flag and stealing a suspect. They are all doing the same thing.
A: These mechanics all work on the same principle. Shooting things is a criminal flag. Taking things is a suspect flag. The item vanishing is no flag. Salvaging was designed to not cause a flag.

Q: Suspect timers are running out during a fight and we are taking gateguns. Example we engage a fleet. We are the aggressor. They are all suspect. Their timers run down. We start taking gateguns.
A: It would be a bit much to ask the game to know who liked who in that situation. If the timer is up the timer is up. That is working as intended.

Q: Crimewatch lets you engage with no sentry aggression. We'd like to see something similar to limited engagements to let people know who was fighting them.
A: You only get penalized once while you have a criminal or weapons timer. This is to much going on to ask the game to keep track of some of these details that you were not involved in to you, potentially.
(The discussion moved into awareness and keeping track of all of the people on the grid and everyone's aggression timers to everyone else and when its hidden and not.)

Q: People get a kill right and go to use it but don't know that pushing the 'make available' button makes it available to all instead of the single person.
A: Sounds like the killright UI needs a pass.

Q: Gateguns are a limiting mechanic and they don't behave like null sec gate guns. You can't be as proactive. Why would you let a frigate come within 9k of you?
A: They add game play options.
Q: But it gives nothing back to the pirate.
A: Piracy is a choice. The gate and station mechanics give fights that would not happen if they were removed.

Q: Are you happy with how different low sec incursion groups are right now?
A: This became a discussion about incursions being a community thing vs a gameplay thing. That low secs environment will always be dangerous. That groups who are used to low sec still do these things well because they are prepared. It is also why incursions allow higher limits in low to allow more cheap fits.

Q: Remote repairing someone with a criminal flag - Your suspect flag for RR the criminal will count down and leave you doing a RR with no suspect flag.
A: This convo lead to several different places and didn't answer that exact question. It went into criminal flags vs suspect flags with gatecamps.
Note; The orig question needs to be answered still. It was interrupted the first time around which made it not clear.

Q: Gateguns and station guns will start shooting you again
A: CCP Masterplan has been hunting down this bug and will take any suggestions that allow him to recreate it for testing.

There was more chat then I was able to capture. The general mood of removing contraband restrictions, looking at boosters, looking at the broader scope of piracy and pirate factions in low sec are all very good. This is the direction that I have been pushing in. As with anything, it comes to design time. With the big projects on the groups plates low sec will have to wait to get design time. But, Sov is coming this summer. Good ideas about what will enhance low sec are being mulled over by the developers. This is where my energy and momentum for low sec will turn.

In the previous post the changes to FW were listed. Breaking up the factions, revamping the missions, more effects and improved rewards. These are now on the radar. Yes, its taken almost a year to get there. That's one of the things I've learned about being on the CSM. Time sucks. I've been asked why isn't anything done. Why has it not been done right now? The answer is resources. The people who will work on it, the people who are in these panels discussing it, are the same ones finishing other projects. But Summer is Coming.

There is a lot of controversy about the health of low. I've spent my non round table time discussing low with different people. It is doing better. It is healthier. It is starting to stand up and brush its shoulders off. Now we need to get it walking down the road. And I think we're about there.

But time.. yeah it sucks.


  1. ::Begin Rant::

    "Q: Kill right sales - Maybe change it a bit more. Cap the payment at the value of the kill right? People are doing kill right fraud at the moment by adding high value to kill rights."

    (DireNecessity mutters: So?)

    Hell, if I understand the question correctly, this isn't even fraud. The cost to activate the kill right is no secret. The buyer knows exactly what the cost is and the results it will produce. The seller too knows exactly what the sale will procure. Because the soon to be 'victim' of the sale is happy to endure the results (by clever profit generating agreement with the seller) is of no consequence to the buyer.

    If *you* don't want to profit a 'victim' by the sale, don't purchase the kill right.

    Beyond that, where does the questioner get off declaring they what they don't wish to partake in should be denied hundred of thousand's of other players?

    Christ, how long must we continue to suffer these provincial moralists surrounding us?

    ::Rant Complete::

    1. Totally valid. On the other side of this, the decision to purchase a killright must usually be made nearly instantaneously... the ship has to be on grid with you and you have a limited time to engage and activate that kill right before he logs off.

      Perhaps we can make kill rights purchasable through the local window?

    2. Before he warps off, rather. Sorry.

  2. Q: Suspect timers are running out during a fight and we are taking gateguns. Example we engage a fleet. We are the aggressor. They are all suspect. Their timers run down. We start taking gateguns.
    A: It would be a bit much to ask the game to know who liked who in that situation. If the timer is up the timer is up. That is working as intended.

    Another lazy response from CCP - if you have a suspect timer, and someone starts shooting you, the timer should extend as long as you are still taking damage. There should be no "get out of combat free" option just because you out waited the timer.


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