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CSM9 - Day 302

Some of the stuff that has been occupying us since the Winter Summit has finally surfaced as planned for the March release.

But first! CSMX Voting opened on Wednesday. It runs until March 10th. Announcements will be during fanfest.

The o7 show aired on Thursday and with it came many bits of information, some dev blogs, and some promises for next week. I’ll go over the dev blogs and my thoughts in a moment, but first I’ll point out that during the o7 show CCP Fozzie said he has two development blogs planned for next week talking about the changes to Sov.

These proposed changes to Sov have been in front of us since the Winter Summit. The meeting notes are all redacted. I’ve read over them a few times and expressed myself from the viewpoint of the small gang roaming pirate harasser and how the mechanics feel to me if I was to wonder if that was a part of the game that I wanted to enter. Sion and Coreblood have been putting energy into this. I’ve weighed in as has Steve, Mike, Gorski, and Corbexx on various bits. I think there will be a lot to discuss when the blogs go live.

UI Modernization this time is about the icons. I think it is pretty but I also think it is busy. After that, I expect that I will grow use to it. I’m sad in random way over the loss of red crosses as a description of things. I’m going to give the icons a go in person to see if I can really tell them apart or find anything useful about them. What is not happening is changes for some of the desired things to the UI such as customizable colors. I did bring up those topics and pointed out that people would ask about them and state the desire for them.

CCP Nerf Bat.

CCP Rise discussed a handful of nerfs coming in on the o7 show and then, as promised, released his dev blog detailing them later.

I’d like to point out Gorski’s write up on the changes. I’ll also note that we have had these changes in front of us for a bit and there has been a lot of discussion.

The Ishtar Nerf feedback thread. The Ishtar is something that people have been complaining about since before I started on the CSM. After a few tickles nerfs it got a more solid whack with the bat this time. I’ve been compiling feedback about Ishtars and possibilities to nerf it since I was elected. It is nice to see it happening. I’ve never found the Ishtar compelling to fly. I understand how good it is/was. It had no appeal to me. In the days of drone assist when I was in an Ishtar fleet it was often low sec where drone assist does not work smoothly due to crimewatch.

The Skynet Feedback Thread. The complaints about Skynet started in December and only started to escalate. I like seeing carriers and supers used. I don’t like seeing them used while sitting half in a POS shield with another ship using their fighters and not even taking the crimewatch hits. Entire systems were reinforced from the safety of POS and gate camps occupied by assisted interceptors. I do not find that to be good gameplay. However, fighter warping is a different type of argument and it is up for removal at this time. I think it is interesting and I’ve been chased by fighters a few times. Please weigh in with your opinions.

A lot of the opinion for the T3 nerf is that it is not enough. I have combat Legions and Proteus in my hangar. Medium railguns are considered over buffed and Bouncers are taking a bit of a smack as well.

Arguments about reassessing battleships and Battlecruisers have been lost this round. That won’t stop me from continuing to bring it to the table. BC for instance are 15% slower than they were. I’ve argued that while 15% is not appear to be a large number, on the field in a fight and dealing with tactics it is an enormous number and that it is a large enough number to move away from ship usage. The graph that was included is some of the metrics of PvP usage of these ship types and why they fall into acceptable usage.

The download on demand client has gone live on Sisi for those who want to test it. I hope the goal of getting people into Eve faster as well as not pre downloading what is needed is successful. I hope it goes smoother than my download of Assassin’s Creed Unity where thirty minutes into the game I slammed into a wall of needing the rest of the game to install.

The New Player opportunities are available on Tranquility. I think that I will try to give them a run through tomorrow and see what they feel like in game. I’ve gone through the current new player experience several times to find holes and problems. With opportunities coming in its time to get onto the train and catch myself up on how it feels in game vs my knowledge from the CSM. I advise this for anyone who spends a lot of time with new players. Otherwise, we won’t know what the hell they are talking about. My hope is that they don’t have to come to us for questions like they do with the current tutorial. However they may be a bit of a pain to get to and take some rerolling of new characters due to the AB testing.

Corbexx and I had a structure soundboard focused around attack and defense as well as some talk of that shield or safety bubble. We were visited by a troll and I did raise my voice and tell people to shut up at least twice when some could not contain themselves. Steve put it up on under the recording section. We are still missing one of our soundboards from there. We hope to continue this tradition with CSMX.

I also managed to get a bug looked at and discover the resolution. I'll discuss that at a later date. A lot of the last few weeks have been housecleaning and issue addressing. With just over two weeks left to CSM9s time in office I can say that I'm happy with what I've accomplished. I can also say that I am looking forward to much of what is coming.


  1. If you remove POS forcefields then it will no longer be possible to spot an offline POS with worthwhile modules to attack, using Dscan. I think it would be a shame to lose that.

  2. A short and concise write up. In the military we call this style of post an "Executive Summary." Thanks Sugar, this is why I voted for you!

  3. Paras about what CCP did this week: 10
    Paras about what the CSM did this week: 1.5
    Paras about what the CSM thinks about what CCP did this week: 3.5

    If you continue these on CSM10, it'd be great if they focused more on what the CSM did than what CCP did. CCP's devblogs have already been doing a good job of pointing out what they do. So you could have dropped 10 paras from this post.

    1. I like those 10 paragraphs. And the fact all the information and links are in one convenient place.

      It's super handy on Sunday for me to sit down and click/read through it all, not everybody reads all the blogs and other csm stuff during the week.

    2. News flash Anonymous, not everyone has the time to read the Dev blogs and for them it's nice to have a summary here.


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