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Teasers are not really my thing but I decided to give it a try. I mentioned the other day that we have a local meet on Friday and that I have gifts brought back from Iceland. I decided that it would be fun for there to be some mystery and randomness to it. So, I wrapped everything up. I've then randomly stuck numbered labels on the items. Next, I have some goody bags that have stuff everyone gets. A set number of those will have numbers inside. The number goes to a package. If things go well everyone will get something small and large. If not, well there is always the next meet up because I will have more stuff to give out.

Hopefully this works out and is fun. I have no idea how many people are going to come so I will have some backup stuff for any late arrivals.

That's been a lot of my day. Wrapping things is fun and a good way to relax since I am dragging after this work weekend. I slept in, got up and started buying and moving minerals. Then I started packing things. While at it I also have been working on my CSMX application and I started some confluence documents with things that I have not been able to find a home for so far and want to get onto CCP's table before the election results.

Exciting stuff, no?

It actually interests me. Some days I spend my whole day writing, responding, or participating in discussions and conversations. It is hard to put a value on it. "Today I talked and wrote a lot of words. I'm quite pleased with them." But that is often what it is. I've spent a lot of time this last year trying to share the CSM process. I have no idea if I've helped explain anything or not. Confluence is our newest thing. We're moving from the forums into CCP's internal wiki where they do their own communication. It removes a step and makes accessing or looking at the CSM easier for those who do not go to the forums.

With six weeks left I can see that I'm going to be a bit consumed with finishing things up and fleshing stuff out. I have a lot of loose ends. Ideas and projects and things that need attention that have not yet found a home. With confluence that should be easier. We're organizing a section to gather and dump all of that information so that it can be gone through at leisure. It is very important to me that all of the stuff that I have gathered gets its chance.

I was told the other day that I don't actually play Eve. It was right when I got back from the Summit and really not what I wanted to hear. Jet lagged. Tired from delayed. I smirked a bit because it seemed that I very much did play. At the time, I was wrestling another carrier build between station and POS. I think that I play Eve. I'm producing capital after capital. TCS has gone from 10 billion to almost twenty five billion ISK in stock on the market in under two months. And today I had time to log into Rookie chat for a bit and hang out and ask questions.

I log in and do industry and markets. I haven't been doing the pewpew because if I have time to spend 1-2 hours in a fleet right now I have time to do my 'homework' for the CSM so to speak. That is the same for most of my projects. That won't last forever but I'd hate to be sitting here March 16th trying to get things done before I head to Fanfest. Hopefully I'll get the things I want to write written by the end of this weekend and my time will open back up.

Back to 'playing' Eve. What is playing? I'm prepping for an Eve Meetup. I will hopefully meet between 1 and 30 people who play the game. I will give them Eve presents and talk spaceships for six to eight hours.

I'm doing CSM stuff, it is very much an Eve Job, is that playing?

I'm building spaceships and running a market. While not flashy things that create killboards the fact that they have become time intensive due to size and velocity means its an active project.

Maybe we don't play Eve. Maybe we engage in it. We indulge in it. We step into a pool where we cannot see the bottom. If you splash your feet or dive until you can no longer see where you are going you are still doing things involving Eve. I doubt I am the only one who knows many people heavily engaged in the game who almost never open the actual client.

I don't think I've become a magical metagamer who doesn't log into Eve. I'm just in a somewhat odd position brought on by the whole CSM thing. But, I've now stumbled through confluence enough to post something, wrapped everything I had to wrap, and gotten my next build on the table. I think I'm going to try to play with water colors for a bit this evening and hang out in Rookie Chat.


  1. I sometimes feel for CCP. There’s so many ways to “play” Eve aside from logging in that if must leave them bewildered. I recall a couple of years back when I attended Fanfest the good Hilmar mentioning in some speech or other about meeting a couple of attendees the night before who explained to him that though they no longer “played Eve” they remained so intrigued by all the happenings that they continued to attend Fanfest.

    As for me, “Playing Eve” usually ends up being defined by how I would explain what I was doing to someone unfamiliar with the game. So . . .
    “What are you doing?”
    “Planning my skill queue. EveMon’s still my preferred method.”
    “Playing Eve.”


    “What are you doing?”
    “Reading the CSM White Paper. Odd duck of a document. Strangely fascinating.”
    “Playing Eve.”


    “What are you doing?”
    “Mishing Sister’s of Eve standings. Agonizingly long project despite the Vargur.”
    “Playing Eve.”


    Etc . . .

    1. Mom: "What's that spider web looking thing on your screen?"
      Me: "That's a map of the region I live in on Dotlan. Let's me see a lot of what's going on around me, resources, etc... This one here is my home system (points at screen)"
      Mom: "Oh...(vacant expression)"
      Me: "Yeah, I get that a lot..."

  2. There are so many ways to play the game that if people get bored they have only themselves to blame. After giving the issue 10 whole seconds' thought, here is the secret to keeping Eve fresh: Allow yourself to become interested in the things that you overlooked when you first started playing, The corollary is to not allow your gameplay to be governed only by the needs of others.

    So, if you're a miner and want to learn to explore, do it. If you're an explorer and want to learn to build ships, do it. If you're an industrialist and want to learn to PvP, do it. If you're a PvPer and want to learn to mine, do it. It helps if you belong to a supportive corporation which doesn't try to stifle you or "square peg round hole" you to death. So I suppose I should add, 'if you want to find a new corp to suit your new interest, do it,' to the list above.

    Sugar and I are lucky to be in a corp which makes room for different interests. There are plenty of them out there. If your corp isn't one of them, be the engine of change. It'll keep your vets fresh, and it'll be a far more interesting place for your newer members.

  3. My personal fav was during my interview for the job I now have, at one point my soon-to-be manager asked if I had a favorite Office app (strange but intriguing question huh?) and I facepalmed... he asked why and I said, "Excel... but you're going to ask why..." and he did and I had to answer... "Cause I play EVE."


    But he got it as he is a Skyrim (and WoW and many many others games) gamer too... which led to my second fav was during the next few minutes as we discussed EVE and gaming at one point he asked what I did in EVE and I said, "Oh I live in a wormhole..."

    And I saw my soon-to-be Supervisor making notes and shaking her head... I joked and said I hoped she wasn't writing that down... turns out, she was.

    I heard she told the Director when discussing me, that she felt I was a good candidate but she did have some reservations as... "He lives in a wormhole.." to which, as I understand it, the Director said, "Then he'll fit right in..." =]

    Sugar... it can be hard but ignore anyone who puts limits on EVE. EVE is not a game... it's a multilevel deeply engrossing hobby more than just a 'game'. And you do play it... and as far as I am concerned, you play at a Master Level... the majority of us are just fiddling with it... =]

    And I look forward to meeting you on Saturday...


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