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CSM9 - Day 281

We are a week outside of the Tiamat release. If you have not caught up on the features check out CCP Seagull's development blog over the plans for this release. Also remember to check the patch notes. They are normally released by the Friday before the launch, giving you the weekend to go over the features.

Last week CCP Darwin whispered in my ear that they were developing some added functionality to Eve Probe to let players who are more video inclined make their own scenes. It is the first step towards Jessica type access that has been sought for so long. We sat down with Jessica itself at the Winter Summit and saw that it is not a packaged system to hand out. However, now we have a first step. I do not have personal skill in this area but getting that door cracked open has been a hugely exciting accomplishment. If this is what you have been looking for I advise you to go read and look into the thread about it.

CCP Foxfour put up a challenge to build a static web application for browsing the Eve market using CREST. I had two very good discussions with third party developers at my local area meet last night. I advised them of the IRC Dev fleet as well as #tweetfleet. It seems that people are reading the site as well.

If you have had this jump bug, please file a bug report. It is being worked on as well so know that this can happen.

If you wonder how many Interbus POCO are left in high sec the answer is none. A tiny bit of info for those of you who love stats.

For everyone watching the story line the Scope released some video coverage. I'd suggest you keep watching.

It is both the week before the patch and prefanfest time.

Fanfest is in five weeks. For those who are travelling, CCP Explorer has created a "coming to #eveFanfest" tips and hints series on twitter. I'll toss in my own note that the country is in love with licorice. Its in deserts, breads, and chocolates. If you hate the stuff check the back of packages for Lakrid, lakkrisrot, or words that look like they might sound like licorice. Then put them down. There are several convenience store like shops you can go to to buy water and snacks and even small food stuffs for more reasonable prices then drinks in restaurants.

The aftermath of the local VA/MD/DC meetup was incredible. I had hoped that twenty people would show up. I planned in my mind for thirty. I got over fifty at our peak with people coming and going through the evening. I handed out gifts, goodies, and game items like it was my job (which as the event coordinator it was). It was a success with us taking over the bar area in a huge, ringed blob of Eve players swirling and socializing. I had amazing discussions about attributes, newbies, retention, wormholes, low sec, faction warfare, and third party development. I met an elusive high sec solo player who is taking the game at his own speed and was there to soak up the environment and enjoy seeing Eve players in the wild. I made him tell me everything about how he plays, what he likes, his goals, why he has chosen solo, and what his Eve future holds for him.

Special thanks for those who told me to get them swag for the event while I was in Iceland. CCP Falcon loaded me up. I passed out shirts, posters, trading cards, game items, mugs, gloves, books, and out of print DVD with in game items attached. I have more for the next one although I wish I had taken more this time! Event coordination is new for me. I got a lot of positive feedback and ideas on how to set up the next one which is loosely in my mind planned for April sometime. I will hunt down Bam Stoker and get some advice because this thing is rapidly growing and with it becoming my baby I'd like to keep people having a fantastic time meeting other players in the area.

A month left to CSM9. I've started to get comfortable with confluence and build in things that I'd like to get in front of CCP. I also have an idea for catching CSMX up to speed a bit faster and improving their CCP/CSM interaction that I will write up to propose to CCP Leeloo and Seagull as soon as I post this.

My CSMX application and passport have been submitted. It appears from CCP Leeloo and CCP Falcon's interview with Cap Stable last night that everyone and their second cousin is running for the CSM this year. It should be interesting and I hope that all of these people throwing their hat into the ring are ready for the time and energy the position will ask of them.

Also, be careful of your twitter conversations and promising the player base tacos. Thanks to Bellak Hark for this cute bit of propaganda for my campaign.

I'll be hijacking Eve Uni Public Mumble for my monthly CSM Q&A on the 22nd or 23rd of this month.


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    Mrs Kyle, may I reiterate my heart felt thanx to you for all you do for the players. It was great finally meeting you, and fellow wormholers and bloggers, Epigene (even though he is still always wrong..) and Grimmash, I also met a fantastic new player from Brave who was tattooing everyone in sight, and some rather strange folks from a land called nullsec...

    I cannot express how much fun it was sharing stories and discussing the many playstyles and ways in which we each see end experience this great game we share...

    Oh and Sugar? Turns out I missed it when I first got there... on the way home I found that the "Quafe" button in my goody bag had a number tucked inside... guess what number? =]


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