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CSM9 - Day 274

CCP Seagull has released the feature list for Tiamat. Tiamat will launch on February 17th, 2015.

The Svipul is on Sisi now for testing and playing with its animations. Projectile focused based, I mentioned that last week small projectiles will also be changed in this release. The complaint of projectile weapons has been voiced quite often this last year. A lot of the focus has been on medium projectile weapons and this release touches upon small.

While you are on Sisi playing with the changes you can drop by the Tiamet feedback thread. But, before you even get there take a moment to meet the first player hacks in Eve. CCP is working to give us the ability to move ourselves around (to a set number of places) on the test server and remove the moveme bot.

CCP Punkturis started a forum thread where she asked for corporate little things. The CSM has also sat down with her development team and discussed and worked on several changes to the corporation interface to make it better. This is part of the larger process of fixing corporations. There has been tremendous amounts of feedback so far and that has been heard. For now, CCP is starting with the simplest part of making the menus look and feel better as they strive to make corporation management make sense.

The corp on corp aggression changes will also be entering the game. CCP Lebowski has started a feedback thread for those testing it on Sisi. CCP Masterplan has been answering questions about the mechanic. He is a fantastic resource since he worked on the crimwatch changes. The simple explanation is that with friendly fire off, the normal crimewatch mechanics are in play exactly as they are if you aggress a random illegal target in high sec. This was originally announced by CCP just before September. Discussion and feedback held off the changes from the November patch and moved them to February. The original format was going to be no corporation aggression. This caused a number of problems and the change was held off and reevaluated. The friendly fire flag was introduced and with it a corporation will have the choice to turn their flag on or off. There are many who are pleased with this change and many against. One idea proposed quite heavily in one thread was to tax corporations that had friendly fire off. CCP has decided not to add a taxation to this feature.

"Hyperdunking" was declared legal. Hide your freighters, hide your Orcas, because this particular gank is legal. It was announced on the forum and for all of those who do not read the forums the link is above. This response and policy scattering is a bane of mine. I have been fighting for a condensed spot for policy because of these exact situations. I think I will take some time next weekend and create one of my own until CCP develops something. I'll add that to the project list.

CCP Quant had a flagrant and almost NSFW display of graph porn. He shared mining statistics by sec and then spent some time in a reddit thread discussing it with the members of /r/eve. Mining in low sec is still poor. I'm reminded of when CCP Diagoras posted a chart of mining volume and low sec was a red line on the bottom so flat that it looked like it was just the floor of the graph.

The Winter Summit minutes were released the day after each session. That means they are already done and can be read in this dev blog.

Day One, Day Two, Day Three, and Day Four.

The dev blog also announces the opening of the CSMX candidacy applications. The polls will open on the 25th of February so we are just under a month away from the election process. The results will be announced at Fanfest which is only six weeks away. This is when I have to climb out of my comfort zone and blatantly ask people to vote for me and to please pick me as their number one pick.

Last year when I promised what I would do. This year you can see what I have done and decide if that is what you would like going forward. Campaigning is also different. I'm more doing my job with a few extras. I'm in the middle of tying some things off and starting some others. I have six weeks left for CSM9 and plan to make the most of them. If I am elected for CSMX I will be well on my way with a couple of projects that I am already excited about.

It looks like I will try to schedule my monthly open CSM Q and A for the 21st or 22nd of February. With Tiamat out and Fanfest incoming we should have a lot of topics to go over as the final weeks of CSM9 wind down.

There is a VA/MD/DC meetup next Saturday as well in Falls Church at the Dogfish Head Alehouse. I brought swag back from Iceland for the attendees.

Speaking of meetups, I'll also be puttering around at Fanfest.


  1. CCP is making a mistake with hyperdunking. They know -or should know- that this decission will haunt them in the future and they'll need to adress it once they have lost enough players to it for no good reason.

    Hyperdunking works because CONCORD, bumping and collision bubbles are terribly bad. Yet instead of agreeing that their code is a piece of shit and abusing it in any way is an exploit, CCP just greenlights said abuse.

    1. I suspect that CCP will implement CONCORD podding criminal players in the future.

    2. Let me just gaze into the crystal ball. This green-light for hyperdunking is tentative. I noted in the discussion thread calls for restrain from hi-sec pirates not abusing this tactic. An implicit oxymoron if there ever was.

    3. "I noted in the discussion thread calls for restrain from hi-sec pirates not abusing this tactic. An implicit oxymoron if there ever was."

      Well, I noticed how CCP Terminus talked about the balance between effort of ganker and victim. So they know that they're in slippery ground here, but they won't agree that hyperdunking throws balance off the window unless it hits their bottom line. And as sorting it would mean fixing shit mechanics, like CONCORD behavior, they just take the lazy way.

    4. How far will a freighter travel as the result of this sort of bump?

    5. I don't believe it's a matter of distance, rather inability to align for the next warp that is the important factor. The goal of bumping is to create a situation where the freighter is permanently unable to align (not unlike getting caught on some stations designs or in a debris strewn mission). That said, I believe a strategy to avoid anti-ganking activity is to bump the freighter off the gate grid.

    6. Well, I was wondering if a Bowhead would be able to keep up with a freighter as it was being bumped or if it would need to keep warping off and back on top of the bumping ship.

      How difficult is it to keep someone from aligning to any celestial by continuously bumping them? Do you have to position yourself carefully and keep repeating the maneuver or can you just hit Approach and spend the next 10 minutes worrying solely about applying DPS?

      Despite hearing how 'easy' it is from its detractors, hyperdunking seems to require a significant amount of micromanagement. Personally, I wouldn't want to try this on someone who wasn't autopiloting or logged off with an aggression timer.

      How easy it is to pull off will determine how popular it has the potential to become.


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