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CSM9 - Day Iceland

The week has been a busy one and an interesting one. The Winter Summit sessions were held this week and a few dev blogs of interest have also been released. The Summit has been long days and short nights but it was productive and the minutes have been released.

Day One
Day Two
Day Three
Day Four

These are the minutes. There are no secondary set of minutes coming out.  It means we will be answering a lot of questions and fleshing out conversations that are condensed. Please remember that remote attendees did participate but their participation may not be equally represented because they mostly typed into the group chat vs spoke.

The ship skin dev blog was released and it discusses the future of ship skins. Someone mailed the CSM to express that they are displeased with the plans for skinning ships due to valuable, collectors ships. I think that topic was immediately raised by several people. The need to keep unique, rare, collectible hulls and their history intact is a topic that CCP is taking seriously. While making everything a skin would be easy, it would also be a mistake. They seem to understand the importance of the game history.

Next the stats for the Svipul have been released as well as its name. People are asking how it is pronounced seeing as that it is an Icelandic names. The pronunciation is, "Minmatar Tactical Destroyer." CCP Scarpia has taken pity on the Icelandic people's ears and put up a proper pronunciation on Soundcloud. It sounds very close to, "Minmatar Tactical Destroyer" in English if you ask me. The rest of the concept art has been released as well showing it to be a very flexible hull.

Inside of changes of the Minmatar Tactical Destroyer are small projectile weapon changes. Projectile weapons are one of those ugly and constant things floating about. This is, I hope, a first step in a broader look at projectiles.

I do not have a broad overview of the game for this week. I have spent very little time focusing on Eve stuff outside of the Summit. We had sessions during the day and I edited minutes at night and in the morning before the meetings for the day started. I am also walking away with a task list of things to do. Some developers asked for some feedback and projects to be done. Sion, Corbexx and I have discussed the need for more institutional knowledge inside of the CSM to smooth over communications issues and make the transition from CSM to CSM better so that they don't have such a long time when it comes to getting on board and productive. With the elections coming next month I want to get some of this done and other projects in a state that if I am not reelected these things will continue past me.

My last task here was to get Swag to give away at local meets. I accomplished this and walked away with a huge box of stuff that I am currently hoping I will get onto the airplane. I believe in my stuff. The local meets will have things handed out to them for many meets into the future. I just need to come up with a good distribution method that won't leave anyone feeling to disenfranchised for the bigger stuff.

Jet lag will be a terrible thing but it will be nice to be back home. At least, until Fanfest. 


  1. Gila = Larry/Lorenzo
    Svipul = Freddy/Ferdinand

  2. I read the notes and I have to comment on the day 4 - specifically the session on the elections, summits and such. Sion wanted to have the permanent seats for top (a.k.a. bloc) votes and made grand stand that CSM holds CCP accountable. What he said was dishonest. Players keep CCP accountable through their wallets, not CSM. CSM can warn CCP that they are treading dangerous waters, but if CSM waits until summit for that, things will be too late especially in the current release cycle model. To me it sounds like Sion just wants to guarantee that he and his pals in the Null blocs get free trips to Iceland. That, or he is unable to communicate productively through Skype and other media that CSM and CCP use.
    As it is, I saw in the session no valid reason given why anyone should get permanent/assured seat on summit.

    1. I would have to agree. Would you vote for a permanent President or Prime minister? Probably not... you would be afraid they would get lax in the role as there is no need to actually please the constituents any longer. I fear a similar situation with the CSM if such were to occur.

    2. Complete;y agree with both Anoms above Sugar... Especially for bloc votes... I know it goes against the norm, but if we ever consider permanent seats, IHMO they should be for the least organized groups... Hiseccers and carebears. Those players who don't have a real voice or a big voter turnout because they don't have a small group of Alliance bosses who ordered them to go to "X" website and vote "this" way.

      No, no permanent seats.

    3. Anonymous January 25, 2015 at 6:09 PM & Turamath,

      A little clarification may be in order. If I understand correctly, it's currently the case that the top two vote receivers attend both summits. That's all 'Permanent Attendee' means. It doesn't roll over to following years. Accordingly, each election reassigns ‘Permanent Attendee.'

      Additionally, if I understand correctly, CSM9’s permanent attendees were Sion and Sugar. As I recall, one of CSM8’s permanent attendees was Ripard. While we can express concern that ‘permanent seats’ will be locked up by block votes (and it does seem a concern), I think it’s important to recognize that over the last 2 years block votes only managed to claim 50% of the ‘permanent seats’ as neither Sugar nor Ripard were/are block members. Rather they were/are prolific bloggers.

      When arguing about something, it’s best to get one’s facts straight. With that in mind, do call me to task if I’m mistaken Sugar.

    4. The attendees are Sion and Ali for CSM9. Sugar has become an unofficial one at CCP's decision to send me to Fanfest.

    5. Oh my, that's a major correction Sugar since it changes my initial 50% block to Permanent Attendee to 75% block to Permanent Attendee which is quite different. Also makes me aware that I really have no idea what CCP usually pays for when it comes to Summits and Fanfest. I was under the impression that all (active) CSM members would be invited to at least one Summit. Regarding Fanfest I’m clueless who pays for what. Is this detailed anywhere? Since it’s all in flux the old details may no longer matter but as I just made a big fuss about getting facts straight I sorta have to stick with that approach.

  3. It probably doesn't get said often enough. Thank you Sugar for all the time and effort you put into the CSM.

    - Than

  4. hi sugar thank you for your communication with the community.

    Can you please let us know what exactly the multiboxing community needs to do in order to sit down with the CSM and CCP regarding these reports of players being banned even while following the new policy on input duplication.

    the lack of communication and clarification on what is and is not allowed is frankly getting out of control.


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