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Sugar Kyle for CSM X

Below is my CSMX campaign statement. I know I've already said I'm running a few times but it is important to actually do the steps.  After this I'll stick to keeping the bulk of the CSM stuff on Sundays. I've always reserved the right to let important posts happen outside of Sundays.

The TL;DR is that I am running again. I've enjoyed my CSM term so far and I have more that I want to do. I can't see how I could get it all done in one term.

I've gotten a lot of positive feedback. I appreciate it. The election process is intense and I do not assume that I will be relected. I will put the time and energy into my campaign that I did last year. It will be a bit different since it overlaps my current stuff. Mostly, it will mean a few more podcast type interviews. I'll be keeping up my Open Q&A's.

I won't be reelected if people do not vote for me. I will not assume that people will vote for me. I plan to earn your continued support because you deserve that of me. I will still need number one votes to stay in the running and I plan to continue to give you reason to place me first on your ballot for next year.

At the top of the blog I have tabs for permanent pages. I'll build one for CSMX as I have for CSM9 to keep an archive of my CSMX activities. I will have a vote button up when it is time and all of that good stuff. For everyone that has participated with me so far, keep it up. I only gain value from the discussions that happen here.

I've been chatting with a few newer players who do not know what the CSM is. We're elected by you, the player, to represent you to CCP. We act on many levels and across many areas. We spend a lot of time just trying to make Eve a better game to play.

It always makes me smile when someone writes me and apologizes for using up my time. Please understand that when I decided to run for the CSM I gave you my time. It is yours. Never worry about talking to me or writing me. The worst that will happen is you have to deal with me being semi-afk while making Gumbo and dicing my celery. Right now I have the Winter Summit to plan and I need and want your feedback. As I head into CSMX I want to know what new and old things that you face or want to bring to CCP. Many of the topics that I will work with are not mine but they come from you and I become their caretaker and attempt to make them flourish.

CCP Leeloo will take candidates starting January 30th. Elections will be February 25th and the announcement during the Keynote at Fanfest in March. If you are happy with me just look out for the Vote for Sugar Kyle link that will pop up on February 25th.

I am Sugar Kyle and I will be running for reelection to CSM X.

During the last year I have worked to repay the trust that you showed when you elected me and I believe that I have been successful.

I promised to communicate. I have. I have written my weekly posts where I list what I am involved in and give my opinions and thoughts. I have been running Open Q&A’s where anyone who would like to come talk to me on neutral ground can do so. I am available almost every day in my chatroom in game and I spend most evenings talking about Eve in game, through both eve-mail and e-mail, as well as twitter, Skype, the forums, and comms. I attend Eve events, both local meets and larger gatherings such as Eve Vegas.

I promised to work. I have. I’ve been an active member participating in meetings, forum posts, and skype chats with CCP. I heavily participated in writing the minutes which we released to the public six weeks after the Summer Summit. I have focused on quality of life improvements generated around PvE. Some broken level V missions have been fixed. Suggestions like like warping your fleet to an escalation have been added. I was also the push behind rebalancing escalations so that sites escalate through high sec, low sec, and null sec. I have been active in the community collecting the feedback of the playerbase and taking that to CCP as major changes have been released one after another.

I promised to listen. I have. My time on the CSM is about listening to the players and bringing that to the table. Many issues have multiple sides. I may have my own opinion and those that I represent have another. I will bring both of them with me. There is no one way to look at Eve and I believe that the voice of the players creates the soul of the game. This position is as much about listening as it is about speaking. I have been willing to listen to opinions and ideas that are contradictory to my own and been willing to accept and represent gameplay different from my own.

I came to CSM9 on a platform to bring attention, awareness, and improvement with my focus on low sec. I believe that has happened. CSM9 has taught me how to fight the good fight and bring things to CCP. Low sec is in a better place but that does not mean that it is perfect. As CCP moves towards changes to null sec, low sec will be affected and that effect must be accounted for. The changes to power projection have changed the dynamic of low sec and we have to make sure that low sec remains the uniquely interesting place that it is.

My time on the CSM has encouraged me to expand my knowledge of Eve. I may live in one area but I represent players from all over the game. To me, this position is about improving Eve for all of us. It is about preserving the unique things that the players make. It is about bringing to CCP what Eve means to its players and bridging the gap between development and what players have created. NPC null sec needs love as well. Sov Null may be a major topic on the table but that does not mean other things cannot be improved along the way.

We have challenges coming in 2015.

Corporations, alliances, and starbases are on the table. These are all areas close to my heart. They are also areas where I have spent time and effort this last term collecting player input and opinion to give back to CCP as they revamp these important game mechanics.

There are so many things to do. War Decs need to be discussed and looked at against the future changes for corporations and structures. Markets and Contracts need attention. I’d love for boosters to get a serious rebalance as well. PvE has received attention and this needs to continue. The entire PvE experience needs to be improved and expanded in all sectors of space. I’d love for there to be more dynamic and active ways to mine for those who wish to do industry in more dangerous areas of space.

I am asking you to elect me again.

The CSM has made me appreciate and love this game more. I have the time, dedication, and experience to help improve Eve. Eve is what we make of it and I am here to, with your help, make it the fantastic place that we all want it to be.


  1. You've done a terrific job so far!

    Last year I wrote an article predicting you'd have the 3rd highest vote total and might even get 2nd. But I never posted that article.

    This time around, I'll go out on a limb predicting a big upset with Sugar finishing no lower than 2nd and most likely taking the number 1 spot away from the well oiled, previously unbeatable goon election machine.

    Good luck!

  2. You've done great job and I still fully support you. The reason why I put Tora on #1 is that you surely won't be eliminated early.

    After they work you've done, I bet you get permanent seat or even #1 position this year.

    1. You also value the work that Tora has done for you. :)

    2. I value his work with payments. With votes I value his platform.

      I value your platform too, but I must put someone to #1 place.
      He focuses on highsec, you focus on lowsec and I live in highsec.
      His seat isn't safe and he needs every vote. Your seat is as safe as it can be.

  3. Definitely impressed with the dedication and delivery thus far. I will be voting for you again.

  4. We will see endorsements on who to vote for as well?

    Although my mind is already pretty set regarding the nr 1 and 2 on my list. (Sugar & Mike, just not sure yet who to put first, as it stands maybe Mike simply because I think you will have more support.)

    1. And that is exactly the thing that I worry about the most. I am thrilled that people believe in me but they still do need to vote for me. I worry that I sound greedy but in this I guess I will have to.

      I will try to do endorsements this year. I tried last year and struggled. With people running that I have been working with things are easier when it at least comes to those I have worked with.

    2. The three people I absolutely want on, who I don't think will simply cruise to re-election on bloc votes, are you, Mike and Steve (though Steve might--there are some highly placed application developers in the blocs!). I'm not sure that will change.

      Conveniently, I have three accounts. So I can guarantee you at least one #1 vote, and two more that are no lower than #3.

  5. I am glad you are running again. I was right a year ago. (Trust your feeeelings!) You have done a great job. I will vote for you #1, again.

  6. You've done exactly what I hoped you would do as a CSM. You'll be an easy vote for another term.

  7. I'll put it in now... I'm putting you #1 again. From your demeanor to your attitude towards debate to your unique perspective, I want you on the CSM. You're a proven asset to the team, and I don't want to take chances.

    We need that sweetener on the CSM.

  8. As always, you have my vote M'lady... =]

  9. I mine and I vote.

    You're on my ballot, Sugar.

  10. Thank you for taking on the burden of leadership. Once again you have my votes.

  11. You get all 4 of my votes Sugar.


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