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Test Server Adventures

I very much wanted to go and explore Thera on the test server. It is a place that I do not expect to spend time in once it is released. I'd like to see it. I'd like to see the shattered planets finally. Wormholes are beautiful places and I've always envied the rich, sapphire colored ones their gorgeous depth.

The dev blog is up about Thera and I decided to go and visit. Sugar was not the appropriate account to take on this adventure. I turned to my scanning alt. She spends more time testing features then Sugar does. With scanning in the cards it was again time to take her out to play.

I lost my scanning Legion. It was on another account in another part of space. I figured, this is the test server. I will just buy another one. That required two jumps to a station that had the items on sale for 100 ISK. Not a big deal that. In a few minutes I had an almost fully fit legion. Except I needed a Sister's Launcher. As a faction item it is not available on the market it seems. A bit irritating but two jumps away there was one that I could just go buy. It is the test server after all.

I went back to where I had just been. I almost purchased a Moros and remembered that my alt cannot fly dreadnoughts. A moment later had her purchase a Providence. I injected her racial freighter into her back before the skill points where adjusted last year. It is one of those rarely used but randomly useful things.

I go to self destruct my new 100 isk Providence.

Boldly, I pressed the yes button. I was admitting to insurance fraud in this fantastical dimension and I was not embarrassed of that fact.

"Your ship is realigning its magnetic field, please wait a moment." Okay. I'll just chill here and extend my dying and stuff. Damn it.

Two minutes later I was 500m ISK richer.

Okay! Back to pick up that Sisters launcher and I was finally ready to join the new moveme channel. Normally you join channel moveme and you get moved to the combat arena system on Sisi. They have made movemethera to send you to Thera. Awesome.

I landed in Thera. The first thing I noticed was that it was colorful. The nebula swirl from orange to gold into grays and greens. There are exposed  areas, thick with stars between the curving plumes of gas.

There are a lot of changes happening. The UI now dims the screen to black and white when prompt windows come up. I do like this. I hope it does not cause anyone to believe that they are paused somehow.

I visited planets.

I visited the landmarks.

The test server is amusing sometimes.


  1. My own Singularity adventure to Thera began and ended in the launcher with "There was an error while validating your account, please try again."

    1. That sucks. Did you post on the account problems thread on the test forum section?

    2. It turned out to be a problem with my Singularity client rather than my account, a reinstall fixed it.

  2. So, just curious...
    What is to prevent someone (e.g., the CFC) from moving in a large sub-cap fleet and camping all four stations and each wormhole, and running a "Burn Thera" 23.5 x 365?

    1. How boring that would be is going to be the main deterrent. You may get some pirate corps that setup shop, but I don't see large alliances taking over Thera for an extended period. The larger alliances will setup shop when it is first released for the sole purpose of pissing everyone off, but it won't last.

      My main concern with Thera is that bubbles can be used. Bubbles on the system exits I think would be okay, but on the undocks of the stations is going to suck.

    2. If there is profit to be had, the CFC will want it. Others will too, so an endless supply of kills coming in. Where is the boredom?

    3. I think that it would be a lot of time and effort for very little turn around. They'd also be dealing with hostile, well armed wormhole corporations coming in constantly as their connections opened up. Said wormhole groups would happily kill them over each other. And honestly, what is in it for them? Market profits? If they lock down the market who uses it?

      I do not think that is the type of campaign that will amuse their membership. Going to a region to fight people who are there and ready to fight for the joy of fighting has its appeal to many of us. I do not think that has been the goal of the CFC's deployments.

    4. Speaking as a w-space denizen, I really have a hard time seeing Thera as anything other than a large alliance's playground. The money will be too huge to pass up. No, they probably won't be able to lock down the system, but all they really need to do is camp the stations and have some people on d-scan/probe picket duty.

      I applaud CCP for having the guts to make Thera, but, honestly, I just don't see it becoming some sort of w-space Jita. What industrialist is going to set up shop there where the station's will be death traps? Who's going to go there to buy? (for the same reason)

      As one of my corp mates keeps pointing out, time will tell.

      For me, Thera will be one of those places I'll visit, but never live in. I'd be more likely to try squatting in one of the other new systems for a few days at a time than risk Thera. Jita may be a hive of scum and villainy, but at least ther Empire is there to mitigate the worst of it. Thera looks to be Mos Eisley without the Empire's benevolent, mitigating influence :)

      Also, Sugar, why a scanning T3? Covops does the job just as well and for less cost :)

    5. She is nullified and has lazors. I made that ship to do data and relic sites back when they had NPCs to kill. Now she keeps the nullification so that she can float around null sec doing sites.

  3. Thera isn't profitable without a thriving economy and that economy doesn't exist if it gets locked down 24/7 by a large alliance. I don't think Thera will be a w-space haven, but rather a pirate haven. I see groups like stay frosty and HERO having a much larger presence than w-space residents or larger alliances such as PL or the CFC.

    I think you get a couple weeks of hell camps or burn Thera events from the large groups, but in the long run you are going to see medium sized pirate groups that want the constant PvP with new faces you can get out of w-space without the logistic efforts of actually living in w-space.

    I'm hoping these groups realize keeping bubbles off the undocks allows Thera to thrive, but I'm still worried about that.

    1. I just don't think those seeking Sov are looking for what Thera may bring.

  4. There are as many ideas and opinions on what can or should or will happen in the new space as ther are people posting about it… Which puts me very definitely in wait and see mode and I believe, fulfills CCP Seagull’s goal of creating changes that they nor we fully understand the consequences thereof…

    And I am a 4 year vet of Anoikis, and I state now that Thera and the hundred are NOT Anoikis. You can call the new systems T-space, S-space, N-space or even W-space, but they are not Anoikis, home and domain of the Sleepers… even with Sleepers sites et al… They are, IMHO, a true new (different, older?) 5th space as Zozzie keeps saying…

    Why do I say this? No moons, the weather is the same across all 100 systems except Thera, so that means those systems HAVE to have the same suns and attendant attributes… So really CCP couldn’t shake things up a bit? Just copied the same system 100 times?

    And… SISTERS Stations… (those ‘should’ have been old SLEEPER stations the SOE took over and refit for us, now THAT would have been something!) and the most awful thing I have ever seen ingame, and something ONLY true wormholers will get…

    ISK Spammers in local. Oh fuk me please… nope, Thera is not Anoikis, well not to me... and many others I believe...not now, not ever.

    1. Tur. Dude. Lighten up. My god. It is the test server where people who will probably never play in this area are running around and enjoying themselves. It is silly and fun and I found it amusing. I have no idea why you are raging out.

      The dev blog even states, "They will be distributed into all the existing wormhole classes, and some will have one of the current wormhole system effects."

      They are wormhole systems. They are different ones. Sleepers are running around in their sites. The entire storyline of sleepers and wormholes are being enlarged and you seem angry.

    2. Oh, yeah. So, I trotted off and discussed how you say this is not Anokis space and received an official CCP response: "You should not assume that you have explored the entirety of Anokis with your limited technology."

    3. Oh well... I am gonna stop commenting here... either it's that I am always missread or moar likely I am simply not wordcrafting well enough... I was trying for a 'slightly annoyed in-character' response, not RL raging at all... but I guess I dint get that across... my sincere apologies as ‘I’ am truly very excited and eager to experience the new space… Tur can be a grump and hates change to his beloved Anoikis is all…

      And I really do full well expect that due to (1) Stations anyone can dock in and (2) the large number of hisec holes, that there will be a fully shitted up local in Thera... something real wormholers would NEVER under any circumstances do.

      I expect this from the high number of players who are not wormholers and who would never actually jump a hole into what I consider to be the real Anoikis... but Thera... well, Thera is for, like, EVERYBODY... not just we brave and crazy few who prefer to LIVE in holes... So yea, I full well expect ISK Spammers and Market Mavens who never undock and all the riffraff and trash of the spacelanes, the whole gods awfulness (to Tur) that is Empire space...

      No, not angry… just not a very good writer obviously.

    4. Well that makes more sense if you are doing a RP type thing. I was wondering why the new space seemed to make you angry and wound up utterly confused and trying to understand why I kept making you angry.


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