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CSM9 - Day 211

It is one week before the Rhea release and five since Phoebe. Eve’s been interesting this week.

CCP Falcon posted policy changes to the EULA regarding multi-broadcasting and input modification. This has been an interesting piece of information to sit on as I've recently read and listened to people say that there was no way CCP would ever stop this practice in its playerbase.

Many people broke this down into ‘isboxer is banned’. It isn’t quite that cut and dry. However, what is banned are the days of 100 man mining fleets controlled with one key click and bombing fleets controlled in the same way. Isboxer is used for client optimization and that will still be acceptable. The issue with the program, and why its called out in particular although it is not the only multiboxing client on the market, was the advantage it gave. It was a topic that was often brought forward to the CSM and I have firmly been on the side that the multi broadcasting/input software needed to go. During the summit I asked CCP if they could detect it? I’m a multiboxer myself and I rarely have fewer than two clients active at any given time, but I have never used a program to broadcast commands to multiple clients at once. Some have mistakenly said that multi-boxing is being banned.

CCP Fozzie put up a few threads in Features and Ideas. The most active is the one about the Confessor, the new Amarr T3. This will be the first of the four racial destroyer T3s. They should be functional and with correct stats on Sisi at this time. Right now they are going to be allowed in small plexes. It is going to take a bit to settle down into its real usage vs the rush to use we will see during the first few weeks to months. Some are hailing it as an OP machine and others that it is not quite enough. I’ll be watching and see how this affects faction warfare over the next few months. If it becomes T3 Destroyer Warfare that happens to be in Faction Complexes, we’ll go from there. 
There are also some changes to pulse lasers of all sizes. Small beam lasers have been looked at as well. The scorch nerf is in and it is a mild nerf to Scorch and not the head shot some have suggested.

Lasers are also getting a balance pass. Small beam lasers are receiving a buff. All forms of Pulse lasers are being touched including my giga pulses for my Revelation. This is also a mild Scorch nerf. I have been told that scorch will still be OP.

All of the graphic updates for the PBR should be done on Sisi by Monday. If you swing by and eyeball your ship and it looks weird, glitches, or buggy, file a bug report please requests the art department. Asay had a fit of insanity and made albums of all of the ships that he could. It’s quite a beautiful stroll through high resolution loveliness. Amarr ships are stunning. Minmatar ships are bleh. Gallente and Caldari are in between.

The newbies are still around and getting older. CCP has allowed helpers to invade Rookie chat. They have also leaned heavily on player made resources. I thank all of the people who have gone in and gone to work helping in so many various ways. As I write this there are 3,300 people in Rookie chat and questions are being answered as fast as they are asked. The handholding has helped people not rage out in frustration. Instead, they are getting stuck in wormholes and sometimes rescued and sometimes destroyed. They are out having adventures and learning the game. I’ve adopted two and both are still here after a week. One is off solo exploring in null through wormholes. The other is corp hunting. Outside of my adoptees I’ve been in rookie chat answering and listening. Seeing all of the repeat questions has been absolutely eye opening. It gives me the serious itch to set up a low sec academy.

I wandered across a request for ‘green boxing’ on Reddit. I agree. It fits nicely with the more information movement. Although different shapes are also nice for those who are color blind. I’d also like logi on kill mails if we get into that particular wish list.

There is a star that can be seen from all over the cluster. I’ve been taking pictures from my home station each day and watching people try to figure out the puzzle. CCP has been dropping great teasers like this into game. Mix it up with Eve Now and the trickle of information has excitement high. 

It seems that seems to have a new front page. This was discussed during our time with the web team at the summit that the front page needed to be more of a one stop shop.

The collectors edition is also on sale for those who are still debating if they want one. It has been pointed out in several places that the plex price has not been discounted as the cash price has. I do agree with that.

The CSM election season is warming up. Sion, Corbexx, and Steve have all written announcements that they are running again. Mangala has posted that he is not running and FunkyBacon has announced on his show that he is not running. Asay has also said that he is not going to run again next year. I’m running again and expect to have my official announcement up next week. That makes half of us officially decided on if we are running or not again.

CCP Leeloo has promised to start taking applications on January 30th and the elections for CSMX themselves are to start February 25th. I’ve had some people who have announced come to me for advice or to ask me what the process of the CSM is like. I’m more than happy to share. It will be time for podcasts, interviews, and questions will begin as people look at candidates or try to discredit those who do not see Eve in the same way that they do. This is why there are fourteen people on the CSM. 

My opinions and thoughts are listed here each week and for the most part each day. I’m a bit older and a bit wiser but just as enthusiastic and happy to play Eve. I will continue my weekly posts to the end of CSM9. They will then hopefully flow into CSMX of the players are willing to support my continued efforts as a CSM member.

I will see about December 13th or 14th for my next open talk. Corbexx normally joins me at this and whomever else I can drag along.


  1. The player resource link doesn't work correctly

  2. Mynnna is also not running again.

    Thanks for all the hard work you, he and the other CSMs put in. There's a lot to be proud of regarding the way Eve is going at the moment.

  3. I'm beginning to think there is (or will be very soon) a new wormhole into Jove...I may have to re-sub and go find it!

  4. The change of stance on command broadcasting is a welcome surprise. I have long felt that CCP's policy on this type of gameplay presented a contradiction. They had always stated that you could not use software or any other method which accelerated the rate at which ISK was gained per client, but bypassing the time needed to switch between clients and control ships individually is most definitely an acceleration over standard gameplay. I'm glad CCP has finally got this sorted out, but also disappointed that it has taken this long to correct this bit of hypocrisy.


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