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CSM9 - Day 183

Two days until Phoebe. I started writing how the world will shake and change as I think of the projection changes. But, that will only be for many of us. For some, projection is not on their care list for Phoebe. Still it brings changes and breaks old, established understandings and beliefs.

With Tuesday being release day, downtime will be longer than normal. It is estimated to be about two hours and thirty minutes. It will start an hour early and end late. Discussing the physical side of the patch does bring to mind an article that CCP is also updating Eve’s hardware in the near future.

As for Phoebe? There are a lot of summary dev blogs and posts out now. There are also some videos. As always, I suggest that you take the time to read through the patch notes. There is also a short, seven minute in development video to go along with it.

The dev blog for the longer skill queue is here. It covers the basics. There is still a fifty skill limit and a maximum future training time of ten years.

The final travel changes have been gathered by CCP Greyscale in an update Dev Blog. He also has a bit in the “In Development” video where he discusses it. On top of that, our beautiful community has already produced a jump fatigue calculator. Credits go to kiu Nakamura of Brave Collective.

CCP has rolled back the decloaking changes. They are also moving some of the ship nerfs to the bomb module. This was a very popular suggestion to save the usage cases of stealth bombers outside of bombing. Now people who were happy with the change are unhappy. The new bombs will be available in the Syndicate LP stores. However, the new interdiction probe, which will also be available in the Syndicate LP stores is delayed due to technical issues.

Let’s talk about PvE. I’m going to walk into Corbexx’s area a little bit. He has been working on income in lower class wormholes. It’s been a major project of his that has involved hours of time on the test server running sites. NPC buy orders for the lower end sleeper loot will increase from 200k to 500k.

CCP Karkur understands the needs of those who obsessively use containers to keep our hangars clean. Asset search will now look through containers. She linked an amazing dev blog published the day after I started playing Eve. I’ve never read it. My history series is only up to 2008 and, like many new players, I didn’t read Dev Blogs when I started.  I learned that you can do amazingly weirdly useful asset string searches.

Her dev blog also touches on some changes to overview states. Dscan has finally been separated from the probe scanner and a short cut has been added to the new dscan window as requested. There are also a few new cooldown timers tossed in and the bugs have been worked out of renaming your jump clones.

Invention changes are out. T2 and T3 invention is changing. I’m still in the middle of my learning curve and I’m glad because a lot is changing. How things are invented is changing. Some skills are being shuffled.  Decrypters are being merged.

I had mentioned the new mission objective guidance system. The dev blog came out.

A request from Crius has reached us and we can minimize a chunk of the industry window. I think the interface is gorgeous but it is much to large making this a very good thing.

CCP Prism X took time to write an update about the brain in the box project in response to a forum thread. This is a good read for those who want to know where Eve’s engine is and where it is going. There was worry when CCP Veritas left that this project was dead in the water. It is not.

The winter summit is two and a half months away. I’ll be collecting another book of stuff to go over as well as trying to work through topics I was not able to address at the Summer summit. Already, war decs and the bounty system are high on my list to get session time. Ideas are welcome.

We got the minutes out two days early. You can just click here for the PDF. CCP Leeloo also notes that the CSM 10 or CSMX election application cycle starts at the end of January.

My next open Q and A chat, kindly hosted by Eve Uni public mumble, should be on the 15th of November.

Today is a summary of stuff. I wrote a bunch of CSM stuff this weekend. I chattered about the minutes and then I wrote up a CSM mid-term thing. I've been engaged in a lot of discussion over the minutes this weekend in game, on coms, and on the forums.

Now, for Tuesday.


  1. I hate to sound like a scratched record (remember those?), but I really want CCP to fix the z-axis arrow movement in scanning. It's just a horrid UI. Every time I miss my grab by 2 pixels and do it, causing myself extra seconds and minutes of grief, I hate myself a little and I hate CCP too. A beer to whichever developer fixes it! A six-pack!

    Oh yeah: attagirl! Keep up the good work.

    1. I brought it up. Its a hard one right now but I'll keep trying. :)

    2. It's hard? Eh?

      I mean, I get why it's hard to nerf jump range... not hard coding, but hard sell to whiny players. And I get why "brain in a box" is hard: because the code sucks. It's hard work to detangle a hairball.

      But I don't get this one. I should not think that there is any player who actually likes having his probes zoom off 100 AU in a direction he did not intend. And the number of players who use the z-arrows intentionally cannot be very high, since you literally cannot see what you're doing. So I cannot think that anyone is pushing back politically. And the coding required to fix it, while not exactly trivial, seems quite limited. Client only, UI only. Is CCP saying this is hard to do?

      Thanks for bring it up though. I know I can count on you.

    3. All of the teams have assignments, Von. I'm trying to get them to take work unrelated to their current project. Only but so many people work on some things. Just because it seems to only be UI and simple doesn't mean it is. Its Eve's great frustration.

  2. Just now finished reading the minutes after re-subbing today.

    There were a lot of things I found not happy about w-space stuff. Like assertions that the only isk in w-space was from sites. It's a common enough view amongst the w-space folks - most that I ran into while playing there for 2 years seemed to be of the pure-pvp variety and didn't realize that mining and, most importantly, PI can generate a lot - a LOT - of income, enough to rival the sites in the lower class holes. I was even more distressed, but not surprised, to hear that CCP didn't seem to know much about w-space, either :(

    I also saw a lot of "most X does Y" and I didn't see data to back it up. Corbexx's awoxer list was news to me, for example. Makes me wonder how much of the other "most people" comments were anectodally based?

    Still, it was a good read. Got the points across and wasn't too dense. I was very happy to see that CCP's feet were held to the fire as much as possible. It was good to see both CCP and the CSM making valid points.

    I still worry that they're making changes to areas of the game where they have little data or knowledge, but it's their game. One thing the minutes seemed to imply is that a lot of this new stuff, some of which had obviously been talked about for a while internally at CCP, seemed to come out of the blue?

    How is CCP about coming to CSM between summits about this stuff?

    1. I asked Corbexx to come answer some since this is his project.

  3. The income for pi is very good with 12 characters I made a fortune on the down side its not the most entertaining of income sources, and provide way less content in general. While Pi can be good income for wormholes I'd much rather there was a more fun and interactive way for people to make isk.

    1. Me, too. But the impression I got from the minutes was that several members of the CSM, and worse CCP, only thought about site income when referring to w-space.

  4. Sugar, as a Marketeer who sells fitted ships you probably know of the tedium it takes to buy and fit these ships with the current UI. Especially if you are doing it in bulk.

    The 'Sell All' function means that CCP is at least looking at reducing this onerous button clicking. So could you please mention to the 'Little Things' team that a large portion of time spent by people working corp or alliance logistics consists of
    'Find Item In Market' -> 'Buy Item' x 75 Items -> Ship from Jita ->
    "Click Make Active"->"Click 'Fit'"-> "Wait for Session Change" Repeat x 200.

    If you could get CCP to add a 'Buy List' or 'Buy Fit' and a 'Fit All' Button you would be hailed as the greatest CSM of all time by Logistic Directors.

    The Carpal Tunnel riddled fingers of logistic workers across EVE are crying out in agony. Hear there voices!

    1. These are high on just about every list. Multisell is a first step. :)

  5. "CCP has rolled back the decloaking changes. They are also moving some of the ship nerfs to the bomb module."

    My understanding is that the sig penalty has been tied to the bomb module, but the agility/mass/align nerfs as well as the warp speed nerf remain tied to the hull. The change to the sig penalty is a good start, but the rest of this needs to be addressed. With the changes as they are now, torpedo bombers will no longer have the sig of a destroyer, but they will still move like one. I would suggest that the mass/agility/align penalties be moved to the bomb launcher as well, and the warp penalty be dropped altogether (it's really a pain if you're running a mixed frig fleet to have the one ship type slow everything else down so significantly).

    1. This is not a horse that is yet dead.

    2. Not sure if that was meant as sarcasm, or to indicate that the issue was still being addressed.

    3. Its not sarcasm. I tend to post silly when I feel silly. We can express that we want more changes. With the bomb changes in the metrics are the worst enemy to change so I'm not.overly hopeful unless there is a huge drop in usage.


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