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A Creative and Productive Friday Evening

I finished my first story for the Pod and Planet contest. I bring it up so that those who do not know about it can participate while there is still a reasonable amount of time. Remember, stories can be lore based or just a tale of your game play. There is a humor category as well. There is only one post up and so many prizes to win. Stop fretting and write something. My first story will go up tomorrow.

With Thera coming, the lore story behind it has been an ongoing source of interest in the intergalactic summit. There is a part of the forums dedicated to roleplay for those who did not know. I discovered this back when there was a live event in Oddelulf and we wound up posting on this thread and having all of our posts deleted. Whoops.

Anyway, someone named Hilen Tukoss has made three cryptic posts.

These are all tied around everything that is coming. Clues, hints, and lore happen here. I've been paying attention even if I am not deeply enmeshed in Eve's lore. I am more fascinated by the players and their interactions with each other and the game world. But, as I write for the contest I spend time diving into the lore of the game. I watch trailers and read the chronicles and pay more attention to the storyline of Eve.

In the background I am doing some serious posting. I'm writing up some of the war dec stuff to see if we are moving anywhere with what our view of the system is or if I am wrong in my summary. I've also been spending time on the test server. I'm an explorer at heart and if it were not for my distaste for bubbles and love of docking before I walk away from my keyboard, I'd go to wormholes. 

Thera's features excite me. I have my story of being a newbie and drifting off from the station because I could not figure out how to fly around. I had seen other ships moving around so I knew it was possible. After half an hour of Google searches I found a post that told me to double click in space. Thrilled, I did so, and learned to fly my ship.

I always thought that was bad. Terribly, terribly bad. Now, with the ability to use the WSAD controls I can put down my torch about teaching players to double click in space. I'd still prefer for them to learn from the game. However, this is a good step. A very good one.

It does make me miss interceptor piloting. Hopefully it hits Sisi tomorrow and I can go and try it out in some frigates out in Thera. On Tranquility, I've been out in space more, flying with Snuff Box and living a different life what I used to do and meeting people that I've never known. In Molden, I knew all of the neighbors. I realize that I am still unsure about the feel of things in Black Rise. Our neighbors joined the alliance and I don't even know them. It is a strange experience but I hope that things mesh well for everyone.

Life in Eve has been pretty good. The winter is looking to be interesting on all levels. I am rapidly approaching my third birthday and it has caused me to ponder where I have been and where I am going a bit more then usual. Everything has not been perfect. The ride gets rocky at times. I'm happy to be on it. Writing about it. Entering contests, shooting spaceships, and talking with people about this game.


  1. Sugar,

    Next time you see/speak with Seagull would you kindly pass along that her CCP is giving me the warm fuzzies. Whole lotta change underfoot, much doesn’t affect me, some does, occasionally I’ve been kicked right in the crotch. Pondering whether I’ll be playing a year from now I find myself enthusiastically thinking yes. Asking what I suspect I’ll be doing yields a, “I have no frigging idea. In fact, I’m not entirely sure what Eve is gonna look like a year from now. Still, I think I’ll like it.”

    Moving on to other matters . . .
    Anything you can report on Module Tiericide? Unless there’s information about I’m unaware of, the project appears to have gone dark.

    1. Given the reception the first step in module tiericide got, it would not surprise me if Fozzie and Rise pulled out a clean sheet and started over.

      For what it's worth, I'm still ~mad~ that they preserved the fact of T1M0 modules being essentially worthless, except to the newest of new players.
      It doesn't exactly provide enthusiastic support to new industrialists.

      On balance, though, I'm extremely pleased with Seagull. Even when something doesn't work right out of the gate, she gets points for actually trying (and eventually, they do get it nailed down pretty well), and she gets bonus points for not seeing anything sacred about the way a certain mechanic has always been.

      The pace of change also seems to be accelerating, which is generally very good. I'm delighted that they finally have the moxie to be serious about overhauling Dogma, *and* sov, *and* a new lighting model, *and* the horrific POS/rat AI/drone code *and* PVE *and* the horribly dated interface, and on and on.

      I hear that the last DUST release was something else, too. I really hope that this keeps up, and that CCP has found its mojo--or at least, that Seagull has loaned some of hers.

    2. Actually, tucked away in the CSM9 minutes is something rather interesting. I quote:
      CCP Fozzie - We'd love to eventually but not right now. It is a dream thing. It fits into our general game design and our policy in Eve that if we can let players build it we should let them build it. There are various plans that people have looked at, but we're running a pass over the modules first. After that, we can look at it. It may come in a type where there is an item dropped by NPCs and you combine that with the T1 item to get the named item. It would also stimulate T1 industry. We have very high level ideas but it is not on the short term plan.


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